Hiking in Durango, Colorado

Our first full day in Durango, Colorado was awesome!  The weather is perfect – not too cold, not too hot, and it just so happened to rain during nap time.  No big deal.  We started off yesterday with a family hike.  I absolutely love staying active while on vacation, and to do it with family is even better.  This was William’s first time in the mountains, and he did great!  Ok, so he didn’t really have to work hard… or at all, but I know he enjoyed all the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

hiking durango

Babywearing for the win!  I’m loving this Ergo 360! So easy to use and so comfortable for both of us.  The total hike was about three miles and took just under two hours.  Not bad for hiking with six little ones.  We went downhill first, and the hike back up was definitely challenging.  This altitude thing sure puts your fitness into perspective.  We are all in pretty decent shape, but were huffing and puffing at some point.  Not to mention this sack of potatoes on my back…

babywearing hike

…who caught a little snooze during part of it.

Before we began, Justin gave directions to the kiddos.  Basically all he said was, “No running and stay behind me.”  Necessary rules for hiking.

There wasn’t a bad view in sight.  Everywhere we looked was gorgeous.  Stephanie captured it perfectly.

durango colorado

Picture perfect.

And to top it all off, we were all together.  All four of us siblings.  Stephanie posted this picture on her Instagram and wrote, It’s a pretty incredible thing to have the relationship that the four of us have with each other… It has not always been without fights (oh, the days when we were little and my parents had to deal with all of that), but there is not a single thing we wouldn’t do for each other. I am so thankful for my parents for instilling in us the importance of family and for bringing us all together on these vacations.”

hiking family

Do you enjoy hiking?

Hiking at Squaw Peak

I went hiking at Squaw Peak in Arizona with my brother Justin and his girlfriend Dana.  I haven’t been hiking in about ten years (St. Louis just isn’t conducive to hiking on mountains – ha!), and I was so looking forward to our hike.  It was much harder than I anticipated and a stellar workout!  Honestly, I figured it would be an easy workout… I mean after all, itz just walking, right?  Wrong!  My heart rate was elevated the whole time; we kept a pretty good pace.  From where we parked to the top was about a mile and a half.  I think itz 1.2 miles from the base of the trail to the top, and it took us around 45 minutes.  We made it!

hiking justin dana me

The views were absolutely gorgeous, especially at the top when we were able to overlook so much!  We began our hike at 9:00 am which was perfect because it wasn’t scorching hot at that time.  We definitely worked up a sweat!

Sweating, hiking, being in the sun, and working out, all, of course, require you to stay hydrated.  Back in October I was sent the FlexLine Hydration Hands Free Backpack System, but since my running came to a halt I hadn’t had a chance to try it out.  Hiking proved to be the perfect opportunity to use it!


Itz AWESOME!  Here’s what I love most about it: itz super lightweight, comfortable, holds 2 liters of water, and keeps it cool!  I couldn’t believe that my water was still cool after 2 hours in the Arizona heat.  There’s even a little compartment on the backpack that I used to store my phone, an energy bar, and chapstick.  I wasn’t sure if the straw that wraps around would bother me, but it totally didn’t.  It was not obtrusive and was super convenient for me to grab a hold with my mouth and have a drink anytime.

flexline hike

All you had to do with the straw is bite down on it and suck to get the water; truly, the whole backpack system was hands free!  Also, the hole to fill up the water reservoir was a decent size, so if I were going to use it for more than a couple hours I might add ice to it.  That’s a nice option to have.  I really enjoyed using the FlexLine Hydration backpack, and I’d definitely recommend it to any hikers, bikers, or long distance runners.

FlexLine Hydration provided me with the hands free hydration backpack system to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

How cute are Dana and Justin?  Seriously.

arizona 094

And in true Itz Linz fashion, I made everyone strike a marvelous pose when we got to the top!  Dana rocked my all time favorite yoga pose:

arizona 084

Justin showed his mad skills and muscles by going horizontal on the sign (to which my mom replied in a text, “He’s way too close to the edge!”).

justin hike

You know me – I obviously went with the backbend on top of the mountain:

backbend hike me

Have you hiked before?  Where?  Do you like hiking?