hot coffee + cold snow

Hot coffee + cold snow pretty much sums up my day yesterday!  On Tuesday afternoon, St. Louis began having some snow flurries.  (Oh look, here I am, talking about the weather again.)  By evening time, roads weren’t great, but I wasn’t anticipating a snow day as trucks would have all night to clear the streets.  Well, much to my surprise, I received a phone call at five o’clock Wednesday morning, and sure enough, SNOW DAY!

If you think kids are the only ones who get excited about snow days, you are so mistaken.  Teachers get very happy, if not more so than the children, about snow days.  Pretty much all schools in the St. Louis area were closed yesterday.  I actually don’t know any that were in session.

I knew I would have a leisurely day, so I brewed a cup of coffee and opened the door to see what all the fuss was about the weather.


Yup, it had snowed a few good inches!  I heard the roads weren’t too terrible in the morning, but it was still very cold. Plus, school districts always worry about buses getting through neighborhoods safely, so better to err on the side of caution. The district where I teach rarely gets called, so it was a real treat to have a day off yesterday!  It made an already short week even shorter!

The day flew by and it was as productive as I’d hoped.  One of my priorities: get to the gym and sweat!


I knocked out a 30 minute cardio session followed by a quick total body weight routine.  Man oh man I miss going to the gym on a regular basis!

thinking out loud with amanda today!

William got to hang out with his cousins Jacob and Audrey yesterday.  I didn’t get any photos of them, but I do have one ridiculously sweet picture of Jacob and William from last weekend:

jacob cuddle sleep jan16

William wanted to lay with Jacob on the couch before his nap, and you see how that turned out. 🙂 Jacob is so sweet with him; it’s unbelievable! Audrey was out of town with her momma, but when she found out that Jacob spent time with William all alone without her she threw a big fit!  I had to Facetime her and promise a date with just her and William, not Jacob! (Her words, not mine.)

And to top it all off, check out these beauties I received:


Yes, life is good right now! 🙂

How’s the weather where you live? Is it summer yet?!

snowy weekend snapshots

Monday, again?  So soon?  Alright then, let’s do this week!  First, let’s recap the weekend which is always fun as it feels like we’re reliving it a bit.  St. Louis got a bunch of snow, so we were house-bound most of the weekend.  Some little man didn’t seem to mind…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Happy as ever, laughing, squealing, babbling, making lots of noise!

The cold weather and snow made me crave hot yoga more than ever, so my brother and nephew came over to watch the baby so I could take a class thanks to ClassPass.

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It was just what I needed!  If I had the time to take it everyday, I would.  For now, I’ll enjoy it as the treat it is.  Such a good sweat, stretch, relaxation, and workout!

Since we were indoors for quite a long time, William found fun ways to entertain us both:

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He is everywhere these days.  Very active. Very mobile.  Very fun!

Sunday was my best friend’s baby’s baby naming (a Jewish tradition).  This was the first time William met baby Emily, and he was so sweet with her!

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Holding Emily brought back all the memories of when William was that small.  And now William looks / feels huge!

He got some loving from his girlfriend Carly:

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Everyone comments on William’s clothes since I never dress him in “real” clothes.  He does look pretty handsome though, right?  I texted these pictures to William and Carly’s teacher, and she said they looked like they were on a little date since they’re so dressy!

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William and Carly seriously love each other.  Rachel (Carly’s mom) and I are totally ok with that.  #futurecouple #babylove

Sunday evening we headed to my parents’ house.  My dad, brother, and nephew built an awesome igloo in the afternoon, so of course I took the opportunity to put William in it for a quick (oh so quick) photo opp:

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He looks like he can’t move.  He could, and he did…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Not a fan of the snow.  Sad baby.  I ran us both inside after that!

Did you play in the snow this weekend?  Are you a hot yoga fan?

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St. Louis Snowpocalypse

Itz the St. Louis Snowpocalypse!  We got over a foot of snow which is a lot for St. Louis.  It started very early Sunday morning and continued throughout most of the day.  It was 8:30 in the morning when the weatherman said we had reached our high for the day.  The snow was coming down at a rate of an inch per hour.  It seemed like it was never going to end!


The view from my parents’ backyard that my mom texted me.  This was early in the morning before several more inches of snow fell.

Luckily, Jonny and I are both off work today.  I think itz safe to say that all schools are cancelled and a good majority of businesses are closed, as well.  The good thing is that since itz so cold here, the snow is purely snow – no ice – so hopefully the plows will have a chance to clear the roads in the day time.  I know yesterday they just couldn’t keep up with all the snow, so the roads were pretty bad (I heard).

Anyway, on Saturday before the snowpocalypse hit, I got to see Annette again which was super exciting since usually I have to wait several months in between visits!


We had our traditional lunch at Bread Co. (aka Panera to all you non-St. Louisans) and spent a couple of hours talking which was absolutely marvelous and thoroughly enjoyed.

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Since we were snowed in yesterday, I spent the good majority of the day under blankets, in pajamas, with hot peppermint tea.

pjs tea

And by “good majority of the day” I mean literally the entire day except for a brief period of time where I knocked out two miles walking on our basement treadmill followed by a shower.  Directly after, my pajamas went back on and stayed until I changed once more as Jonny and I went to my in-laws’ for our Sunday night dinner!

Jonny attempted to shovel part of our driveway, but it was seriously more snow than either of us had seen in quite some time.  I bundled up and went outside with him to keep him company (we only have one shovel and the broom wasn’t doing anything), so I mostly stayed in the garage, snapped a photo, and headed back indoors.


I really made Jonny bundle up before he went out and I even tied a scarf around his face, so nothing but his eyes were showing.  He said he felt like the kid in A Christmas Story all bundled up like that.  Haha!

Zoey and I enjoyed a lot of couch time yesterday.  Luckily, TBS had a Friends marathon on almost all day, so we had plenty of tv to keep us entertained.


She’s about a month overdue for a haircut, but her shaggy fur is keeping her warm!  Who knows what else today will bring.  I’ve already done all of our laundry.  Perhaps Jonny and I will have a riveting ping-pong match later in the afternoon.  Gotta occupy ourselves somehow in this crazy snowstorm.

Hot chocolate will definitely be enjoyed just like my nephew Jacob did yesterday.


Photos by my sister Stephanie Cotta Photography.

Because everyone loves hot chocolate.  Especially my niece Audrey.


Did you get hit with the snowstorm?  Does your city shutdown? How do you fare?

Winter Weather

Itz here.  Winter is officially here.  Ok, so it is mid-January and it’s technically been here for a couple of months now, but we got our first snow.  A whole 3 inches!  And those 3 inches totally and completely threw St. Louis for a whirlwind.  Traffic was disastrous this morning and they actually shut down parts of several highways.

Today was one of those days that I was feeling ultra-grateful to live just a short 4 miles from school.  Unfortunately, some teachers weren’t so lucky and spent anywhere up to 3 and a half hours on the way to school!  Tons of kids and buses were way late too, so the whole day was thrown off.  Any change causes the kids to go a bit bonkers.  We survived, and I rushed out of school at the end of the day to attend a meeting elsewhere.  By the time I got home, I was famished and had no intention of preparing any kind of dinner.  So what’s a girl to do?  Ask her husband out to dinner.

And to dinner we went.  Pasta House to be exact.  Pasta House has this great incentive for teachers called the Reading wRiting & Ravioli program.  It encourages students to read and when they do they receive coupons for free kids meals.  As a reward to teachers for facilitating it, they send us a 50% off coupon each month school is in session for up to $100.  Now that’s a deal!  Tonight, our total bill was $13.84.  Awesomesauce!

Obviously, we started with an order of toasted ravioli.  Have you ever had it?  Have you ever heard of it?  It wasn’t until I left St. Louis during my first year of college (before I transferred to Mizzou) that I realized toasted ravioli was a “St. Louis thing.”  All you non-St. Louisans are really missing out.

I love the salads at Pasta House.  They are pretty simple and not very nutritious, but they are oh so tasty!  If you order a large size, you get free refills.  Clearly, I demolish this salad each and every time and get another.  It’s $7, but only $3.50 with our coupon and it serves as dinner and lunch for tomorrow (with some added spinach to combat the sogginess and add some nutrition).  Now that’s a deal!

Today I took a rest day from the gym.  I take at least one rest day each week, but they aren’t usually planned (unless I am way too sore from the day before).  This morning when my alarm went off, Jonny got up and told me it snowed.  It just sounded cold while I was warm and cozy under the covers, so I stayed in bed an extra 45 minutes and declared a rest day.  Great decision.

Audrey & Jacob by Stephanie Cotta Photography

I get to spend my night with these two lovebugs tonight.  My niece and nephew who have a photographer as a momma.   Lucky devils.  Good thing they’re cute!

How amazing is this picture?  I’m totally in love with it and with Audrey Rose.  Tonight will be fun.  If you want to oooh and aaah at tons more adorable pictures go here or here on facebook.  And try not to say “awww.”