No More Rabies Vaccinations

If you follow me on Instagram (itzlinz), then you know this past weekend didn’t start out too hot.  It all started on Thursday evening.  Our baby furniture was delivered (!!!), so my mom was over helping get everything organized.  She commented that Zoey didn’t look good, but Zoey was on a couple different medications for ongoing skin infections.  I attributed it to that.  However, Zoey was needing to go out to go potty more often than usual; that, too, could have been from the Prednisone she was taking.

When Jonny and I went to sleep that night, we both got up with Zoey several times throughout the night to let her out as she was whining.  This never happens.  Zoey usually sleeps through the night, no big deal.  Around 3:00 a.m., I noticed a dark spot on our bed and discovered Zoey had thrown up a pretty good amount.  Unfortunately, Zoey has gotten sick on our bed before and occasionally has tummy troubles, so I put the big blanket on the floor thinking I’d clean it up in the morning.  An hour later, I heard Zoey throw up on our bed again.  It was a lot and I knew I couldn’t just let it sit.  I took Zoey off our bed to let her out and discovered she had gotten sick and gone to the bathroom in several places in our house throughout the night.

Last time something like this happened was three years ago and it landed Zoey in the emergency animal intensive care unit for three days.  I called the emergency animal hospital and they said it was a judgement call if I wanted to bring her in immediately or wait until our vet opened.  Zoey was responsive, so Jonny and I decided to hold out a couple more hours to see our vet who is familiar with Zoey.


One of the last times I let Zoey out in our backyard, she laid down in the snow and wouldn’t come inside.  I was so worried because, as you can see, she is a small dog and can’t sustain the cold weather for very long.  I knew she was very, very sick. Our vet was also incredibly concerned.  When we brought her in, her heart rate was 180 (that’s VERY high).  Last time this happened was three years ago and it occurred about ten days after Zoey had her yearly shots.  Well would ya know that just a week ago Zoey had her annual vaccinations again?  I told this connection to the vet saying that it was too coincidental and that the shots had to be playing a role.  He explained that when animals react to vaccinations, itz within thirty minutes or twenty-four hours – not such a prolonged time after.  I refused to believe that the shots didn’t have anything to do with it.

The vet looked up Zoey’s files from three years ago to see which vaccinations she had: rabies and bordetella.  He explained that she gets bordetella every year, but rabies is just once every three years, so that was the common factor.  He also told us that he has never seen a dog have a reaction a week or ten days after, but there was no other explanation for Zoey’s extreme sickness.  Because of Zoey’s poor condition, the vet didn’t want to let Zoey go home, so he asked us to leave Zoey with him for the remainder of the day.  Since Jonny and I had to go to work, we felt comfortable leaving Zoey since we knew she’d be in good care, especially if things took a turn for the worse.

zoey vet

Things did take a turn, Jonny and I learned, as we called periodically throughout the day to check on her.  There was blood in her stool and she was continuing to throw up.  They ended up needing to hook her up to an IV to get some fluids in her because nothing else was working and she was extremely dehydrated. Several other medications were given: some to calm her gut and others to balance the protein in her blood, so she wouldn’t retain too much of the fluid they were giving her.  When I called after school at 4:30 expecting to be able to pick her up, the vet told me it’d be best to leave her there until six when they closed, so she could get the maximum amount of fluids before taking her home.

At six o’clock I headed to the vet to see my baby girl.  The vet was unsure if he wanted to release her to me for the night or have me take her to the emergency animal hospital.  (Leaving her at the vet overnight wasn’t an option since nobody would be there.) After checking her vitals, he decided to let me take her home, but reinforced the fact that we’d need to keep a very close eye on her.  He also kept the catheter in her arm in just in case we needed to take her to the emergency animal hospital in the middle of the night.  Our plan was to return to the vet in the morning if things went well throughout the night.

Zoey got sick a couple more times, but we still let her sleep in our bed. We knew she wasn’t feeling well and we wanted to make her the most comfortable, so we covered our bed in towels.  (After all, what’s a few more loads of laundry even if she did get sick again?) I can’t tell you how many times I woke up throughout the night to check on her.


When morning came and I let her out, I offered Zoey some canned wet food (as prescribed from the vet) and she finally took some!  She hadn’t eaten anything the day before, so I knew this was a good sign.  When I told the vet about how the night had gone, he seemed as happy as I was and gave me a high five!  He had called the night before around nine to check on her which was so nice and very much appreciated.  After taking her vitals and talking about next steps, he decided it was safe to take out her catheter.

Zoey is on a strict wet canned food only diet for a few days, as well as some medication to heal her gut, but she’s expected to make a full recovery.  Since this was so similar to her situation three years ago, we decided we will not give our dog the rabies vaccination in the future.  Our vet agreed, saying that if it almost kills her each time, itz not worth it.

We are NOT saying don’t give your dog the rabies vaccination! This is the first case our (very experienced) vet had seen of a dog reacting like this. Itz not 100% confirmed that the rabies vaccination is what did this to Zoey, but we have enough evidence to not get her vaccinated for rabies in the future.

Zoey feeling better is certainly the most marvelous part of our weekend!

On Saturday after we knew Zoey was doing much better, I went to my prenatal yoga class at Urban Breath.  The rest of the day was low key as we both wanted to keep a close eye on Zoey.  Jonny and I ended up going out to dinner on Saturday night at a Greek restaurant we love. However, we didn’t make reservations and ended up having to wait over an hour!  Needless to say, we were both HANGRY by the time we were seated and devoured every morsel of food we ordered.  To round out the night, we decided a fro yo stop was in order.


Did you know sometime last week was National Frozen Yogurt Day?  As if we needed an excuse for fro yo!  As you know, I’m usually just a sprinkles toppings kind of girl, but on Saturday night I was feeling a bit more adventurous and added some mini peanut butter chips, bits of cheesecake, raspberry sauce, and sprinkles.  The verdict?  Flavor overload!  I think I’ll be sticking with mostly sprinkles from now on.  With too many flavors itz hard to distinguish between all of them because you eat a bunch of flavors at once. #froyoproblems haha

Sunday came and Jonny had to work, so I walked a couple of miles on our treadmill while the movie You’ve Got Mail was on.  Later, as I blogged and worked on report cards for school, Father of the Bride was on tv.  It was like a oldies but goodies movies day on tv!  Obviously, plenty of Olympics were watched, as well.  (Figure skating is my favorite!)  I met a good friend for lunch, did some laundry, and hung out the rest of the day, before Jonny and I headed to my parents’ for Sunday night dinner.

mom dad poppy

My parents always cook a fabulous dinner and last night was no different.  My grandpa Poppy joined us, as well, which is always a special treat.


Getting the littles to pose for a picture with Poppy is no easy feat!  Especially when he is famous for his “not too tight” hugs and the boys literally wrestle on top of him.  It took quite a bit to calm them all down, throw Audrey in, and snap a semi-calm picture.  Bribery may have been involved.

And ending the evening with some baby to baby snuggle time with Audrey Rose.

audrey belly

A way better ending to the weekend than how it started!

Has your pet ever gotten really sick? Did you celebrate National Fro Yo day? What’s your favorite Olympic sport to watch?

this week

Sorry for any blog issues you may have encountered yesterday.  Ryan (best tech guy ever!) believes everything is running back to normal now.

This week has been… a lot of things.  I’ll share a glimpse into my week that didn’t make it on the blog thus far.  PS: Itz Friday! (anyone else??)

This week… I’ve been rocking the Best Body Bootcamp workouts.

gym workout

I seriously love them.  For one thing, itz so nice to have all my workouts planned out for eight weeks!  Tina has introduced me to countless new exercises and my body has been feeling it.  I love the feeling of being sore from a good workout.

This week… an STLbloggers meet-up happened at Granite City Food & Brewery.

pizza wine

A mid-week glass of wine and flatbread?  Sure!  They had a great happy hour, so I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir and a Pepper Bacon & Tomato flatbread.  I’m not a huge bacon lover, but this was recommended by the waitress and it was definitely the right decision.  I ate the whole thing.  By myself.  #noshame  I also had a wonderful time chatting with Christina, Janice, and several other awesome bloggers.

This week… began state testing at school and us teachers were provided with fun snacks to help us through!  Chips and salsa are always appreciated.

chips salsa

Itz been a long week and a tough one for the kiddos, but my students have been doing seriously AWESOME!  Testing takes a long time and a lot of mental strength and stamina, and I am so impressed with how my kids are holding up.  I mean, I’m not surprised considering their teacher… heh heh.  I always tell them that the test is a celebration of their smart learning and my wonderful teaching.  🙂

This week… Last weekend I was a “runner buddy” to a fourth grader who is participating in Girls On The Run.  The official GOTR 5k in St. Louis takes place on Saturday, May 11th.

GOTR St. Louis

My friend Diana is coaching a team at the school where she teachers, and I’m happy to be involved in this small way.  I’m a huge supporter of Girls On The Run as itz a great program for young girls.  On a side note, Athleta is one of the sponsors and they are opening a store in St. Louis this spring; I can’t wait to check it out as this will be the first Athleta in Missouri!

This week… I’ve read a lot of awesome blog posts.

This week… I taught my niece Audrey how to get every last drop out of her fro yo bowl.  (Minus the part dripping down her chin…)

audrey froyo

And she only got cuter as she had the look of pure bliss sucking down those last few drops.  Eyes closed, enjoying every.last.drop.  Total bliss.

audrey froyo

She must take after her auntie!  Only I don’t think I look that cute when I lick the bowl…

Tell me something from THIS WEEK!

Itz Friday!

Itz Friday, heeey!!!!!  Gotta love that feeling – I know I sure do.  I’ve got a post full of randomness, but itz all good stuff.  I’m proud to announce Reboot as my sponsor for Blend Retreat in May!


They sponsored me when I went to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and I’m totally stoked again for this opportunity.  Itz going to be a short weekend with travel from St. Louis to Utah, so I know Reboot will come in handy and help me be full of energy.  Plus, it will be fun to share with my blends!


Chobani sent me a case of greek yogurt just because they’re awesome.  🙂  I’m especially excited to try their new flavors like banana and pear.


Last night I had a date with Melissa from Treats With A Twist.  (If you ever need ANY baking recipes or ideas, I highly recommend you go to her blog!)  She’s in town for the weekend visiting her parents, so we started off at the gym because what else do FitFluential Ambassadors do when they first meet?  Heh heh.


Workout B from Best Body Bootcamp certainly rocked both of us.  Straight from the gym, we headed to Crushed Red for dinner.  We’re a match made in heaven; we found it perfectly acceptable to dine in our workout gear with no shower in between.  Sorry we’re not sorry.  And what else would make a blend date official?

orange leaf froyo

Fro yo, of course!  Don’t mind my totally loaded bowl.  I had quite the mix of flavors: wedding cake, white chocolate strawberry, oatmeal cookie, brownie batter, and butter pecan.  Luckily, sprinkles go with everything!  Melissa and I had a great evening and it felt as though we’ve known each other for ages.  Love meeting new blog friends!

Gnu Foods sponsored my school’s Wellness Wednesday this month.  They were super generous and provided us with three boxes absolutely stuffed with their mini bars (half of the regularly sized bars).  Each of the three flavors are awesome, but Banana Walnut is definitely my favorite.

gnu bars

In other very exciting news, there is this magazine called Regale


And yours truly is featured!!! 🙂

Regale 1

Check out pages 42 – 46 to read answers to a bunch of questions that us STL Bloggers were asked.  So fun to be part of a feature!

Click here to find out if you were the winner of the Bestowed giveaway.  You may use the code 5OFFBSTOWED01 to receive $5 off your first Bestowed box!

Itz Friday!  Did I say that yet?  Get off the computer and go enjoy the weekend!

What are your weekend plans?  Anyone glad itz Friday?!

STL Bloggers, Run, Kids, Food

Yup, that pretty much sums up my weekend.  STL Bloggers, Run, Kids, Food.  All of which are marvelous – just in time for Katie’s Marvelous Monday!

Here’s a play-by-play of my marvelous weekend:

Friday night:  Courtney from Journey of a Dreamer, Kara from Pocket Ranger, and I met for the first time.  We’re all St. Louis bloggers and were finally able to connect.  We’re hoping to grow our group and network with other bloggers in the area.  The evening began at Barcelona – a wonderful tapas restaurant with outdoor seating which we took full advantage of since it was so nice out.

We cheers-ed to finally meeting and ordered a variety of tapas including salmon, chicken, meatballs, broccolini, spinach and chickpeas.  The small portions were perfect for sharing and tasting.  After dinner, we decided to continue the fun at most bloggers’ favorite spot: a local frozen yogurt joint.

My cup was obviously overflowing with cake flavors and sprinkles.  Courtney told me she thought she got a lot… until she saw mine.  #sorryimnotsorry  We went to Orange Leaf which I had never been to before.  I absolutely loved all of the flavors I chose: cheesecake, wedding cake, oreo cookie cake, and white chocolate strawberry.  I may even say these were my favorite froyo flavors ever – which is saying a lot!  The funniest part of all was when we told the guy working that we were all healthy living bloggers, as we held our overflowing cups of goodness.  Hey, itz all about moderation (most of the time!).  All in all, it was a marvelous night!

All that froyo was well deserved because I woke up on Saturday morning, bright and early, to run with my trainer and the usual two guys.  We covered 9 miles.

I couldn’t be happier with the time!  We averaged an 8:33 pace.  I definitely had to push myself in order to keep up with the guys, but I did it and left with a marvelous feeling of accomplishment.

After running I went straight to pick up my nephew Jacob to take him to soccer practice.  He’s three and it was kind of the cutest thing ever.  I went home, showered, and later picked up Jacob and my niece Audrey.  We spent the day together playing Candyland, riding bikes, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

My baby lovin’ didn’t end there.  Saturday night was spent with my good friend Whitney and her baby Ainsley.  We had a marvelous evening.  Whitney cooked a delicious dinner and we had some quality girl time.

Audrey & Jacob up top; Ainsley & Whitney below

How cute are the kiddies?? (And Whitney!)  Sunday started off with a one-mile warm up jog followed by a bootcamp class at the gym.  I find it difficult to maintain strength training during my half-marathon schedule, so I value any time I can get lifting weights.  Later in the day I went grocery shopping, and then it was food prep time.

Left:  Three huge portions of rainbow salad for a few lunches this week.

Middle: Baked chicken breasts for lunches and dinners.

Right: Bob’s Red Mill Date Nut Bran Muffins.  I had the mix in my fridge that needed to be used up, so while I was in the kitchen I whipped up a batch.

Nothing like having lots of good, healthy food prepared for the week!  Certainly a marvelous feeling.  That was my weekend in a nutshell.  Tell me about yours!  What was the most marvelous part?

Itz All Greek To Me

Jonny and I had quite the dinner last night.  We had plans to go to the Cardinals game with some friends.  Nachos, hot dogs, and pretzels are good and all, but they’re not exactly quality food.  Sometimes we bring food to the stadium and sometimes we go out to eat right before.  Last night we went out to eat since we had a Groupon soon to expire.  We went to Momo’s Ouzaria Taverna – a local greek place that we thoroughly enjoy.  (Though we always enjoy greek food.)  The weather was gorgeous and we sat on their porch for our early five o’clock dinner.

We’ve never gone during happy hour before, and we were pleased to learn they have $2 glasses of sangria!  We started with some humus which was served with pita, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, olives, and a jalapeno.  For our entrée, we both ordered the traditional gyro salad (dressing on the side!), and just for kicks we also ordered the grilled flatbread pizza.  I was stuffed afterwards, uncomfortably so.  The flatbread was definitely unnecessary, but once we got to the stadium, Jonny said he was hungry again!  What?!  Bottomless pit, he is.  So I promised him fro yo after the game.

Jonny and I stayed until the sixth inning when the Cards were down 0 – 1.  After we stopped at Fro Yo and ate our dessert, the Cards pulled off the win.  Yay!  Could fro yo be the lucky charm?

I think some more investigating will need to be done… I actually didn’t think I was going to want fro yo by the end of the game because I was so full from dinner.  But who am I kidding?  I always want fro yo!  And since we had eaten dinner so early, I did start to get hungry (again) by the time we got home.  It all worked out.  It always does with fro yo. 🙂  Good thing I workout.

Since yesterday included some strength training, today I kept it cardio only and sweated out during an incline treadmill workout followed by an ab workout.  Oh, and by the way – I’m choosing two more winnners for the Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Chip Cookie mix.

Amanda Fox and Laurel C. – send me your mailing information within 24 hours to claim your prize.  🙂  Have a great day!

Are you a fan of ballpark food?  How about greek food?

Ahhs Cream

Lots of love for cake batter protein powder, eh?  Love it!  Speaking of cake batter, my sister called me last night and told me she and the kids were going to stop by.  Since it was so nice out, I suggested walking to a local fro-yo joint.

No, no we didn’t party it up at fro-yo with the kids.  That photo is from the night we went out for Steph’s 30th.  We did walk the mile to and from fro-yo with kids in tote.  It was an absolute perfect night for walking, seesterly bonding, and obviously fro-yo.

Clearly I went with cake batter!  I also had the sea salt caramel and blackberry flavors.  Blackberry was delicious and I had to have a bite of the caramel for this girl.  I put just one hunk of cookie dough in there and Jacob asked me if he could have it.  I was a mean auntie and said “no.”  My sister was laughing as I was more than willing to share any and all of my flavors… just not the one piece of cookie dough I got!  Come on, kid!  🙂

Jacob always pronounces ice cream like “ahhs cream.”  It sounds like he has a Southern accent or something.  We have no idea where it came from, but it cracks us up and we ask him a hundred questions just so we can hear “ahhs cream” again and again.

On our walk back home, we passed a huge patch of grass when the sun was just beginning to set.  Jacob and Stephanie loves jumping and jumping pictures as much as I do, so we naturally had to stop for some fun.

Steph is getting much better at the jumping pictures.  (We have worked hard on this!)  She gets a high five.  Good thing that today is Friday (YAY!) so let’s do some more High Five Friday with Megs!

My friend Diana is participating in the run portion of a triathlon relay this weekend.  She gets an early high five because I know she’ll rock it!  Earlier this week we went on a run together.  I still have not been running consistently like I used to – just a little here and there.  However, since I have been working out I was confident I’d be able to handle the four miles Diana had planned for us.  Our goal is always to keep a 10-minute mile pace.  In races, I naturally run faster and I try not to obsess about time too much because then it just becomes a mind game which is not fun.  We cut it close…

But we made it!  We were literally sprinting at the end to beat 40 minutes.  It was fun to run again, especially with a partner.  This run made me feel very good because I am running a 5k tomorrow morning for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.  I’m hoping to beat 30 minutes, but I’m not sure if that will happen.  We shall see.

Oh and by the way – I know I promised a Ruckus Run recap, and I’ll still give it to you eventually, but my darling sister still has not given me a CD with all 263 pictures on it.  <Cough cough, Steph>  For now, you can read my pre-race morning post or you can look at some of the awesome pictures on Stephanie’s blog here.  You know we just had to take jumping pictures when we were all muddy…

What are you proud of today?  If you’re a runner, what’s your pace?