Phoenix Hot Chocolate Race & Weekend

Well happy Monday and how’s the weather where you are, friends?  Like I mentioned Friday, St. Louis got our first snow over the weekend, but Jonny and I were in sunny and warm Arizona where you’d think it’d be nice and toasty.  Not so much the case surprisingly, but the weekend was marvelous nonetheless. Linking up to Healthy Diva’s Marvelous in my Monday today.  

Because I had so many referrals to the Hot Chocolate race (THANK YOU!), I was able to travel to a destination in addition St. Louis to do the race.  Since my brother and Jonny’s brother both live in Arizona, it was a no-brainer to choose the Phoenix race.  The Hot Chocolate team kindly put us up at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch which was absolutely beautiful.

hyatt arizona

It was truly a wonderful hotel – the kindest staff, clean rooms, and gorgeous views as you see in the picture above that Jonny snapped during one of his morning walks.  We didn’t get to enjoy any of their many outdoor amenities, but that’s alright.  Alright, I’ve got so much marvelous to share from the weekend, let’s get started!

Justin recently bought a house, and this was the first time we got to see it.  Itz awesome though we didn’t expect anything less.  The coolest part is definitely the orange trees and lemon tree he has in his backyard!  I picked a whole basket and ate several oranges and drank fresh lemon water all weekend.

arizona lemon orange trees

Totally jealous.  When we arrived in town on Thursday evening, Becca and Robbie picked us up from the airport and Jonny and I grabbed dinner from My Big Fat Greek which is always a favorite when we visit.  During the day on Friday, everyone was at work, so we hung around and took some walks in the chilly weather.  Friday evening is when we met up with Justin, and the five of us went to Tommy V’s for dinner.  It had a nice ambiance, and we all enjoyed the food (especially the Kobe meatballs we got as appetizers!).

robbie becca

Robbie and Becca are getting married February 2015!

On Saturday, Justin and I picked up our Hot Chocolate race packets which included the performance fleece hoodies.  The hoodies were really nice and it was cool that the expo had an area for you to try on the hoodie and exchange the size if necessary.  And we obviously enjoyed a mini cup of hot chocolate at the expo!  Later, the five of us went to Blue 32 Sports Grill to watch the Mizzou football game (which sadly did not end in our favor), but it was a fun sports bar.  There were a million tv’s and the grub was tasty.

The boys were drinking and were pretty tired four hours later when the game ended, so we laid low Saturday night and ordered takeout from Tottie’s Asian Fusion.  We laughed since itz not typical pre-race fuel, but we weren’t too concerned.  Sunday morning came which meant – RACE DAY!  Justin and I bundled up.

justin hot chocolate race

Since I’m still not running, I would be walking the race which meant I had on extra extra layers.  The race was well organized and we never felt like we were extremely crowded.  Justin is not a runner; instead, he’s a CrossFit buff which is why his bulging muscles show through so nicely in his Under Armour compression shirt. 😉

hot chocolate run

And maybe I pretended to run as I began to cross the finish line… Justin never runs more than a mile at a time since he does CrossFit, and without any training for the race, he still finished in 22:24 (7:13/mile) which meant he came in seventh in his age group, 43rd overall, and 30th out of 709 men – quite impressive!

Not being able to run during the race was hard, if I’m being honest.  While I knew I was doing what was best for my body and Baby Itz, it made me itch to run even more than before.  I crossed in 47:16 – gah!  (that’s 15:13/mile)  My time to run will come again and I often keep that in mind.  Since I wasn’t competing for time (obviously lol), I did stop and take a few pictures throughout the course.  Running (walking) in Arizona sure is different from St. Louis!

arizona view

The official hashtag for the race was #willrunforchocolate which meant plenty of hot chocolate and chocolate goodies post-race.  Instead of receiving a medal, you got a mug filled with hot chocolate, warm chocolate fondue, and dippables.  This made us both happy and was a delicious breakfast post-race treat.  I even commented that there should be spoons in there; Justin went savage and used his fingers.

hot chocolate mug

Everyone’s happy when chocolate is involved!  The mugs did include a wet wipe for your hands which was super convenient.  Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel so I could shower, pack our belongings, and checkout.  We went to Butters Pancakes & Cafe for brunch which totally hit the spot.  We all cleaned our plates to say the least.

jonny robbie

Robbie & Jonny both still love their college gear!  Proud alums!

We had a couple of hours to kill before heading to the airport.  The boys watched Sunday football (no surprise there!), while I wrote this blog post for today.  Everyone was happy.  I did manage to break Jonny away from the tv for a moment for a picture.  We both love the giant cactus that is in Justin’s front yard, so it was the perfect photo opp!

jonny me arizona

And that’s a wrap, folks!  Long post filled with my favorite pictures from the weekend.  Going back to work today will be a bit tough as it always is after a vacation, but itz fun to look back on such wonderful weekends – especially when they’re filled with family, fitness, and food (particularly chocolate!).

What was marvelous about YOUR weekend?

Eating in Columbus

Itz Wednesday which means itz time to link up to the What I Ate Wednesday party over at Peas and Crayons hosted by the lovely Jenn.  Itz Eating in Columbus!

Breakfast:  The hotel where we stayed (the Hyatt Place in Worthington/Columbus) provided a continental breakfast every morning which was very convenient.  It was adequate and did the trick.  Most mornings looked the same with fresh fruit, an oatmeal bar, sausage links, eggs, and egg sandwiches.

hotel breakfast

I’m so not a sausage eater usually, but I did have some each morning while in Columbus.  Food always tastes differently while out of town, am I right?  A couple mornings I ate fruit and coffee while Stephanie ate breakfast, then she left so I worked out and went back for breakfast #2. 🙂 I may have snagged some apples and yogurts to eat throughout the day.

Lunch: There was only one day where I ate an actual lunch.  Saturday was when I went to the Worthington Farmer’s Market, so I noshed my way through and that sufficed for lunch.  I brought a ton of snacks which were definite lifesavers as were my second breakfasts. On Sunday, Steph and I went to the mall and grabbed a quick bite in the food court.  The options were limited and I ended up going to some Japanese place and getting teriyaki chicken, fried rice, and vegetables.  It was less than stellar and exactly what you’d expect from the mall food court.  Blech.

Dinner: Dinner felt like the only real meals while we were in Columbus.  Sunday night was spent at J. Alexander’s.  I would have preferred to go to a local spot, but J. Alexander’s was within walking distance to the hotel and we went with a couple of photographers who were attending Stephanie’s newborn photography workshop.

J Alexanders

Fire grilled asparagus for an appetizer and a salad with grilled chicken, tomatoes, field greens, cucumbers, fried croutons (ridiculous. good thing there were only 4), cheese, avocado, and honey mustard on the side.  It was a great salad and I was pleased.

Other dinners included an airport dinner on the way to Ohio where I built my own salad. It was actually really good and totally loaded with goodness.  On Saturday night, we went out to a sushi dinner.  I started with a seaweed salad and we ordered a huge plate full of sushi to share between three people.  Monday night dinner was eaten at the airport at Chili’s To-Go. We split the southwestern eggrolls (so good!) and then I got the grilled chicken salad (nothing to write home about).


Dessert: If you know me, you know that getting ice cream is a must on vacation (ok, at home, too).  Everyone in Ohio raves about Graeter’s so you better believe we went there to see what all the hype was about.  This should tell you:


Yes, I feel like I’m 5 years old cheesing at the camera holding my ice cream cone.  But for reals, Graeter’s is legit.  Itz real, rich, and creamy.  After tasting several flavors, I went with the blueberry pie and seriously it didn’t just taste like blueberry.  It was blueberry pie and I even licked the melted drops off my shirt hand.  Graeter’s needs to come to St. Louis.

Jeni’s is another local ice cream joint that I wanted to visit, but there was not one close to the hotel.  Instead, we found a nearby frozen yogurt place called Josie’s.  I combined four flavors: cake batter (obviously), cookies n cream, raspberry (not good – tasted like chapstick), and peanut butter.  Topped it with sprinkles and a couple chunks of cookie dough.  I’m not going to lie: after having real ice cream the night before, this just couldn’t compare.  Real ice cream is so much more satisfying than frozen yogurt.  However, Josie’s did have a fun statue to pop my head in, so it made up for it.  Kind of.

Josie's froyo

Which do you prefer: real ice cream or frozen yogurt?  Ever had Graeter’s?

Blend Retreat 2013

Wow.  Blend Retreat 2013 was the best time ever!  Seriously.  I’ll recap today (try not to be too jealous) and I have a few other more specific posts lined up for the later part of the week.  Blend Retreat was held in Park City, Utah which is about 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City.  We stayed at the Hyatt Escala Lodge and it was gorgeous.  The staff was so incredibly kind and helpful (and tolerable… I mean there were 100+ squealing women there all weekend!), and the rooms were comfortable – I could move in.  Oh, and the views?  Well, the suite I stayed in had not one, but two patios.  The view:

Hyatt Escala Lodge

I could wake up to the mountains everyday.  (This picture is a bit misleading as it rained the majority of the trip, but you better believe I snapped this pic during the few moments of sunshine!)  I arrived at the Escala Lodge around 5:30 Friday evening and had about an hour to kiss and hug my blends and get ready for the cocktail party sponsored by Silk.  Following the cocktail party, we had a delicious dinner.  A lot of goofiness ensued.  Here’s a good summary of the evening:


On the left: me, Annette, and Lindsay.  On the right: me, Lauren, Paige, Annette, and Meg.  Oh photobooths, you’re so much fun!  The prettiest picture up close:

photobooth blend

We’re beauties, I know! 😉  Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to attend a GPP Fitness workout.  We had a thirty minute break afterwards before eating a delicious breakfast sponsored by  Muesli Fusion and The Laughing Cow.  Shortly after breakfast we were supposed to hike, but due to the rain some people opted to stay in the hotel and do a zumba class instead.  I would have loved to hike, but going out there in the cold rain and getting muddy didn’t really appeal to me.  Next time, Utah.

Annette taught an awesome booty-shakin’ zumba class and when we were done, I learned the pretty girl next to me was Miss United States 2012!  No joke!  Annette was talking to her and asked what her Instagram name was (because that’s obviously very important during a blogger event!), and she replied ever so casually, “Miss United States 2012.”  Uhhh really?  YES!  Whitney Miller – just as sweet as she is gorgeous!

Miss US 2012

Sidenote: Whitney founded Women Against Mediocrity and attended Blend with the sponsor Onnit.

When zumba finished, we showered (yes, be impressed) and headed out to do some shopping at the outlet malls!  Everyone obviously knows my love of headbands, and I found another great one at the Old Navy outlet.  I also turned Annette and Meg on to my little headband obsession:

Annette Meg headband

Heh heh.  We visited Lululemon afterward and helped Annette make her very first Lulu purchase!  Glad we could be there for you, girl!  What are blends for? 😉  The rest of the day and evening was pretty low key as we ate dinner and went out for ice cream.  Oh, I guess I should mention we did ride a cow…

ride a cow

Riding cows in Utah… who knew?!  We woke early on Sunday to do our second GPP Fitness bootcamp workout before breakfast sponsored by Chobani.  Before we knew it, it was time to pack and get ready for the closing ceremony.  Our sponsors were totally awesome and provided tons of product for giveaway.  I won a $50 gift certificate to Bob’s Red Mill!  All too soon I was at the airport on my way back to St. Louis.  The weekend flew by and I was sad to leave.  While Blend Retreat 2013 may be over, I know there are many friendships just beginning…

Blend Retreat

photo credit Christine at Love Life Surf

Thanks again to Janetha, Lindsay, and Katie who put the entire weekend together.  Blend 2014, here we come…!

What’s the most fun blogger event YOU have attended?  Ever been to Utah?

Stay Fit On Vacation Without The Gym

Itz no secret I love working out.  Even while on vacation I love working out.  I love seeing new gyms, I love trying new workouts, I love running new paths, I just love working out and I love moving.  However, sometimes there’s not always time to explore other realms in the fitness world while on vacation.

Take last weekend for example.  We went to bed at 3:00 a.m. each night and didn’t have enough time to sleep in, lounge around, or hit the gym.  That certainly doesn’t mean that I didn’t move though!  Shoot, after being in the car for seven straight hours you better believe I was itching to move!  So I did…

I did lunges at the rest stations.


I did split jumps in the hotel hallways.

split jump

I did backbends on oversized bean bags in our hotel room.


I did handstands in my little black dress in the middle of the hall.


See?  Itz possible and itz fun to stay fit on vacation without the gym!

How do you stay fit on vacation – with or without the gym?

What I Miss

Itz been a long week, friends.  And [I think] because of that, I’ve been thinking about what I miss in life right now.  For whatever reason, I’ve had some things on my mind lately, and today I’ll share ’em.  Read on if you will.  🙂

What I miss… My great-grandparents, Grandma Rose and Grandpa Joe.

Rose & Joe

I was lucky to have them in my life for so many years growing up and I have a million wonderful memories of them, but sometimes I still can’t help missing them now.  I know they’re my angels above and forever in our hearts.

What I miss… Running!

Garmin Collage

Oh, I miss running so much, and I think part of it is that I feel like I “can’t” run right now.  I know itz best for me, but I had to stop after I ran my fastest races and truly felt like a runner.  Someday I’ll be back with you, running!  And along those lines…

What I miss… Races!

RW Half

Gosh, I’ve always loved racing!  Whether itz a short distance or a half marathon, I love the friendly competition, I love trying to beat my previous time, and I love the atmosphere of races.  I also love training for races and following a training schedule.

What I miss… Summer days at the pool.

Itz Linz swim

Oh summer, where are you?  I want it to be hot.  I want the pool to be cold warm.  I want to be swimming with my friends and family at the pool!

What I miss… Ice cream!

oberweis birthday cake

Wait, wait, wait.  I had that last night.  Real, full-fat ice cream in the birthday cake flavor.  Oh baby, it was delicious!

What I miss… Bikram yoga!


Itz been far too long. I need to make this happen.  Soon.

What I miss… Our wedding!


Our wedding was seriously the best time ever and I’m not just saying that because it was our wedding.  Well maybe I am, but I know a lot of people would agree with me!  At least we have both my brothers’ weddings to look forward to now!

And let’s end on a really happy note… Itz my nephew Jackson’s 5th birthday today!!!


Totally my nephew… rockin’ handstands when he was just three! Ok, this was really a showing of his “dance moves!”  Details, details.

Don’t forget to check and see if you were the Balance Bar giveaway winner!

What do you miss today?

Scottsdale Snapshots

Today wraps up the week of posting about my vacation to Arizona. I’m back in St. Louis where the weather is cold and pools are not yet open.  Boo.  But let’s re-live Arizona through these great posts:

Now here are Scottsdale Snapshots: random photos that didn’t make it into the aforementioned posts.  Let’s start with an obvious favorite of mine: the backbend!  Oh, come on, by now you knew that was coming!  I love being in the sun, but get so antsy just laying around.  Naturally I needed to find something to climb up and pose on.  🙂

backbend arizona

My nephew Jacob and I shared many special moments.

jacob me

As did my niece Audrey and I…

audrey potty

What?  She said she had to go!  Nevermind the fact that she’s 18 months old.  (PS: This is a snapshot my sister Stephanie posted on Instagram – go follow her for ridiculously cute pictures – they don’t usually involve the potty.)

Dana & Justin at the top of Squaw Peak:

justin dana

Fun fact: When we got to the top and saw many other people resting and taking in the view Justin announced to everyone, “Good job everybody!  You made it!”  Haha funny boy.

Audrey always wanted piggyback rides after Jacob got one:

audrey piggyback

Steph and I were SO glad to be with our baby brother.

steph justin

Yes, we all rocked our Ray Ban sunglasses.

This is why Jacob and Audrey are so darn cute:

steph phil

Becca and I before a night on the town (aka: a 5:30 pm dinner).


And a naked baby trying to escape…

audrey butt

Tell me about one snapshot from this week. 

Congrats #36 Nicole at Fruit ‘N’ Fitness for winning the Harmonic giveaway!

Orangetheory Fitness

While I was in Arizona, I had the opportunity to visit Orangetheory Fitness.  One of their locations is within walking distance of my brother-in-law’s place and it caught my interest as we drove by.  After I looked it up online, I knew I had to try it.  Luckily, the first class is always free, so if you live near an OTF or are traveling to a location where there’s an OTF, I recommend scheduling a class for a kick butt workout.

What is Orangetheory Fitness?  Itz a group interval fitness class that is an hour long and broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training, using a variety of equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, TRX suspension training™ and free weights.

orangetheory fitness

As stated on their website: Orangetheory Fitness has been featured in The New York Times as an effective new plateau-busting workout in which participants can burn up to 900 calories in a 60-minute session. Backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), our heart-rate monitored training is designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy.  The result is the Orange Effect – more energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours after your workout!

What is really cool about this workout is that each person wears a heart rate monitor (provided by OTF) to track their heart rate and calorie burn.  There are 5-zones where your heart rate can fall and the instructor tells you where your goal is.  They make it super easy and display your name and percentage on a screen; the zone where your individual heart rate is corresponds with a color, so if you’re supposed to be giving it all you’ve got, your name and number will be red, recovery will be green, and in between will be orange.  (Blue and white are for warm up when your heart rate is much lower.)

I’ve never done any type of heart rate training before, but I really liked it.  It was most interesting to see how quickly my heart rate could recover after a period of intense exercise when my heart rate was elevated.  Itz also neat that everyone gets their own workout.  Since everyone’s fitness level is different, so are our heart rates.  My orange zone is different than your orange zone, so this type of workout allows us all to get a killer workout at our own pace.

Here’s how the workout went down:  There were about 20 people in the class (20 is the max) and half of us started with the weight training portion and the other on the treadmills.

otf treadmill row

I started with the weight training.  There were three “blocks” with four exercises in each that would be completed and our coach, Dan, explained each exercise before the specific block.  Then, we would compete the block as many times as possible in the allotted time.  There was a board with the workout written down, so we could reference it as needed.  I snapped a picture at the end of class, but failed to notice the board had already been changed.  The picture I’ll show you is not the workout that I did, but probably the one that was for the next class.

orangetheory workout

There were suggested weights for women and men, but of course it was up to us to select the weight that was challenging.  Many women grabbed the 7.5 dumbbells, and truthfully I thought that sounded light.  However, being a newbie I didn’t want to look ridiculous if I couldn’t do a higher weight, so I, too, grabbed 7.5’s.  I’m glad I did!  We did 12 reps of each exercise and had time for about three sets.  There were exercises with dumbbells, TRX, rowing machines, and medicine balls.  I love how varied the workout was; there’s no chance anyone could get bored in a class like this!

After about 25 minutes for the three blocks, the two groups switched places.  Now it was my turn to hop on a treadmill.  There was a sign that had suggested speeds for what type of athlete you were: power walker, jogger, or runner.

otf treadmill suggest

Itz been way too long since I’ve run, but I knew I could handle the speed on the treadmill since we were doing intervals.  I was right.  I really pushed myself and enjoyed seeing my name turn red on the screen when my heart was pumping!  And I’m not going to lie: I was definitely driven by the competition factor of those around me.  You better believe I glanced at the treadmill next to me and made sure my speed and incline was higher.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  The most intense interval I did was speed 9.0 and incline 6.0.  Baby, it was tough!

Do you see what type of treadmills Orangetheory has?

otf treadmill

FreeMotion!  (I first learned all about FreeMotion during the Runner’s World Half.)  This is the first time I ran on a FreeMotion treadmill, and I could not believe how cushy they were!  Seriously, it felt so soft underneath my feet; it wasn’t like any other treadmill I’d ever been on.

Something else impressive about Orangetheory is the trainers or coaches.  Dan was our lead coach showing us what to do and calling out times, but there were two other trainers who worked with us, as well.  I think this is really important to ensure safety for all members; there were a couple times where my form got corrected and I love when that happens.  You could tell safety was a priority in this gym and they truly care about their clients.

I didn’t get a picture with our coach Dan, but I did get one with another trainer, Daren, who held us along the way.

orangetheory daren

I loved it!  Now if only St. Louis could get an Orangetheory Fitness…

Have you ever been to an Orangetheory Fitness studio?  Have you ever trained with a heart rate monitor?

best photobomb ever

You know my family is all about jumping pictures.  You know my family is all about photobombing.  What you (nor we) didn’t know is that we would be part of the best photobomb ever.  By a total stranger.  Let me back up.

On Saturday night, we went out to dinner together.  After dinner, we naturally wanted to get a few good pictures together, but my family can never just do normal pictures.  We must jump.  We must do yoga.  We must do handstands and backbends (ok or maybe that’s just me).  Regardless, we like to have fun no matter where we areCan you spot the photobomber?


Not only is he photobombing, but he’s jumping, too!  Best.photobomb.EVER!  (Still don’t see him?  Check out the security guard behind me and Dana.)  Stephanie took the picture (obviously) and didn’t even notice him until the next morning.  Actually, I’m pretty sure she didn’t see him until she showed the picture to Justin and he saw him!  Funny stuff.

Speaking of Justin, check out yet another über cute picture of him and Dana.

justin dana

Aren’t they the cutest?  Ok, Robbie and Becca aren’t so bad either. 😉

becca robbie

And if you’re wondering, yes we did get a good group shot of us all:

group arizona

Have you ever tried to hold hands and get a good jumping picture?  How about hold hands with a four year old who is a great jumper, but you’re a little afraid of jumping too high for fear of ripping his little arms out of their little sockets?  Hey, we didn’t do so bad:

dana jacob jump

In fact, I’m pretty impressed with the air that the three of us did get!  Another AWESOME shot of the evening happened with Robbie and Jacob.  Robbie is Jonny’s brother, so he’s not groomed to take jumping pictures like my side of the family does.  Clearly he can hold his own though:

robbie jacob

All photos by Stephanie Cotta Photography.

Best photobomb you’ve ever done/seen?

Hiking at Squaw Peak

I went hiking at Squaw Peak in Arizona with my brother Justin and his girlfriend Dana.  I haven’t been hiking in about ten years (St. Louis just isn’t conducive to hiking on mountains – ha!), and I was so looking forward to our hike.  It was much harder than I anticipated and a stellar workout!  Honestly, I figured it would be an easy workout… I mean after all, itz just walking, right?  Wrong!  My heart rate was elevated the whole time; we kept a pretty good pace.  From where we parked to the top was about a mile and a half.  I think itz 1.2 miles from the base of the trail to the top, and it took us around 45 minutes.  We made it!

hiking justin dana me

The views were absolutely gorgeous, especially at the top when we were able to overlook so much!  We began our hike at 9:00 am which was perfect because it wasn’t scorching hot at that time.  We definitely worked up a sweat!

Sweating, hiking, being in the sun, and working out, all, of course, require you to stay hydrated.  Back in October I was sent the FlexLine Hydration Hands Free Backpack System, but since my running came to a halt I hadn’t had a chance to try it out.  Hiking proved to be the perfect opportunity to use it!


Itz AWESOME!  Here’s what I love most about it: itz super lightweight, comfortable, holds 2 liters of water, and keeps it cool!  I couldn’t believe that my water was still cool after 2 hours in the Arizona heat.  There’s even a little compartment on the backpack that I used to store my phone, an energy bar, and chapstick.  I wasn’t sure if the straw that wraps around would bother me, but it totally didn’t.  It was not obtrusive and was super convenient for me to grab a hold with my mouth and have a drink anytime.

flexline hike

All you had to do with the straw is bite down on it and suck to get the water; truly, the whole backpack system was hands free!  Also, the hole to fill up the water reservoir was a decent size, so if I were going to use it for more than a couple hours I might add ice to it.  That’s a nice option to have.  I really enjoyed using the FlexLine Hydration backpack, and I’d definitely recommend it to any hikers, bikers, or long distance runners.

FlexLine Hydration provided me with the hands free hydration backpack system to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

How cute are Dana and Justin?  Seriously.

arizona 094

And in true Itz Linz fashion, I made everyone strike a marvelous pose when we got to the top!  Dana rocked my all time favorite yoga pose:

arizona 084

Justin showed his mad skills and muscles by going horizontal on the sign (to which my mom replied in a text, “He’s way too close to the edge!”).

justin hike

You know me – I obviously went with the backbend on top of the mountain:

backbend hike me

Have you hiked before?  Where?  Do you like hiking?

We’re here!

Don’t forget to enter the Harmonic giveaway!

We’re here!  We made it to Scottsdale around 9:30 last night and my brother Justin picked us up.  We had a connecting flight to Tennessee which made the flight to Arizona pretty long, but of course Jonny and I kept each other company by being goofy and taking pictures of ourselves on the plane.  (Ok fine, that part was my doing, not Jonny’s.)

jonny plane

We had to rush to the airport right when I got home from school yesterday, so we picked up a sandwich from the Great American Bagel.  (There aren’t many great food options in the St. Louis airport.)  Jonny and I split a breakfast burrito and a bagel sandwich with ham, cheese, and egg on a jalapeno bagel.  It sufficed.

bagel sandwich

I do love watching out the windows in airplanes and last night was no different.  There was quite the pretty view from 30,000 feet in the air.


And of course the best part of it all is seeing my brother!  Love you, Boy!


After being on the plane sitting for so many hours, I definitely felt the need to get moving.  I walked around a bit in the airport while waiting for our bags, but I still felt like all the blood was in my feet.  I told Jonny that I couldn’t wait to do a handstand when we got back to Justin’s place.  They both think I’m weird, I’m pretty sure, but let me tell you: doing inversions felt SO good!  (Perfect timing for Rachel’s Handstand Friday!)


Where was the last place you traveled?  Have you ever been to Arizona?  Any recommendations for Scottsdale?