all in a day

Oh summer.  How I longed for you!  I couldn’t wait to have entire days filled of adventures with William.  And while I’m definitely loving and soaking up all this time with my little man, we have GOT to stay busy!  I am so not somebody who can stay in the house all day, not even all morning actually.  Everyday we find new activities to do, both in and out of the house.  We’ve had lots and lots of play dates.  The past two days we’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Brittany and her two sweet kids!  On Monday we went to a pool and yesterday they came over.

playdate june16

William had a blast!  He was obsessed with this precious little girl.  He wanted to hold her constantly!  He’s been interested in babies in the past, but never for more than a few minutes.  He sang to her, rocked her, kissed her, patted her, literally wouldn’t leave her alone!  It was pretty stinking cute.  They’re going to have to make more regular visits.  Catching up with Brittany was great, too.  She’s one of those down to earth, tell it how it is kind of gals with a heart of gold and the kindest soul.

After they left, William was more than ready for a nap.  He took a decent nap, but was still pretty tired when he woke up.

yawn june16

Once he fully woke up, we played a bit more before heading to Yaya and Pops’ house.  William asks everyday if we can go to Yaya and Pops’ house.  He certainly loves them  – definitely the very best grandparents (and parents!).

Summer in St. Louis has officially begun; this means hot and humid weather!  Pops was watering the yard, and William just loves to help.  Pops taught him how to spray with a hose.

hose pops june16

After they played with the water, we went back to the pond.  Everyday, William pretends to go fishing at our house.  He has a cute magnetic fishing set that he plays with and he also pretends long sticks outside are fishing poles. So you can imagine his excitement when he and Pops actually caught a fish!

fish pops june16

Once everyone had enough sun, we went inside. William ate a snack while Yaya read to him and then they played with all the exciting toys at their house.  William challenged Yaya to an air hockey match.

air hockey june16

Miraculously, he scored against Yaya probably a hundred times.  Then he made Yaya switch sides with him another hundred times.  Yaya is a very good sport.

We came home, took another walk, ate dinner, bathed, read books, and then it was time for bed.  William had to get in a quick cuddle session with Zoey first.

zoey snuggle june16

We were all exhausted after our long day!

What has been filling your summer days?

Why I’m Struggling To Blog

The frequency of my blogging has decreased.  That’s no secret.  I used to be a religious Monday through Friday blogger, and for the past couple of months, it’s been a post or two a week.  It’s not that I don’t want to blog; I DO.  I really do.  I miss blogging, I miss writing, I miss having a routine, I miss the community.

It’s time.  That thing that always passes too quickly and we never have enough.

I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to feeling like there’s not enough time in the day.  It doesn’t matter what life stage you’re in or who you are, I bet you wish there was more time.  I know I do!  I used to blog every evening.  That was my routine; that’s what I did.  Well now, I just started sleep training (again) my little darling.  His bedtime is 8:00 pm, but it’s been taking him a looong time to fall asleep.

sleep june16

But when he does, isn’t he precious?

That means it’s close to nine o’clock before I can blog.  But let’s not forget that most days, when William sleeps this is my only chance to get other things done.  Important things, like showering.  Not to mention picking up the house, cleaning, laundry, eating, you name it.  So lately other things have been taking priority over blogging.  I really miss it though.  I have content I want to share.  I have recipes, workouts, reviews, daily life happenings, etc.

We’ve been visiting splash pads and pools more now that the weather is HOT in St. Louis.  William and I both love being outside, and I love it even more because it really wears William out and causes him to take nice, long naps!

carly june16

This is William and his girlfriend, Carly.  They were being so cute holding hands the other day during our play date!

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And sometimes life just gets in the way.  I love blogging, but sometimes (many times) life is more important.  I thought I’d have all this extra time now that summer is here, but really I’m just enjoying that time.  Take mornings, for instance.  I wouldn’t call them lazy because William would never let me be lazy, but they’re much more leisurely.  Instead of rushing around trying to get us both ready, we’ve been spending more time outdoors first thing in the morning when we let Zoey out.  William rearranges all the flower pots, uses sticks to go “fishing,” and listens to the birds sing.

smile chair june16

“No shoes on,”  William says as we open the door to let Zoey out.  Then he runs to the kitchen to get his Crocs which are his only shoes to fit over his pajamas.

Last night we picked up my parents from the airport and spent some time at their house.  William helped Pops workout by adding some extra weight to his plank!

pops plank june16

I’m not sure who thought it was funnier!

Yaya has always taught William a million new things each time she spends time with him.  Last night it was the game Hi Ho Cherry-O which she still has saved from when we were kids.  She was explaining to William how you put the cherries on the tree from the basket.  William put one on and shouted, “Did it!”  We laughed as he still had nine others to do.

yaya game june16

So even though I’m not blogging as consistently as I’d like, I’m here.  I do Instagram most days, so definitely follow me there at @itzlinz.  In the meantime, I’ll keep on working on this schedule thing.  And just enjoying life.  You should, too.

What’s been going on with you? Do you feel like you’re short on time?

just livin’ life

I tried to think of a creative blog post title, but clearly was unsuccessful.  I thought about what today’s post was about… golfing, selfies, cars, cute baby burritos, Zoey, farmer’s market, yeah a lot of randomness.  So I decided to call it what it is. Just livin’ life, y’all, that’s what I’m doing.  That’s what summer is all about.  Need I tell you again how much I love this season?

Here’s my life lately:

burrito june16

Let’s start with the cutest baby burrito ever.  I just want to eat him up.  Every night and every day.  That’s not to say I don’t have my day-to-day challenges with raising a darling toddler… 😉 but most of the time he sure melts my heart!

audrey june 16 selfie

These two.  Siblings.  Basically.  Audrey actually called him her brother the other day, LOL.  When she came over and saw him wearing this shirt, she was confused and asked me why William was wearing a Cubs shirt.  That’s living proof that everyone, kids included, are Cardinals fans here in St. Louis!

driving car

Riding along in my automobile…

William loves this little car at my parents’ house.  He’s awful and steering and just simply doesn’t understand it as he drives into the grass and bushes.  My dad always tells him he drives like his aunt (Stephanie).  LOL.

farmers market

Farmers markets are back!  I used to go every weekend, but have gone very rarely since having William.  Well, we went to the Delmar Loop’s farmers market which was great.  It was smaller than Soulard (where I used to go) and not crowded at all.  It’s been awesome having fresh fruits and vegetables at home!

mama mms june16

We visited Mama and Papa yesterday.  William always gets a special treat, just a few M&Ms, from Mama, but Papa was in charge of the candy yesterday.  William so very rarely gets sweets, but I’m ok with Mama and Papa giving him a few M&Ms every once in awhile.  Well, Papa let William stick his whole hand in and dig in!  My mom and I had to stop Papa!  He couldn’t resist!

yaya golf june16

My mom has recently taken up golf.  Papa was giving her lessons in his front lawn, and of course William had to get involved.  My mom was teaching William, and he said, “Yaya’s turn!”  Then he dragged another golf club out for me.

zoey vet

And last but not least, Zoey.  Zoey will be ten in July.  Small dogs are more prone to gum and teeth issues, so it’s recommended that they get their teeth professionally cleaned.  Well, at Zoey’s last yearly checkup, the vet noticed a tumor on her gums.  So yesterday she was put under to have her teeth cleaned, tumor removed, and also ended up having a tooth removed.  The tumor is being sent off to be tested (positive thoughts, please!), and I should find out next week.

William was SO upset to take Zoey in even though I kept telling him it was just to get her teeth cleaned.  “Zoey.  Doctor.  All done,” he kept saying.  Then when the vet took Zoey, William burst out in tears and cried the whole way home.  He was much happier when we picked her up!  Zoey seems to be doing fine, but is whining a little bit.  I hope she’s back to her normal self soon and the tumor comes back benign.

Tell me, how have you been livin’ life lately?

Mamma Chia Giveaway

You know when you love something you just have to take a duck-faced selfie with it?  No?  Just me?

mamma chia drink

Oh c’mon, you know you do it, too!

Mamma Chia, the leader of the chia revolution, has created a delicious new beverage that combines the powerhouse of chia with healthy, vibrant greens.

Chia & Greens is a delicious, fun on-the-go beverage with one of the lowest amounts of sugar and the highest amount of nutrients in the green drinks universe. In fact, each bottle delivers 2500mg of Omega-3s, seven grams of fiber, four grams of complete protein, 25% RDA of Vitamin A, and 95mg of calcium. Enjoy it as a kick-start to your day, as a revitalizing mid-afternoon pick-me-up or anytime you want that feeling of rejuvenation!  It comes in four tasty flavors:

  • Soulful Greens (Cayenne and Lemon)
  • Love Greens (Beet and Ginger)
  • Grateful Greens (Kale and Mint)
  • Joyful Greens (Ginger and Lemongrass)

People always ask me if chia drinks are good.  YES!  The texture is different since obviously they are filled with chia seeds which forms a gel-like consistency, but if that doesn’t bother you, then the taste is amazing.  Not to mention the awesome nutritional benefits that, Mamma Chia especially, chia drinks deliver!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mamma Chia.  They recently sent me a huge package which William and I both have been enjoying.

mamma chia bar

The chia vitality bars are great to throw in your purse.  I took this one out when I was getting my hair done at Preston Salon (the best in St. Louis!).  These chia vitality bars are extra amazing since there are only four grams of sugar in them.  This is VERY low compared to other snack bars and the flavors are awesome!

I also received some chia vitality granola clusters which is the crunchiest granola I’ve ever had.  The flavors are: Wild Blueberry Clusters (my favorite!), Vanilla Almond Clusters, Cinnamon Pecan Clusters, and Honey & Oats Clusters.  I’ve been topping my smoothies with them, adding granola to yogurt, and eating it straight out of the bag.  The wild blueberry flavor tastes like a blueberry muffin!

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William has been demolishing the chia squeezes.

mamma chia squeeze

William is a picky eater (aren’t all toddlers?!), but always loves pouches.  I try to reserve them just as treats, and the chia squeezes are definitely treats with their fun flavors.  William gets an extra punch of nutrition when he eats one of these squeezes.  Audrey approves of them, as well, and now always asks for one when she comes to my house.  Check out these fun flavors: Cherry BeetBlackberry BlissGreen MagicMango CoconutStrawberry BananaWild Raspberry.

Now for the best part: Mamma Chia is graciously giveaway away one gigantic package of Mamma Chia goodness to one of YOU lucky readers!  You’ll receive the same package that I did (plus a couple extra chia squeezes that aren’t pictured since William got to them before I snapped the photo!):

mamma chia

To enter this giveaway, comment on this blog post and tell us which Mamma Chia  product you’re most excited to try (mandatory!).  For additional optional entries:

  • Follow Itz Linz and Mamma Chia on Twitter and tweet the following, “AMAZING @MammaChia giveaway on @ItzLinz’s blog! Check it out – #SeedYourSoul #FitFluential”
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Be sure to comment on this post to have your additional entries counted!  This giveaway will be open until Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 8:00 pm CST.  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday, June 10, 2016.  CLOSED

Congratulations #18,  Gia E. Please email me with your shipping information, so we can get your package of Mamma Chia goodness to you ASAP! 🙂

~Disclaimer: Through my partnership with FitFluential, I received these products at no cost in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I LOVE SUMMER!  I’d say I’m sorry for saying that yet again, but I’m not.  However, I will say that I’ll try not to start every single summer blog post with that.  But it’s going to be really hard!  There are so many fun things going on and we’re really trying to take advantage of every moment.  We’re spending tons of time outdoors, I’m working out (like consistently, actually!), we’re with family and friends a lot, and so much more.  Summer is just amazing.  And it’s just beginning – even better!

Take yesterday, for example.  We had an impromptu play date with my niece Audrey.  I took the two to the splash pad for the first time this summer; then we played at my house for a bit before returning to my sister’s house.  Audrey and William both like doing “yoga” poses with me and flying superman, and yesterday they took matters in their own hands.  Suuuuperman!

superman may16

It may have lasted only half of a millisecond, but it was so hilarious while it did considering William is literally almost Audrey’s size these days!  I captured the photo at the absolute perfect time.  I’ll bet that within the next year or so William will be able to fly Audrey superman!

We headed back to Stephanie’s house and all four cousins were together.

aud jackson jacob may16

Family is obviously important to all of us, but sometimes it’s hard to coordinate all of our schedules.  “I get to hold William!”  Audrey, of course, shouted.

cousins may16

In order from youngest to oldest… because we had to find an order that everyone would agree upon and nobody could argue with this.  Though no matter what “order” or configuration we do, it always seems Audrey weasels her way next to William.  Sneaky girl!

I’VE BEEN WORKING OUT CONSISTENTLY!!!  It’s the first time in quite some time, and while I’m starting slow (mostly), I feel so good.  I actually feel really out of shape, but I’m glad I’m working out.  Hopefully my endurance, strength, and speed will improve.  Here’s what it looked like starting with the first weekend of summer:

  • Saturday – run two miles
  • Sunday – run two miles
  • Monday – run two miles
  • Tuesday – off
  • Wednesday – lower body workout at home
  • Thursday – off
  • Friday – upper body workout at home along with a long walk while catching up with Annette
  • Saturday – run two miles
  • Sunday – off
  • Monday – biked 32 miles

32 miles

Yeah, that’s right, I biked 32 miles.  It was the first time I’d taken my bike out all year and the longest I’ve ever ridden in my life.  We rode 16 miles out to Fast Lane Classic Cars Annual Memorial Day Car Show.  Once we were there, we ate (A LOT!); I was famished.  We hung out for about an hour before heading home.  The whole ride was hard and the hills were killer!  I was sore after, but felt awesome!  I think it’s time to sign up for some summer sprint triathlons and races!

My little jumping bean hasn’t stopped moving this summer either.

jumping may16

He jumps ALL THE TIME.  He jumps anywhere and everywhere.  Any time he walks down stairs, he will jump from the very last step.  Any surface that is slightly raised, he will jump off.  He will randomly jump throughout my house, stores, wherever.  “Jump higher!” he says.  And he gets some serious air.

Oh, summertime, we just love you.


My little sidekick and I are off to enjoy another day! 🙂

How have you been enjoying summer?

Goody Bags for a Two Year Old’s Birthday Party

When William turned one, I did a post on first birthday party favors (swag bags!).  It got a good response, so I decided to do one for William’s second birthday, as well.  Goody bags can be pretty tricky.  I knew I didn’t want to fill the bags with junk as I hate receiving those.  (Seriously, who needs more junk at their house?)  I also didn’t want it to be filled with candy because… well, they’re toddlers, and I find that unnecessary.  So what could I put in the party favors that would be useful, not too expensive, and toddlers would like?

goody bags for a two year olds birthday party

William’s second birthday party was at a gym, so I didn’t feel the need to make his goody bags themed.  That helped since I wasn’t limited at all with what could go inside.  I had about 25 kiddos at his party.  I used clear treat bags; these cost hardly anything and I like that you could see inside them because the kids (or parents) could choose which color of some of the items they want.  Not that it’s a big deal, but choice is nice if possible.

party favor

The main item in the goody bags were bath crayons from Nuby.  These alone could have been the party favors as I feel like they’re pretty substantial.  Nuby has AWESOME bath toys (and other products!), but these bath crayons are especially fun and perfect for toddlers.  William is very into coloring and drawing right now, so bringing crayons into the bathtub is so much fun!

nuby bath crayons

Don’t worry, mommas!  These Nuby bath crayons are easy to clean!  In fact, William has just as much fun wiping away the crayon as he does drawing with them!  (It’s easiest and best to wipe up right away… which William is very happy about!)  Even my niece and nephew who are a few years older than William appreciated these bath crayons.  One pack lasts us a long time, especially when I give William just one crayon at a time to use.  Amazon and Babies R Us both have tons of Nuby bath items, in addition to lots of other great products!

party favor back

Other items in goody bag:

Stickers! What kiddo of any age doesn’t like stickers?  I put a sheet of sports stickers (William’s favorite!) in each goody bag.  Sometimes when we’re out to dinner, I will bring a sheet of stickers for William to play with.  It keeps him busy and is good for his fine motor skills when he works to peel off each sticker.

Pop Toobs!  Again, something else that is so great for toddlers and older kids.  You can pull them apart and they become really long and then push them back together again.  They make a funny noise when you do this.  You can twist them and attach them together if you have more than one, or you can make a circle with just one.  It’s awesome because they really foster kids’ imagination as they can get creative with them.  Pop Toobs come in all different colors, too!

Bubbles!  Another all kid favorite.  I got “Birthday Bubbles” from Bubble World, and they’re extra fun because the top has a little maze with a tiny ball.

Snacks!  Giving out a snack is always a good idea since everyone needs to eat.

earth's best snack bars

Like I said before, I didn’t want to put in candy, so I chose Earth’s Best Organic Sunny Days Snack Bars.  These are great since eight come in a package, so just a few boxes were necessary.  William is a picky eater, but he loves these bars.  Some other reasons why these bars are wonderful:

  • Made with real strawberries
  • No hydrogenated oils – no trans fat
  • Made with no Genetically Engineered Ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Contains calcium, B Vitamins, iron, and zinc

Snack bars are perfect to throw in your bag for an on-the-go snack.

So I’d like to think I did a pretty good job with William’s second birthday goody bags.  Several parents told me they appreciated and loved everything in the party favors!

party favors

What are other good ideas for toddler party favors?

Disclaimer – Nuby and Earth’s Best provided their items at no charge in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

summer running has begun!

It’s official, summer running has begun!  Just writing the word “summer” makes me so happy.  I love love love teaching, but I also love love love summer!  (Can you blame me?!)  My last day of school was last week, and William’s school celebrated his last day with a picnic.  Of course Yaya and Audrey joined us to make it even better!

picnic yaya audrey

Do you spy those Mamma Chia squeeze pouches in the kids’ lunches?  I received an AMAZING package from them and will be giving away the very same package in the near future – it was loaded with Mamma Chia goodness! Stay tuned!

William couldn’t finish his lunch fast enough before he got to play.  There was “fishing” (in a kiddie pool with magnetic fishing poles and fish), swinging, throwing, catching, running, and more.  There was also a special visit from an ice cream truck!  I got a vanilla ice cream cone for William because I know he likes those.  Big mistake!  Audrey got some character popsicle thing (disgusting, in my opinion lol), and William HAD to have the exact same thing…

ice cream aud may16

Lesson learned, Mom.  About 12 licks later, he was over it anyway.

Last week, it seemed to rain just about everyday, so when the sun was shining this weekend, we made sure to soak up every second!  We went on lots of walks, runs, and bike rides.  If William wants to run, he gives me Zoey’s leash to hold.  Well on Saturday he wanted momma to run, so he held Zoey while I trotted along in front.

running zo may16

William seriously LOVES to run (maybe all toddlers do??), and that makes me so happy!  Something that doesn’t make me happy is a stinky dog.  Whenever I wash my bed sheets, I always give Zoey a bath.  I figure that everything / everyone can be clean at least for a day.  William likes to help me give Zoey a bath.  When we’re finished, I bundle up Zoey like a baby in the towel, and last time William wanted to hold her for the first time.  He did a great job and thought it was hilarious, so I had to snap a picture!

zoey bath

linking up with katie and erin

And my own summer running has begun, as well.  I know I always talk about wanting to get back into running, but I’m so constrained by time.  This summer, I should be able to run four times a week – that’s my goal.  It might shift into different workouts, but right now I really want to build up my endurance and speed because that is long gone.  Come on muscle memory, where are ya?!  So this weekend, I pounded out two miles on BOTH Saturday and Sunday!

running selfie

They were slow, but I made it through!  Hey, it’s a start!  Now I’ve got to make my racing calendar for the summer!

Who ran this weekend? What are your summer racing plans?

William’s first race

Yep, William’s first race was this past weekend.  Well, technically he did the same race last year, but he was in a stroller the whole time.  It was a biathlon and consisted of biking and running.  We have one of those Radio Flyer bikes with tall handlebars on the back, so it makes it really easy for parents to push.  William’s feet reach the pedals, but he can’t quite pedal completely on his own yet.  Of course, at the race, he wanted to get on any bike besides his own…

For the “race,” he ended up riding a tricycle that was extra.  I pushed him around the loop while he kept his feet on the pedals.  The second lap was running and he crushed it.

running race may16

He and I both loved every minute of it!

It was an adorable event, and while it was a smidge chilly, everyone still had a blast.  Love Grown so kindly sponsored the snacks and provided individual cereals.

lovegrown cereal

These “adventure cereals” are AMAZING for kids and adults alike!  They’re made from navy, lentil, and garbanzo beans, but pack a ton of flavor and so much crunch.  The bright packaging is fun, and of course, appeals to the tiny tots.  Adults (me, especially!) approve of the flavor and the nutritional punch they provide!  (They’re gluten-free and corn-free, too.)

Besides the race, the event had many other fun activities to keep the little ones busy, like ring toss, hopscotch, hula hooping, and more!


Kids were busy the whole time, and while there were scheduled activities, families could do their own thing if they wanted.  A yoga instructor came for a short yoga session, and a soccer coach came to lead some drills.  That was obviously William’s favorite part.

soccer may16

William first started organized soccer when he was 18 months old.  Then, it was more about the kids having fun and learning how to follow directions.  He was a little young for it as most of the other kids were closer to two years old.  We did one eight-week session and then stopped for a break.  Now, I’m thinking, it’s time to sign up again as William did such a great job following the directions and seriously loves anything with a soccer ball.  He may only be two years old, but he can do step overs, toe touches, and dribble pretty well!  (Yes, clearly I’m a proud mom thinking her kid rocks, but it’s true.  I should capture some video to prove it, haha!)

All in all, it was a fabulous event!  William and I both love being outside and being active, so this was perfect and made me even more excited for summer as we’ll spend the majority of our days outside!

Who has raced recently?  How about your kids?

nursing a two year old

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be nursing a two year old, but here I am now… doing it!  Breastfeeding has been a journey from the beginning.  I took a class when I was pregnant, but thought, “How hard could it be?”  I thought you cradled the baby, they latched, and nursed.  Ha!  Was I wrong about that!  The first three weeks were challenging, and then it all came together and got easier and easier.  (So new mommas, don’t give up!!! But also don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t / can’t / have no desire to breastfeed; just feed your babies, ladies!)


When my breastfeeding journey began, I thought to myself that I would be happy to “make it” until William turned six months.  Well, it was going great at that point, so I had no reason to stop.  Then he turned one.  People asked if I was going to wean, but I didn’t see a reason to.  It worked for us and it was healthy for him.  Now he turned two a month ago.  And we’re still going strong.

People have looooots of different thoughts on extended breastfeeding and are never shy about sharing them.  First, let me throw a couple disclaimers out there.  As I mentioned before, feeding your baby is the most important thing.  I absolutely do not judge women who do not breastfeed their babies for whatever reason.  However, I do absolutely LOVE breastfeeding and am a major supporter of it, so I would be happy to encourage (not push!) a woman to breastfeed.  I have lots and lots and lots of friends who did / do not breastfeed, and I have plenty of friends who did / do.  We’re all good moms.

The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding (with appropriate complimentary foods) up to two years of age or beyond. [source] Well, I made it!  Last month, I went to a La Leche League meeting because I was questioning if I should stop nursing.  My main reason was because William’s sleep has been so awful the past few months, and he wants to nurse throughout the night.  He’s always had sleeping issues which is a whole different story, and we’re seeing a sleep specialist in a couple of weeks.  After talking with some wonderful women (two other ladies there were nursing their two and a half year olds!), along with the leaders, I’ve decided that I don’t want to or don’t need to stop nursing right now.  I will stop nursing in the middle of the night because that is just unnecessary and William doesn’t need to eat in the middle of the night, but the morning and evening sessions are just fine.

I felt a lot of pressure to stop nursing.  The reality is though… right now, breastfeeding is working for us – me and William.  He loves it.  People say children will wean naturally, and I have no idea when that will be for William.  I don’t know how long we will continue, but right now, it’s working for us.  There are boundaries and appropriate times to nurse.  For example, I won’t let William nurse in public anymore.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, but he doesn’t “need” to nurse like he did when he was a newborn and needed to eat.  He is easily redirected when I offer him a snack or water, so that’s no big deal.  I also don’t know how we’ll stop, whenever that time may come.  Though if he chooses to wean himself, then I suppose that will be easier than me cutting him off.

Before I had a child, I thought it was CRAZY that moms would nurse children who could “ask for it.”  Well, William can certainly ask for it!  “Nurse?” he asks.  But it’s so not as “weird” as I once thought it was!  I wish breastfeeding would become more normalized in our society, so women wouldn’t have these preconceived notions or judgmental opinions about nursing.

nursing 2years old

Some people think it’s absurd I’m still nursing William.  Other people think it’s awesome.  I think the most important thing we can do as women and as mothers, is to support each other no matter our choice.  I’m not throwing it in your face or telling YOU to nurse.  Nursing works for me and William right now.

Ladies, I want to hear from you!  Tell me your opinion on the subject.  Please, please, please be respectful and kind to all!  Mommas who did extended breastfeeding, when / how did you wean or end your journey?

It was their idea!

You know how much my little William loves to jump, climb, and hang, right?  Well, his monkey cousin Jacob is the exact same.  Rather, William is the same as Jacob and tries to emulate him in every way possible.  So on Mother’s Day when Jacob scurried up a tree and was hanging from a branch, William was right behind him trying to do the same.  Audrey, never one to be left out, also wanted to hang from the tree.  What’s one to do?  Obviously set the three little monkeys up on the tree branch for the most adorable photo ever.  I mean, it was their idea!

hanging from tree may16

Hands down (or maybe up?), the most hilarious picture from the weekend!  This whole thing took place in less than two seconds.  Audrey and William hang from things all the time, but for some reason, the second I let go of them a look of sheer panic appeared on their faces!  After quickly snapping the photo, I ran back over and grabbed the two down, and neither wanted to try again. And then we had Jacob over there hanging on, smiling, laughing, and having the time of his life!

I had a lovely Mother’s Day; my parents hosted brunch for my family.  It’s always fun to celebrate the most important women in your life.  For me, that’s my grandma Mama, my mom, and my sister Stephanie who all contribute to teaching me exactly how to be a mom.  Not to mention, their unconditional and constant love, support, and help with me and William.

mothersday 2016

Now if only they could teach William to stand still and smile for a picture!  We’ll just leave that up to Jacob who can literally get William to do anything.  (This will probably be trouble years down the road…)  Jacob was playing chess with Stephanie, and William pulled up a stool right next to him.  Jacob knew I was trying to get a picture of the two of them (learning chess at two years old? Amazing! Must be photographed! Haha 😉 ), so he was telling William to smile for the camera.

jacob smile may16

And William listened!  Stephanie, if you don’t mind, I’ll just keep Jacob around.  Like always!

Don’t worry, Audrey had her time to shine with William, as well.  She’s teaching him to drive.  (And if it’s anything like her momma Stephanie, we’re all in trouble!  Maybe I’ll take on this task for the kids!)

audrey car may16

William obediently held on during the fast (2 mph) ride.

When Jacob was climbing through the bushes to peer over the edge of the pond in my parents’ backyard, William was literally two inches from him the whole time.

jacob pond may16

William is Jacob’s mini-me.

And Audrey is just as obsessed with William today as she was the day he was born.

audrey snuggle may16

Only now he’s almost as big as her!  And now they almost pass for twins!

I’m so grateful for my little (big!) William.  I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom.  I never envisioned myself being a single mom, but it’s all working out.  It certainly has its challenges, but one thing I know for sure is that I couldn’t possibly love William anymore than I already do.  He fills my heart with such joy and brings an immense amount of happiness to my life each and every day.

mothers day 2016

He’s my world.

What’s something you’ve done that you thought was a good idea… and then realized it wasn’t?