Oh heeey

Oh heeey there, friends!  A week and a half hiatus from the blog was unintentional; I’ve just had a lot going on, lots of good, and some not so good, but such is the nature of life, right?  I found myself not wanting to blog in the evening and just wanting to go to bed, so I did just that.

While I was away… WILLIAM TURNED TWO! I’m still getting over that one and will have his update and second birthday party post up soon enough (within a couple of weeks??).  For now, here are a few photos from the past two weeks that have been shared on Instagram (follow me – @itzlinz), but not yet on the blog.


running april16

At least one of us is running these days, right?  Ha.  We love going on walks ever since the weather has gotten nice.  Usually William likes to hold Zoey’s leash, but when he gives it to me and says, “Running,” I can’t help but smile!  Running makes everyone happy.  I’m looking forward to getting back into consistent running (at least twice a week) one of these days…


jumping april16

Oh my goodness this cracks me up.  William calls it “hopping.”  Hop hop hop is all he wants to do!  For the longest time, he would just bounce when he was “jumping.”  And then all of a sudden, he started getting some serious air.  (Serious meaning like a solid couple of inches.)  But he really gets both his feet off the ground now.  He likes to jump everywhere and off of everything.  I can’t ever take my eyes off him for fear of him jumping off!


math for breakfast 416

So my sister Stephanie started this “math for breakfast” thing with her oldest, Jacob.  Jacob is smart, just like Stephanie, so she teaches him different math concepts as he eats breakfast in the morning before school.  (He’s seven.)  Math for a two year old is slightly different, but we implemented our own math for breakfast deal over here!  My Parents as Teachers educator always suggests super simple activities to further their development and this was one of them.  William has a giant tub of cotton balls.  Most recently, we added colored pom poms.  From the dollar store, I bought three little ramekins, and William practices sorting the pom poms by color in the tiny bowls.  Sorting is a pre-math skill. #smartbaby 🙂


smile april16

Drawing with chalk has quickly become another favorite activity.  (Have I mentioned how much we both love this nice weather?!)  As hard as I try to make creative chalk pictures like Stephanie, it usually doesn’t happen.  William wanted me to make a sun – that, I could do! – so we both laid down for a picture with our sunglasses on!  His cool shades are Babiators from his first birthday party and mine are Vira Sun from MizzFit’s last quarterly box. <– I highly suggest this! It’s so fun, filled with amazing items, and she’s getting ready to release her tenth box! I’ve been subscribing since the beginning!

So that’s all I’ve got for today.  I’ll find my blogging rhythm once again; I just needed some time off to try to focus on myself.  Everyone has a lot going on that you may not know about, so just remember to be kind to one another.  Be a good person.

Catch me up – what’s going on with you?!

end of summer weekend

…And just like that, summer is coming to an end!  So, not officially, but for me as school starts back again soon,my summer is coming to an end.  Teacher meetings start this week (why so soon?!?!) and kiddos come next week.  That made this the end of summer weekend – good thing it was a fun one!

Friday morning started with a three mile run.

run selfie

Followed by a selfie.  I was smiling in the picture, but it was a tough run.

Saturday morning also included a run, this time around the lake…

run lake

…while somebody slept for the majority of the time!

He was probably tired from all the work he did earlier…


Busy baby!

Linking up with Katie and Erin!

Saturday night was a night out at the baseball game.

cards game

Cardinals didn’t bring home a winner, but it was fun nonetheless.

Sunday was a very busy day.  It started off with a visit from my friend Diana and her baby Emily who live in the neighborhood.  Sweet babies.

emily july15

Then we headed to my parents’ for breakfast as our family friend was in town (Hi Howard!).  Straight from there, we went to a first birthday party.  William took a short nap when we came home, and we got ready for the pool.  We spent a solid three hours there.  William LOVES the water.  He took one short snack break, rocked his Babiators, and ate an Earth’s Best pouch.  Back in the water for the little fish!

babiators pool

He was exhausted by the time we got home, so I quickly fed him dinner, bathed him, and into bed he went!  Now I’m off to enjoy our last few days of summer…

What did you do this weekend?