The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race

Another nonstop weekend in the books, and just like that, it’s Monday again!  However, this Monday I’m off work thanks to Columbus Day.  We’re not usually off, so it’s definitely a treat.  Our weekend, as usual, was go go go.  It was jam packed with a lot of fun, and several highlights.  It began on Friday evening when I went to a Tori Kelly concert with some friends.

angel jeannie

I had never even heard of Tori Kelly, but my friend loves her.  She was great!  Beautiful voice and a very talented performer.

Saturday began bright and early with Audrey’s fourth birthday party.  Stephanie went completely over the top (as she always does!) and every last detail was perfect.  Check out her Instagram (@scpstudio) for the photos.  I snapped one quick picture of William climbing on the playground.

climbing oct15

He has seriously turned into a little monkey.  I’m constantly amazed at his coordination and how quickly his motor skills are developing.  It also means he needs to be watched all the time because he’s so fast to scamper places!  I love how active he is!

Stephanie and I went to Game 2 of the Cardinals vs. Cubs series.  It was the perfect late afternoon for a game and Busch Stadium went wild at the first homerun!  We’re the number one baseball city in the nation for a reason!


Despite the Cardinals’ loss, Stephanie and I still had a blast!

steph cards

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Sunday morning was The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race.  I ran the 5K.  It was a chilly morning – ideal running temperatures.

go halloween race

Despite a late evening the night before, I still pulled off a 28:46 end time which was an average of a 9:16 minute mile.  I would have liked to break 27 minutes, but considering, I’m happy with it.  Especially when I looked at the stats (yes, I’m super competitive!).

  • 105th of 680 overall
  • 48th of 475 female
  • 6th of 79 females 30-34

And post race?  Chipotle was serving little cups of chili!


Definitely warmed the belly and was a good way to refuel.  Although I could have eaten ten of those little cups.  A Chipotle run will most likely happen this week.  The hardware of the race was pretty and the tech shirts were a bright lime green.  GO! always puts on stellar races! Thanks to Chipotle for my entry!

The rest of Sunday included errands, grocery shopping, baking, laundry, and family dinner.  It was the perfect end to a great weekend, and I’m excited for my day off today!

What did you do over the weekend? Are you working today?

Cleveland Heath

It’s Yom Kippur today for us Jewish folk, which means it’s the Day of Atonement.  It’s typical to fast on this day, but since I’m still breastfeeding, I get a pass… for the third year in a row.  William and I are going to temple today, so I will repent for my sins that way.  It is Wednesday, so I thought I would do a WIAW post since it’s been awhile, just kind of funny that it happens to be on a day where my tribe isn’t eating.

The theme of today’s What I Ate Wednesday is “weekend eats.”  After scrolling through my photos, I saw a few stand-out meals that I wanted to share, particularly my dinner from this past weekend at Cleveland Heath.  But let’s go in order and start with breakfast first, shall we?


I love breakfast.  I could literally eat it every meal every day.  The possibilities are just endless.  And the seldom times I buy a bottle of whipped cream means that every breakfast gets a dollop (or more).  This breakfast was a banana oat pancake with a side of peaches cooked in coconut oil on the side.  Fruit cooked in coconut oil is another thing I’ve really been into lately.  Amazing.

One lunch over the weekend happened at Chipotle.  It was after my marvelous run, the weather was amazing, and Chipotle seemed like the most logical choice as I was starving.  It was inhaled eaten on their patio which made it even better.


Can’t ever go wrong with Chipotle.  My go-to is a bowl with chicken, black beans, brown rice, corn salsa, cheese, and lettuce.  People who are trying to eat healthy often times shy away from rice because OMG CARBS, but really, brown rice and beans combined equal a complete protein.  Together, the protein content is “on par with that of meat.”  Further explanation and many complete protein vegetarian recipes can be found HERE.

The food highlight of the weekend was Cleveland Heath.  It’s located in Edwardsville, Illinois which is about 45 minutes outside of St. Louis.  Why’d I go that far just for food?  Well, you see, here’s what happened.  So around seven o’clock in the evening, we decided to go to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge to take photos for a campaign I’m working on.  However, by the time we arrived, it was dark.  At this point, we were in Illinois and just 15 minutes away from the restaurant, so we decided to check it out as it has been written up multiple times in various publications.

Long story short, we ordered a good sampling of the menu including three appetizers, three entrees, and a dessert.  Nobody left hungry. 😉  Check it out:

cleveland heath

I’m no food critic, so please excuse my repetitive, “It was so good!” remarks.  I’ll try to give you a little more than that.  From top left to bottom right:

  • Crispy Pork Belly: Rensing’s pork belly, watermelon, jalapeno, mint, Vietnamese vinaigrette – awesome and definitely worth ordering!  The combination of the pork, watermelon, jalapeno, and mint was killer.  It was a must, per the recommendation of our server, to make sure you got a little bit of each flavor in every bite.
  • Japanese Pancake (Okonomiyaki): royal red shrimp, bacon, cabbage, Kewpie mayo, HM bbq – I loved this.  The shrimp were huge and the “pancake” was unique.
  • Deviled Eggs: Frank’s hot sauce, parmesan, paprika – mehhhhhh, not awesome.  Too salty for both of our likings and less flavorful than it sounded.
  • Chirashi Bowl: fresh assortment of seafood, sushi rice, ginger, pickles, spicy mayo – AMAZING!  This was so good and I’d definitely recommend it.
  • Pork Porterhouse: Rensing’s Porterhouse pork chop, cheddar jalapeno bread pudding, green beans, sunny side up egg – this actually got sent back as we found it way too salty.  I was a fan of the cheddar jalapeno bread pudding though!
  • Gringo Tacos: roasted chicken breast, red and green cabbage, spicy aioli, flour tortilla, with a side of regular and sweet potato French fries – I ended up taking half of these for lunch on Monday.  There was a huge portion of fries, which of course I loved.  The tacos were good, but nothing to write home about.
  • Sweet Potato Gooey Butter Cake: topped with homemade butter pecan ice cream – this was out of this world and a “must get!”  I couldn’t even really taste the sweet potato very much in it, but it was like a healthy dessert since it included a vegetable… right?  Haha yeah right.  It tasted heavenly though and so rich!  Only complaint?  It disappeared way too fast!

Their menu changes every couple of months, but some of their most popular items stay year-round.  All in all, I was glad we went, and I’d say it’s worth the drive to check it out once.  I’m not a huge fan of long car rides, so I’m not quite sure I’d venture out there again.  It was definitely good. <– my famous “food review” words 😉

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten recently?

To my Jewish friends and family: May you have a meaningful fast and Gmar Chatimah Tovah! xo

squeezing out the last bit of summer

I know I said last weekend was the last weekend of summer, but this past weekend REALLY was.  Last week I had teacher meetings, so it was back to work, but this week the kiddos come, so summer is officially over.  William and I were squeezing out the last bit of summer over the weekend and enjoying every moment of it.  We kicked off the weekend with a quick dinner to Chipotle with my friend Julie and her son Wolf.

wolf chipotle

tacos and tank tops – really, it’s burrito bowls, but tacos and tank tops has a much better ring to it, agree?

Wolf came over for a play date, but both the boys were getting restless at the house, so we knew it was now or never for dinner.  William was exhausted from going to camp all day while I was at school.  Straight from the fastest dinner ever, he went into the tub and in bed.

Saturday morning included a trip to the pool.  William had fun wading in the baby pool and splashing around.  In the afternoon, I went on an 18 mile bike ride.  It was overcast and gorgeous out, perfect riding weather.  Oh, and I signed up for another sprint triathlon.  This one is in a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping for a few more training sessions.  It will be even more difficult now that school is starting, but that’s alright.  It’ll be fun to race!

After a busy day, I plopped William in the bath tub and took one of my classic black and white tub photos.

bath aug15

Soon after, William went to sleep, a babysitter came over, and I had a girls night.


Caitlin and I met another one of our friends out.  It’s always so good to have girl time and talk!

On Sunday, I took William to an event at Ballpark Village.  It was his first time downtown and he made sure to take in the most important site.

cardinal nation

Cardinal Nation, baby!

And a close up of his crazy curly hair:

crazy curly hair

The humidity makes it even wilder than usual!  I love it!  I’ve actually been using Ava Anderson Non Toxic anti-frizz serum on it which helps with the frizz.  But when he’s outside running around and sweating, there’s really no hope in taming those curls.

He especially loved the bubble bus!


He was so funny to watch chasing the bubbles everywhere!

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After Ballpark Village, we went to check out a new juice place that we heard about.


St. Louis Juice Press shares space with Hot Yoga St. Louis.  I’ve never taken yoga there before, but I do love hot yoga, so I should try that next.  Their juices are cold pressed and immediately bottled (never heated or oxidized), so their juices provide the highest level of enzymes and nutrients you can find in a juice! Not to mention, they tasted fantastic.

  • Green: apple, celery, cucumber, spinach – this was a classic green juice
  • Watermelon: the sweetest and favorite of the bunch, William even approved
  • Carrot, Apple, Ginger: the ginger gave this one a good kick
  • Green: celery, spinach, apple, ginger – green juice + ginger to make it a bit spicy

We tried one other juice – Pineapple, Cucumber, Jalapeno.  It was refreshing and not nearly as spicy as I anticipated.

And just to round out the weekend with the same way we began, William and I picked up a bowl from Chipotle to share for Sunday night dinner.  (I really need to start some sort of meal prep when school begins!)  Have you ever seen a baby so happy to have a gigantic Chipotle bowl in front of him?

chipotle dinner

After I took the photo, William immediately began digging in with his hands.  Usually I put a few pieces at a time on his tray, but it was too cute to stop.  I literally pulled my stool in front of him and we ate the Chipotle together from his high chair haha.

How are you squeezing out the last little bit of summer?

thinking out loud {food edition}

I love food, that’s no secret.  Sometimes I make pretty food, and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I eat pretty food, and sometimes I don’t.  (Well, the pretty part.  Clearly I always eat.)  Lately I’ve made/eaten/Instagrammed some pretty food that I thought would be worth sharing in today’s thinking out loud {food edition} post.  Let’s start with the world’s absolute cutest Chipotle date:

cute chipotle date

Are you going to eat that gigantic bowl, baby?

I haven’t taken William out to eat very much.  He’s such an active, wiggly guy that I’ve always been nervous that he wouldn’t sit still throughout a meal.  And while he doesn’t really sit still, now he can sustain a few minutes in the high chair.  Long enough to scarf down a Chipotle bowl, anyway!  The other day we went to Chipotle, and he was SO good!  It helped that we sat right by a window, so he was able to watch cars drive by and birds fly around.  He ate a few bites of chicken, black beans, and corn, too.  Then I ate the rest of that massive bowl.  Chipotle never disappoints.

I went to my sister Stephanie’s house for dinner the other night and check out her beautiful creation:

zucchini turkey boat

Zucchini turkey boats!  Well done, Steph!  I’ll be coming over more often now that you’re learning to cook. (JOKE!)

I was determined to eat something red, white, and blue on the Fourth of July:

blueberries strawberries

I poured myself a bowl of Love Grown Foods Mighty Flakes (made with beans!) and added fresh blueberries and strawberries.  It hit the spot!

I was working with California Pizza Kitchen on a couple social promotions for their Gluten Free Frozen Pizzas, so I made a BBQ Chicken one last night.  While they’re good on their own, I spruced it up a bit more by adding pineapple and avocado to it.

cpk pizza

Fantastic!  What’s your take on pineapple on pizza?  You either love it or hate it.

William takes a gym class on Mondays, but they are in the morning right when his morning nap usually would be.  It can be a struggle to keep him up until we leave the house, and then I know he’s going to fall asleep in the car for a short catnap.  Well, the past couple of Mondays, I’ve left earlier than usual just so he can nap in the car and I’ve gone through a Starbucks or Bread Co. (Panera) drive through for a drink to kill some time… and it’s a good excuse to get myself a treat, something I don’t usually do.

breadco green smoothie

I ordered a Green Passion Power Smoothie thinking it was healthy. It was listed on the menu as just 200 calories.  I’m not a calorie counter by any means, but it was clearly healthier than their blended coffee drinks that topped 500 calories.  Well, after I pulled into a parking spot to let William catch a few more zzz’s, I looked up the drink online to get the official name before I Instagrammed it.  I was appalled to see that even though it had just 200 calories, it contained 47 grams of sugar! 47!!!!  Now, I’m not anti-sugar or anything.  I have no problem and thoroughly enjoy my desserts.  Cake, ice cream, cookies, you name it.  But 47 grams of sugar in a supposed “healthy” green smoothie drink was very disappointing.  Won’t be ordering that next time.  On a positive note, William’s catnap was just enough to hold him over and have a good gym class before his real afternoon nap!

Part of what I love about blogging is being introduced to and working with brands.  I received a “welcome to the tribe” care package yesterday from Sambazon.


Join Sambazon and Friends to inspire 100 Days of Positive Change through 100 acts that will change your world mentally, physically and spiritually. From small choices to radical endeavors, we’re inviting you to join us to shake things up, and do it for the better. Let’s be catalysts for positive change. #100startswith1

Follow Sambazon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They constantly post motivational messages and tidbits, delicious food, hold contests, and give you opportunities to win rad prizes.  Not to mention their products rock!

Have you heard of Sambazon? Do you add additional toppings to frozen pizza? What pretty food have you eaten lately?

All American 5K | American Flag Tank

I love love love that I’m back into running again, particularly racing.  It’s so much fun, and I adore the atmosphere of race day bursting with excitement from all sorts of runners.  That’s yet another reason I love running and racing – the community.  It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how big or thin you are, how fast or not you are.  If you run, if you signed up for the race, if you’re there at the starting line, you’re a runner!  Sometimes races can intimidate people, but don’t let it!  Every race I’ve been to has been full of supportive people cheering each other on with one similar goal – to cross the finish line.

Sure, some people are faster than others and race to compete, but that’s the nature of the sport.  You can be as ambitious as you want.  You can try to achieve a PR (personal record), you can try to place, or you can aim to finish. No matter what, we’re all running the same race!  That’s my take on it anyway.

My sister Stephanie and I ran the All American 5K in St. Louis this past weekend.  I ran as a Chipotle runner, and like I always do, I set out my outfit the night before.

A few weeks ago, someone from Tipsy Elves reached out asking to provide me with some of their new patriotic gear for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. You’ve probably heard of Tipsy Elves before.  Their brand and products were first featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank in 2013 and have received favorable press with the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, New York Times, and others. Tipsy Elves started as a Christmas sweater company, but has since evolved and expanded into a one stop shop for all fun and unique holiday apparel.

As I was browsing through their selection, I couldn’t help but chuckle.  I mean, they have everything from American flag tank tops to long sleeve shirts to fanny packs to dresses to jackets to FULL JUMPSUITS!  It’s funny, too, because Stephanie is kind of obsessed with all things with the American flag.  So much so that we often tease her about it and send her pictures of the most ridiculous American flag stuff we can find.  Anyway, I chose this American flag tank top.

It arrived just in time for the All American 5K. They kindly sent one for Stephanie, as well, which was a nice surprise for her.  She was ecstatic because the tanks really are so cute and crazy soft! They were perfect for the race!

fourth of july tanks

We were literally standing beneath the tiniest ledge on the side of a building before the race started as it was pouring down rain!  As we drove to the race, the skies were dark and threatening.  By the time we were on the shuttle, it was raining.  We stepped off the bus into pouring rain.  We tried to camp out under the ledge before the race began, but it was pointless as our shoes quickly became soaked with the standing groundwater.

The race was showcased as “The Fastest 5K in St. Louis!” as the majority of it is flat or downhill.  However, we didn’t want to bust our butts in the rain, so we stayed at a comfortable pace.  It literally rained THE ENTIRE RACE!  It let up a couple of times, and I would make some remark about how it stopped, and then instantly it would begin again.  It was unbelievable how hard and how long it poured.  Everyone, everything was absolutely drenched.  St. Louis is totally over this rain.  But… we finished and proudly sported our medals!

post race sisters steph

27:58 to be exact!  It is faster than our last 5K and not too shabby considering the torrential downpour!  Post-race goodies included ice cream which you know I was a fan of.  I can’t wait to see which Chipotle race is next in the Go! St. Louis series!

We raced (ha!) home and speedily showered and got dressed before heading to our parents’ house for a delicious Father’s Day brunch.  I was starving by the time we got there and ate a ton.  If you know my parents, you know what amazing food (and how much!) we always have, and this brunch certainly didn’t disappoint.  But more importantly, we celebrated my amazing father – the smartest, kindest, most selfless and talented dad we’ve ever known!

dad fathers day 2015

We love him so much and William has the BEST “Pops” in the world!

momma william june2015

How adorable is his outfit?! My mom got it for him! LOVE it!

No family brunch would be complete without some cousin love and William-squeezing:

cousins 615

(This was the best we got after many arguments of who got to hold William; they finally compromised on putting him in the middle, but they both got to “help” hold him. Must be touching baby at.all.times!)

Running in the rain – yay or nay? I don’t love it, but we survived!

The Next Chipotle Race

The Next Chipotle Race is the Go! St. Louis All American 5K and Fun Run on June 21, 2015 – I’m running & Chipotle is sponsoring me! Sign up to run with me!  My sister Stephanie is running with me and she’s American flag obsessed, so I’m thinking we’ll be putting together some fun outfits for this All American 5K!

Unlike the last race we ran, this course is supposed to be mostly flat and downhill and perfect to PR on. Not only that, but this All American race is complete with apple pie and ice cream.  Oh yes!  You know I love a good post-race treat! So, St. Louis friends, who will sign up to run with us? Would love to see you out there!

steph linz july 4th

Really old throwback picture – closest thing I could find of us in anything red, white, and blue! We need to start working on our race day outfits! Clearly the bikinis won’t cut it!

I know this girl will be the other Chipotle-runner at the race, too!

In blog news, you bloggers should sign up with TapInfluence. FitFluential uses it which is why I originally signed up, but it’s a good way to get in touch with brands, get your name out there, and do some paid campaigns. It walks you through making a media kit, and that’s it. Pretty easy. Use my referral link and get yo’self signed up!

In healthy deals news, you can save 20% on Skoop superfood blends and plant-based protein for the whole month of June! Fuel yourself up right for a super summer. Enter code ‘BAG20’ at checkout to apply the discount. (A-Game greens are my daily favorite!)

In baby news, my poor William has another ear infection!

On top of his molars coming in, now his poor little ear is infected!  Sleep has been rough, so he’s been needing some extra momma snuggles. While nights have been harder, he is still his same happy self during the day…

…raccoon jammies and all! We like to stay in our pjs all day in the summer. No shame.

And on this lovely Friday, I’ll leave you with one last photo – me and my mini-me (Audrey Rose, my niece) who insisted we do “this” for our picture:

Threenager, for sure.

Talk to me! What are you up to this weekend? Any upcoming races?

Friday Five

Happy happy Friday! I am finishing my last full week of school before summer, so to say I’m excited it’s the weekend is an understatement!  We’ve got a fun weekend planned which makes it all the sweeter, too.  Today, I want to share five things with you (linking up with Claire!) – some cuteness, some love, some deals, and some running fun.


First and foremost, this cute little baby in the bathtub:

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Little stinker poured a cup of water on me and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever!  He was literally cracking up, so it was impossible to be mad!  Baby William loves playing with his stacking cups in the bath.  He loves putting them inside each other, pretending to drink, filling them with water, and apparently pouring them out on me!


You all know I love Skoop and use it on a daily basis.  (HERE is why.)  Skoop is a plant-based superfoods company. Now through May 22nd, you can save 25% on all Skoop products – the A-Game green superfood blend (my favorite!), the B-Strong plant-based protein, and the B-Lovely superfood beauty blend.

Enter code ‘MAY25’ at checkout to apply the 25% discount. Be careful–the code is case sensitive!  Shop HERE.

One of the coolest things about Skoop is that every time you use it, you’re helping get more fresh fruits and veggies into schools across the country. Skoop has teamed up with the Chef Ann Foundation to create Mission Nutrition: Fruits and Veggie Grants for Kids. Skoop has committed to giving 3% of their revenue to fund these grants, because everyone deserves super nutrition!  AWESOME.

affiliate link – thank you!


I’m not the only crazy Chipotle lover in my family…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My little brother Justin texted our family this picture and said, “This is my 3rd meal in a row having Chipotle.”  And now he will probably never text me another goofy picture. lol


I just learned of a new cool inspirational running app called Motigo and thought my runner friends would be interested. From their website:

Motigo is a personalized motivational running app. that allows your family, friends and coaches to pre-recored personal cheers for you to hear during your race.  Have you ever run a race, and even surrounded by thousands of other runners, still felt like you’re alone on your mission to finish?  Or perhaps you are nervous about running your very first race?  Maybe your friends and family aren’t able to be there in person to cheer you on?  The solution is Motigo.
What is Motigo?
Motigo is the first ever personalized, motivational running app.  It brings athletes, coaches, family and all supporters together, through pre-recorded, personalized cheers.  It’s simple; after downloading the free app, runners select their race, send push notification to anyone who might want to cheer, and the recipient can then record any type of motivational messages for the runner.  The messages are triggered to play automatically at mile markers selected by each supporter, allowing friends, family or coaches to determine when and where the runner will hear their voice.
How it works. 
Motigo operates as a complimentary app, allowing runners to continue using their favorite fitness or music apps at the same time.  When the moment comes for cheers to play, Motigo lowers the volume of your music, plays the cheers, and returns the music to its previous volume.
The Mission.
The power of Motigo lies in its ability to supply emotional fuel.  Motivation is key to accomplishing anything in life, and Motigo’s mission is to help everyone keep moving, and #runLOVED.
These curls.
Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
How amazing are they?
Have a fabulous weekend!
Have you ever heard of Motigo?  What are your weekend plans?

Chipotle again

Ok so I know I said last week that I needed to be better at food prep, but I failed once again.  Life is busy, and yes that’s totally an excuse, but sometimes I just don’t feel like spending much time in the kitchen.  It definitely doesn’t mean that eating mostly healthy has to go out the window though.  Here are a few of my meals from this week:

// breakfast //

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Love Grown Foods blueberry banana walnut hot oats.  Add water and microwave.  So easy, so delicious, so nutritious.  A side of homemade banana bread with Essentially Coconut sweet almond coconut butter on top.  And yes, I actually made the banana bread.  Despite me not wanting to do any food prep this week, I did make a batch of banana bread.  In fact, I usually make banana bread every week with my leftover bananas.  It hardly takes any time, and I love it.  A glass of A-Game greens on the side always makes me feel much healthier since it contains ten servings of vegetables, probiotics, antioxidants, and more healthy goodness.

// lunch //


Chipotle again.  I picked it up Sunday for Monday’s lunch which completely justified my lack of meal prep.  Chipotle is healthy fast food.  I almost always order a bowl with chicken, brown rice, black beans, corn salsa, cheese, and lettuce.  Occasionally steak, but mostly chicken.  And tonight William and I have a Chipotle play date with our friends.  Chipotle addict over here, no shame!

Linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday!

// snack //

detour bar

Detour just sent me some of their Chocolate Chip Caramel simple protein bars.  They now have a snack size which is just perfect for a protein bar.  And as always, Detour’s simple bars contain clean ingredients, are gluten-free, and non-gmo.  Good flavors, too!

// dinner //


This dinner was from my parents’ house.  Mini sliders with ketchup, roasted asparagus, and salad.  Simple and easy, my kind of meal.

What’s your go-to order at Chipotle?  I know everyone has one because I have literally never met anyone that doesn’t like Chipotle!

St. Louis Earth Day with Chipotle

Earth Day was this past Wednesday, and I’ve been loving all the posts and initiatives taken to help save our earth.  We only have one of them, after all.  I consider myself a “green” person.  I’m that teacher that pulls soda cans and tissue boxes out of the garbage to place them in the recycling bin.  It drives me nuts when people don’t take that simple action.  The school district in which I teach also runs a composting program which is awesome in itself, but also because it teaches students.  On our last field trip, they asked the director where the compost bin was.  They make me proud!

I’m sure there are many Earth Day events happening all around the country this weekend.  For the St. Louis Earth Day festival this Sunday, April 26, Chipotle is debuting a “Fresh vs. Processed Foods” interactive exhibit.  (I had the opportunity to preview it, but was unable to attend due to work.  It sounds AWESOME which is why I’m sharing it with you!  I’m hoping to attend the festival on Sunday!)

chipotle earthday

The 8-by-30-foot walk-through education experience is two-sided. One side focuses on the fresh, responsibly-sourced ingredients Chipotle prefers. The other shows visitors what’s in typical fast food – processed ingredients, typically pre-made in factories to simplify and speed up the food service process. The goal is to spark conversation about what ingredients go into the food we eat and how we can improve the food system.

As part of its ongoing community efforts, Chipotle often supports like-minded local organizations, including those focused on educating the community about the origins of their food.

Just as St. Louis Earth Day places high importance on sustainably-minded practices and teaching the community about where their food comes from, Chipotle maintains a commitment to thoughtful conversation regarding responsibly sourced food. Chipotle supports sustainable food choices by purchasing only the best ingredients possible, as well as some organic options.

Other Earth Day related posts that may be of interest to you:

How do you protect our earth?

bacon and lox

Heeeey there, friends!  How about a new edition of What I Ate Wednesday?  (Check out Peas and Crayons to view or join the party!)  I’ll show you some of my meals as of lately, but I’ll be honest… I didn’t make any of them.  I like cooking and baking though there’s not always time for it.  Rather, I don’t always make time for it.  Maybe next week I’ll be better about meal prepping.  For now, let’s talk food:

Breakfast: Love Grown Foods new Mighty Flakes with a side of BABY

mighty flakes

As a Love Club Ambassador, I was sent some of their new cereal.  I like cereal, but usually it doesn’t pack a whole lot of nutrition.  Mighty Flakes are different.  They include protein, fiber, not a ton of sugar, and are made from navy, lentil, and garbanzo beans!  #BeansForBreakfast, baby!  They come in five flavors: Frosted, Strawberries & Flakes, Chocolate Joy, Cranberry Almond, and Bean Flakes.  Perfect for a quick, easy breakfast, and I even gave William a couple of the flakes since I was ok with the ingredients.

Brunch: Bagel, Lox, and Cream Cheese with Bacon

bagel lox bacon

On Sunday, my parents hosted a wonderful brunch for Stephanie’s birthday.  As usual (like typical Jews), they served bagels, lox, and cream cheese.  Not like typical Jews, they also served bacon.  My dad puts brown sugar on it before he bakes it, and it’s ridiculously good.  Sides included spinach casserole, blintzes, and fresh fruit.  Brunch at my parents’ is always delicious!

Lunch: Mexican Food

mexican lunch

For teacher appreciation week at school, our wonderful PTO gave us lunch yesterday.  It was catered and included lots of good Mexican food.  The enchilada casserole was fantastic, as was everything else.  I opted not to have a taco and just made a salad out of the meat, beans and cheese, and had rice on the side, but ate it before I snapped the pic.  Homemade desserts of caramel brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and lemon bars were also served.  And yes, I sampled them all.

Dinner: Chipotle!


Ever since I ate Chipotle last week, I’ve been wanting it again.  Luckily, there’s a Chipotle waaaaay too close to my home, so after I picked up William we popped in to grab dinner.  A bowl filled with brown rice, black beans, chicken, corn salsa, lettuce, and cheese.  Satisfied my craving and cured my hunger, just like always!

Dessert: Dark Salted Burnt Caramel Chocolate Bar

burnt caramel chocolate

This guy may have made it into my last iHerb order.  A square here, half the bar there, and way too soon, the bar was gone.

What food that you didn’t prepare have you been eating lately?  Maybe next week I’ll actually do some cooking / baking! 🙂