Mamma Chia Giveaway

You know when you love something you just have to take a duck-faced selfie with it?  No?  Just me?

mamma chia drink

Oh c’mon, you know you do it, too!

Mamma Chia, the leader of the chia revolution, has created a delicious new beverage that combines the powerhouse of chia with healthy, vibrant greens.

Chia & Greens is a delicious, fun on-the-go beverage with one of the lowest amounts of sugar and the highest amount of nutrients in the green drinks universe. In fact, each bottle delivers 2500mg of Omega-3s, seven grams of fiber, four grams of complete protein, 25% RDA of Vitamin A, and 95mg of calcium. Enjoy it as a kick-start to your day, as a revitalizing mid-afternoon pick-me-up or anytime you want that feeling of rejuvenation!  It comes in four tasty flavors:

  • Soulful Greens (Cayenne and Lemon)
  • Love Greens (Beet and Ginger)
  • Grateful Greens (Kale and Mint)
  • Joyful Greens (Ginger and Lemongrass)

People always ask me if chia drinks are good.  YES!  The texture is different since obviously they are filled with chia seeds which forms a gel-like consistency, but if that doesn’t bother you, then the taste is amazing.  Not to mention the awesome nutritional benefits that, Mamma Chia especially, chia drinks deliver!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mamma Chia.  They recently sent me a huge package which William and I both have been enjoying.

mamma chia bar

The chia vitality bars are great to throw in your purse.  I took this one out when I was getting my hair done at Preston Salon (the best in St. Louis!).  These chia vitality bars are extra amazing since there are only four grams of sugar in them.  This is VERY low compared to other snack bars and the flavors are awesome!

I also received some chia vitality granola clusters which is the crunchiest granola I’ve ever had.  The flavors are: Wild Blueberry Clusters (my favorite!), Vanilla Almond Clusters, Cinnamon Pecan Clusters, and Honey & Oats Clusters.  I’ve been topping my smoothies with them, adding granola to yogurt, and eating it straight out of the bag.  The wild blueberry flavor tastes like a blueberry muffin!

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William has been demolishing the chia squeezes.

mamma chia squeeze

William is a picky eater (aren’t all toddlers?!), but always loves pouches.  I try to reserve them just as treats, and the chia squeezes are definitely treats with their fun flavors.  William gets an extra punch of nutrition when he eats one of these squeezes.  Audrey approves of them, as well, and now always asks for one when she comes to my house.  Check out these fun flavors: Cherry BeetBlackberry BlissGreen MagicMango CoconutStrawberry BananaWild Raspberry.

Now for the best part: Mamma Chia is graciously giveaway away one gigantic package of Mamma Chia goodness to one of YOU lucky readers!  You’ll receive the same package that I did (plus a couple extra chia squeezes that aren’t pictured since William got to them before I snapped the photo!):

mamma chia

To enter this giveaway, comment on this blog post and tell us which Mamma Chia  product you’re most excited to try (mandatory!).  For additional optional entries:

  • Follow Itz Linz and Mamma Chia on Twitter and tweet the following, “AMAZING @MammaChia giveaway on @ItzLinz’s blog! Check it out – #SeedYourSoul #FitFluential”
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Be sure to comment on this post to have your additional entries counted!  This giveaway will be open until Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 8:00 pm CST.  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday, June 10, 2016.  CLOSED

Congratulations #18,  Gia E. Please email me with your shipping information, so we can get your package of Mamma Chia goodness to you ASAP! 🙂

~Disclaimer: Through my partnership with FitFluential, I received these products at no cost in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Mamma Chia GIVEAWAY {closed}

Happy Chanukah to all my friends who celebrate!  William saw the candles on the menorah being lit for the very first time last night.  All his firsts are so special.

first chaunkah

So much cuteness.  Always. And so many chins. Hehe, I love everything about that baby!

Now we’ll talk food.  Let’s do a little WIAW action today since it’s been awhile since that’s happened.  Big thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting, as always.  We’ll conclude the post with a Mamma Chia GIVEAWAY – it’s awesome, you just wait and see!

Breakfast: Cinnamon French Toast

french toast

never make french toast; I’m much more of a pancake girl.  For some reason, yesterday, I had a hankering for french toast, and it really takes no time to prepare at all.  Mornings are always rushed for me, but I always make sure I eat a substantial breakfast before my day at work.  I have to.  Breastfeeding + working = a hungry beast.  The combination of the cinnamon french toast, fresh blackberries, dollop of whipped cream, and syrup totally hit the spot.

I have one more breakfast to feature since both of these are so different than my typical egg sandwich that I’ve been eating for months now.

Breakfast: Cottage cheese, yogurt, Power O’s, & blackberries

breakfast bowl

This breakfast bowl packed quite a protein punch and tasted great, too!  It contained cottage cheese, strawberry yogurt, fresh blackberries, and Love Grown Foods Chocolate Power O’s.  Power O’s are made with navy beans, garbanzo beans, and lentils, but you’d never know.  They’re definitely the healthiest breakfast cereal around and come in four great flavors (chocolate, strawberry, honey, and original).

I have no lunch picture to show because I pack it in a tupperware container and haven’t had time to take a better looking picture of my lunches for this week. Last week, I felt like I had no time to grocery shop or food prep, so I ate PB&J’s all week which really didn’t work for me.  They kept me full for like thirty minutes and the rest of the day I was literally starving.  So over the weekend, I made it a priority to do some food prep, and baked a huge pan of chicken.  I throw together simple salads of spinach, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, chicken, and this new fig balsamic dressing I just bought at Whole Foods Market.  Like I said, it’s very simple, but keeps me full much longer than a PB&J.

Dinner: Latkes, salad, & salmon


My parents watched William yesterday, so we stayed the evening to light the Chanukah candles and for dinner which was faaaaantastic because my mom made latkes!  Perfect first night of Chanukah dinner!

Alright, now for this awesome Mamma Chia giveaway:  Mamma Chia recently sent me their new Clean Energy Beverages to try. One word: LOVE!  I’m always a huge fan of Mamma Chia products, and these drinks definitely did not disappoint.  They’re different than their vitality chia drinks because they contain caffeine (hence, the “energy” part in their name).  They come in four great flavors: Grape Power, Cherry Charge, Blackberry Blast, and Raspberry Razz.


Mamma Chia’s Clean Energy Drink is the first energy drink of it’s kind.  Made with refreshing organic fruit juices and lightly sweetened with only 14 grams of organic cane sugar, one bottle of Mamma Chia Clean Energy (10 oz.) delivers:

  • More than an entire day’s worth of Omega-3s (2500 mg)
  • 25 percent of one’s daily fiber (6 grams)
  • 4 grams of complete protein
  • 90 mg of natural caffeine (about as much in an 8 oz. cup of coffee)
  • Twice the antioxidants of a cup of green tea
  • Calcium, powerful antioxidants and valuable minerals
  • 120 calories

I decided to try it for the first time over the weekend.  My niece Audrey had slept over, we stayed up late baking cookies with way too many sprinkles, William was up several times throughout the night, and they were both up bright and early in the morning.  I definitely needed a little kick to get the day going.  I’m a fan of these energy drinks.  Actually, they’re probably the only “energy drinks” that I do like.  They’re not too sweet and have the right amount of natural caffeine in it for me.  Since I’m breastfeeding, I limit my caffeine intake.  I will have a cup of coffee maybe once a week.  This beverage has the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee, but waaaay more benefits.  Omega-3s, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and calcium all in one drink?  Plus, tons of great flavor.  Oh yes!


Mamma Chia is graciously giving away a one week supply of Clean Energy beverages, a one week supply of Chia Squeezes, and a Mamma Chia Camelbak water bottle.  To enter this giveaway,  tell me which flavor of the Mamma Chia Clean Energy Beverage you’d most like to try.  For additional, optional entries:

  • On Twitter, follow Itz Linz and Mamma Chia and tweet the following, “I want to win a week’s supply of @MammaChia’s NEW organic Clean Energy Drink from @ItzLinz! #SeedYourSoul”
  • Follow Itz Linz and Mamma Chia on Instagram.

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional entry.  This giveaway will be open until Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 at 8:00 pm CST.  The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Wednesday, December 24th. CLOSED!

Congrats to #20 Leslie Bley! Please email me your shipping info!

Strawberry Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding Recipe

Itz a Strawberry Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding Recipe – with just a few ingredients and no added sugar, this makes for a deliciously healthy treat!

strawberry chocolate coconut pudding

Strawberry Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding

~makes two very large servings… probably more like four normal size servings



  1. Stir cocoa syrup in to coconut milk.
  2. Add chia seeds and stir.
  3. Mix strawberries and shredded coconut.
  4. Refrigerate for several hours.
  5. Garnish with an additional strawberry, shredded coconut, and whipped cream (optional).

This stuff was awesome.  Jonny and I both thoroughly enjoyed it.  Itz thick and rich and creamy and delicious.  I was sent the NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup and have used it several times.  Itz chocolatey, syrupy, and sugar free!  I think itz best when itz stirred into something as opposed to drizzled on top (though I’ve done that several times, too).  I’ve found it a teeny bit bitter when eaten alone.  Mixed in to something like pudding or chocolate milk and itz just perfect!

strawberry chocolate coconut pudding1

I had to drizzle it on top for photo purposes.  Which clearly didn’t turn out nearly as pretty as I had anticipated.  Which also brings me to my next point.  Food photography.  I’m so not good at it.  I try.  And by “I try” I mean I use my iPhone for a camera. Sometimes I google pictures of similar items to try and replicate them, but they just never come out as good.  Some of my food pictures are better than others, but I always envision something different than what actually happens.  I try to use props.  Doesn’t work.  Someone help me.

In addition to the strawberry chocolate coconut chia pudding, I wanted to make something more similar to ice cream.  So I did the same exact thing as the pudding, but eliminated the chia seeds and let the bowl sit in the freezer all day.

coconut ice cream

And clearly I was out of ideas for how to change up this shot.  Jonny ate it and said it had a sorbet-like consistency.  He ate the whole bowl before I even had a chance to try it.  #typical  He was a major fan to say the least. #heeatsanything

I mean, I’m not trying to BE a food photographer; I’d just like to improve, that’s all.

So then I tried to get all fancy and do one of those spoon shots.


Nothing about this looks good lol.  Food photogs, how do you do it?!

Here’s just a few fellow bloggers who I think always take beautiful food photos:

Since I can’t leave you with such a terrible looking photo and I also can’t leave you with a William-less post, I’ll share one picture from the baby photo expert, Stephanie Cotta Photography (aka my sister).

william 2 months

What are your food photography tips? HELP!

Design Your Own Delicious #mydelicious

Let’s talk food.  I’ve still been loving my Flapjacked Protein Pancakes!  I used the buttermilk mix and added blueberries and then made my own blueberry chia jam for the topping.


And then added syrup after the picture was taken.  For chia jam you just put some frozen blueberries in the microwave with a little water for about a minute, then add chia seeds, and let it sit to thicken.  Easy peasy. (I use Mamma Chia chia seeds.)  Don’t forget, you can use discount code ITZLINZ until the end of May to order your Flapjacked mix!

Linking up with Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday today!

Yesterday I had my six-week appointment with my doctor and all is good!  My mom watched William, so I wouldn’t have to take him in.  I hung out at my parents’ house for the afternoon which meant rummaging through their pantry and fridge throughout the day.  Before my doctor appointment I munched on some blueberries and turkey slices.  Afterwards, I put together a nice lunch plate.


It was a bed of spinach with delicious balsamic drizzled on top, a few baked sweet potato slices, roasted eggplant with marinara and parmesan, and a turkey burger.

Later in the afternoon I snacked on chips and guacamole.  Mmm!

For dinner Jonny and I went to Sweet Tomatoes / Souplantation as I was sent a gift card to check out their newest promotion they’ve got going on.  They want YOU to design your own delicious and share photos of your tasty creation with their ingredients throughout the month of May. You post the picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the phrase “Contest entry for #mydelicious” and follow the entry instructions.  You have your chance to win one year’s worth of free meal passes – sweet!  All details are HERE.

Here’s my own creation titled “Itz a Rainbow of Healthy!”


My base was spinach and then I added cherry tomatoes, carrots, butternut squash, corn, chickpeas, cucumber, peas, and kidney beans.  And then I ate a piece of cornbread on the side.  I love salad bars.  I love the variety and I love loading up my plate with lots of goodness.  I also love their warm chocolate chip cookies and do it yourself frozen yogurt machine with plenty of sprinkles.  Which I promptly attacked after finishing my veggies.

What does your ultimate salad include? The only thing that could make my salad better would be slices of avocado!

Mamma Chia Giveaway {closed}

As promised, here is the Mamma Chia giveaway post!  But first, itz Wednesday which means itz finally time for What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons  – the first WIAW post since baby William’s arrival!  The first few weeks after William was born, we were brought and given so much food from our wonderful family and friends.  We literally didn’t have to cook or go grocery shopping at all which was really nice.  Now, Jonny’s been to the store a couple times and I’ve started putting together some meals.  Before we start with the food, let me give you a quick peek at our adorable William:


photo by Stephanie Cotta Photography

And now for food!  Here’s [just part of] what I’ve eaten lately:

day of eats

  • Breakfast: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Overnight Oats – recipe by Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers.  Overnight oats have been a staple since I can prep them at night and have breakfast instantly ready in the morning – perfect as my appetite is ravenous!  I’ve made these oats several times and will continue to do so.  They’re amazing and definitely my favorite overnight oats recipe!
  • Lunch: While the first couple weeks was all about convenience during eating, recently I’ve been trying to be a bit more mindful in eating vegetables and more healthfully.  I’ve been really into salads; this one includes a bed of spinach with cherry tomatoes, avocado, cottage cheese, walnuts, hemp seeds, and a light drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Dinner: Crockpot to the rescue!  I made barbecue shredded chicken by throwing in frozen chicken breasts and covering it with water and cooking it on low in the crockpot all day. Then I shredded it and added Trader Joe’s barbecue sauce. Corn on the cob and steamed green beans for sides.
  • Snack: (one of many) Skinny Peanut Butter Brownie Parfait by Amy at Amy’s Healthy Baking. Obviously I didn’t make it into a parfait, more of a yogurt mess, but it was awesome nonetheless.  I ate it for a snack during the day and made it for Jonny’s dessert last night.

And lots and lots of Mamma Chia snacks throughout the day!  I was sent a wonderful package filled with their products!  Take a look:

mamma chia giveaway

adorable baby not included 

  • One full bag each of Mamma Chia’s NEW black and white chia seeds: the nutritional difference between white and black chia seeds are negligible.  I add chia seeds to everything, specifically oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, and any and all baked goods. Itz an easy way to bulk up the nutritional value!
  • Chia squeeze vitality snack packs in their two newest flavors – Mango Coconut and Wild Raspberry.  Both flavors were awesome, and I can’t wait to try their other flavors including Strawberry Banana, Green Magic, Apple Cinnamon, and Blackberry Bliss.  Mmm, they all sound so good!
  • Vouchers for Mamma Chia’s vitality beverages.  Have you ever had a chia drink before?  The texture is definitely different, but the benefits are fantastic as is the taste!  Mamma Chia obviously makes the best with the most awesome flavors including Blackberry Hibiscus, Cherry Lime, Cranberry Lemonade, Raspberry Passion, Pomegranate Mint, Coconut Mango, Kiwi Line, Guava Mamma, and Grapefruit Ginger.
  • The book Chia Vitality from Mamma Chia’s founder and CEO Janie Hoffman. Itz Janie’s personal story of how she suffered from a host of debilitating autoimmune diseases, including severe lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome. After years of trying Western medicine, she turned to alternative methods, including mediation, an organic diet, and, eventually, the chia seed. Within three months of making chia a daily part of her diet, she was symptom-free. Chia Vitality nourishes the body, mind, and soul with a combination of yoga, meditation, service, and, of course, the amazing chia seed. In 30 days, this plan harnesses the power of chia as part of a healthful lifestyle to boost stamina, lose weight, get healthier, and feel more alive than ever before.  Pretty amazing!

mamma chia choose

eeny meeny miny moe – which chia squeeze vitality snack should I choose first?

What’s so great about chia seeds anyway?  Well, let me tell you!  Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3s, antioxidants, protein, and fiber.  One tablespoon of chia contains 2,430 mg Omega-3s, 4 grams fiber, 3 grams complete protein, and 60 calories.

mamma chia squeeze packs

Don’t YOU want to snuggle up with Mamma Chia’s chia squeeze vitality packs?! 😉 

Mamma Chia wants YOU to #SeedYourSoul and is giving away a very generous package of 7 chia squeezes in varied flavors, 7 beverage vouchers, one copy of the book Chia Vitality, and one Mamma Chia t-shirt ($75 value!).  All you have to do to enter is visit Mamma Chia’s website and leave a blog post comment telling us which flavor of the squeeze packs or vitality beverages sound best to you (mandatory).  Additional optional entries include:

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional entry.  This giveaway will be open until Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 at 8:00 pm CST.  The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Wednesday, May 14th.  CLOSED!

Congrats to #43 Holly @ Eat Great Be Great! Please email me so we can get you your Mamma Chia goodness!

Disclaimer: I received the Mamma Chia products mentioned in this post through a campaign I participated in with FitFluential. No compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.