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Oh hello there!  It’s been almost a week since I’ve blogged, and I hope everyone has been busy sharing their time with friends, family, and loved ones.  We certainly have.  William hopes YOU…

pointing dec15

…had a very Merry Christmas, if you celebrate.  We don’t, but I couldn’t think of anything else creative to say while posting this picture of William pointing.

My sister Stephanie had William last week when his school was closed and I still had to work.  She made an impromptu stop at the studio with William and her kids.  Well, Stephanie has always been a briber, especially when it comes to getting kiddos to smile for the camera.  Apparently, she bribed William to smile (though clearly unsuccessfully here… good thing he’s cute!) with M&Ms.  She thinks it’s hilarious since I literally don’t feed William anything like that at all (personal preference).  I’m not mad because how could I be mad when she takes William to the studio for pictures? But… I was sure to load up her kids on sugar last time I was with them.  Yeah.  You’re welcome. 🙂

The night before Stephanie watched William, Audrey woke up in the middle of the night and told Stephanie, “I know how I’m going to get William to smile!  I’m going to say ‘what what chicken butt!'” Oh the mind of a four year old!

audrey dec15

They’re both getting so darn old.  These two plus Jacob make the three musketeers.

jacob aud dec15

Doesn’t that look like the cover to a CD or something?  No?  Just me.  Alright…

How about the three of them on Christmas?  When we actually celebrated Chanukah with my immediate family.

christmas 2015

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Back to studio shots…. and the best baby ever…

best baby ever dec15

…with the wildest hair ever.  I know I say this at least once a week, but he is turning into such the little boy.  His words increase by the hour (literally!) and he grows bigger by the day (literally!).  Looking back, the newborn stage went by quickly, but this toddler stage is FLYING by.  I know I’m biased, but in addition to being extremely smart, silly, loving, and sweet, William is quite possibly the most beautiful baby ever!

black white dec15

Stephanie knows how much I adore black and white photos.

Anyone and everyone agrees that William is definitely a “Williams” (my maiden name).  He has all the classic Williams features, so it’s no surprise that people repeatedly mistaken him for a brother of Jacob and Audrey.  Do you see it?

jacob audrey william dec15

Such cuties!  I adore all of them!

How has your last week been?  

all photos by stephanie cotta photography

Holidays 2013

Well, hey there! Long time no blog, eh?  I think itz the first time in my two years of blogging that I took off two regularly posting days.  Double that with the weekend and itz been almost a week since I’ve checked in with you!  Not to fear, all is good here in this part of the blogosphere and I’m back!  The past week was spent wrapping up the holidays 2013 and, like everyone is saying, I can’t believe they’re over.  They were spent exactly how I love – with friends and family!  I didn’t take too many pictures, so I’ll recap with the pictures that I do have.  Otherwise, you’ll just have to do a little reading. 🙂  Itz good for you!

Wednesday: Christmas!  Jonny and I spent the day together, and headed to our good friends’ for their beautiful and delicious Christmas dinner.  Whitney is just a couple of weeks away from having their second child – doesn’t she look fabulous??


Whitney is pregnant with a boy, so we’re excited to be having boys so close together.  Our husbands have already been talking about all the sports teams they’ll be coaching in just a few years just as they played together growing up!  And the cutie in the picture is Ainsley, their almost-two-year-old daughter.

ainsley reading

We gifted her the Pinkalicious books which, in my opinion, are the cutest books for little girls!  The main books are Pinkalicious, Silverlicious, Goldilicious, and Purplicious, and these were the first books I bought my niece Audrey and Annette’s baby Lily.  Ainsley was hilarious and loves to “read” as she would put the book on the ground, turn the page, pick up the book, and hold it right in front of her face.  Too adorable!

Thursday: It was my grandpa Poppy’s 85th birthday, so my parents took the family out to dinner to Kreis’ Steakhouse. Poppy is seriously the youngest 85-year-old you’ll ever meet!


We enjoyed a wonderful meal and had many good laughs as my dad’s older brother also joined us.  My dad and his brother act like total goofballs when they are together; even when we’re out in public during nice dinners!

Time spent with family and friends is always marvelous which is precisely why I’m linking up with Healthy Diva’s Marvelous in my Monday today!

Friday: Jonny went back to work, so I laid low at home and went to hang out with my parents for a little while.

mom dad

That picture of my parents is from our Thursday night dinner, but I had no other pictures for Friday, so it will suffice!

Saturday:  Saturday was another relaxing day.  I did so much laying around this weekend, and I felt a bit lazy about it, but this many days off in a row are rare for me, so I took full advantage of it!  Plus, I got in a couple of slow walks on our basement treadmill, so I wasn’t totally lazy all day long. I started Saturday morning off with breakfast at First Watch with one of my good friends, Danielle.  She was so sweet to bring Baby Itz 3 adorable onesies and bibs!  Girl time, girl talk, and good food always makes for a great way to start the morning!

On Saturday evening, Jonny and I picked up our niece and nephew Jacob and Audrey after they walked down the aisle in a wedding and before the reception began and spent the evening with them.

jacob audrey

When we got in the car, Jacob was quick to say, “Audrey was not a good girl!”  Haha gotta love the honesty of a four-year-old!  We made homemade pizza for dinner and sugar cookies with loooots of frosting and sprinkles for dessert!  The best kind!  Audrey proceeded to lick off all of her frosting and sprinkles without taking an actual bite of her cookie!

Sunday: Yep, you guessed it – another lazy day!  Although amidst my lazy days, I have done a considerable amount of laundry, cleaning, and baking.  My days haven’t been so totally unproductive.  Some of the goods I’ve made include:

  • Fudge Crinkle Cookies with peanut butter chips added to some and white chocolate chips and dried cranberries added to others <– AMAZING!
  • Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Browned Butter from Mama Pea – this is an excellent recipe for a green side dish and I’ll be making it again for New Year’s Eve.
  • Fresh Cranberry Sauce from The Lean Green Bean.  Whoever knew making cranberry sauce could be so easy?  I just made this last night and can’t wait to use it on everything I eat for the next couple days!

Jonny and I went to my in-laws for our Sunday night dinner with family friends.  Another excellent meal and time spent with our loving family and friends.  Really can’t ask for more in life right now.  Itz good.


How was your holiday week/weekend?  Tell me something marvelous!

Mexican Omelette

I hope you had an absolute wonderful Christmas if you celebrate.  Jonny and I do not as we’re Jewish, so we went to see This Is 40 with my parents.  Itz hilarious and I definitely recommend it if you’re in the mood for a good laugh!  Although we don’t celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense, it doesn’t mean we don’t do Christmasy things on the day of.  The Itz’s dear friends have been inviting them over for Christmas dinner for the past 25 years, and the last few years I’ve been fortunate enough to become a part of that tradition.  So Jonny and I not only ate a delicious Christmas dinner, we even got a picture in front of their beautiful tree!


Being Wednesday, itz also the last What I Ate Wednesday in December.  No!  Make that the last WIAW in 2012!  Woooooaaaaah!!!  Thanks as always to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting all the WIAW parties each and every Wednesday.

Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!  Speaking of 2013, have you entered my New Year New Rules healthy lifestyle giveaway yet?  Winner is being announced on Friday, so make sure you enter now.  For now, let’s talk food.  I’m only sharing breakfast and dinner with you because breakfast was really brunch and there were many snacks eaten in between.  My days are always so thrown off when I don’t follow a schedule, like when I’m in school at work.  But my breakfast sure is stellar and I even have a recipe for ya!

Mexican Omelette 1

So there were a few steps in this, but it actually came together rather quickly.  The day before, I threw a pound of black beans in the crockpot with some garlic and a diced onion.  Yesterday morning, I browned some lean turkey meat on the stove.  Then I added corn, green pepper, orange pepper, onion, garlic, and the black beans.  I also added cayenne pepper because we like it hot!  This made a HUGE pot; I’ll be eating this mixture for breakfast, lunch, and dinner over the next several days, I’m sure.

For the omelette part, I used three eggwhites and a scoop of the Mexican mixture.  Once my omelette was cooked, I sliced half an avocado, added a dollop of plain Chobani greek yogurt, and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.  Mmm mmm mmm!  Talk about super filling and loaded with protein.

Since I’m not showing you a lunch, instead I’m going to show you a great picture of my parents and in-laws.  Jonny and I went out to dinner with my in-laws and his grandparents on Christmas Eve and then we went to my parents’ home for an after-dinner cocktail.  Jonny and I are so incredibly lucky to have our parents.

my in-laws on the left and my parents on the right

my in-laws on the left and my parents on the right

We arrived at our Christmas party and were greeted by a gorgeous table set by Caren.

caren christmas

Christmas dinner was definitely a treat.  We had beef tenderloin, Brussel sprouts with a sweet vinegar glaze, mashed potatoes, and tomatoes with artichokes.  So tasty.

xmas dinner

Dessert was an assortment of cookies, as well as these S’mores Sandwich Bar Cookies.  They’re a bit difficult to see on the plate, but I assure you they were fantastic.

xmas dessert

While I thoroughly enjoyed all the decadent food and drink over the past couple of days, you know I took my own advice and hit the gym for a sweat session in between all the meals.  I even sported some green and red on Christmas day.

christmas workout

festive headband by Running Skirts

I just did an easy 35 minutes on the elliptical, but it was better than nothing.  Gotta stay active!

What was the best thing you ate on Christmas?  Did you workout?