raspberry granola yogurt bowl

Itz been a hot minute since I’ve linked up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday!  I thought today would be a good day, mostly because yesterday I actually remembered to snap photos of most of what I ate.  But first, let’s begin with some William cuteness.  He spent the day at my parents’ house (his Yaya and Pops), and clearly had the best time ever.

william yaya pops

Itz a shame he’s not a happy baby, eh? 😉

Ok, now for my tasty food.  Breakfast involved a raspberry granola yogurt bowl.  (And itz the name of this post since itz literally the only thing I actually made to eat all day.)

raspberry yogurt granola bowl

We’ve got some plain Chobani Greek yogurt sweetened with Pure Via vanilla stevia, mixed with Cascadian Farm ancient grains granola, and tons of fresh raspberries. Driscoll’s raspberries were on sale for a dollar at the grocery store; I’ve never seen them that cheap, so I stocked up and put an entire container in my bowl.  So good.

When my dad picked up William for the day, he also brought some chicken salad that my mom made.  I love this chicken salad and will soon make my own batch of it.  But for now, I’ll eat hers for lunch (while I pump).chicken salad

My mom’s chicken salad includes chicken (duh), light mayo, dijon mustard, dried cranberries, almond slivers, celery, and apples.  Itz the perfect combination.

You all know I snack ALL.DAY.LONG. and I captured most of them.


  • Detour SMART bar in blueberry
  • Juicy plum
  • KIND bar in nut delight
  • Dates with peanut butter
  • Turkey slices
  • Banana chocolate chip muffie (made by my mom)

Not pictured snacks included honey wheat pretzels from Trader Joe’s and fruit salad.  So this was the first time I tried the whole date with peanut butter thing.  I had seen it on several other blogs and I love both dates and peanut butter, so I thought why not?  I was at my parents’ when I tried it and my dad immediately said it sounded weird.  To be honest, I didn’t love it.  I felt like the peanut butter overpowered the sweet date flavor and I couldn’t really taste the dates at all.  So after one, I put the peanut butter away and helped myself to a few more plain dates.

I’ve been drinking tons of water lately thanks to breastfeeding.  I usually drink an entire bottle when I pump and I pump three times at school and twice at home on working days.  Usually one of those bottles includes a Cocogo packet.  Use code ITZLINZ to save $$!


My absolute favorite cup ever.

I hung out at my parents’ when I picked up William, and my dad had made a delicious beef stew in the crockpot for dinner.

beef stew

We had steamed cauliflower on the side.

For dessert, I had a bowl of Edy’s slow churned mint cookie crunch ice cream, but instead of showing you that I’m going to show you dessert from the weekend because there is a funny story that goes with it.  It was at the rehearsal dinner of my cousin’s wedding, and the waiters were bringing dessert to the table.  There was cherry pie and a delicious super chocolatey thing (I don’t know what itz called).  Well, they were alternating plates of dessert for the guests at each table, so every two people had one of both.  I noticed our server still had two plates left on his tray after we were served. I don’t like sharing dessert, so I begged and pleaded for him to give me my own set of desserts.  Then my sister chimed in and told this young man that I was breastfeeding. Needless to say, I got both desserts and was pretty happy about it.


I devoured both.  (See, Uncle Ricky? I told you this picture would make the blog!)  Jonny is smiling in the background either because he’s just as happy as me that he didn’t have to share his dessert or because he’s proud of my skills to get extra dessert!

And just for kicks, let’s end with a picture of the world’s cutest baby.

william happy smile

Bye bye now.

What delicious food have you eaten lately?

good stuff

There’s lots of good stuff happening here today.  [good stuff = technical term] William is going to help me with today’s post and share some of his thoughts, as well.

Good Stuff #1: Yesterday we went to a Mommy & Me class and William got to hang out with his [future girl-] friend, Carly.  This was actually the third time they met, but the first time he tried to put some moves on her!


Despite their apparent disinterest, they really did like each other!

As a blogger, I receive offers to review items frequently, but I pick and choose only things I believe in and use myself. The following products were sent to me to review, but I also love them and spend my own money on them because I like them so much.

Good Stuff #2: I’ve raved about Cocogo before, several times actually.  Itz powdered coconut water with natural fruit flavoring that comes in convenient packets. (Perfect for staying hydrated this summer!)  It has replaced all sports drinks for Jonny and me and itz much less expensive than regular coconut water.  You can always use my code ITZLINZ to receive 40% off your order. However, they just revamped their website, so they’re offering FREE SHIPPING this week only! Ordering from the cocogo.com website is now easier than ever, so be sure not to miss out! This is the best deal you can get on Cocogo – Jonny and I stocked up for the summer!


William is not happy that he’s not allowed cocogo. Though technically he does get it… just through me. 🙂

Good Stuff #3: WaterWipes are still the only baby wipe that I’ll allow to touch William’s little bottom.  I’ve got my parents’ and my in-laws’ houses stocked with them.  I don’t want chemicals on William’s new sensitive skin, so I use WaterWipes which are 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract.  But WaterWipes can also serve another purpose, as well: breastfeeding hygiene.  All mommas know that dried milk does not smell good; itz a fact.  Itz also very important to keep your breasts clean as that’s where babies nurse from (obviously). WaterWipes are the perfect solution for wiping down yourself and your baby, especially on the go.  They’re in my diaper bag anyway, so itz convenient to use to keep us clean! I just bought 3 packs at Walgreens yesterday – they always have sales on them!


Itz true.

Good Stuff #4: I’ve been living in my Fit Plus Wear sound solution capris. There’s a pocket that’s large enough to fit my iPhone which is perfect when I need two hands for baby William. Even though I’ve started babywearing him a bit more, I still need two hands most of the time! The capris are thick which make them very flattering, yet not too thick which makes them perfect for summer. They’re longer in length and higher at the waist which is perfect for my post-baby belly. The stitching on the inner pocket comes in different colors which makes for a nice added detail. The capris are intended to be used for working out, so you don’t need an armband for your iPhone. I wear them everyday and still appreciate the phone pocket. Use code 2HE90CGR5Y4U to receive 20% off your order at Fit Plus Wear.

fit plus wear capris babywearing

William has no thoughts on my capris. He likes when I babywear him though.

Share some good stuff with me!

Disclaimer: I was provided the items in this post for review purposes only. (Except for the baby. She wouldn’t let me keep her.) All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Lots of bloggers write “currently” posts sharing their current favorites and what’s going on in their lives, so I thought I’d jump in on the fun.  I’m making up my own set of “currently” things based on what I’d like to share today.  Here we go!

Currently loving: William! Oh come on, like you thought I’d say something different!

william happy

In the morning time especially, he is SO happy, smiley, and giggly!  Seeing that huge smile is just the best thing ever.

Currently eating: Anything and everything.  I know I keep saying it, but holy cow breastfeeding hunger is NO JOKE.  And I can’t find anything to satiate my appetite.  I stay hydrated and eat plenty of protein and I’m still constantly hungry.  Good thing I love food!

Currently drinking: Cocogo! [Use discount code ITZLINZ to receive 40% off your order!]


William is the perfect hand model!

Staying hydrated during breastfeeding is super important, plus with the hot summer months approaching, Cocogo provides the much needed electrolytes.  I’ve also gotten Jonny hooked on Cocogo which is much healthier and more natural than other sports drinks.  Since William drinks/eats what I do, ingredients matter more than ever for me.  Daily Cocogo drinks are a must for the whole family! Plus, itz a lot less expensive than regular coconut water.  Double bonus.

Current favorite baby toy:  Whoozit Light & Sounds Spiral.


William doesn’t really “play” with anything yet, so making sure he is stimulated in other ways is important to me.  We received the Whoozit at my shower and I recently attached it to his carseat as he is becoming much more alert and trying to focus on different things (when he’s not sleeping as the picture shows haha).  I think the Whoozit is perfect because it has a variety of contrasting colors and once he starts batting it with his hands, it will make noises and he will feel different textures.

Current nail color: Blue!  I recently picked up a new bottle of nail polish and I love it!

blue binky nails

William likes blue, too.  😉  Itz Sally Hansen’s hard as nails xtreme wear in breezy blue.

Current fitness: Errrr uhhhh… yeah.  Really, at this point I just try to take one walk around our neighborhood a day which turns out to be about 0.7 of a mile.  Occasionally I’ll walk twice if Jonny is willing to come with us in the evening, but I just haven’t found the time or energy to get in a “real” workout. I feel like there’s other things I “should” be doing (aka laundry, cooking, cleaning).  I have started doing lunges and push ups and planks occasionally throughout the day.  And I mean one set here or there.  I did just get these awesome workout capris from FitPlusWear.  They have a side pocket that actually fits the iPhone which is cool and I’ve been wearing them… just not for working out haha.  The material is awesome, especially when everything on me feels a bit softer.

Currently wearing: My robe, forever and always.  If you ask anyone in my family, they’ll tell you I live in my robe – probably a bit too much.  I used to have a ratty old pink one, but wanted a blue and white striped one (for the contrast!) once William was born.

william sleep2

I found exactly what I was looking for online at JC Penny.  Don’t worry, I do wash it. When I’m out in public, I’ve been living in my Leading Lady nursing tank.  Just ask my sister; she refuses to talk to me since I’ve literally worn it the last 85 times she’s seen me.

Currently proud of: My sister (Stephanie Cotta Photography) for her latest endeavor – the creation of the Ultimate Guide to Newborn Photography. Itz 4.5 hours of tutorial learning exactly how to set up, pose, and photograph newborns.  Photogs, this is for YOU – unbelievable reviews already and it just launched earlier this week. Great read pertaining to the project and what she does: Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Photographing Babies.

Currently reading: What to Expect the First Year.  Really just skimming it, so I can have somewhat of an idea of what’s to come.  I know all babies are different, but I do like having some type of heads up.

Currently listening to: The baby Einstein station on Pandora.  Itz so fun and perfect for William.  Itz a mix of baby songs (Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, etc.), Disney songs, and other fun songs to sing along to.

Currently laughing: With my baby boy, of course!

william laugh

Answer one or more of the currently questions!

Cocogo Discount Code

Happy happy Monday!  Sorry I’m not sorry for being extra chipper this week… After all, itz spring break for me, baby! While this year doesn’t include any out-of-town trips, beach vacations, or mountain hiking, it still is one week off work which nobody can ever complain about and I’m always extremely grateful for.  I’ve got several things planned like a dentist appointment, a doctor appointment, our baby class, a hospital tour, hanging out with friends, and of course plenty of time to relax and prepare for Baby Itz.

Anyway… today I’ve got something so marvelous for you – itz a Cocogo discount code!  On Friday, I shared my review of Cocogo.  Over the weekend, I was named an ambassador for them which is awesome both for you and me!

cocogo coupon code ITZLINZ

What is Cocogo?  Itz a tasty drink with real fruit and balanced electrolytes that comes in a handy little package. So, itz basically coconut water + real fruit flavors combined.  But here’s the cool thing: it comes in a little stick that you pour into your water. I’ve tried dried coconut powder before and it was gross and didn’t blend well at all. Cocogo is WAY better, and I’m not even just saying that. It mixes extremely well – super fast and easy.  Plus, it comes in three flavors.


* Grape * Raspberry Passion Fruit * Lemon-Lime *

All flavors are delicious and I love how you can make them stronger if you wish.  Here is what Cocogo recommends based upon your needs:

  • Quench: 2 packets in 14oz of water for moderation hydration needs and a smooth fruity taste
  • Renew: 3 packets in 14oz of water for a delicious beverage with enhanced hydration and nutrition
  • Persevere: 4 packets in 14oz of water for intense fruit flavor for extreme workouts and activities

Honestly, I find that one packet mixed in 14oz of water is sufficient and delicious!  Although when I start doing more intense workouts and my hydration needs change, I will use more than one packet.  Also, proper hydration is critical during pregnancy and, then, breastfeeding (which I will soon find out!). I plan on using Cocogo to help me stay hydrated and my body replenished of itz nutrients.

Cocogo offers a better balance of key electrolytes, ideal sugars, and seven essential vitamins to help boost your body’s performance.  See how Cocogo compares:

Cocogo Comparison Grid

Have I convinced you to try Cocogo yet?  Seriously, itz a must!  Now the most marvelous part of this post is that I have a coupon code for Cocogo for YOU!  (Itz not an affiliate link, but I do get product based upon the number of people order. Just want to be clear.  But let’s be real, I’ll be purchasing more of this stuff anyway for Jonny and me both!)  Use the code ITZLINZ to receive 40% off.  That’s huge!  Usually, itz $9.49 for a twelve pack.  That’s still super cheap compared to regular coconut water!  Well now you get 40% off, so stock up just in time for summer.  I know I will.  (Order online HERE.)

cocogo discount code

Which flavor sounds best to you: grape, raspberry passion fruit, or lemon-lime?

five things friday

Well HELLO Friday!  Depending when you read this post, I am either teaching the last day before spring break or I’ve already started my spring break! Yes, spring break is just as wanted and fun for teachers as it is for students.  Heh heh.  And with this beautiful weather St. Louis is having, you better believe I’m going to enjoy every minute of it!

I’ve got five fabulous things to share with you today for Five Things Friday covering all topics from fitness to food to drinks to beauty.

1. Swimming Boot Camp Class

pregnant swimming

Like I told you last week, I’ve been totally digging this Saturday morning swimming boot camp class.  Yes, I rock a bikini, even with my 33-week belly bump.  I’m sure some people (guys especially) are a bit shocked when I hop wobble roll out of the pool.  The class pushes me to swim far longer and far harder than I would on my own. (No worries, I’m still being safe!)  I need to record one of our workouts and share it with you because swimming workouts are no joke! They’re tough and they work the whole body.  I love it!  Last Saturday I swam over 2000 meters.  You betchya I’m proud of that!

2.  Cocogo: Real Fruit Hydration


Cocogo is a new, all natural premium sports drink made with real fruit and coconut water in stick pack which is super convenient to take on the go.  I feel like I’ve been pretty thirsty during my pregnancy, but I don’t like to consume sugary drinks. When I had the opportunity to try Cocogo, I jumped at the chance!  I love coconut water, so I had a good feeling I’d be a fan. The verdict? Awesome! The raspberry passion fruit, grape, and lemon-lime are all winning flavors. They’re not overly sweet, but provide enough sweetness to satisfy. Cocogo helps prevent muscle cramps, has a good balance of electrolytes, is easy on the stomach, and contains seven essential vitamins.


I enjoy drinking Cocogo in the morning when I feel like my body is in need of extra hydration from sleeping, or before bed. If I don’t go to bed hydrated, I have experienced a charlie-horse in my calves in the middle of the night. Muscle cramps are pretty common in pregnant women during sleep, and staying hydrated and consuming some electrolytes are a great way to prevent this.

3. Ratio Protein Bars

ratio bars

With my partnership with FitFluential, I was sent a package of Ratio Protein Bars.  The first thing to catch my eye was the flavors: Oatmeal, Granola, Peanut Butter Cup, Cookie Crunch, Peanut Butter Banana, and Cake Batter.  You guys, a cake batter protein bar?  It sounded too good to be true!  To be honest, it wasn’t quite as good in the flavor department as I anticipated. However, I think I was literally expecting a real cake batter taste.  Instead, it tasted very protein-bar-like.  Ok it is a protein bar, but some bars taste very protein-y and others don’t. I also tasted granola and I really liked it. I thought it tasted less protein-y.  I haven’t dug into the other flavors, but will update you when I do!

There are many enticing factors about the bars.  The 2:1 is the ratio of protein to net carbohydrates. The bars are all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, no soy protein is used, and they use hormone free protein.  All the bars do pack a mean protein punch!

4. Organic India Tulsi Tea

organic india tea

When asked if I would review Organic India Tulsi Tea, I replied yes, but would need caffeine-free flavors as I’m not drinking caffeine during my pregnancy.  I was sent three flavors: Ginger, Peppermint, and Cinnamon Rose.  I found the history of the tea interesting.

About Tulsi: Throughout India, Tulsi is acclaimed as “The Queen of Herbs” and is revered as a sacred plant infused with healing powers. Traditionally grown in an earthen pot in every family home or garden, Tulsi makes a delicious and nourishing herbal ‘tea’ abundant in a vast array of health benefits. 

  • Ginger: This uplifting combination of ginger and Tulsi including Rama, Krishna and Vana stimulate the senses providing an exciting yet relaxing blend. This exotic flavor combination will not only bring transformative energy and calm, but is great for digestion.
  • Peppermint: Refreshing and restorative; our ambrosial peppermint blends perfectly with the soft, spicy and pleasing tastes of ‘The Queen of Herbs’ Tulsi. This combo creates a cooling and invigorating delight, perfect for enlivening your whole day.
  • Cinnamon Rose: A delicate blend of Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi with cinnamon, cardamom, rose petals and cassia make a harmonious, healing combination which inspires the senses. With a lovely touch of sweetness, this infusion will warm you.

My opinion: Ginger was a bit strong for my liking, but I’m funny about ginger flavors. I like ginger, but find the flavor overpowering, in general (not just with this tea). I will continue to drink it when my stomach is upset as it is definitely calming. Peppermint was my favorite. I love peppermint tea with a splash of milk and sweetener.  I was pleasantly surprised with Cinnamon Rose.  Usually I have the need to sweeten all my tea, but didn’t need to with this. I prefer this tea before bedtime.

5. BelleStyle Friends & Family Discount Code

bellestyle code

BelleStyle makes the most unique and gorgeous jewelry. It was born in 2003 by designer and creative director Heather, a St. Louis local. A bit about Heather releasing BelleStyle into the Universe:

Heather’s path to BelleStyle begins when she was young and sings her heart out.  BelleStyle sightings increase in college when Heather paints, acts, models and starts working with precious metals and semi-precious stones.  Heather discovers the healing properties of stones like jade, turquoise, onyx, and quartz.  She finds tools that help her mold and work with metal and findings she falls in love with. BelleStyle rejoices when Heather adds heirloom artifacts mixed in with her precious metals, stones, feathers, angel wings and chains.

BelleStyle is offering friends and family (YOU!) 30% off with code FF30.  Any BelleStyle piece is sure to make you feel and look more stylish and fashionable. They also make fabulous gifts as each piece is uniquely one of a kind.

Which brands are you familiar with that I shared today? What do you want to try?