William’s First Cardinals Game

William’s first Cardinals game was on July 4th.  It had been raining for the past several days, but seemed to let up a bit on the Fourth.  Sure enough, on our way down to Busch Stadium, the rain picked up again causing a rain delay.  We killed some time at the Science Center which was just as fun for William.  Finally, when it was almost game time, we made it to the stadium.  And who else to take William to his very first Cardinals game, but Yaya and Pops, of course!

cardinals first game july16

William was a champ and made it through seven and a half innings!  Yaya did a lot of entertaining as well as giving him a play by play of what exactly he was seeing.

cardinals game yaya july16

That was William’s face / answer to, “Are you having fun?” as he excitedly shouted YES!  The people behind us even commented how happy he was and how great he was doing at the game.


William wore his very own personalized Cardinals shirt which was made by A Child’s Boutique.  Keri, the owner, is wonderful and said this is the most popular Cardinals design, but she can make any shirt / outfit.  This is who Stephanie always uses to make her kids’ personalized shirts.

William cheered for the Cardinals with Yaya and Pops.

cardinals clap

We had a fourth seat for him to sit on, but he mostly sat on laps.  The extra seat was nice to have a little extra space and it gave him some standing room.  In between innings, we either went down to the dugout to try and catch a ball or Yaya gave him Superman rides!

cardinals laugh

He was seriously so full of smiles and laughter the entire game!

cardinals game july16

Think he had fun?

cardinals game july16

Do you remember your first baseball game?

Friday Fun

Since we had so much fun last week for Friday Fun, I thought we’d do it again this week.  How ’bout it, eh?  First of all, I’ve got to do the obligatory TGIF!  I always welcome the weekend with open arms.  Life slows down a bit, there’s much less of a schedule, and there’s time for pretty much everything.

I love how the Cardinals decided to play Game 6 in St. Louis, so they can clinch the series.

Cards jason mom dad

This picture of my brother Jason, my parents, and I was from last Friday when the Cards won in 13 innings.  My sister Stephanie and her husband Phil are going to the game tonight, so they better bring home a winner!

Speaking of my sister, her cute little family made an appearance in the Ladue News.

ladue news

Photo by Sarah Crowder – source

They were asked to model for a Fall Coats fashion shoot for a local magazine.

My dad and I had a dinner date last night.  Nothing fancy, just a local burger joint, but it was fun since we were together.  Love my daddy-o!

Has anyone tried Taste Nirvana coconut water before?

taste nirvana coconut water

My brother Justin surprised me with a case of it delivered to my door yesterday!  He’s the best!  I’d never even heard of  Taste Nirvana, but he orders it from Amazon Prime and loves it.  He gets a case (12) for $25 – that’s a fabulous deal!  I really like the coconut water, too.  Plus, the only ingredients are natural coconut water, so that’s awesome (no added nonsense).

Speaking of Justin, just the other weekend he and his buddies ran the Del Mar Mud Run.


Justin is the second on the left – clearly the most ripped. 😉

This was his first real race he ran, and he totally kicked itz butt!

Big congrats to my dear hubby Jonny as he recently was offered and accepted a new job!


Old pic, but he’s happy all the same!

Brittany @ Delights and Delectables is the winner of my ENERGYbits giveaway!  Please email me to claim your bits.  Don’t forget to use the code “BLOG” to receive 10% off your online order if you’re interested.

And that’s all I have, folks!  Tonight, Jonny and I are going to a fancy dinner with his family to celebrate the three October birthdays in his family which will be lovely, I’m sure.  Then we’re heading home to cheer on our Birds!

What are your weekend plans? Tell me something for Fun Friday!

Friday Fun

Happy Friday, friends!  Itz time for some Friday fun around here as itz been a long week and I am so ready for the weekend.  Let’s first talk about today… at approximately 7:37pm I’ll be downtown St. Louis in Busch Stadium cheering on the Cardinals during Game 1 of the NLCS.


Of course Zoey won’t really be with me, but I couldn’t resist using this cute picture again.

Keeping with the St. Louis theme, Dimvaloo is having an awesome sale this weekend!  As a refresher, Dimvaloo is my most favorite store ever.  They’re the only store in the United States, besides California, to sell Lorna Jane.  Itz better than Lululemon, seriously.  This weekend is your chance to go as they ordered too much from Australia, so they’re selling product at discounted prices during their “Oops” sale!  You must check it out!


Laura Beachy, the lovely PR Coordinator of Runner’s World, sent me an e-mail yesterday that read, “I spy with my little eye a familiar face on the cover of this year’s RW Half participant guide,” with the following attachment:

runner's world participant guide

Do YOU spy me?  Itz a glamorous picture, for sure. 😉 The Runner’s World Half & Festival is next weekend and I’m sad to be missing out on it this year.  Last year was seriously the best running weekend EVER.  I blogged about it a million times, but itz the last race I ran before my huge running break and I PR-ed throughout the hat trick of the weekend (5k, 10k, and half marathon all within two days of each other).  If you’re anywhere near Pennsylvania I highly suggest you get involved with the weekend!

Sometime on Saturday, Jonny and I are heading to Innsbrook with my parents, brother, and nephew.  It should be pretty low-key which will be nice and will include walking through the woods, sitting by the fire, and, of course, time on the lake.

backbend innsbrook

This picture was from our summer trip with the whole family.  My sister and I had fun trying out poses on the paddleboard.  Clearly I had to rock the backbend… 🙂

What are your plans for the weekend?

itz my birthday!

Happy birthday to me!  (Is it weird to still sing the birthday song to yourself at 28 years old??)  As if you couldn’t tell… itz my birthday!  Number 28 to be exact and I had a lovely weekend to kick off my birthday celebration.  While some people may give you 28 life lessons, today I’m going to give you 28 facts to tell you all about my super low-key weekend.  Random, yes, but itz my birthday, so I can do what I want!  😉

1.  Friday night included a night in which was perfect since this was the first week I officially went back to school after summer.  Plus, we’d been eating out a ton, so it felt good to actually prepare dinner myself, watch a movie, and just hang out.

2.  Saturday morning began with a stroll through the neighborhood with Zoey.

zoey walk

I’m taking it really easy on the fitness front to see if that makes a difference, so walks with Zoey were about as physical as I got this weekend.

3.  I met my friend Diana at Nadoz Cafe to work on school stuff for a few hours.  We both got a lot done and enjoyed lunch, as well.  I ordered the Veggie Medi Wrap and it was fantastic.  You also get your choice for a side and I chose the southwestern quinoa salad.  Can’t ever go wrong at Nadoz!

4.  A bird pooped on Diana’s head while we were sitting outside.  I’m so sorry Diana, but now you just have to laugh about it.  And itz good luck, right?!

5.  I got four loads of laundry done this weekend.  We were long overdue.

6.  Both my nephews Jacob and Jackson learned how to ride a two-wheeler bike this past week!  Considering they’re four and five years old, itz very impressive!

jackson jacob

7.  I’ve already proclaimed my love for Dimvaloo (Lorna Jane activewear – aka the best ever) on the blog several times, but clearly Jonny and Diana know me so well because they both got me something from Dimvaloo for my birthday!  And they both gave me my present early despite me wanting to wait.  Diana got me a hot pink tank with an open back and Jonny got me a new sports bra from there (they are the BEST!).

8.  On weekend mornings, Jonny and I lay in bed with Zoey and talk about how cute she is while she lays on her back and we rub her belly.

9.  Pinterest is the best!  I’m not usually a huge Pinterest fan, but I’ve found awesome printable motivational signs to hang in my classroom.  I’ve repinned my favorites, so you can look at my “school” board to check ’em out.

10.  Since my birthday and Jonny’s birthday is five days apart, we always celebrate for the whole week.  And when we’re with my nephews and niece, we’re always happy to share our cake and get some help blowing out the candles.  They all love birthdays and cake so much!  While we were singing Audrey kept sticking her fingers in the icing and sneaking licks!  Good thing she’s cute.


11.  My smoothie kick is still going strong.  And you better believe this morning I’m making a birthday cake smoothie with sprinkles to celebrate my own birthday.  Check my Instagram for drool-worthy pictures and sneak peaks for recipes.

12.  I can’t believe school officially begins tomorrow.  Where did summer go?!

13.  I only like really bad movies.  Seriously.  I don’t like anything remotely scary nor do I care for action flicks.  So really I only like comedies, romance, or family movies.  This weekend we Redboxed (hello $1 movies!) three different movies: Spring Breakers, Accepted, and 21 & Over.  They were all terrible – don’t waste your time.

14.  My friend Melissa at Treats With A Twist (awesome baking blog!) turned 25 yesterday and Amanda at Run To The Finish (awesome running / life blog!) has a birthday tomorrow.  Yay for August birthdays!  Anyone else?

15.  I made my Tropical Granola to send to the person who bought it from the online bake sale to help feed US kids.  (You can still donate – check out the link!)  I doubled the batch so we have plenty leftover!

16.  Itz my birthday so clearly that’s the most marvelous thing today.

17.  Jonny’s newest obsession is an app called the Akinator.  You think of a character (past or present, real or fictitious) and it asks a series of questions and eventually guesses who you’re thinking of.  We’ve literally tried them all: movie actors, tv stars, athletes, musicians, Mizzou’s mascot Truman… it even guessed Zoey!  (Ok it didn’t say “Zoey,” but it said “your dog.”  Itz fun to try and stump it.  I highly suggest you download it.  Itz probably smarter than you are.

18.  I batch cooked an insane amount of black beans yesterday.  Since there’s no chance we’ll come close to using them this week, I filled several Zipbloc bags and froze them for later use.  Way better (& cheaper!) than buying canned.

19.  My in-laws made a fabulous lobster dinner last night to celebrate our birthday.  Sunday dinners at their house are always appreciated, but this one was extra special.  Thank you!

jack lobster

Oh, and for dessert they got cupcakes and birthday party ice cream!

20.  This post is getting really long, so I’m sorry.  But itz my birthday, so I don’t really have to be sorry.  Sorry, I’m not sorry.  😉

21.  We enjoyed Edy’s Slow-Churned Sunny Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream over the weekend.  My brother Jason introduced us to this stuff during our Innsbrook trip and now we can’t get enough.  Go get yourself some and thank me later.  (And maybe send me a tub?  We already finished ours…) I already know Annette is a fan!

edy's ice cream

22.  Zoey has a vet appointment today.  Let’s see how much the little furball will cost me on my birthday.  I’m quite certain she has another skin infection and I’m quite certain my vet is getting sick of seeing us.  We’re currently trying the Thundershirt to see if anxiety is the cause of Zoey biting / itching her back to cause these infections.

23.  Trying to come up with 28 things to tell you is getting hard as 28 seems like a big number.  Does that mean I’m getting old?

24.  Jonny and I went to the Cardinals game yesterday and brought home a winner!


25.  We thought we were going to melt at said Cardinals game and it was only 85 degrees.  I suppose the blazing sun beating down on us had something to do with it, but we’ve had such a mild summer in St. Louis that this really took us by surprise!

26.  We didn’t melt.

27.  My sister Stephanie is having the fam over tonight for dinner to celebrate our birthdays.  (Thanks in advance, Seester!  I know it will be wonderful!)  Instagram followers can expect more ridiculously cute pictures of my nephews and niece.  And probably more cake pictures.

28.  I’m off to enjoy my birthday.  Well, after I go up to school for a few hours and put the final touches on my classroom and take Zoey to the vet.  Cake and / or ice cream will be involved today.

What’s your favorite birthday treat?

6 Summer Smoothies

During the hot summer months, nothing cools me off more than a cold, refreshing smoothie!  I’ve been participating in the August Colourful Smoothie Challenge.  Itz fun because I drink smoothies all the time during the summer and this challenges me to get creative.  I’m going to try to not repeat any smoothie combinations during the 31 days of August.  Today I’m sharing my first 6 Summer Smoothies.

6 Summer Smoothies

Smoothies are fabulous because there are a million ways to make them and they can be extremely healthy.  I say can be because many smoothies that you may purchase at a local smoothie joint are loaded with tons of added sugar.  Fruits naturally have a lot of sugar in them, so, in my opinion, adding more sugar is just unnecessary.

Also, smoothies are such an easy way to sneak in additional nutrients.  For example, I almost always add one or more of the following: flax seed, wheat germ, maca powder, or chia seed.  I won’t list those in the recipes as they don’t change the taste and are not necessary for creating the smoothies.  Itz just another way to boost your smoothies!  Ice is also always added to my smoothies and liquid amounts vary from 1/2 cup to one or two full cups depending on how thick or thin I want it.  Individual preference.  🙂

Summer Smoothies

  • Raspberry Kefir:  frozen or fresh raspberries, raspberry kefir, & vanilla almond milk
  • Banana NuttZo: banana, NuttZo, milk
  • Cinnamon Banana: banana, cinnamon, vanilla almond milk, & dairy milk
  • Cranberry: 100% cranberry juice & plain kefir
  • Cran – Raspberry: raspberries, 100% cranberry juice, raspberry kefir, & water
  • Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter: banana, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, cacao powder, & milk

When milk is not specified, choose whichever type of milk you prefer.

Smoothies have been my breakfast staple as of late, although a time or two they’ve also doubled as a snack.  Smoothies are good any time of day!  I’m linking up with Jenn at Peas & Crayons for her weekly What I Ate Wednesday.

This week I’ve been preparing my new classroom for the upcoming school year.  Yesterday three of my former students came in to help me for several hours.  We got a lot accomplished and walked to Subway for a midday break and lunch.


This is a recycled photo, but I’m pretty sure all Subway sandwiches look the same.

On Monday night, my parents and Jonny’s parents took us to Kreis’ Steakhouse for a pre-birthday celebration.  Jonny’s birthday is today and mine is on Monday.  I only took a picture of our birthday dessert (go figure), but I assure you my scallops were absolutely delicious!  Jonny and I both were served a slice of their cheesecake.  It was sinfully good and between the six of us we finished both pieces.

birthday dinner

We’re so lucky to have such unbelievable parents.  It was an awesome night!

On the last night Jonny was 30 (aka yesterday), we went to the Cardinals game.  As we were walking back to our car, a security officer asked if we wanted him to take a picture of us downtown.  This was music to my ears!  I said of course and he took one and then asked us to do something crazy – like kiss!

jonny kiss

I think he captured a pretty great moment.  Happy birthday, Jonny!  I love you!

What’s your favorite smoothie combination?

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Healthy Weekend

Itz been a healthy weekend over here, my friends; how about for you?  I think that the term “healthy” refers to so much more than merely exercising and eating right.  While those factors are definitely incredibly important to living a healthy life, being “healthy” also involves taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically, and fostering relationships with those you choose to surround yourself with.

All of such which are, of course, marvelous, which is why we’re starting the week off celebrating Healthy Diva’s Marvelous in my Monday! #MIMM


Healthy is… spending time with your family.  On Friday night, we went out to dinner at The Pasta House to celebrate my nephew Jackson’s fifth birthday!

jacob jackson

Of course Jacob had to help hold the cake and blow out his candles.  Those two boys do everything together!  Best of cousins, best of friends.

Healthy is… nourishing your body with healthy food and fueling it when itz hungry.


Apple Cinnamon Chobani topped with more cinnamon and almond butter makes the most delicious and satisfying snack!

Healthy is… hanging out with your friends and sitting around a newly built backyard fire pit enjoying each other’s company.

fire pit

On Saturday night, our good friends Stevie and Whitney invited us over for dinner.  They grilled flank steak, asparagus, and potatoes.  Very delicious!

Healthy is… moving your body.  Exercise IS important!  Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty nature offers when the weather permits, too.


Diana and I headed out Sunday morning for a five-mile walk around her neighborhood.  While it was a simple walk, we got in our workout for the day, kept a brisk pace, and took in the views along the way.

Healthy is… doing things you love with people you love.  Jonny, his parents, and I went to the Cardinals game on Sunday afternoon.

jonny cards

My Running Skirts red and white headband and my Oakley sunglasses match perfectly with the rest of our Cardinal red!  While we didn’t exactly bring home a winner, we certainly loved the hot weather and sunshine on our faces!

Healthy is… rooting for the best baseball team ever – the St. Louis Cardinals!

St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis IS Cardinal Nation!  The atmosphere is always a blast at Busch Stadium as St. Louis fans are constantly pumped up and cheering on our team.  I love how you can see the Arch in Busch Stadium; it makes for a very pretty backdrop.  Now how many cities can say that about their stadium?  That’s what I thought.  Go Birds!

What was healthy about your weekend?  Favorite baseball team?  Cardinals…

Plan For It

Hi!  Just a quick post to pop in, and let you know the positive effect of planning your workouts.  I’ve written about planning your workouts before, but I know a lot of people feel they don’t have time for it.

I was browsing Pinterest for some mind-blowing “no excuse” quote or picture.  I found this and decided it would do with an explanation:

Yes, one hour is four percent of your day – not a lot, but many people still feel like they can’t fit it in.  How about half that?  (2%)  Or half of that?  (Just 1%!)  Case in point: Yesterday my summer officially ended. I was due back at school for meetings and room set-up.  I knew my day would be hectic as Jonny and I had evening plans.  I set my alarm clock for twenty minutes earlier, got up, and ran 2 easy miles outdoors.

It wasn’t the most intense workout, but I got moving, I got sweating, and I got it in.  Can I tell you how good I felt when I was done?  I LOVE starting my day off with a workout.  I feel the benefits all.day.long.  Straight after school, I came home, changed, and Jonny and I met his cousins and uncle to watch batting practice before the Cardinals game.

Kung Fu Panda from the Giants tossed Rose a ball!

Even though she’s from LA, she still bleeds Cardinal red!  My parents joined us for the game, and unfortunately, the Redbirds got creamed.  Oh well, it was a nice night nevertheless.

My point of the post is this:  I was gone for 14 hours during the day, but I still managed to get in a quick workout.  20 minutes is nothing compared to the 24 hours each day gives us.  Today will be another exceptionally long day, but I’m planning on going to another CrossFit Intro class this evening, after I wake up and run my one-mile in the morning.  Plan for it.  Fit it in.  Get it done.  No excuses.

Do you plan for your workouts?  Do you make it a priority?

The Minis

Last night was the perfect evening for a ballgame.  The Cardinals played the Cubs which always makes for an exciting game, but the fact that the temperature dropped to a cool 85 degrees was absolutely perfect.  While 85 may not seem cool to some, we’ve had our share of 100+ days here, so while the sun was down, 85 felt awesome!

Jonny and I ate an early dinner at home and brought peanuts to the game to snack on.  Stopping by a local fro-yo joint has become a tradition for us after games, but last night that was not necessary.  When we walked out of Busch, there were people passing out mini Jimmy John’s sandwiches!

Now if you don’t think Jonny got excited about that – you don’t know him at all.  Jonny could hardly believe this good fortune, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was pretty stoked about the minis, too.

Ham and cheese on white bread wasn’t my preference (I’m more of a Beach Club on wheat sans mayo type of gal), but beggars can’t be choosers and the mini was quite the tasty post-game snack!

Today for a workout, I’m sticking with cardio only.  My body is pretty sore as I did a random full body workout (listed below) on Thursday and back and biceps with my brother yesterday.  The workout I’ll share is pretty random as I didn’t have a plan in place, but it got the job done.

  • Warm up: 30 minutes on the elliptical
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Back Rows with a barbell
  • Chest Press with a barbell
  • Shoulder Press
  • Alternating Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extension
  • Bench Dips
  • Back Hyperextensions
  • Decline Crunches with a medicine ball
  • Finale: 1-mile treadmill run

I used heavy weights and did 12 – 15 reps (however many I could manage with proper form) and 3 sets of each exercise.

The Green Kid Crafts giveaway winner is #7 Laura @ Mommy Run Fast!  Congratulations!  Please send me your shipping information within 48 hours.  Check back on Monday for another marvelous giveaway!  (Especially if you’re a chocolate lover… Itz a tasty one!) 😉

Weekend plans?  Jimmy John’s lover?  What’s your fav?

BYOF To The Ballgame

We brought home a winner last night at the Cardinals game!  Jonny and I have a good streak going with the Redbirds.  Hopefully we can keep it that way!  Whenever we go to evening games, we prefer to bring our own food.  As tasty as ballpark food is, let’s be real: itz not at all healthy.  In fact, itz downright terrible for you.  I’m all about indulging when I feel like it’s worth it, and ballpark food is not.

Where to start?  Well, one must always have some type of appetizer or snack.  The perfect ballpark snack is, of course, peanuts!  Bring them from home and you can spend two bucks on a bag from the grocery store versus six dollars at the game.

Peanuts have protein and fat to keep you full.  Plus, you have to work to get them out of the shell, so you can’t just shove them in your mouth and overeat.  Win-win.

We attended the baseball game with Jonny’s parents, so I got all of our orders and picked up dinner from Crazy Bowls and Wraps – a St. Louis place that does healthy food fast.  When distributing the food at the game, I noticed we were short a wrap.  Silly me didn’t bother to check our order before leaving, and CBW didn’t put one in there that I had paid for!  So frustrating, but Nancy ended up being quite happy with her barbecue pulled pork sandwich.

You can see Jack’s hand and wrap in the background, but he ate it before I could snap a real picture.  (Probably the only picture of the night I missed!)  Even though Jonny eats rocket fast, I was able to capture one of him with his Mediterranean Chicken Wrap with falafel, hummus, lettuce, feta, and tzatziki sauce in a whole wheat tortilla.

Jonny with food = Happy Jonny.  I rolled with the Tostada Salad with grilled chicken breast, romaine-organic spring mix, garbanzo beans, pico de gallo, feta cheese, avocado, and pepperocinis with a jalapeno-cilantro vinaigrette on the side.

My knees worked just fine as a table, thankyouverymuch!  See?  You can eat healthy at ballgames!  We are very fortunate that Busch Stadium allows fans to bring in any food or drink as long as it’s not in a glass container.  Oh, we also brought many bottles of water to stay hydrated in the warm weather!  And I got a little crafty with the camera:

Isn’t it a cool pic?  You know what else is cool?  High Five Friday.  Thanks to Meg for hosting.  (Sidenote:  Meg is one of the awesome girls that I will be rooming with when I go to HLS in August!!!)  Today I’m giving out a high-five to someone who I have recently “met.”  She is my Foodie Penpal this month, but you’ll have to wait until the 30th to see what I sent her!  I’m giving her a high-five because…

Jaimi just passed the 100 pound mark in her weight loss journey!  It’s absolutely incredible and I am so proud of all the changes she has made to live a more healthy lifestyle.  Jaimi writes, “I just want everyone to know losing weight is possible with a little work and a made up mind! If I can do it, anyone can do it! I honestly believe that I was almost a food addict whenever I was depressed in the fall! Now, I am a recovering one 🙂 Yes, things tempt me and sometimes I will take a small bite of something but I am never going back to the old lifestyle!”  Amen, Jaimi!  Moderation is key and anything you put your mind to is possible!  #PROOF  Keep it up, girl!

Now for the Barlean’s Omega Swirl Key Lime giveaway winner:  Congratulations, #20 Jackie!  Please email me your information (ItzLinz@gmail.com), and Barlean’s will get that shipped right to you.  Thank you everyone for entering, and remember:  There are still two more chances for you to win a bottle of Barlean’s Omega Swirl!  Each Monday in June, a different flavor is being giveaway, so stay tuned.

What do you eat at ballgames?  Do you like ballpark food or do you bring your own?

Itz All Greek To Me

Jonny and I had quite the dinner last night.  We had plans to go to the Cardinals game with some friends.  Nachos, hot dogs, and pretzels are good and all, but they’re not exactly quality food.  Sometimes we bring food to the stadium and sometimes we go out to eat right before.  Last night we went out to eat since we had a Groupon soon to expire.  We went to Momo’s Ouzaria Taverna – a local greek place that we thoroughly enjoy.  (Though we always enjoy greek food.)  The weather was gorgeous and we sat on their porch for our early five o’clock dinner.

We’ve never gone during happy hour before, and we were pleased to learn they have $2 glasses of sangria!  We started with some humus which was served with pita, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, olives, and a jalapeno.  For our entrée, we both ordered the traditional gyro salad (dressing on the side!), and just for kicks we also ordered the grilled flatbread pizza.  I was stuffed afterwards, uncomfortably so.  The flatbread was definitely unnecessary, but once we got to the stadium, Jonny said he was hungry again!  What?!  Bottomless pit, he is.  So I promised him fro yo after the game.

Jonny and I stayed until the sixth inning when the Cards were down 0 – 1.  After we stopped at Fro Yo and ate our dessert, the Cards pulled off the win.  Yay!  Could fro yo be the lucky charm?

I think some more investigating will need to be done… I actually didn’t think I was going to want fro yo by the end of the game because I was so full from dinner.  But who am I kidding?  I always want fro yo!  And since we had eaten dinner so early, I did start to get hungry (again) by the time we got home.  It all worked out.  It always does with fro yo. 🙂  Good thing I workout.

Since yesterday included some strength training, today I kept it cardio only and sweated out during an incline treadmill workout followed by an ab workout.  Oh, and by the way – I’m choosing two more winnners for the Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Chip Cookie mix.

Amanda Fox and Laurel C. – send me your mailing information within 24 hours to claim your prize.  🙂  Have a great day!

Are you a fan of ballpark food?  How about greek food?