end of summer weekend

…And just like that, summer is coming to an end!  So, not officially, but for me as school starts back again soon,my summer is coming to an end.  Teacher meetings start this week (why so soon?!?!) and kiddos come next week.  That made this the end of summer weekend – good thing it was a fun one!

Friday morning started with a three mile run.

run selfie

Followed by a selfie.  I was smiling in the picture, but it was a tough run.

Saturday morning also included a run, this time around the lake…

run lake

…while somebody slept for the majority of the time!

He was probably tired from all the work he did earlier…


Busy baby!

Linking up with Katie and Erin!

Saturday night was a night out at the baseball game.

cards game

Cardinals didn’t bring home a winner, but it was fun nonetheless.

Sunday was a very busy day.  It started off with a visit from my friend Diana and her baby Emily who live in the neighborhood.  Sweet babies.

emily july15

Then we headed to my parents’ for breakfast as our family friend was in town (Hi Howard!).  Straight from there, we went to a first birthday party.  William took a short nap when we came home, and we got ready for the pool.  We spent a solid three hours there.  William LOVES the water.  He took one short snack break, rocked his Babiators, and ate an Earth’s Best pouch.  Back in the water for the little fish!

babiators pool

He was exhausted by the time we got home, so I quickly fed him dinner, bathed him, and into bed he went!  Now I’m off to enjoy our last few days of summer…

What did you do this weekend?

1000 Meter Swim Workout

Pretend we’re on a beach somewhere warm.  Pretend the sun is shining.  Pretend there is warm sand beneath our toes.  Pretend there’s the most adorable baby you’ve ever seen.  Pretend this baby is wearing nothing but a diaper and a stylish beach hat.  Pretend no longer, because this baby is here.


Minus the whole beach thing.

Instead, let’s talk swim workouts in a pool.  Kind of the same, right? Ehhh.

You see, whenever I post workouts, I usually like to post a picture of myself, or the atmosphere, or something, but for my last (first in awhile) workout, I had nothing.  So I had to improvise and obviously William was the best choice for doing so.  Ya with me?

My last swim workout (swimming boot camp), I was over eight months pregnant and took a picture of myself in a bikini with my big ol’ belly.  This time I opted not to.  No more belly per se, just a beautiful baby, and a much softer midsection.

Aaaaaanyway.  On Saturday I went to the gym for the first time and entered the pool for my first “real” workout since William came.  I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, and once I got going I set my goal of 1000 meters.  However, I generally get bored swimming straight laps in the pool, so I like to mix it up a bit.  This workout will be great for beginners because you can take breaks if needed between laps, but itz also perfect for more advanced swimmers as you can swim for time.  Take a looksie:

1000 meter swim workout

1000 Meter Swim Workout

warm up as needed

Part 1:

  • 100 meters freestyle
  • 100 meters breaststroke
  • 50 meters kick with a kickboard
  • 50 meters pull freestyle with a pull buoy

Part 2:

  • 100 meters freestyle
  • 100 meters breaststroke
  • 50 meters kick with a kickboard breaststroke
  • 50 meters pull breaststroke with a pull buoy

Part 3:

  • 100 meters freestyle
  • 100 meters breaststroke
  • 50 meters kick with a kickboard breaststroke
  • 50 meters pull freestyle with a pull buoy

Part 4:

  • 25 meters sprint
  • Rest 10 seconds
  • Repeat 4 times

cool down as needed

Have you been swimming this summer? For a workout or for fun? At a pool or at a beach?

Swimming Boot Camp Workout

I’ve been telling you how much I’ve been digging the swimming boot camp workout classes I’ve been taking on the weekends, but I’ve yet to provide you with a sample workout. After last week’s class, I asked the instructor if I could post her workout and she agreed.  You guys, it was tough.  Swimming it eight+ months pregnant was even tougher.  But hey, swimming is so good for everyone. Old, young, pregnant, not.  I’ll show you the graphic of the workout and then I’ll explain in detail below.

swimming boot camp workout

Swimming Boot Camp Workout

Warm Up:

  • 200 spkw: 200 meter swim, 200 meter pull (using a pull buoy), 200 meter kick (using a kickboard), 200 meter swim
  • 200 reverse IM: 200 meters each freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly

First Part:

  • 25 meter swim, then get out of pool
  • 10 spider push-ups, then get in pool
  • run 25 meters (in pool), then get out of pool
  • 10 crunch & punch (cross punch while crunching up, then get in pool
  • run 25 meters (in pool), then get out of pool
  • 10 step-ups (on to pool ledge from shallow water), then get in pool
  • run 25 meters (in pool), then get out of pool
  • cannonball
  • swim 25 meters, then get out of pool
  • 10 squats
  • repeat this sequence for a total of three times

Second Part:

  • Cooper 12 AMLAP (as many laps as possible): swim continuously for twelve minutes counting your laps, any stroke

Third Part:

  • 8 x 50 – fins on kicking, dolphin flutter: 50 meters on front, 50 meters on right side (using kickboard), 50 meters on back, 50 meters on left side (using kickboard), repeat sequence

Fourth Part:

  • 12 x 25 – sprints: four 25 meter swims using flippers, eight 25 meter swims without flippers, rest ten seconds in between so you’re able to explode out for sprint

Cool Down:

  • 200 meters easy

Whew! It looks like a lot, doesn’t it? It is! These swimming boot camp workout classes usually take about seventy-five minutes. They’re definitely intense, but I love how it really mixes up the workout. I can only swim laps in a pool for so long before getting bored. There is NO way anyone can get bored with a boot camp style swim workout! Plus, with as many times as you need to get out of the pool requires you to use your upper body strength because there are no ladders allowed! Except for me since I can’t really safely hoist my pregnant self out of the pool.  And you know how we’ll end this post, don’t you?

pregnant swimming

Are you a fan of swimming workouts? Have you ever taken a swimming boot camp workout class?