catching up

Oh hey there!  I’d say now is a good time for catching up, wouldn’t you?  I’m sharing just a few tidbits from life lately.  I’m trying my darnedest to blog Monday through Friday, but that just hasn’t been happening lately.  As always, you can follow me on Instagram at itzlinz for more regular updates. 🙂

The weekend was fun.  (Aren’t they all??)  Friday night included a trivia night where I actually knew more answers than I usually do.  Saturday started with a play date with one of William’s girlfriends, Emily (my best friend’s daughter).  We actually went to their house so I could “rehearse” with Emily’s dad, Andy.  He was in a lip syncing contest and needed a girl to walk on stage and shake it with him for a small portion of his performance.  I was happy to help and the evening was a blast!

diana 16

Diana and me from Saturday night

Andy absolutely killed it!  He did a few Michael Jackson songs, and if there were real awards, he would have totally won.  He had the outfits and the moves – definitely the most talented of the bunch that performed!

And don’t mind my orange hand in that photo above.  Yikes!  I got a spray tan on Thursday night since I would be on stage with bright lights in a dress and wanted a little bit of a color.  This was my first time getting a spray tan and it turned out great… except for my hands!  Oops.  Thankfully, it’s beginning to fade now.

Sunday included many errands around town.  Real exciting places like Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, and Trader Joe’s.  But you know I had the cutest little bear shopper with me!

trader joe's bear

Totally cheesing it up!  The photo is actually from a TJ’s trip from earlier in the week.  We like to go a couple of times each week.  Also because I’m the worst meal planner ever.

Last night we went to my parents’ house for an impromptu dinner.  Since the weather was so nice, lots of time was spent outdoors.

audrey march16

These two.  Love.

Jacob was climbing a tree behind them, and once William saw, he had to try!

yaya tree march16

Yaya was there to help!

We had a casual pizza and salad night for dinner.  William wanted to climb on Pops’ lap after asking for several bites of pizza.  Then, he took Pops’ fork and started eating his salad, too!

pops dinner march16

It was so funny to see him eat salad!  He was totally digging in!  Now only if he’d eat all his vegetables like that all the time…

Catch me up! What’s been new with you lately?

learning to close your eyes

Well, it certainly was another awesome weekend outside!  I cannot get enough of this weather.  It got up to 60 on Saturday and 70 on Sunday!  We spent as much time outdoors as possible.  Our weekend began with dinner out with friends on Friday evening.  Audrey slept over and in the morning, when William woke up (at 4:50am!!!), he kept saying, “Audrey!  Audrey!” because he knew she was still here. I told him that she was still sleeping, so he replied with, “Wake up! Wake up, Audrey!”  I was like, “No, no,” and managed to keep him quiet for an hour before she rose.  I made them pancakes for breakfast and then we went to William’s school for a family event.

The only photo I snapped on Friday was of William closing his eyes because he looked so darn cute and was cracking me up as he was practicing.

close eyes feb16

The smile that goes along with closing his eyes just melts my heart!  It’s so funny when and how and why kids pick up on certain things.  Like where did William learn to close his eyes come from?  Kids’ little brains are always working, that’s for sure.

Oh Saturday, I went running.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I pounded out two miles and huffed and puffed my whole way through, but I did it, and I did it without stopping.


I hate starting all over, but I know I have to start somewhere.  This was the second time I’ve been running in probably two months.  At least.  I’m grateful to be able to run, but it’s still definitely hard.  Whenever I’m just starting to run again after an extended break, I always remind myself that muscles have memory.  That’s actually what my mom tells me when we talk about getting back into working out.  It is true.  My legs just need to remember how to find that rhythm and my lungs just need to remember how to breathe.

The sun felt great out on my run.  When I got back home, I took my dog Zoey on a walk.  I talked on the phone outside.  I let the sunshine soak in.  It was needed.

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Saturday night was an early one.  I caught up on sleep and it felt good!  The next two coming weekends are busy ones, so I embraced how low key this one was.  Sunday was even more beautiful than Saturday and we spent a lot of time outside.  We went to the park in the morning.  I put William in the stroller and walked around until he got antsy.  Whenever we go to parks, we always see kids playing with balls and William always wants to play.  So I finally got smart and brought one with us!

soccer feb16

William was hilarious playing soccer.  It was a full length field with giant goals.  He literally went in the goal to shoot the ball into the very back of the net.  The ball was so small that it kept going through the net; then, he would walk around the net, fetch the ball, and do the whole thing again.  After attempting to get him to shoot the ball outside the net a few times without success, I decided to let him do what he wants and just have fun with it.  At this age, it’s all about creating a positive relationship with the sport, not necessarily the fundamentals or following all the rules.  That’s not to say he can’t kick a ball hard! 😉  But I was chuckling when he kept getting caught in the net.

I snuck in three sets of 30 lunges while William played.


Ooooh baby, my legs and glutes are NOT used to those! Love that burn!

Once William had enough soccer, we went to the playground.  He swung a little bit, but mostly loved the slides!  Sometimes he liked going down by himself, other times he requested he sit on my lap as we went down together.

slide feb16

We love the sunshine!

Lunch, a bath, and a nap were in order after all that fresh air!  I got some things done around the house while William slept.  When he woke up, we went to the store to buy a kite since it was so windy.  We headed to my parents’ to meet my family.  The kite was unsuccessful, but our time outside was not.  There was baseball, handstands, jumping, and playing that happened before dinner.  Sunday night family dinners really are the best way to wrap up the weekend.

yaya pops feb16

Especially with Yaya and Pops!

Did you get outside over the weekend?

801 Fish

The sun was out all weekend, and I’m pretty sure all of St. Louis got out to enjoy it!  If not, I’m so sorry because the weather was absolutely perfect and just what we needed!  It officially feels like spring is right around the corner.  This sunshine and warm weather needs to be here to stay!  The weekend was awesome, plain and simple.  When the weather is good, it makes everything better.  When you’re surrounded by people you love, well, life just doesn’t get better than that, and that’s what this weekend was all about!

William was ready for the weekend before the weekend even began.

sleep carseat feb16

He fell asleep on the way to school on Friday morning with his train signs in his hand.  Lately he’s been very into hoarding things in his hands while he plays and refuses to put anything down until he literally cannot hold anything else.

My nephew Jacob turned seven on Friday, so everyone went out to dinner to celebrate.  I didn’t get any cute photos of William, but he was enamored with his cousins, as always, and LOVED singing Happy Birthday over and over.  We went to Jacob’s birthday party on Saturday morning.  It was at an indoor soccer park and Star Wars theme.  Stephanie went above and beyond, just like she does for every event.  After the party, we came home for lunch and a nap before meeting my friend at the park.  The weather was almost 80 degrees, just perfect!

We enjoyed lots of time outdoors and took Zoey on a walk when we got home.  William was giddy in the sunshine and was laughing as he ran with the dog.

run smile feb16

I love that he loves the outdoors as much as his momma!

That evening, I went on a date to 801 Fish.  I had previously been to 801 Chophouse, but 801 Fish was newer to St. Louis.  Everything about 801 Fish was awesome – the decor, ambiance, and food; it did not feel like we were in St. Louis at all.  We ordered and ate enough food for an army and left very satisfied.


  • Grilled Oyster: The two times I had oysters previous to this, I wasn’t a fan of the texture.  However, grilling the oysters makes a HUGE difference!  They were seasoned three different ways.  We both agreed the butter Parmesan ones were the best!
  • Jumbo Shrimp & Crab Meat: Can’t go wrong here.
  • Lobster Bisque: We shared a bowl; I love lobster bisque, and theirs definitely did not disappoint.
  • Hushpuppies: These were served with honey maple butter and reminded us of breakfast!  The hushpuppies were good (the butter was the best lol), but we would probably try a different side next time.
  • Saffron Tomato Cioppino: Littleneck clams, jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, pei mussels, spicy tomato broth – This was his, and I was too full to try it.  He gave it two thumbs up and finished every bite.
  • Pan Seared New Bedford Sea Scallops: Parsnip puree, roasted butternut squash, hen of the woods mushrooms, crispy pancetta, cranberry gastrique – This was my entree, and oh my goodness it was fabulous!  I would definitely order it again, but without all of our appetizers, because I could only eat one and a half scallops by the time it arrived!  Everything about it was awesome.

I was STUFFED.  I said I couldn’t eat another bite.  But then dessert was ordered.

figgy toffee pudding

And I easily had another bite. Or twelve.  But who’s counting?  This was their figgy toffee pudding.  The homemade vanilla ice cream complimented the warm dessert.  It was gone in no time.

I would highly recommend 801 Fish.  Just recapping our dinner makes me drool.  Our server told us that they get all of their seafood within 36 hours of it being caught!  That’s pretty impressive for a place like St. Louis.

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Sunday was a little cooler than Saturday, but the sun was shining, so we were outside a lot.  We went to a friend’s house in the morning, so the little ones could play together.  Blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, and kicking balls were the highlights!

bubbles feb16

William did really well with blowing bubbles and only licked the stick a couple of times!  The rest of Sunday included a Starbucks vanilla latte, a four mile walk around a lake, my first trip to Costco, meet up with girl friends, and family Sunday night dinner.  Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

Did you get outside this weekend?

Super Bowl weekend

Someday I’ll remember how to blog Monday through Friday again. 😉 For now, I’ll catch up and share some good stuff with ya when I can!  Super Bowl weekend was a good one; it was busy, but we still had plenty of time to relax.  We laid low on Friday night and didn’t do much.  On Saturday morning, I met a friend at a painting spot and our kids painted pottery.


William LOVES to paint at school, and I knew he’d love going here.  He slopped quite a bit of paint all over the place; I’ll be curious to see how it turns out after I pick it up from being glazed.  It was definitely a fun Saturday morning activity!

I had a “sprinkle” to go to on Saturday afternoon for one of my good friends who is having her second baby.  We enjoyed a tasty lunch, and it was nice to catch up with the girls.  I went to the St. Louis Blues hockey game on Saturday night and we brought home a winner!

We lucked out and had great weather over the weekend – it was almost 60 degrees again!  That meant we had to try Jamba Juice’s new superfood smoothie – the acai berry charger.  A few years ago when I was vacationing in Arizona, I had an acai bowl for the first time and I was obsessed. However, there was nowhere in the midwest to get one, so when Jamba Juice emailed me telling me they now have acai bowls and smoothies, I was pumped!  The acai smoothie has strawberries, blueberries, sherbet with raspberry, soymilk, ice, chia seeds, and flaxseed.

jamba juice

They sent fun football props with my gift card, but William was not amused and wanted no part of it.  My friend ordered the new island pitaya bowl which was a blend of pineapple juice, frozen pineapples, fresh bananas, frozen pitaya, strawberries, mangoes, organic pumpkin flax seed granola, blueberries, honey, chia seeds, and coconut. It was awesome, and while my acai smoothie was great, the island pitaya bowl was sweeter, so I liked it better. Definitely a winner and both are a great source of antioxidants!

After Jamba Juice, we went to a park to soak up the sun and the nice weather!

park feb16

The park had a pond with a few ducks swimming around, which William loved. He was more interested in the ducks and the water than the actual playground!  He was running around quaking and flapping like the ducks and talking up a storm!  While he was entranced with the pond, I snapped a photo of his super long curl he has in the back that always pokes out from beneath his hats.


I don’t think I’ll ever cut it! 😉

We got cleaned up after the park, and headed downtown to pick up our Snarf’s order.  Everyone at our Super Bowl party had been hearing me rave about Snarf’s, so they were excited to try if they weren’t at our playoff party a couple weeks ago.  I’m telling you, these sandwiches were the food hit of the night!  Check out my parents’ excitement:


Those are some good sandwiches right there!  My sandwich, the Touchdown Turkey, was the best (obviously, since I made it).  There were only a few sandwiches leftover and it was just as good yesterday toasted as it was on Sunday!  Snarf’s is my new favorite sandwich shop, for sure!

Honestly, I think I watched about four seconds of the actual game.  I was busy with William and the other kids, and the few minutes I had if William was occupied was spent snarfing down my Snarf’s! It was a fun and eventful evening.  There were 7 kids, 2 dogs (my uncle brought his 10 year old chocolate lab and his 6 month old chocolate lab puppy! so cute!), and about 20 adults.  William was right in the middle of it all.  He was holding the puppy’s leash, giving kisses to the dogs, requesting piggyback rides from Jacob and Audrey, and playing all over the place.  We left before the game was over because I was just as exhausted as William!

You know it’s a good night when the kiddos are pretending to go to sleep on the ground!


What’d you do for the Super Bowl?  

short and sweet

Hello Monday!  This post will be short and sweet because… frankly, my weekend was fairly uneventful with minimal pictures taken.  There were events attended with plenty of downtime in between; I even managed a nap while William napped on Sunday!  That felt good – I’m not usually a napper.  Speaking of naps, when William wakes up from naps, he’s very happy.  He calls for me.  Recently, he started calling me “Mommy” instead of “Momma.”  So stinkin’ cute.  He was so smiley the other day that I took out my phone camera and started snapping some photos.  He offered me his binky.

wake up binky

I love the Wubbanub binkies.  William has had two since he was born.  Considering most babies lose a ton of pacifiers, I’d say we’re doing pretty awesome staying with the same two for the last 21 months!  I bought an extra one to leave at school for his naps there, but besides that we’ve gone strong with two!

At the end of last week, we had dinner at my parents’ house.  We got a great shot of Yaya and Pops with all their grandkids.

yaya pops jan16

Jackson, Jacob, Audrey, and William are raised more like siblings than cousins.  I love that.  They play and fight like siblings, too!  Haha.

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Last night we went to dinner at Mama and Papa’s house.  If you remember from a post last week, William had his first official pool lesson from Papa.  Well, William always wants to play pool over there which is normally fine, but when the older cousins want to actually play a game, this poses a problem.  Mama came to the rescue and brought out the mini pool table set that we used to play on when we were kids!  It was a huge hit!

mini pool

This occupied them for the majority of the night – everyone was happy!

That’s all I’ve got today.  Just like I said – short and sweet.

What’s on the agenda for you this week? Any weekend highlights?

new scenes

Happy New Year!  Now that we’re a few days in and my schedule goes back to normal, I thought I’d share a few new scenes from life lately.  I’ve been thinking about some goals for 2016 and reflecting on the whirlwind of 2015, but I think I’ll save those ramblings for another post.  After all, it is the Monday after a long holiday break, so let’s keep things light and easy today!

smile dec15

Obviously we’ll start with the little man. 🙂  He’s been a bundle of joy this winter break.  William runs faster, talks more, and gets smarter every single day.  Lately, he’s been loving chase and loves it even more when he is caught as he bursts into a hilariously adorable bout of contagious giggles!

Speaking of giggles, I was in stitches when I noticed William’s hair:

crazy static hair

For Chanukah, one of William’s big gifts was this awesome play set.  (For those interested, it’s the Step 2 Woodland Climber and it’s amazing!)  It’s plastic, so as William climbs up the stairs and goes down the slide, his hair builds up some crazy static.  I always see how long his hair is in the bath tub when it’s wet and straight, but it looked even longer when it was sticking straight up!  So funny!

lily dec15

Many of you know that Annette from Enjoy Your Healthy Life and I have been friends since we were just toddlers at the same Montessori school when we were two years old.  Every time she comes in town to St. Louis (which is far too infrequently, if you ask me!), we always make sure to get together.  Our catch up dates have become even more special now that we bring our little ones.  Just as we played for countless hours growing up, now our littles can, too.  This was the first time I got to meet Annette’s new little peanut, Lexi!

linking up with katie and erin

lexi lily dec15

(Stephanie, how in the world do you get such amazing shots of babies, toddlers, and families?  Clearly a skill I’m missing!  I used the one shot – out of 100 – where they were at least all somewhat looking!)

I’m grateful to have had this friendship in my life for 28 years!  Annette is such an inspiring woman who is kind, intelligent, and passionate in all aspects of her life (and bold!).  She’s an amazing mother, friend, sister, wife, and fitness instructor, and always has time to catch up!  While we live thousands of miles apart, we text often and always pick up where we left off from the time before.  Conversations between us are honest, lively, and endless and remind me what true friendship is.  Now only if I could convince her to move back to St. Louis…

emily dec15

I love having time off work because it means a lot more time to have play dates with my friends!  One of my best friends, Diana, has a baby who is almost one named Emily.  We always laugh when we get Emily and William together because William can be a bit rough with Emily.  It’s funny because he’s not usually like that, but William usually is the youngest of his friends, so, really, he’s the one getting pushed.  Well, this play date was no different.  William threw a fit when Emily played with his toys (we are working on sharing), so I asked him to find Emily a toy she could play with.  He brought her one of Zoey’s dog toys… That was no accident, I’m sure!  Little stinker!

We definitely made progress when we moved the play date to the basement and William actually wanted Emily to sit at his table with him.  Baby steps!

wolf dec15

Another play date with William’s best bud Wolf happened.  Wolf is a few months older than William (and one that definitely beats up on William, at times… out of love!).  Wolf got a new tent for Chanukah and the boys LOVED playing in it.  It was so fun to watch them actually play together, instead of parallel play which is the stage that happens before kids playing with each other.  Sometimes their playing together led to quarrels (who was pushing the grocery cart first?! who gets to hold the bottle of ketchup?!), but in general, the boys play very well together!

julie h

Wolf’s momma is Julie, one of my closest friends.  We went to a St. Louis Blues hockey game last week.  While we may have been more interested in taking selfies, talking, and deciding what food to get for dinner, we had a blast and did watch part of the game.  We brought home a winner!


New Year’s Eve 2015 was wild and crazy over here!  William played with his cousins Audrey and Jacob, they partied with crowns, and William was out by 7:30.  Oh baby, oh baby!

waking up dec15

Too early to wake up!  No pictures, Mom! C’mon! Ok, fine, just one.

Maybe how some of you were feeling on New Year’s Day? 😉

What new scenes do you want to share? What’d you do for NYE?

From the bottom of my heart, I wish each of you a healthy, happy New Year full of love and laughter! Thank you for your ongoing support. xoxo

very merry

Oh hello there!  It’s been almost a week since I’ve blogged, and I hope everyone has been busy sharing their time with friends, family, and loved ones.  We certainly have.  William hopes YOU…

pointing dec15

…had a very Merry Christmas, if you celebrate.  We don’t, but I couldn’t think of anything else creative to say while posting this picture of William pointing.

My sister Stephanie had William last week when his school was closed and I still had to work.  She made an impromptu stop at the studio with William and her kids.  Well, Stephanie has always been a briber, especially when it comes to getting kiddos to smile for the camera.  Apparently, she bribed William to smile (though clearly unsuccessfully here… good thing he’s cute!) with M&Ms.  She thinks it’s hilarious since I literally don’t feed William anything like that at all (personal preference).  I’m not mad because how could I be mad when she takes William to the studio for pictures? But… I was sure to load up her kids on sugar last time I was with them.  Yeah.  You’re welcome. 🙂

The night before Stephanie watched William, Audrey woke up in the middle of the night and told Stephanie, “I know how I’m going to get William to smile!  I’m going to say ‘what what chicken butt!'” Oh the mind of a four year old!

audrey dec15

They’re both getting so darn old.  These two plus Jacob make the three musketeers.

jacob aud dec15

Doesn’t that look like the cover to a CD or something?  No?  Just me.  Alright…

How about the three of them on Christmas?  When we actually celebrated Chanukah with my immediate family.

christmas 2015

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Back to studio shots…. and the best baby ever…

best baby ever dec15

…with the wildest hair ever.  I know I say this at least once a week, but he is turning into such the little boy.  His words increase by the hour (literally!) and he grows bigger by the day (literally!).  Looking back, the newborn stage went by quickly, but this toddler stage is FLYING by.  I know I’m biased, but in addition to being extremely smart, silly, loving, and sweet, William is quite possibly the most beautiful baby ever!

black white dec15

Stephanie knows how much I adore black and white photos.

Anyone and everyone agrees that William is definitely a “Williams” (my maiden name).  He has all the classic Williams features, so it’s no surprise that people repeatedly mistaken him for a brother of Jacob and Audrey.  Do you see it?

jacob audrey william dec15

Such cuties!  I adore all of them!

How has your last week been?  

all photos by stephanie cotta photography

catching up from last weekend

I won’t say I’ve been a bad blogger because we, as bloggers, get to decide what and when we publish.  However, I will say I have not been very timely or consistent with my posts.  Life has just been getting in the way in the best way possible.  After William goes to sleep, some nights I choose to cook dinner (hello, chipotle cheddar burgers!), while other nights I choose to get some shut eye extra early.  And even better, there are nights where I do neither, but instead, enjoy time spent with special friends and family. 🙂

Anyway, I have some photos to share not from this past weekend, but from the weekend before.  Maybe tomorrow’s post will be from these last couple of days.  A couple of weekends ago, the weather was unbelievable for December; we were in long sleeve shirts with no coats, so a trip to the park was a must!  William got to see his momma practice her split jump – something I haven’t done in way too long!

split jump dec15

I’ve still got it!  I love how he watches me – always lead by example!  Sometimes at my house, I practice handstands, and when I do, William goes down into downward dog – something he’s been practicing for months.  So stinkin’ cute!  Quick side story: we were at a birthday party yesterday and it was held at a kids’ gymnastic place.  The instructors were teaching the kiddies how to do forward rolls, and William was a pro!  He knew just how to bend over and touch his toes, and LOVED when I picked him up by the hips and gently toppled him over!

Speaking of birthday parties, the weekend before, William went to his girlfriend’s second birthday party.  He enjoyed the carousal, but really found the balloons to be the hit of the party!

balloons dec15

Random fact: when I was a kid, I was terrified of balloons.  The way they would move on their own (with helium / wind / a draft / etc.) really freaked me out.  William is the total opposite and LOVES balloons!  After his first birthday party, I kept balloons in the house for as long as they lasted and he played with them every day.

William was really enamored by lighting the Chanukah candles this year.  On the last night, we lit them in the morning and the evening.

menorah dec15

And to be honest, we’ve lit them almost every day since Chanukah ended.  Sometimes William doesn’t like to sit in his high chair and one way I can get him in is by asking him if he wants to light the candles.  Let’s just call it a little bit of extra practice for next year!

You know how I love my black and white black photos…


How hard is he cheesing here?  I don’t think he could smile any bigger!

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Apparently I was really into the black and white photos this weekend, because here’s another:

zoey kisses dec15

Color is cool and all, but there’s something just so classic about black and white.  William has always adored Zoey, and the older he has gotten, the more Zoey has begun to like William.  I captured this moment of the two of them giving each other kisses.  And William’s crazy morning hair tops it all off!

Since we started this post with a photo in color, let’s end it the same way.  Even though there are times when William cries for ridiculous reasons (like when I stopped vacuuming and he wanted to continue…), most of the time he’s such a happy, giggly little thing.  Before bath the other night, all he wanted to wear was a hat.  He was so silly on my bed that I had to snap a photo (or ten).

happy smile dec15

And yes… THAT CURL!

Catch me up – what’s been going on with you lately?

Thanksgiving 2015

As expected, Thanksgiving 2015 was awesome!  It’s 9:30 on Sunday evening and I’m hoping to get to bed relatively soon, so this is going to be more like a photo dump post with a few comments.  The long weekend was magnificent.  It was a nice break to be off of school, and it was even better to spend so much time with family and friends – the people who matter most and what the Thanksgiving holiday is all about!  Without further ado, here’s what’s been up the last five days:

My family went out to dinner at Bricktops on Wednesday evening.  All but my momma came as she was at home busily preparing to host 30+ people for Thanksgiving!

justin steph nov15

No family photo that evening, but Stephanie and I were just so happy our baby brother was in town!

There weren’t many candid snapshots taken on Thanksgiving.  I guess that’s what happens when you have so many little ones running around!  Stephanie did set up a Thanksgiving photo booth again this year, so I’ll be sure to post those fun pictures once they’re available.  We tried to take one whole family photo, but that wasn’t until 9:15 in the evening when some of the kiddos <<cough cough William>> were more than ready for bed.  Next year we’ll be sure to do that FIRST! (Right, Mom?! #notecard)

In my family’s true fashion, my siblings and I met at an Orangetheory Fitness bright and early on Friday morning to burn off some of that turkey!  The class was challenging, and we had a great time sweating together!

family orangetheory workout

We hung out at my parents’ house for a good chunk of Friday, ate leftovers at least a couple more times, and the kids cuddled up with Stephanie for story time.

steph reading

Kids always gravitate towards her and there’s always room for everyone on her lap – just how our own mom is!

linking up with katie and erin

Jacob and William’s new thing is piggyback rides.  Even when I tell them that’s enough, William literally crawls on to Jacob and demands “uppy!”  Jacob more than happily obliges and whizzes him around the house!

jacob piggyback

As if we didn’t eat enough on Thanksgiving or the days following, on Friday evening we went to Crown Candy for the first time.  Crown Candy appeared on The Food Network for their BLT (there’s seriously a pound of bacon on it!), but their milkshakes made with real ice cream is what stole the show for me!

crown candy

I really don’t give William sweets (like, at all. I just see no reason to.  He will have his whole life ahead of him to make those decisions on his own!), but very occasionally I’ll give him a bite or drink of something extra delicious.  This chocolate marshmallow milkshake was one of those times, and we both approved!

Saturday was a day to recover (holy cow was I sore from Orangetheory!) and relax, although I didn’t really relax as I got a good chunk of my holiday shopping done.  Chanukah comes early this year… like in six days to be exact, so shopping and wrapping was needed!  It was a productive day, that’s for sure!  I ended the night early by watching a movie in bed – something I haven’t done in years, literally!

Sunday was the perfect day to end the marvelous weekend.  We took William to the St. Louis Science Center for the first time ever, and it was unbelievable!  I think this is where we’re going to spend our winter weekends since there is so much to do!

human hamster wheel

Human hamster wheel?  Yeah, I had just as much fun on that thing as he did!

William loves fish, mainly because he gets to feed the fish in Yaya and Pops’ pond.  However, I think all kids are captivated by fish.  I’d get some for our home if I didn’t have to change their water and clean their tank so frequently, haha.


The weekend concluded with a big family dinner at my parents’ house to celebrate one of my grandfather’s birthdays.  We had such a good time with my family.  William was in an especially good mood.  He loves loves LOVES being with his cousins.  He even got to sit at the kid table (which worked out perfectly since most days he boycotts his high chair).

thanksgiving kidstable

Clearly they had more fun than we did.

thanksgiving kids table

I know I say it all the time, and other parents certainly know what I’m talking about, but he is growing up so fast!  He had on the cutest outfit, too, with a denim button down shirt, navy slacks, and slip on boat shoes.  Ah, can’t handle the cuteness!  Oh, and he even brought his plate to the sink when he was finished.  What?!

Naturally, Stephanie and I had to snap a sister selfie:

steph nov15

Couldn’t ask for a more unbelievable sister!

And Yaya.  Oh, Yaya.  Yaya has a way with kids.  (That’s an understatement.)  All kids ADORE her, William especially.  He asks for Yaya all the time at home.  If he’s upset, I’ll ask him if he wants to call Yaya. “YEAH!” he happily replies!  When asking him to say hi to Pops, often he will say, “Yaya?”  Last night was no different.  Yaya had William full of belly laughs multiple times.  In fact, it was so hard to capture a good photo of them because they were all blurry!  But I think I got one sweet one:

yaya nov15

Those belly laughs didn’t stop all night.  My Uncle Steve was pretending to drop a baby doll and William just thought it was the most hilarious thing EVER.

laughing nov15

What a wonderful weekend.  I hope you had a special Thanksgiving filled with delicious food, good health, and being surrounded with those you love.  I know I did.

What were some of your Thanksgiving weekend highlights?

Hello, short week!

Hello, short week!  It’s a two-day work week for me, and the rest will be filled with tons of time spent with family, friends, and the best food ever.  Thanksgiving is my family’s favorite holiday, so to say I’m excited about it is an understatement.  I’m sure there will be plenty of turkey talk later this week.  For now, I’ll share a bit about my weekend, though few photos were taken.  The highlight photo was definitely William and Pops jammin’ out on their guitars on Sunday night.

pops guitar nov15

My dad used to be in a band, and one of William’s absolute favorite things to do is listen to Pops sing, watch him play, and jam out on the mini guitar right alongside with him.  Pops has been playing the guitar to William ever since he was born, and the photos just keep getting cuter and cuter.  William gets so excited!  I don’t have a musical bone in my body, so I’m very grateful he gets this time with Pops!

Let’s back up and I’ll recap the weekend with the few photos I did take.  It was completely low key sprinkled with a few times with family and friends.  Friday night was spent at home, in bed early, catching up on sleep.  Saturday morning included a breakfast date with William’s two girlfriends, Carly and Emily.  With all three little ones it was a bit chaotic, though they all did great, so unfortunately we did not get a picture with them at the restaurant.  We went to First Watch which is one of my favorite places to eat.  Fun fact: First Watch was my first real job as I was a hostess then a server!

A few errands were run on Saturday, followed by an impromptu play date with William’s bud Wolf.

wolf nov15

They were fighting about who got to push the grocery cart, so I suggested one of them get in it.  When I Instagrammed this photo, one of my friends commented, “This is like baby MTV Ridiculousness!”  LOL.  These two will definitely be trouble as they get older!

Saturday night was another night in complete with Thai food carry-out for dinner.  We’ve totally been digging this one place in particular.  I want to try to make some Thai food.  Anyone have any good recipes?  Their red curry seafood dish is my favorite!

linking up with katie and erin

On Sunday morning, we headed to Wolf’s birthday party which was located at Toy Tyme.  It’s basically a big play room for kids with tons of different toys.  It has everything from trains and cars to kitchen accessories to dress up clothes to a trampoline to chalk and crayons and markers.  I thought it was a great place for a birthday party!  We had only been once before for a play date in the summer.  William loved the kitchen area.  That’s his favorite pretend play right now.  My parents are getting William a kitchen set for Chanukah which will be the most perfect gift ever!  I need to look into getting some of the accessories for his other gifts!  Maybe a shopping cart, too?

grocery cart

And Sunday ended with a lovely family dinner.  On my last post someone asked how I always captured pictures of William smiling that aren’t blurry.  Ha!  I responded by saying I literally take 100 (usually), but there are instances where William is too busy or has no interest in stopping playing for a photo.  Last night was one of those times.


Silly gooses.  So much love between those three.  We missed Jason and Jackson last night, especially because it was Jason’s birthday yesterday!  Happy birthday, Big Brother!  We will celebrate this week, for sure! Love you!

Besides his momma of course, the other two people that William absolutely adores and makes him SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME is his Yaya and Pops.

yaya pops nov15

They are really and truly the most amazing people ever.  If you know them, then you know what I’m talking about.  Literally, in every way possible.  I’m so grateful for them, for everything they do, and for their constant love and support.  There’s nobody like them in this world.  They are one of a kind.

Have a good (and hopefully short!) work week and get excited for Thanksgiving!  Clearly, I am!

What was the highlight of your weekend?