Itz all about ME!

Itz all about ME today, folks!  Hold your excitement, please.  I saw this fun ABC survey on Brittany’s blog GOtheXtraMile and thought it would be a perfect post for Friday.

The ABC’s of ME!

Addictions: Right now, itz sparkly nails.  I’ve totally been digging the ring finger party nail, but last weekend I painted all my nails sparkly… plus the party nail.


Bed size: Queen! Though I do love having my space and then some in King beds when we got out of town.

Chore you hate: Emptying the dishwasher. UGH!  Jonny does this one. Always.

Dogs or cats: Dogs all the way.  Especially my little cutie, Zoey.

pretty in pink

Essential start of your day: My morning workout.  Lately, I’ve totally been rocking the best body bootcamp workouts.  The moves are very different than just regular strength training.  They’re hard and work me good!  If you need a new workout routine, you’ve gotta get in on the next session!

soooo pretty in the morning

soooo pretty in the morning

Favorite color: Pink!

Gold or silver: Silver, but I do have a few gold accessories.

Height: 5’3″ – Yup, I’m a shorty!

Instruments you play (or have played): When I was ten, I took guitar lessons because my dad plays and I wanted to be like him.  I didn’t like practicing though (nor was I very talented), so it didn’t last long.  Check me out in my prime awkward years wearing a totally awesome outfit from my dear grandma.

me guitar 1995

Jobs titles you’ve had: Elementary teacher (1st grade my first year, 3rd grade the past four years, and moving up to 4th grade next year!).  I’m also a soccer coach to six grade girls.  In college, I worked at the rec center.  I’ve also been a waitress and bartender.  I like being around people, what can I say?

Kids: I’ve got 19 kiddos for about 8 hours a day five days a week right now!  Someday, we’ll have our own, too.

Live: Born and raised in St. Louis.  Love this city.  Go Cardinals!

St. Louis Cardinals

Mom’s name: Susan – my amazing momma.  The woman who does it all.


Nickname: Linz (duuuuh).  Linzaloo.

Overnight hospital stays: Never.

Pet peeve:  Gross manners.  Chewing/talking with your mouth full.  Just stop.

Quote from a movie: Ehhh I don’t really watch a lot of movies.

Right or left-handed: Lefty!  Jonny was a baseball stud growing up and when he found out I was left-handed he asked me to marry him.  Ok, not really, but I’m pretty sure that influenced his decision as he’s dreaming of little left-handed baseball all stars.

Siblings: Jason, Stephanie, & Justin!  We’re a good lookin’ family, if I do say so.


Plus, a special shout out to Stephanie who turns the big 30 + 1 today!  She’s an amazing newborn photographer (and sister, wife, momma, the list goes on and on), so if you want to want to oooh and aaah at the most adorable photos, check her out on Facebook!  (With over 10,000 fans, she knows what she’s doing!)  Happy birthday, Seester!  I love you.


Time you wake up: 5:00.  Wake up and workout, baby!  (Tips for how to do so HERE.)

Underwear: I don’t know how to appropriately answer this question, so I won’t.

Vegetables you dislike: None!  I love veggies and veggies love me!

What makes you run late: Me, myself, and I?  I take a loooong time to get ready.  I’m sorry, but I do.  Itz not that I’m high maintenance (because I’m not), I just like to take my sweet time.  I diddle daddle.  I’m always late.  Jonny is always early.  We work out.

X-rays you’ve had done: My pinky (thanks to my older bro for breaking that one during basketball when I was 5) and my pointer finger (got smashed between scooters during P.E. in fifth grade).  Both broken.  Luckily, that’s it!

Yummy food you make: Ice cream.  Shoot, I don’t make that.  How about anything with avocado like this Mexican Omelette?

Mexican Omelette 1

Zoo animal: Lions.  Tigers.  And [Polar] Bears (oh my!).

Itz YOUR turn!  Answer the letters of your initials.

Marvelous In My Monday Giveaway

Weekends are too short, aren’t they?  I can’t complain though since it’s summer and I’m teaching summer school, so my days are limited to four-hour work days.  And this is my last week.  Then itz really summer.  How marvelous!  Speaking of marvelous…

Marvelous in my Monday with Katie!  I’ve got a whole spiel of what’s marvelous as of late, but I’ve limited it to just my favorite five for today.

1.  Spending time with my family.  I am lucky that most of my family (We miss you, Boy!) lives in town, and we enjoy hanging out and being together.  Yesterday, I went to my parents’ house, and my dad and I took the boys to a nearby pond to feed the geese.  Jacob was super scared of the squakers and hid behind my dad in fear.

It didn’t help that my hilarious father kept throwing the bread!  I wasn’t loving how close they were, so I ran off with Jacob and Jackson not far behind!  Aunt Lindsay to the rescue!

2.  Getting in two, extremely hard workouts!  I wrote briefly how I wasn’t totally feeling my workouts lately, but that changed this weekend.  On Saturday, I met my brother at the gym for a workout.  However, we ended up seeing our friend there who convinced us to try a TRX class.  It completely kicked our butts!

More on the TRX class later.  Like maybe tomorrow.  Before the class, I ran a mile (RWRunStreak going strong!).  On Sunday, I met my sister at a total conditioning class that also kicked my booty!  And I convinced her to run my one mile after the class with me.  Yay for workout buddies!  And yay for my brother and sister finally joining my gym!

3.  Finding enormous vegetables at the Farmer’s Market.  My dad and I went to the Farmer’s Market.  (This is becoming a bi-monthly thing for us to do together, and I’m loving it!)  We found and bought the biggest zucchini I have ever seen.  (Sidenote: Any stellar zucchini recipes out there?  E-mail me or link up in the comment section!)

[No inappropriate jokes, please.]  Seriously, have you ever seen a bigger zucchini?

4.  Converting my sister with the one, sparkly nail.  After enduring months of ridicule from my sister (aka SCP) of why would I paint just one fingernail a different color or full of sparkles, she finally tried it herself.  And loved it.  “I just can’t stop looking at my nails!”

Mmm hmm.  That’s what I thought.  Copy-cat.

5.  GIVEAWAY!!!  Today will be the last and final bottle that Barlean’s is giving away for the summer.  They have graciously given away four bottles ($25 value each!) throughout the month of June.  The flavor of the week is: Pina Colada! 

Some facts about Barlean’s Omega Swirl Pina Colada Fish Oil:

  • EPA/DHA: 720 mgs Per Serving!
  • Made with Barlean’s Fresh Catch® Fish Oil
  • Purity Guaranteed – Ultra Purified
  • Delicious, All-Natural Fruit Flavors – Sweetened with Xylitol
  • Freshest, Best-Tasting and Most Nutritious Naturally! (source)

All of Barlean’s Omega Swirls taste so unbelievably good!  They do not at all taste like traditional fish or flax oil, yet they deliver all the benefits.  Honestly, the way I use the Omega Swirls the most is straight off the spoon.  Seriously!  However, the Pina Colada Fish Oil would be an amazing addition to this pina colada smoothie.  Mmm!  Or how about these pina colada oatmeal cookies?  Marvelous!

For your chance to win a bottle of Barlean’s Pina Colada Omega Swirl Fish Oil, all you have to do is comment below with how you would use the Pina Colada fish oil.  Stay up to date with this contest and other exciting news by following Itz Linz on Facebook.  You may earn additional entries to this giveaway by subscribing to Itz Linz, following Itz Linz on Twitter, following Barlean’s on Twitter, and/or tweeting,

“Pina Colada is the perfect summer flavor! Win a bottle of @barleans Omega Swirl Pina Colada ($25 value!) from @ItzLinz.”

You have until Thursday, June 28th at 7:00 pm CST to enter.  Winner will be chosen on Friday, June 29th and will have 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be drawn.  This giveaway is open to US residents only. Thank you, Barleans, for giving away yet another marvelous bottle!

Happy Monday, friends. 🙂

Sweat Monster

I love summer workouts.  I love having the time during the morning, day, and evening to workout, sometimes more than once.  Yesterday, I ran some errands after having lunch with my grandmother for her birthday.

When I was headed home, I noticed a first for the summer in my car:

100 degree weather, baby!  Despite my mini gym session and 5-mile walk yesterday morning, I had a genius idea.  I had the urge to run outside, so I laced up my sneakers and out the door I headed.  Because of the heat, I intended on running just three short miles without caring about the time.  I finished the three miles, and it definitely wasn’t easy!

It was certainly no 26:10 time for a 5k, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good workout.  I was dripping from head to toe when I finally returned home.

Attractive, eh?  🙂  Running or exercising in the heat can be dangerous, so it’s important to be mindful when doing so.  Here are my tips.

1.  Dress accordingly.  Wear light clothes that absorb moisture, but don’t weigh you down.  (Avoid cotton!)  For you people who love to sweat: that’s cool and all, but in the summer months you don’t need to layer up to sweat.  Sweating is your body’s way of cooling off, so hindering that process can be dangerous.

2.  Lather on the sunscreen!  Not to be anyone’s mom, but this should be a no-brainer.  Find a sweatproof sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection and reapply as needed.  (source)  Looking like a lobster is not cool.

3.  Hydrate before, during, and after.  Another seemingly no-brainer, but this could really save you.  You should be drinking water hours before going into the heat.  Chugging fluids right before is not the way to go.  (Have you ever run on a belly full of water, sloshing around?  Not fun.)  Hydrating during, and especially after is equally important.  Click here for hydration tips.  I love consuming coconut water on a hot day after a massive sweat session.

I had coconut water infused with a splash of mango leftover from this foodie penpal, and it was the perfect refreshment when I was parched!  (Benefits of coconut water)

4.  Don’t overdo it.  Was 32:34 a good time for three miles for me?  No, but I knew I couldn’t push it in the extreme heat. Respect the heat and your body will thank you.  You can still get in an awesome workout, but don’t expect to run as fast or as long as you usually do.

5.  Protect your face.  I always wear sunscreen, a visor, and sunglasses when I run outside.  My face is pretty and I don’t wanna ruin it.  😉  Just kidding, but seriously.

That’s it.  Now go drink some water, put sunscreen on, and get your booty outdoors!  On a sidenote: I was really feeling that aqua blue color because I picked up a new bottle of nail polish.  I’m usually always a pink polish kind of a gal, but not yesterday.

Katie always pulls off the prettiest nails and she’s really been rockin’ some fun summer colors lately.  I tried to copy and painted more of my fingers than my actual nails.  And shortly after, I badly smeared two of them.  Painting my own nails is just not a skill I possess.  They’re fixed now and blue nails is what I’ve got.  Happy summer! 🙂

Do you exercise in the heat?  Any important tips I missed?  Are you a crazy colored nail painter?

Boardwalk Coffee

On our first full day in California, we woke up and walked along the boardwalk to get coffee.  It’s the best kind of coffee you can get.  On vacation.  No alarm clock.  Walk with the hubby along the boardwalk.  Stopping along the way back to appreciate the scenery and each other.  Life is good.

After our coffee walk, I cooked some eggs and then we headed to the gym.  My younger brother got us passes to his gym, The Sporting Club, which is located inside a Hyatt.  I love going to new gyms.  Not sure why, they all have the same equipment, but I still think it’s fun.  This club had 3 levels: locker rooms/sauna/steam room level, weights level, and cardio level. 

I began my workout with some cardio on the StairMaster.  I forgot my headphones in our room and they didn’t have any magazines available, so I was left to my lonesome.  Luckily, I could see the weight room area down below and that provided me enough entertainment to last the 30 minutes.  Is it weird that I like watching people workout?  I discovered a couple of new moves and stretches watching these strangers!  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that most people in California are beautiful. 🙂

Day 4 of LiveFit Trainer was calling my name today since I was supposed to do it consecutively to Day 3.  However, the real Day 4 was our travel day, so it didn’t leave me with enough time.  Anyway, long story short, I did it and finished Week 1.

Day 4: Shoulders & Abs

  • Seated (on a ball) Dumbbell Press: 3 sets of 15 reps (12.5 pounds dumbbells)
  • Alternating Front Delt Raises: 3 sets of 12 reps (10 pound dumbbells)
  • Side Lateral Raises: 3 sets of 12 reps (7.5 pound dumbbells)
  • Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Fly: 3 sets of 15 reps (10 pound dumbbells)
  • Exercise Ball Crunches: 3 sets of 25 reps (holding a 15 pound medicine ball)
  • Air Bike: 3 sets of 30 reps (SLOW!)
  • 1-Minute Plank (Poolside): 2 sets

The planks were an afterthought.  After my workout, I went down to the pool and decided to hold some planks while soaking up the sun.  However, about 30 seconds into my second plank, I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish the 5 sets I had initially planned.  My entire body was shaking!  It was a good workout though, and I am very pleased with Week 1 of LiveFit.

After some pool time, we met up with my brother for lunch and then hung with him the rest of the day.  Because my dark-colored nails were chipping and it was incredibly noticeable, I decided to go for a quick polish change at a local nail place.  I felt like my nails were due for a fun and light color since we were beneath the sunny San Diego skies, so I opted for OPI’s Hollywood Blonde.  The name didn’t make sense since I’m not a blonde anymore and we’re not in Hollywood, but I went with it anyway.  The color was incredibly sheer and a bit sparkly.  Fun for our vacay and definitely worth the $5.

Jonny and I came back to our place just before we witnessed this beautiful sunset.  There were tons of surfers that were heading to the waves around this time and it was fun to watch from our balcony.  We’re totally loving our stay here!

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a fun weekend celebrating 50 Years of Love.  I am completely and totally stuffed as all of the events were centered around food.  Friday night dinner.  Saturday brunch.  Saturday dinner.  Sunday brunch.  Sunday dinner.  Lots of food.

On Saturday, a couple of the girls and I tried to squeeze in a manicure before brunch.  Well, we did, but we ended up being really late.  At least my nails looked good. 🙂  I chose OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark color.  I bought this color last year and love it during the winter time.  My nails are very short and I think dark colors compliment short nails nicely.  Plus, it was fun to have some girl time at the nail salon.

Speaking of girl time, some of the out-of-towners that came in for the weekend were Jonny’s brother, Robbie, and his girlfriend, Becca.  They live in Arizona so we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like.  The last time they were in was during Thanksgiving.  However, we do have an upcoming trip scheduled for my spring break to visit them!

It’s always nice when all the boys are able to get together for some quality father-son time!  Pictured above: Jack (Jonny’s dad), Robbie (Jonny’s brother), and Jonny.  I think Robbie and Jack look so much alike, whereas Jonny gets his looks from his momma!

Now that the weekend is over, I am ready to get back to a more normal eating and working out routine.  Well, for a few days anyway.  We are going out-of-town on Thursday evening to visit my brother and his girlfriend!  I did actually manage to squeeze in one quick workout session on Saturday, but Sunday I was way too pooped to do anything productive!

Gotta workout to look this good!

My plan for this week will be to lift weights on Monday and Wednesday and do cardio on Tuesday and Thursday.  Lifting weights usually gets put by the wayside for me because I feel like lifting weights takes longer than cardio, so I am reluctant to do them in the morning.  If I get up to workout, it is always cardio.  Although I did do some resistance training exercises on Saturday morning (get er done!), but that was because I wasn’t on a time schedule!

Since I limit myself to lifting weights after school, I am more likely NOT to do them because something always comes up or there are errands to run or dinner to cook.  Hence, the reason I like my morning workouts is because there is nothing that can get in the way besides my own self not waking up.  Maybe I need to change this thinking?  Well, not today because today my plan is to go to the gym after work.  We shall see.

Here’s to a new week of eating clean and indulging in decadent foods a bit less!

When do you workout?  Before or after work?