Being a single mom is HARD

Here it is.  The post so many of you have been waiting for.  The answer to many comments and emails I’ve been receiving for over a year now.  Yes, I’m divorced.  No, it was not my choice.  I chose to keep it private for so long for a variety of reasons, which I’m sure you can imagine.  As I’m moving forward with my life, I do want to be open and honest with you.  I know I’ve alluded to many challenges over the past year or so, and obviously this is what it is.  When William was just five months old, his dad left us.  I won’t go into details, but it was a heartbreaking experience.  It’s neither here nor there anymore, as there was and is nothing I could do to stop it.  But you know what?  I’m still a believer of everything happens for a reason.

My life now is very different and it will be very different than it was… in a good way.  While I didn’t want it to happen and tried everything in my power to stop it, now I’m grateful for it.  It’s made me a stronger woman and a stronger mother.  It’s certainly not all sunshine and rainbows, that’s for sure.  Being a single mom is HARD.

pumpkin-patch 2015

I’m not getting into the details of “why” it happened and what was “wrong” (apparently?) with our marriage, but I’ll share some of my feelings I’ve experienced over the last year and a half in hopes it can possibly help someone else out there struggling, to feel not so alone, and to shed a little light on a topic that’s rarely talked about.  Not to mention, it is therapeutic for me to write, as well.

When he first announced it, I was devastated.  My family was being torn apart, and there was nothing I could do about it.  I did not come from a divorced home, and my biggest fear was William being raised with divorced parents.  The first couple of months were definitely the hardest.  I was with my family nonstop.  Almost every night I went to my parents’ house, my sister’s, or my grandparents’ house.  Their constant support gave me the power to get through each day, even when it felt unbearable.  I stayed incredibly busy, with work, with family, and with friends.

The hardest part was going home at night.  As amazing as the support was that I received, I still went home to an empty house with William each night.  It was hard, it was quiet, and it was lonely.  Once I got William to bed, I would blog (some nights), and go to bed myself.  Just thinking of these nights brings tears to my eyes.  It was hard.  I’m in a much better place now.

It was a couple of weeks before I even told my close friends.  They, like my family, were so supportive.  Daily phone calls, texts, and frequent visits were very much appreciated.  They listened when I wanted to talk and never pried for information.

While it’s easy to dwell on the many negatives of my situation, I try not to.  I was burned.  Bad.  Time and time again, I was hurt during this process.  Things were done by a family who I once called my own.  I’m still shocked at some of the events that occurred.  Unfortunately, people change and it’s not always for the better.  But I’m moving on, and I’m moving forward.  All I want William to know, is how much his momma loves him.

The reality of being a single mom is harder than anything I’ve ever experienced.  Luckily for me, I’m with William most of the time.  That’s also challenging though, as anyone with a toddler knows, it’s pretty difficult to accomplish everyday tasks.  Getting ready in the morning, preparing meals, doing laundry, keeping up with the housework.  I’ve had to prioritize and be content with knowing I’m giving it my best.  My house is never perfectly tidy (though let’s be real, it never was to begin with), but you know what?  My baby and I are healthy, and now, we’re happy.  Health and happiness.  We’ve got it, so what more can we ask for?

birthday kisses

While I’m still worried about raising William as a single mom, I know it won’t always be this way.  I also know that, no matter what the situation, it takes a village to raise a child.  My village is my family, and William has more than enough positive role models to take after and learn from.  Everyone in my family, my parents, my siblings, my grandparents, and my niece and nephews play a very important role in both of our lives.

I’ve been asked on several occasions, how do I get through it?  I stay very, very busy.  Sometimes when I reflect on my situation, I realize I literally don’t have time to stop and think about things or sulk.  In some regard, that may not be the healthiest thing as I’m constantly go go go.  I have a very hard time relaxing.  Like, I don’t.  I can’t tell you the last time I sat down to watch a movie or a show.  There’s always something to be done, and if there’s not, then I need to be sleeping.  Some days I feel absolutely exhausted.  Other days I feel like a super mom when I think about how much I do.  I know there are single moms all over the world, and I just never knew how hard it was to do literally EVERYTHING on your own.  Cooking, cleaning, errands, working full time, taking care of myself, not to mention RAISING A BABY!  Being a single mom is HARD!  I definitely don’t have it all figured out right now, but I can honestly say I’m in a good place.

Everything happens for a reason.  That’s a thought I’ve always believed in, though we may not always know what that reason is.  Life has a funny way of working out.  Good things happen to good people.  Bad things happen, too, but the good definitely outweigh the bad.  Everyday, I try to be the best version of myself, for me and for William.

So that’s that.  I think I’ve gotten out the bulk of what I wanted to share.  I’m moving on, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for me and William.  It’s hard, but there are bigger and better things in store for us.  This may just be a blessing in disguise!

No question today, but feel free to leave a comment if you have any wise words of wisdom.  Much love and power to all the single mommas out there – you rock!

24 Life Lessons

Every school year, I have my students come up with life lessons.  It aligns with our reading curriculum when we teach the theme of a story.  It coincides perfectly as the theme is the life lesson, big idea, or important message.  It’s what you want to share with the world that can resonate with anybody and everybody.  I have several different quotations hanging up around my room that we talk about at the beginning of the year.  It’s a starting off point for our discussion on imploring them to be leaders and create their own life lessons.  Every school year, I’m amazed at what they come up with.  Even though they are just nine and ten years old, they are wise beyond their years.  We can all learn from them.

Previous years’ life lessons include 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

24 life lessons

24 Life Lessons as Told by Fourth Graders

  • A clean mind resembles a clean heart.
  • Aim for the sun. Even if you miss, you’ll swim through the clouds.
  • A mistake is your first step to trying.
  • If something is hard, never give up, and try your best.
  • Shoot for the sun to succeed.
  • If someone tells you that you can’t do something, don’t believe them.
  • Never give up, even if you’re stuck on something.
  • Work hard even though nobody is looking at your work.
  • When life is hard, shoot for the stars.
  • Friendship, peace, and love, it’s what everyone needs.
  • When someone breaks you down, get back up and stand even taller.
  • Don’t promise someone something you can’t keep.
  • Follow your dreams. No matter what.
  • Once you get it in your mind, you can do it.
  • Keep trying. You hard work will pay off!
  • If you believe that you’re good enough, then you can do anything.
  • The stars should be your goal, but if you miss, another will give you a new goal.
  • Be yourself, you might not like someone else’s personality.
  • You can be a star in your own way. Don’t let anyone bring you down.
  • If you keep learning, you keep rolling.
  • Do your best on the test of life.
  • Kittens feel the love.  How about you?
  • The more friends, the bigger the tree.
  • Kindness is the key to friendship.

life lessons

If you could tell the world just one thing, what would it be?

being free

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.  ~Moshe Dayan 

Oh what a year this has been!  It’s certainly had its ups and downs, but lately its been more ups than downs.  Despite what’s been going on, I’m still a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason.”  We may not always know what that reason is or why something is happening, but in the end it all works out.

When I rappelled Over the Edge last weekend, it was a very freeing experience.  It was frightening, as many things in life are, but once I got the courage to go over the edge and begin making my way down, it was so incredibly freeing.  I had my support system in place (harness, carabiners, safety catch, etc.) which is similar to life, as well.  My support system in real life is my wonderful family and friends – always there for me no matter what.  So as I embarked on this journey, I realized I’m starting a new chapter in my life.  I’m free and I’m ready to fly.


doing what you like is freedom.  liking what you do is happiness.

Being free is being brave.

Being free is finding your purpose.

Being free is beautiful.

Being free takes courage.

Being free means taking the harder road, at times.

Being free is letting go.

Being free means finding yourself.

Being free means believing in yourself.

Man is free at the moment he wishes to be. ~Voltaire

What does being free mean to you?

The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race

Another nonstop weekend in the books, and just like that, it’s Monday again!  However, this Monday I’m off work thanks to Columbus Day.  We’re not usually off, so it’s definitely a treat.  Our weekend, as usual, was go go go.  It was jam packed with a lot of fun, and several highlights.  It began on Friday evening when I went to a Tori Kelly concert with some friends.

angel jeannie

I had never even heard of Tori Kelly, but my friend loves her.  She was great!  Beautiful voice and a very talented performer.

Saturday began bright and early with Audrey’s fourth birthday party.  Stephanie went completely over the top (as she always does!) and every last detail was perfect.  Check out her Instagram (@scpstudio) for the photos.  I snapped one quick picture of William climbing on the playground.

climbing oct15

He has seriously turned into a little monkey.  I’m constantly amazed at his coordination and how quickly his motor skills are developing.  It also means he needs to be watched all the time because he’s so fast to scamper places!  I love how active he is!

Stephanie and I went to Game 2 of the Cardinals vs. Cubs series.  It was the perfect late afternoon for a game and Busch Stadium went wild at the first homerun!  We’re the number one baseball city in the nation for a reason!


Despite the Cardinals’ loss, Stephanie and I still had a blast!

steph cards

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Sunday morning was The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race.  I ran the 5K.  It was a chilly morning – ideal running temperatures.

go halloween race

Despite a late evening the night before, I still pulled off a 28:46 end time which was an average of a 9:16 minute mile.  I would have liked to break 27 minutes, but considering, I’m happy with it.  Especially when I looked at the stats (yes, I’m super competitive!).

  • 105th of 680 overall
  • 48th of 475 female
  • 6th of 79 females 30-34

And post race?  Chipotle was serving little cups of chili!


Definitely warmed the belly and was a good way to refuel.  Although I could have eaten ten of those little cups.  A Chipotle run will most likely happen this week.  The hardware of the race was pretty and the tech shirts were a bright lime green.  GO! always puts on stellar races! Thanks to Chipotle for my entry!

The rest of Sunday included errands, grocery shopping, baking, laundry, and family dinner.  It was the perfect end to a great weekend, and I’m excited for my day off today!

What did you do over the weekend? Are you working today?

What do I do with my extra breast milk?

I had a reader request asking about my experience as a milk donor, and I’ve been asked about it multiple times before, so I thought it would make for a good post.  What do I do with my extra breast milk? I’ll first give you my backstory in breastfeeding because whenever I talk about donating milk, it always sparks many more questions.  I’m always happy to discuss anything regarding the issue, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.  It’s something I’m passionate about, though mommas, as long as you’re feeding your babies you’re doing great!  While I strongly believe in and encourage breastfeeding, I don’t look down upon or bash ladies who don’t / can’t / choose not to breastfeed.  Feed your baby, that’s what’s important!

Alright, so as most of you know, baby William was three born weeks early.  He seemed to latch right away as I tried shortly after he was born.  However, he was losing more weight than doctors wanted, and he was already tiny.  I was adamant in not supplementing with formula, if possible.  Obviously if I had to, I would have, but I wanted to make sure I tried everything in my power not to.  I worked with lactation consultants in the hospital which helped with holding him, latching, etc.  They suggested I start pumping in the hospital in order to expedite the process of my milk coming in.


Baby William was the tiniest, cutest little thing!  All photos by SCP.

So, I would attempt to nurse William every two hours and immediately follow by pumping for a few minutes.  (This is what created my intense oversupply. If you’re looking to increase your production, start pumping early and nursing often!)  I would get just the smallest amount, but newborns only require a small amount, so I would feed him those few drops after pumping.  This process went on as we went home, pumping every two hours around the clock, even throughout the night.  Talk about exhausting!

Well.. my milk came in!  And man oh many did it come in!  Soon I turned into a legit dairy cow.  My boobs were so big, so hard, so engorged, I couldn’t believe it.  They actually hurt terribly and I called the lactation consultants crying on multiple occasions.  Being so engorged did not help my nursing issues with William at all.  He was a hungry little thing and would get angry if he couldn’t eat fast enough.  When I did have my let down and my milk did come spraying out, he’d have to pull off because it was too much!

Anyway, the lactation consultants and my pediatrician kept telling me to stay with it even though I was frustrated that nursing was not happening as naturally as I’d envisioned (it never does, right, mommas??).  Furthermore, they explained that sucking and swallowing is the last thing to develop in the womb, and the fact that William was born three weeks early could have something to do with it.

william first look 1

He just wanted to come out and meet his momma!

I’m not even kidding you when I tell you that almost exactly on his due date is when he really “got” nursing.  He would latch, nurse, and be content.  Yes!!! However, I was already in this vicious cycle of nursing and pumping and it’s not something you can just discontinue.  My body thought it was making enough milk for a whole family of babies, that’s how much extra I had.  When William started nursing better, I stretched out pumping times to every three hours, then four, and then I stayed at every six hours for quite some time (months!).  Eventually, I went to every eight hours, then just twice a day, then just once a day.  It wasn’t until William was over a year old that I stopped pumping completely, except when I am away from him for an extended period of time.  All the while, everything I pumped was being put in the freezer since he was getting plenty of milk from me directly.

After I had THREE freezers completely and totally stocked with breast milk, I knew I needed to figure something out with all the milk.  I had absolutely no more room to store it and could not physically fit another bag of breast milk in the freezer.  I needed somewhere else for the breast milk to go, but obviously didn’t want to throw it away.  Breast milk is too valuable, too nutritious, and takes way too much time and effort to simply throw away.  I did a quick google search and learned you could donate breast milk to NICU’s and sick babies would get it.  AMAZING!!!!  I wanted to do this so badly, but it is a bit of a process since they need to test you and / or the milk which clearly makes sense.  Unfortunately, I needed a more immediate option since I was out of space.  That’s when I learned about Human Milk 4 Human Babies.


Going through old pictures of baby William is so much fun – I love this one!

What is Human Milk 4 Human Babies?  You can visit their website, but I’ve only ever used their Facebook page, which I believe is the most popular (if not only) way for moms to connect.  It’s so easy and once I posted the first time, I literally had five messages within an hour.  It was a simple way to de-stash and make sure my milk was going to babies!

How does it work? You find and like the Facebook group for your state.  You post on their wall stating if you have milk to share or if you need milk and what general area you are in. For example, I went to the Missouri page and said I was in St. Louis.  You can get as specific as you want in terms of which part of town.  Then, the page itself shares your post on their page (if that makes sense).  This allows members of the group to see it.  Women message you, but you need to check your “other” folder on Facebook since, most likely, you’re not “friends” with them so it won’t go to your regular inbox.  After that, it’s up to you and the other mom to work out the arrangements.  Through this site, you cannot accept any payment, though moms are allowed to replenish your breast milk bags which I was always appreciative of since I went through so many at the beginning.

Ew, you mean other moms take your milk for their babies? Well, yeah!  And it’s actually not “ew” at all!  Here’s what I figure:  I figure, if moms are taking the time to pump and bag the milk, why would they do something bad to it?  That just doesn’t make sense to me.  It’s way too big of a time and physical commitment to do something like that.  I have had many moms ask me questions before accepting my milk which makes sense.  I’ve been asked what medicines, if any, I take.  If I drink alcohol, smoke, or consume caffeine.  Some have asked if I’ve been tested for STDs since apparently they can be contracted through breast milk (I’m clean!).  It’s smart for moms to ask! You should know what’s in your baby’s milk.

Why would other moms even want your breast milk?  For a lot of reasons, actually.  Most babies can tolerate breast milk better than anything else.  Some moms are unable to breastfeed for a variety of reasons.  Other moms don’t produce enough, so they mix donor milk with their own.  I’ve heard of some moms needing to stop or “pump and dump” if they need to be on certain medications that are not safe for breastfeeding.  The “why” doesn’t matter to me, as long as my milk is being used for babies!

A couple summers ago when I traveled to Ohio for my little brother’s wedding, I was still pumping eight times a day.  We were there for five days, so I accumulated a lot of milk.  I went to the HM4HB Ohio Facebook page, posted, and someone came to the hotel to pick up the milk.  Granted, it was “only” about 100 ounces which was a lot less than my usual donations, but hey, that’s 100 ounces of breast milk that a baby got!

I’ve donated thousands, literally thousands, of breast milk.  I always kept my freezer(s) stocked, and would rotate out bags when they got full.  I typically donated 50 bags at a time and I would put between 8-10 ounces in each bag.  I will caution you not to completely fill those bags to the brim because the milk does expand when frozen, and then the bags rip and leak when defrosting.  I did not touch my freezer stash until William was about 15 months old.  I still pump at school, but don’t produce enough for William while I’m away.  When I’m with William all day, like on the weekends, he will literally nurse all day long.  Our breastfeeding journey is still going strong!


Donating breast milk is a beautiful thing.  Breast milk is invaluable and sharing it is a precious gift.  If you have extra, I would strongly encourage donation, or if you need breast milk, don’t hesitate to post on the Human Milk 4 Human Babies page.  Whatever you choose, however you feed your baby, give yourself a pat on the back, because being a momma is no easy feat, and I can guarantee you’re rocking it!

Have you ever heard of milk sharing?  What are your thoughts on the topic?

What do YOU want?

I’ve been blogging for over three and a half years now, yet I’ve never asked the question, “What do you want?”  One of the reasons I started a blog was to share tidbits of my life, specifically focusing on healthy living, food, and fitness.  These topics were broadened to reflect whatever was going on in my life and new interests that have come about.  I know which posts get more hits than others, but I’m very curious as to what YOU, wonderful readers, would like more or less of.  I still plan on posting about my daily happenings, simple recipes, workouts, how to live a healthy life, and real snapshots.

As I was scrolling through my phone for photos to add to today’s post, I found one that made me chuckle and seemed appropriate for this.

poster board

Why so funny?  When I take photos of products or food, I like a nice clean background.  Here’s a blogger hack: use a piece of white poster board in natural light.  William has seen me do this countless times.  The other day, he pulled the piece of poster board out from behind my desk where it gets stored.  Then he proceeded to lay down on it.  I started laughing and grabbed my phone to which he sat up and looked at me like, “I’m on it! Take a picture!”  That boy cracks me up.

There’s your daily dose of cuteness for today. 🙂

Now tell me, what do YOU want?

Surprise 30th Birthday Party

This weekend.  Wow!  I’m speechless.  And anyone who was at my Surprise 30th Birthday Party will tell you the same thing.  So here’s how it went down.  I had lunch plans on Saturday, and Stephanie told me that Audrey had been talking about playing with William all week.  I dropped William off at her house.  She wasn’t there, and Phil said she was just out grabbing food.  I went to the restaurant, was led to a room, and SURPRISE!  20 of my closest friends and family members were there.  I was shocked, to say the least.  And speechless. I think I’m still in shock.

30th birthday party

I have absolutely no idea how my mom pulled it off.  This has been a crazy past couple of weeks, yet somehow she managed to plan a surprise birthday party and execute it so beautifully, as she does with any event she hosts.  I’ve got a few snapshots to share with you, but really no pictures can capture the love I felt from my family and friends who came out to celebrate me.

First of all, these:

personalized m&ms

Yes, they are personalized M&Ms with William’s face on them!  The back read, “We love you!” and “Mommy’s 30th B-day.”  Everyone went home with a tin.

My mom (and my sister) know how to decorate.  I missed that gene.  In fact, the owner of the restaurant asked my mom if he could take pictures of how she did the room for their catering menu.


She had large mason jars filled with different cake, cookie, and brownie mixes at every place.  These were part of the party favors.  I got birthday cake cookies, of course!

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The rest of the party favors:

party favors

Mini mason jars with Hershey kisses and chocolate covered pretzels.  A mini chalkboard with Happy 30th Birthday, Lindsay! and two dozen beautiful roses, and a cutout dance photo of me when I was little also decorated the table.

The appetizers the ladies munched on while waiting for my arrival:


The Surprise 30th Birthday Party was held at Cooper’s Hawk.  The food and service is AWESOME!  The place settings:

place setting

Personalized menu cards and all.

A shot of my playgroup mommas:

playgroup moms

It’s amazing to have a strong group of ladies with babies close in age.  Not only because it’s nice to be able to relate to other mommas with children going through similar phases and ask questions, but also because our babies will grow up together.  I’ve loved getting to know these women over the last year and a half and am excited for our friendship to continue.

My sister Stephanie:


The one who does anything for anyone at the drop of a hat.  She took all the pictures and as usual I was jealous of her outfit (maybe I can borrow it? lol).  Really truly though, I admire my sister for so many reasons.  Despite our sisterly bickering, she is there no matter what.  She’s an amazing sister, daughter, friend, mother, wife, photographer, and more.  And she’s crazy smart.  Whenever I tell that to people, they tell me I’m smart, too.  And I’m always like, no but she’s REALLY smart.  And she is.

These three women:

steph mama mom

These are the most important women in my life.  They’ve made me who I am today and they inspire me to be a better woman everyday.  They’ve always been there for me, during hard times lifting me up and celebrating even the smallest accomplishments.  Strong women have been present in my family ever since I can remember with my great Grandma Rose and each of these three ladies carry on the tradition.  I only hope I can grow into half the women they are!

Mom, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This party, while completely unnecessary, meant so much and was such a warm reminder of how much I’m loved.

To my friends and family: Thank you.

Here’s to my thirties! xoxo

Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you?

5 things

HELLO, FRIDAY!  Sorry, I can’t contain my excitement, I’ve been looking forward to this day since…. Monday.  Long week over here, and more than ready for the weekend!  Let’s do a 5 things post today, and we’ll keep things nice and simple over here.  Pictures are lacking, except for baby William (as usual), so we’ll go with a list-style post.

5 things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Spending time with my parents this weekend.  I haven’t spent nearly enough time with them lately, so I’m really hoping for some quality time.
  2. Sprint triathlon on SUNDAY. Yes, in TWO DAYS! Wish me luck….
  3. Getting my hair done next weekend. Much needed.
  4. Before school workouts beginning next week. My school is awesome and the teachers workout together twice a week. It’s even more awesome that we get to wear workout clothes all day long.
  5. My little brother and his wife coming in town next weekend!

5 things I want:

  1. SLEEP!  And a lot of it. Uninterrupted would be great (WILLIAM!).
  2. To get my nails done.
  3. For my house to get deep cleaned and organized. I’m the worst at that.
  4. To go shopping. I don’t need anything, but #retailtherapy.
  5. Health and happiness for everyone I love.

5 things I’m loving:

William is the obvious answer here, but he gets his own 5 things section which is why I’m skipping him here.  In case you were wondering.  Which you probably weren’t.

  1. My friends. They’re the best, seriously.  I get daily phone calls and texts from my best friends about the many events going on in my life.  I feel loved.
  2. Hyaluronic acid.  With as tired as I’ve been lately, this stuff really helps to brighten up my face.
  3. The weekend!  The beginning of the school year is SO busy and I welcome downtime with open arms.
  4. A clean dog. Zoey is an itchy dog (lots of allergies) and does better with frequent baths.  I used to bathe her 1-2 times a week, but hadn’t been recently.  She got bathed last night and is so much better!
  5. Soybu.  I won an Instagram giveaway and got an entire outfit and I’m in love.  They’re my new favorite capris.

5 things I’ve been eating:

  1. Dips. My team at school and I all brought in dips on Monday to share.  We ate them for three days straight which was awesome since we didn’t have to think about packing lunch.  And who doesn’t love dips?
  2. Ice cream.  Specifically, Ted Drewes since it keeps appearing in my freezer.
  3. Watermelon. Can’t ever get enough in the summer.
  4. Love Grown Foods hot oats. These saved me when I wasn’t feeling well as it was pretty much the only thing I could stomach.
  5. Sunflower seed butter.  William digs it, too.

5 things (pictures, but I have to stay with the theme) of William:

1.  Foam rolling


Now if only he could get his momma to spend some time foam rolling or stretching.  My flexibility has gone out the window.  I need yoga class, really.  No time though.  I wonder where William gets this sudden urge to foam roll from?  😉

2.  Before school cuteness

school 815

And maybe his pants have gotten a little too small.  But hey, baby boy capris are totally a thing… Right?

3.  Pizza face


I’ve been making pizza with Trader Joe’s whole wheat dough, marinara, and cheese, and William has been LOVING it!  As evidenced by the sauce all over his face.  And his onesie reads, “Challah back.” #jewishhumor 🙂



William has been really into reading lately, which of course makes his school teacher momma very happy!  His two current favorites are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and Llama Llama Zippity Zoom.  They’re they only books that he will read or wants me to read to him.  Over and over again.  Literally, sometimes five times in a row.  Hey, at least he’s reading!

5.  My favorite – black and white bath photo

bath 815

Don’t let the cuteness fool you!  This little stinker (pun intended) has been pooping in the tub every.single.night.  He thinks its funny, and I do not.

That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got for you today.  Five lists with five things each.  Bring on the weekend!

Choose a topic and tell me five things!

busy weekend

This was a busy, busy weekend.  It was a good weekend, just crazy busy.  As I sit here on Sunday evening, I’ve got the laundry finishing up, William’s lunch is packed for tomorrow, and I’ve got a bowl of Ted Drewes Reese’s frozen custard beside me.  I don’t have a ton of pictures from the weekend, just a few snapshots.

By Friday evening I was wiped from my first work week and crashed hard.  William, of course, was up bright and early on Saturday.  One of my friends / coworkers got married over the weekend.  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception; both venues were new to me and absolutely gorgeous.  The bride was stunning and we all had a lot of fun being together outside of work.


I wore my bridesmaid’s dress from Justin and Dana’s wedding, and was happy to wear it again.  That doesn’t happen often with bridesmaids dresses.

Sunday was super busy.  I realize now my weekend up until this point doesn’t even sound that busy, but it sure felt like it was haha.  William and I visited with my parents on Sunday morning and I did some meal prep for the week.  Then, I went to the park for a run and bike ride.  The next sprint triathlon I am doing is this coming weekend and I’ve done less training for this than my last one, so I was happy to put in some work yesterday, despite the fact that temperatures topped 90 and the good ole St. Louis humidity was rocking.  I ran with a friend of mine which definitely pushed me faster than if I were on my own.  My goal these days (being pretty out of shape and all) is to get under ten-minute miles.  And you better believe me when I say I started walking the second my Garmin beeped at three miles.


I was so unbelievably hot and sweaty after.

run park

Couldn’t even think of a better pose to do than just stand there (and try not to die).  Then we decided to go on a quick bike ride after.  It wasn’t long due to some time constraints, but at least I trained two sports at once finally.  Next weekend should be interesting.  I’m banking on the fact that the swim is only 300 instead of 400…

Linking up with Katie and Erin.

After the workout, William and I picked up Audrey and headed to the pool.  It was a bummer because the baby pool was closed.  It made the pool more challenging than relaxing with the two of them, but I was still happy to be enjoying the summer weather.  They were both so busy at the pool that I couldn’t take any pictures since I obviously had a to keep a very close eye on them.  They (and me) were exhausted after, so we came home and ate dinner immediately.  Baked chicken for William, macaroni and cheese for Audrey, and Chipotle for me. 🙂

I plopped the two of them in the bathtub to scrub them clean and let them play.

aud bath

Audrey loooooves taking care of her baby William.  She wants to help with everything.  Washing his hair, his back, his legs, his toesies, drying him, getting his diaper on, picking out his pajamas… literally everything.  Last night she actually said, “I wish I could just keep William forever!”  I hope that love never changes.

That’s it.  Writing out my whole weekend definitely made it seem like I was not as busy as I felt, but man oh man I felt like we were.  No slowing down now, off to start the work week, my first full one.  Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Did you have a busy weekend?  What was the best part?

just a reminder

What a week!  Hello, Friday!  Anyone (everyone?) else glad the weekend is finally here?  It’s been a week, that’s for sure.  First day of school, my thirtieth birthday, and a whole bunch of other stuff going on.  As the week comes to a close, I’m keeping this post short and simple today with just a reminder or two…

bath happy aug15

and a gorgeous bath picture of this guy to bring a smile to your face like he does mine

Just a reminder to…

  • be grateful for your health
  • smile at those around you
  • say a prayer for those less fortunate
  • live life with an open heart
  • offer healing to those who are sick
  • stay positive even when times are tough
  • hug those you love
  • remember “this too” shall pass
  • use good manners always
  • don’t be afraid to take risks
  • believe in yourself

That is all.  Simple enough, right?

What reminder can you offer today?

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