Cottage Pulp

Cottage Pulp – that’s an appealing title, eh?  Hehe, I promise the final product is much better than the name.  You see, I’ve been juicing (well, only on the weekends) with my awesome NutriPro, and itz been amazingly delicious.  However, it produces so.much.pulp, and I’ve needed more ways than one to use the pulp, so it doesn’t go to waste.  Pulp bread is especially awesome with carrot pulp and green pulp.  The other day I made a juice that contained grapefruit, orange, and lemon and I thought that may taste funky going into bread.  Instead, I took a couple scoops and plopped it on top of cottage cheese and sprinkled it with chia seeds.  Cottage Pulp.

cottage pulp

Itz much prettier than the name suggests, too, right?  You’ve got a great deal of fiber from the pulp, protein and calcium from the cottage cheese, and healthy fats from the chia seeds.  Awesome snack!  Add that to the list of how to use juice pulp!

Can you believe itz the last Wednesday in February?  That means itz the last WIAW for Love Your Veggies month with Peas and Crayons.

So I made sure to jam-pack this post with veggies at each meal!  First up: breakfast.  I made a post workout smoothie with Designer Whey French Vanilla protein powder.


Usually I use milk, but we were out, so I had to suffice with water only.  The banana did a good job of making it a bit creamy.  The above recipe made about two large glasses.  A spoonful of sunflower seed butter was also consumed for breakfast.

Lunch was my last Diet-to-Go meal: beef short ribs with bordelaise sauce.

beef short rib

Very tasty like all their meals.  Dinner was an easy crockpot dish.  Into the crockpot went chicken, onions, vegetable broth, salsa, black beans, diced tomatoes, quinoa, and corn.  I served it over shredded cabbage and topped it with plain greek yogurt, avocado, and red pepper.


For the past couple of days my car has shown that one of my tires was low on air.  My tires have nitrogen in them, so I can’t just go anywhere to get air.  Long story short, I had to drive 15 minutes away to find out there was a nail in my tire.  An hour and a half later I was on my way home, cranky and hungry.  After eating dinner, I decided this definitely warranted fro yo (like I really need an excuse, ha!).  So I helped myself to a lovely bowl of cake batter and cookie dough frozen yogurt topped with a couple of cookie dough pieces and a brownie bite.


Yes, I did find it necessary to show you exactly where those bites of goodness were located in my fro yo bowl.  🙂  They, of course, got eaten last since the best always gets saved for last.

Do you save the best for last or eat the best first?

Silk Pajamas

November 14th – do you know the significance of this day?  Itz Annette’s birthday!  Annette and I were in the same toddler class when we were two years old, and remained inseparable all throughout elementary school.  We had sleepover after sleepover, often alternating houses on consecutive nights.  And what’s a sleepover when you’re nine years old without dressing up in your beautiful silk pajamas?

Don’t even pretend like you’re not impressed by my eyebrows and teeth. 😉 #awkwardyears

We parted ways for middle school, high school, and college, but remained in touch through our traditional lunch dates at St. Louis Bread Company (Panera for all you non-St. Louisians).  Annette introduced me to the blogosphere when she began her own blog: Enjoy Your Healthy Life.  She gave me the final push I needed when I mentioned I was interested in starting a blog of my own.

Annette is an incredible athlete (she even completed a half IronMan!), amazing wife/sister/friend, and an incredibly knowledgable and inspiring fitness professional (she offers coaching services).  Happy birthday, Annette!

Since it is Wednesday, let’s do some WIAW with Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

Remember last week when I mentioned the P28 crust I used to make pizza?  Well since then, I’ve dug into their bagels, and let me tell you: they are awesome!  I love how soft and chewy they are!  Plus, when you top them with cream cheese and pumpkin butter you really can’t go wrong!

P28 bagels contain 28 grams of protein!  That is an amazing stat, my friends.  I don’t usually eat bagels because I need more protein in the morning.  If I don’t get a substantial amount of protein in the morning, then I’m hungry an hour later and usually for the rest of the day. P28 bagels satisfy my hunger, keep me full, and taste good.

Lunch yesterday was leftovers.  Leftovers from what?  Sunday night dinner with the in-laws when they served lobster tail.  Oh yes, this teacher brought lobster tail for lunch and loved every bite (and stunk up the teacher’s lounge with it #sorrynotsorry).

I had roasted asparagus over the weekend and brought them for my greens.  I also burnt the heck out of a mini bag of popcorn during lunch, and stunk up the teacher’s lounge once again.  Woops!

Last night, my soccer team that I coach congregated at a local frozen yogurt joint, Red Mango, for our end of the season party.  Since we met at 5:00 pm, fro yo doubled as my dinner.

Red Mango has phenomenal flavors!  I loved every bite and obviously topped it with sprinkles.  I snacked quite a bit later in the evening since the fro yo didn’t keep me full, but it still tasted darn good while it lasted!

Are you a bagel lover?  How about lobster?  Best flavor of fro yo?

TV Planks

What do YOU do on Friday nights when catching up on The Real World?  (Yes, Jonny and I still watch that show.)  I plank it out, baby.

I feel like I have way too much to do than just sit there watching tv.  Probably 99% of the time, I am multitasking when watching a show.  The most common activities are: exercising, grading papers/homework/tests, writing a blog post, reading blogs, playing with Zoey, or eating.  I seriously feel like I cannot just sit down on the couch and watch tv.  I’m ok with it though because most of tv is trash anyway (at least the shows I watch).

Last night after dinner (Jonny grilled chicken breasts and I made a rainbow salad), we decided to catch up on The Real World from earlier this week.  About 30 seconds into the show, I dropped to the floor, set the timer on my phone, and planked it out.

The High Plank

The Side Plank

The Low Plank

I held each plank for a minute, and then repeated the sequence again.  The show still wasn’t over, so I did 50 air squats and 50 lunges (10 front and 10 back, alternating until I reached 50).  Then I repeated that for a total of 50 squats and 50 lunges.  And then it was plank time again.

Surprisingly, I did not plan this [mini] workout.  I ran 2 miles this morning, and Jonny and I planned on having a nice, quiet evening at home since life has been pretty busy lately.  (Good busy)  And the awesome Lululemon tank I’m wearing?  An early birthday gift courtesy of my parents.  I’m in love.

After the show, I remembered my mom had gotten me fro yo the other night.  For the first time in my life, I wasn’t in the mood.  (Gasp!)  Tonight, however, I did NOT turn it down.

still defrosting from sitting in the freezer

Doesn’t it look like a colorful party in there?  I’m typically more of a sprinkles-only topping kind of gal because I enjoy the many different flavors of fro-yo. But I did no complaining of my fro-yo gift and even gave Jonny a spoon to share.  Now that’s love.

What do you do while watching tv?  What kind of toppings person are you?


Thank you so much for all of your congratulations on yesterday’s post!  I can’t stop smiling and am just honored to join such a wonderful community.  Enough about FitFluential (for now), let’s talk influential eats.

WIAW happens every Wednesday and is hosted by the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  I have a post full of good food, so get yourselves ready!  Breakfast was an unbelievable bowl that I was kind enough to make not only for myself, but for Jonny, as well.  “Now that’s a healthy breakfast bowl, if I’ve ever seen one,” he exclaimed.

In the mix: 1 whole egg, 2 eggwhites, kale, pinto beans, nutritional yeast, grape tomatoes, and salsa.  Yum is right!  My students go to specials at 9:15 and I’m not going to lie: I’m usually hungry by then.  Even with my protein-packed breakfasts, my tummy is still grumbling.  To my defense, I eat breakfast around 6:30, so having a snack three hours later is actually preferable.  Anyway, I have found a new love: homemade, healthy, iced coffee!

In the mix: lots of ice, 1 scoop of Sunwarrior chocolate protein powder, 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 cup of coffee, 1 dropper of NuNaturals vanilla, 1 dropper of NuNaturals cocoa bean, 1/2 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds, and 2 tablespoons of shredded unsweetened coconut, blended until smooth and served over ice.  Holy amazingness!  I try not to make it everyday because I don’t like consuming that much caffeine, but I could definitely drink it everyday.  Like multiple times.  Way healthier and way less expensive than Starbucks.  Sorry I’m not sorry, Starbucks.

Let’s talk lunch.  It’s been the same ever since I got my beloved spiralizer.  Spiralized zucchini or squash, beans, other veggies, and sometimes a grain.  This week has been no different.

In the mix: squash, roasted cabbage, and pinto beans.  (Yes, pinto beans have been making an appearance in my breakfasts and lunches.  I am trying to finish them up from last Sunday during my batch cooking session!)  Since I like a little more protein with my meals, I always have some greek yogurt or regular yogurt on the side.

Confession:  I had frozen yogurt for dinner last night.  Sorry I’m not sorry (again).  However, yesterday was a cause for celebration, plus my girls’ soccer team met at a local fro yo joint to celebrate their amazing 7 – 1 season.

In the mix: raspberry, cake batter, and dark chocolate topped with sprinkles. Mmm, mmm, mmm!  Fro yo is totally thebombdotcom.  I will show you a picture of a more balanced dinner that was consumed on Sunday at my in-laws.

We love colorful plates over there and this one definitely was!  (Side note: the more colorful your food is, the more nutrients it has.  With the exception of sprinkles.  Sorry, sprinkles, but I do still love you.)  Chicken and veggie kabob, baked beans, sweet potato, and asparagus.

This was the second time I made Mama Pea’s Roasted Asparagus with Browned Butter, and both times were a hit!  If you ever need to please a crowd with a green vegetable, that recipe is the one to follow.  And when you get asparagus for $1.50 per bunch at the Farmer’s Market, it makes it even better. 🙂

Is your plate usually colorful?

Third Time’s A Charm

Today I have a guest post on Fitblogger.  Go check it out.  And yesterday on Annette’s blog in case you missed it.  And tomorrow on…. Nope, just kidding.  Just two.

We leave Arizona today.  Wah!  🙁  Yesterday the sun was shining, but the temperature was still chilly.  Jonny and I took Bobo on one last walk along the golf course.

Zoey is missed, but we definitely made a new fur-friend.  I think Bobo likes us, too, as he is smiling in the above picture. 🙂  Since we didn’t have access to a car yesterday because Robbie and Becca were at work, we were left to walking anywhere we wanted to go.  Luckily their condo is in a stellar location and there are tons of places that are in walking distance.  First, we walked to the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner.  I cooked up a storm yesterday to thank Robbie and Becca for hosting us. 

Once I got the crockpot going, Jonny asked if I wanted to go on another walk with Bobo.  Sure!  Later in the day Becca texted me asking if I wanted to take Bobo on a walk when she got home from work.  Heck yeah I did!  Third walk was a charm!  I didn’t go to the fitness center today since I did all that walking.  Jonny and I take walks when the weather is nice at home, but there is just something better about taking walks while on vacation.

We ended up eating dinner around six o’clock, so we had the whole evening ahead of us.  When I questioned what we would do for the rest of the evening, someone quietly mentioned fro-yo.  Fro-yo?  Again?  Heck yeah!  Ok side note, we decided on a gelato place, but it was still cold, creamy deliciousness.  Right when we walked into Gelato Spot, I spotted the Cake Batter flavor – my favorite. 

Third time was a charm!  I did not want this Cake Batter to end.  It tasted like the real thing.  I’m pretty sure I could eat fro-yo/ice cream everyday and not be tired of it.  Obviously considering we had it three times during our five day vacation.  We are sad to leave the Zona today, but even more sad to leave Robbie and Becca.  It’s times like these that I’m reminded of how blessed I am to have not only my own family whom I love dearly and love spending time with, but Jonny’s family, too.

Robbie and Becca, it’s been fun!  We need to plan something soon.  And then another something.  Then we can have three vacations together and it will fit this “Third Time’s A Charm” post perfectly.  😉  Kidding.  Sort of.

I will say that I am only the tiniest bit happy to be going back to St. Louis because of the gym situation.  Tomorrow will begin Week 9 and the third (how perfect!) and final phase of the LiveFit program.  Look for a killer workout on the blog tomorrow along with the first WIAW Zona Style AND the winner of the Tofu Press giveaway!  (Today is the LAST day to enter!  There are three four ways to enter.  Click here for details.)

What food could you eat everyday?


There was no laying out that happened yesterday because of the darn cold temperatures, rain, and clouds, but we were still happy to be on vacation!

Between rains, Jonny and I did venture out for a short walk.  We were determined to be outside for at least part of the day!  I did get in a workout on the treadmill which I was quite pleased about.  I ran a total of 4 miles during an incline run/walk treadmill workout.  This was the first time I had run in quite some time since I have been so busy with the LiveFit workout program. 

Becca and I killed some time during the rain by hitting up their local enormous mall.  I came back with two dresses, a shirt, and a pair of wedges.  (Meg, I did go back and get them!)  Sucessful shopping trip.  Lucky for me, Becca has an extensive nail polish collection, so during some of our time indoors I painted my fingernails.

I initially planned on only making my ring fingers sparkly like the Diva Katie, but I liked the sparkle so much that I went ahead and did it to the rest!  And I’m on spring break, so I thought I could have my nails be a little more fun. 🙂  Last night the four of us went to a great little pizza place called Crust.  The pizzas were seriously enormous; so big that the waiter only brought out half of the pies at a time!  I think we were all feeling a little silly from being cooped up most of the day, but we sure had a blast at dinner!  Even the boys who normally aren’t camera fans played along.

Goofballs.  Robbie and Becca introduced us to the game of “Slice!”  Let me explain because it is super complicated.  Apparently Becca invented this game with her two-year-old niece.  All it entails is making a slicing motion on any part of a person’s body while calling out “Slice!”  From some reason Robbie doesn’t think it’s quite as comical, but as the night went on it just got funnier.

Luckily there weren’t too many people in the restaurant and our boisterous behavior didn’t bother anyone.  When we were finished, I kissed the man outside good-bye and we went to get fro-yo for the second time this weekend.

Last night’s fro-yo was even better than our first nights!  I opted for a huckleberry and cheesecake combination.  Cheesecake is usually a flavor I get when it’s available and this was definitely one of the better cheesecakes I tasted.  The huckleberry was new-to-me and is now on my “favorites” list.  So good.

Thank you, Yumberi!  With all that pizza and frozen yogurt, it’s a good thing I’ve still been making time to workout while on vacay.  Today marks the beginning of Week 3 for Best Body Bootcamp and I have another positive report!  My goals of drinking water and plating my food are still going strong.  I plan on continuing these goals for Week 3.  Plating my food is especially important while I’m on Spring Break since I’m home a lot more and much more likely to eat out of the bag/container. 🙂  I took two rest days last week as I was busy preparing for our trip and just not feeling the sweat sessions.  Sometimes our bodies just need more rest than one day and we’ve got to respect that.  I did still manage to get in the required five days of activity.

In other exciting news, I wrote a guest post for Annette who blogs at Enjoy Your Healthy Life.  Annette and I grew up together and she is actually the one who gave me the final push to start my own blog.  It was an honor writing for her, so you should definitely check out my guest post and leave some love over there.

Don’t forget: You have two more days to enter my Tofu Press Giveaway.  And you better enter or you might get SLICED! 😉

Pink Spoons

I have not been to a spinning class in months and months and months.  Until yesterday.  I went to a spinning class that I used to attend regularly and holy cow!  My legs have been reminding me all morning how long it has been.   It was good though; I always enjoy switching things up and spinning definitely did just that.  One major reason why I love spinning classes is that everyone can go attend.  It is perfect for both beginners and experts alike.  You can go as fast or slow as you would like and you can make the resistance as heavy or light as you would like.  One class fits all!

Last night, we went to dinner at my in-laws per our usual Sunday evening tradition.  They made brisket, broccoli, slaw, and potatoes.  And I loved every bite.

Jonny’s New Years Resolution is to not have seconds.  So now he makes sure to take an extra-large first helping. 🙂 However, he never said anything about dessert, so we stopped by Fro Yo after dinner.

Half cheesecake.  Half cake batter.  Topped with loads of sprinkles.  Pure deliciousness.  Mmm mmm mmm!

I love Fro Yo and I love the spoons.  I love that they are pink and I love that they are long and flat.  But most of all I love that they said “Biodegradable” on them and I love that they are biodegradable.  Go green!  Err… pink.  Pink is the new green!

Now it’s time for school.  I’m excited for the reaction my kiddos are sure to give me about my new do.  Hopefully they’ll recognize me.  😉