Baby Red Carpet Event | First Birthday Party

All photos from Ashley at A Family Affair Photography – St. Louis people, Ashley is a fabulous photographer with a kind heart and creative eye! I highly recommend her!

Two months after his first birthday and one month after his birthday party is the perfect time to share William’s Baby Red Carpet Event | First Birthday Party pictures, yeah?  I’ll make up for it with cuteness overload.  Ashley gave me 300 images. Yes, 300!  And those are the one’s she edited!  I will say, it was SO nice having her there to photograph everything. Not only do I have beautiful pictures that we’ll treasure forever, but it was awesome to leave my camera behind and truly be in the moment. Plus, there were a lot more candid shots than I would have gotten, too. Without further ado, William’s Baby Red Carpet Event | First Birthday Party –

1 year old

William is ONE!  Big thanks to Stephanie for setting up the red carpet, so all the celebrity babies could have their pictures taken by the paparazzi and their parents.

first birthday

Happy baby, happy momma.

hair brushed

Those eyes though!

getting dressed

Getting dressed.

getting dressed1

Adorable outfit from Janie & Jack.


Custom birthday sign that we’ll use every year handmade by a dear friend. Birthday board from Board and Loving It.

mom dad

Big thanks to my mom and dad for hosting William’s first birthday bash!


My mom did EVERYTHING for the party.  All the decorations, organization, planning, baking, etc. She’s amazing. William loves his Yaya.

birthday hats

Every party needs party hats! My sister made these labels (they also went on the party favor bags) and my mom got party hats and attached these.

1st birthday cake

A Star is Born! Theme of William’s life.

partyfavor bags

Party favor bags aka SWAG BAGS.

birdseye view

So many babies. So much fun!


music time

Music was the entertainment, and Katie did a great job! She brought tons of instruments, and all the kids were so engaged! St. Louis friends, if you need someone, she’s awesome! Email me for details.



Being one is hard work! Getting sleepy from all the excitement.

cake smile

First time having cake!

cake mmm

cake on floor

The plate is more fun to play with than the cake!

pops giving cake

Pops wanting William to taste the good stuff!

red carpet


first birthday party group

babiators shoot

Rockin’ the Babiators. Get 30% off with code ItzLinz30OFF during the month of June!

birthday kisses

Happy birthday, baby William!

The Next Chipotle Race

The Next Chipotle Race is the Go! St. Louis All American 5K and Fun Run on June 21, 2015 – I’m running & Chipotle is sponsoring me! Sign up to run with me!  My sister Stephanie is running with me and she’s American flag obsessed, so I’m thinking we’ll be putting together some fun outfits for this All American 5K!

Unlike the last race we ran, this course is supposed to be mostly flat and downhill and perfect to PR on. Not only that, but this All American race is complete with apple pie and ice cream.  Oh yes!  You know I love a good post-race treat! So, St. Louis friends, who will sign up to run with us? Would love to see you out there!

steph linz july 4th

Really old throwback picture – closest thing I could find of us in anything red, white, and blue! We need to start working on our race day outfits! Clearly the bikinis won’t cut it!

I know this girl will be the other Chipotle-runner at the race, too!

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In healthy deals news, you can save 20% on Skoop superfood blends and plant-based protein for the whole month of June! Fuel yourself up right for a super summer. Enter code ‘BAG20’ at checkout to apply the discount. (A-Game greens are my daily favorite!)

In baby news, my poor William has another ear infection!

On top of his molars coming in, now his poor little ear is infected!  Sleep has been rough, so he’s been needing some extra momma snuggles. While nights have been harder, he is still his same happy self during the day…

…raccoon jammies and all! We like to stay in our pjs all day in the summer. No shame.

And on this lovely Friday, I’ll leave you with one last photo – me and my mini-me (Audrey Rose, my niece) who insisted we do “this” for our picture:

Threenager, for sure.

Talk to me! What are you up to this weekend? Any upcoming races?

How to NOT be a Germaphobe Mom | Huggies Wipes

William turned 14 months yesterday! The boy just keeps growing, learning, exploring, and showing his personality! Especially with it being summer, we’ve been out and about more and more. I’ve been thinking about How to NOT be a Germaphobe Mom | Huggies Wipes to the rescue! Germs are everywhere. Germs are gross. I don’t want them on William, but he doesn’t understand that. Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes*. When William was a teeny tiny baby, it was easy to keep germs off him. I simply wore him when we were out and about, and he didn’t come in contact with anything other than me. Now… he’s all over the place! We’ve been loving taking classes at a baby gym. They’re fantastic! However, I’m sure they are filled with germs. So many babies, so many germs. As clean as the facilities keep them, they can’t possibly wipe down every single thing between babies.  And if you know anything about one-year-old(ish)s, then you know everything goes in their mouths. Double yuck.

So what’s a mom who doesn’t want to be a germaphobe mom do about it? Not let your baby do or touch anything? Not so much. I do want William to grow, develop, and flourish! I’ve got to let him explore!

Oh hello there! I’m trying not to think about the germs he’s touching, or how those little hands will make their way into his mouth despite my best efforts to prevent that.

Before we leave the gym, I give William’s hands and feet a good wipe down with Huggies Triple Clean wipes. I use Huggies Natural Care because said hands go into his mouth way too often, so the less chemicals the better!

Ok, so How to NOT be a Germaphobe Mom | Huggies Wipes – WIPE EVERYTHING DOWN ALL THE TIME! That doesn’t sound much like a non-germaphobe, eh? Let me elaborate. Obviously you cannot wipe down hands, feet, and toys every two seconds. So when your baby is finished playing, that’s when you wipe him down! Wipes should never replace real soap and water, but a sink is not always available. For instance, after our baby gym classes, before we get into the car, before I give William his binky, before he touches anything else basically, I wipe down his hands and his feet.

And then sometimes he won’t let go of the Huggies container…

Another time I use Huggies Triple Clean wipes is after play dates.  I LOVE hosting play dates at my house.  I love visiting with my friends, seeing the babies interact and play, and I even love when my living room becomes a disaster zone of toys, babies, and drool.  I love it.  When everyone leaves and William goes down for a nap (after getting his hands washed), I go to work.


That’s not even that bad! Look how many toys are still on the shelf! Sometimes they ALL get thrown off – signs of a good play date!

While my friends try to insist they help clean up, I always tell them there is no point because I’m going to wipe everything down anyway.  It’s not that I think my friends’ babies are dirty; I really don’t. It’s just that everyone has germs and I want to do my best to minimize them for baby William in order to prevent illnesses as much as I can. Since Huggies wipes are safe for kids, I clean his toys after playtime knowing that I’m not exposing him to harmful chemicals.  Clean play area, clean toys, bye bye germs!

So as much as my insides are screaming at me to be that germaphobe mom, Huggies is helping me keep my cool and NOT be that germaphobe mom. After all, this is only the beginning. Who only knows what kind of messes William will get into in the coming years… I just want to keep that cute little face (and hands and feet and body…) clean!

Alright moms, I know YOU use wipes for more than just diaper changes – what do you use wipes for? How do YOU keep your little ones clean?

caption this

Truth: I snack waaaaaaay more during the summer. Like all day. My snacks go unphotographed because it’s usually a bite here, a bite there, a handful of this, a handful of that, etc. etc. Some days I don’t even plate a proper meal. But I did scrounge up a few photos for today’s WIAW post merely featuring breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert (and a hilarious picture at the end that you MUST comment on and caption!).

// breakfast //

What is it? A flatout wrap with two scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil, steamed spinach, cherry tomatoes, plain Greek yogurt, and nutritional yeast. BAM! That’s a healthy, protein packed breakfast right there! That wrap has 12 grams of protein alone! Not to mention the protein from the WHOLE eggs (get off the egg white train, friends!) and the Greek yogurt. Nutritional yeast has a cheese-like taste and contains a ton of the vitamin B12. I get mine from the bulk section of Whole Foods Market.

// lunch //

egg veggie quinoa lentil muffins

What is it? I made a batch of these quinoa egg veggie muffins and added spinach and lentils because that’s what I had in my fridge. These muffins are so versatile and can be eaten as a meal or grab and go snacks. They’re easy to modify, too, with whatever vegetables (or legumes) you have on hand.

// dinner //


What is it? Mahi mahi, charbroiled salmon, shrimp, and a corn muffin. My parents ate at Gulf Shores (a cajun and seafood restaurant) last night and brought me this for dinner! I have never eaten there before, but they raved about it, and this was delicious. This is the “mixed grill” and it comes with two sides. I chose the mixed vegetables and red beans and rice which were crazy spicy!

// dessert //

seasalt caramel

What is it? Yasso frozen Greek yogurt sea salt caramel bars. Yasso sent me some coupons to try their new flavors, and I noticed the Fresh Market by my house had sea salt caramel. These bars are AWESOME and satisfy a sweet craving while not busting your pants either. They are just 100 calories, but I like that they are not super tiny like other 100-calorie treats. Sea salt caramel is fantastic, but I really want to find chocolate chip cookie dough! And they just came out with the first ever frozen Greek yogurt candy bars: sea salt caramel and toffee crunch. Sounds amazing! Must find.


Let me give the backstory real quick. So last night I met my friend Julie at Menchie’s for frozen yogurt with our two baby boys.  Both our babies have longer, curly hair, and we always joke that we need some way to keep it out of their faces. (A man bun, perhaps?) Well, I found these headbands for baby boys, called Warrior Bands, from Kindred Oak and ordered them for the boys. We wanted to get a picture with both of them in the bands, but it was difficult to do so. This is the best we got, but thought it was hilarious:

Julie posted it on Facebook last night and there were hysterical comments, and I posted it on Instagram asking for people to caption it. Some of the responses:

  • Karate chop! Ice cream eating contest!
  • Dude, after this carb load sesh we’re totally doing a squat-off.
  • Mom, this kid is so messy!
  • Thought you said this wasn’t amateur hour…
  • Ahhh, is this really happening right now?
  • That’s right. Recovery fuel is essential!

I’m literally laughing as the captions keep coming in.

So, please, humor me more. Caption that photo.

Emotional Intelligence Game for Kids

A few months ago I received an email asking me to review a new Emotional Intelligence Game for Kids called Q’s Race to the Top. Since I frequently have my nephews and my niece sleep over, I thought this could be a fun game for us to play, while at the same time being educational.  A double win for this teacher-auntie!  When Jacob and Audrey slept over the other day, we finally broke open the package.  I was very impressed with the game from a teacher’s and a parent’s standpoint.

Jacob reading the directions, while Audrey fixes the stuffed monkey’s clothes. Typical.

What is Q’s Race to the Top? It’s a board game that promotes good behavior, appropriate social skills, and physical coordination in a fun way for children. It’s recommended for kids ages three and up, but personally, I think three is a little young. My niece Audrey is three and she was more interested in playing with the stuffed monkey, Q. But maybe that’s just her… 😉

Jacob, on the other hand, is six years old and just finished his kindergarten year. He was the perfect age for this game! He could read the questions, was excited to play, and really thought about his answers. And of course, he loved the physical component!

With a growing body of research showing that improved EQ (or emotional) skills in children lead to better behavior and academic scores and are likely to lead to life success in career, relationships, health and happiness – EQtainment founder, Harvard-educated mother of 3 and TV personality Sofia Dickens has made it her mission to make this philosophy accessible to moms all over the country.

How do you play Q’s Race to the Top? It’s a board game that reminds me a little of Chutes and Ladders with how it’s set up. You “race” to the top by traveling on a path, sometimes jumping ahead on the ladders. There are four game pieces, little monkeys, a dice, and three stacks of cards.  You roll the dice, move your monkey, and whatever color spot you land on, is the color of the card you choose.  There are three categories for the cards: You, Do, and Q.

You Cards are questions about you. These questions are designed for practicing manners and positive behavior, creative thinking, feeling identification and verbalization, communication skills, and self-awareness.

Do Cards may just look like silly actions, but studies show that in order to develop mental and emotional self-control, two of the most important components of EQ, children must first learn to control their arms and legs through balance and coordination. Do Cards are made for practicing teamwork, self-control, coordination, balance, and feeling identification.

Q Cards allow you to advise Q on what he should do in different social scenarios with family, friends, and neighbors. These questions are carefully crafted for practicing social awareness and social skills, managing emotions, manners and positive behavior, coping skills, and a positive attitude.


I liked the questions and the “do” cards so much that I will be bringing this game to my fourth grade classroom in August when school starts again. We may not actually play the game, but I will use the cards for brain breaks and to lead our class meetings and discussions.  Here’s a few questions from each category so you can get a better feel:

You Cards:

  • What are some good ways to calm down when you’re mad or feeling frustrated?
  • What does it mean to be brave? Are you brave? Give an example.
  • An adventure is when you go out and try something different and exciting. What kind of adventure would you like to go on?

Do Cards:

  • Tip-toe across the entire room without making a sound – no floors creaking, no carpet whooshing, no shoes tapping on the floor. You may need to creep slowly!
  • Count how many seconds you can stand on your heels.
  • Do a bear crawl (crawling forward on your hands and feet) across the room. Now try it backwards.

Q Cards:

  • Q is sometimes grouchy when he wakes up from his nap or when he doesn’t get his way. What are some ways to stop being a grouch?
  • Q has a hard time falling asleep because he has so many things to think about. What can you tell Q about how to fall asleep?
  • In a neighborhood soccer game, Q scored on his own team’s goal by mistake. How would you have felt if you were Q, scoring on the wrong goal?

Like I said before, I will be bringing this to my classroom which will be great. There are many ways to use the cards in the classroom. We can use them in a class meeting and have all the students answer the question, pick a select few students to answer, have students turn and talk about the question, or ask students to write about their answers. I think this is an excellent game for parents of young children; it would make a wonderful gift, as well! You can purchase the game, the monkey Q, an on-the-go pack of cards, a storybook with CD, or a coloring book online or at Target.

Parents / Teachers – how do you promote emotional intelligence?

Triathlon Tips

I had a good weekend starting to train for my triathlon!  It’s a sprint triathlon, so I know I’ll be able to endure the distances. Now I want to work on my speed. Since I don’t always have time to train two sports in one day, sometimes I will choose to train longer distances for one sport.  That’s what I did this weekend.

Seven mile run on Friday…

7 miles

…that was actually really tough! My Garmin shows a 9:55 pace, but I ran on a main road, so I had to pause occasionally when I got stuck at a red light. I’m not going to lie, I welcomed those few short moments!

Linking up with Katie and Erin.

On Saturday, I went for a 15 mile bike ride!  This was my first time biking on the road in a few years, so I went with my friend Andy.  I was reaaaaally slow on the uphills, and will definitely have to work on them.  I kind of hate biking, but am trying to stay positive.


I’m not following a training plan for this race because my training will depend on when I can have William watched. I hope to train each sport at least once a week, along with a BodyPump class or some type of weightlifting. Something I love about the Tour de Kirkwood triathlon is that while they do score and time the event, they don’t have awards in the traditional sense. “Everyone who participates wins.”  They pride themselves on having a positive, safe, athlete friendly environment. That being said, I do still want to improve my time from my last triathlon, so I will do my best with training!

Since I’m still very much a newbie to the sport, I reached out to my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors for some tips.  They cover a wide range of topics:

Looking for something specific? Check out the first two posts as they are broken down into more individualized categories; I’m sure you can find what you’re looking for!

As for William? He’s doing his own training…

For what? I’m not quite sure. But that kid is all over the place. Never stops moving – just like his momma!  Future athlete in the making!

Have you ever done a triathlon? If not, what’s stopping you?! If yes, what’s your #1 tip you can give to a newbie?

stupid molars

Another week of my summer break has just about passed. We are making the most of it, and [mostly] loving every second!  Except there are these two stupid molars that have viciously begun cutting their way into baby William’s mouth.  I cannot imagine how painful cutting teeth is, let alone molars. On top of it, William was running a fever all day on Wednesday. Poor baby. He definitely needed lots of extra snuggles from his momma…

…which I didn’t mind. I did mind, however, the lack of sleep we have both been getting.  Here’s to hoping that changes soon!  A few other snapshots from the week:

BODYPUMP! I attended my second BodyPump class recently.  I went several years ago when Annette was teaching in St. Louis, but my old gym didn’t offer BP. My new gym does, and I foresee this being a weekly thing. Both times have left me SO sore the following few days.

I love it!  I’ll have to figure out what my new training program will be with my upcoming triathlon, but I do want to continue to lift weights as I feel like it’s important with any and all training. Even if I just go once a week (and swim, bike, or run other days), that will be worthwhile and helpful.

On Tuesday, William had his play date with his girlfriends, and on Monday it was just the boys.  They sure will be troublemakers some day… Just look at those faces!

They played well together. Only a few thrown or stolen toys, bops on the head, and shared drool for all. Eh, I’m sure they will get into much grosser things in the years to come, am I right, boy-moms?

Linking up with Claire today!

Yesterday, I attended a short workshop for my school.  What’s one way to make workshops better for teachers in the summer (or anytime)? Bring treats, of course!

skinnypop izze

I brought a bag of my SkinnyPop (I thought I could share one of my 24 bags…) and a couple four-packs of Izze.  I was recently sent some free coupons to try Izze, so I picked some up on the way to the workshop for my co-workers and I to enjoy.  I texted my friend Nichole with a list of the flavors without telling her what it was for. She chose peach and blueberry – both very good choices. (I couldn’t decide as ALL eight flavors sounded great!)

Those of you unfamiliar (as I was before yesterday), Izze is a sparkling fruit beverage with no added sugar and no preservatives.  They were created based on the sophisticated, all-natural sodas common in Europe; and the founders, Todd and Greg, decided it was time to bring that sparkling drink to America.

As you know, I’m not a huge soda drinker.  Too much carbonation hurts my throat. Izze is perfect. There’s not too much carbonation and the sweet flavor hits the spot. These would be perfect as mixers before a girls night out. I’ll need to stock up on a few to keep at my house!

Nichole and I before the workshop began sipping on our Izzes.

What have YOU been up to this week?

Time to Tri Again

Back in 2011, I completed my first and only triathlon.  It was a sprint triathlon meaning the distances were short (and manageable, in my opinion!).  Now, four years later as I have restarted my running journey and upped my game with working out, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be racing this same sprint triathlon again this summer!  For all my St. Louis friends, it’s the 2015 Tour de Kirkwood Triathlon on Sunday, July 26th, and it’s a GREAT race! It’s perfect for first timers and seasoned athletes alike.

Why is this race so great for anybody who wants to tri? The distances and the swim.

The distances are as follows:

  • Swim: 400 yards
  • Bike: 10 miles
  • Run: 3 miles

The swim is in a pool (serpentine style) which is a big deal as most triathlons are in open water which kind of terrifies me. Eventually I would like to get there, but as a triathlon newbie, the pool swim is very appealing!

Big Shark is a local bicycle company and is hosting the triathlon and sponsoring me.  They have four locations in St. Louis and are a wealth of knowledge about all of your biking and triathlon needs. They hold classes and clinics and even have bikes, race wheels, travel cases, and wetsuits available to rent! Big Shark has bicycling and triathlon teams and truly are the go-to spot in St. Louis.

When I trained for this triathlon four years ago, I focused on swimming. I knew I could run and bike the distances, but swimming is one sport where I had never learned proper technique. I took swimming lessons to learn correct stroke and practiced several times a week.  I was the least confident in swimming, but surprised myself with how I did. I dug up some photos from four years ago.

Getting all set up, not really knowing what I was in for!

tri start

Not going to lie, I felt pretty cool getting numbers written on me.  It’s probably comparable to runners getting their first bib. Race official!

I wore a Reebok swim suit; the top was like a sports bra, so all I had to do was throw a tank top on. I’ll need to figure something else out for this year though since I’m post-baby and still nursing… Any race tops, tri suits, or swim suits you recommend?

Waiting in line for the swim:

tri swim

Attractive outfit, eh? 😉 I bought a pair of triathlon shorts which have light padding in the butt for biking, but less bulky than straight biker shorts. They’re really hot.

Since the swim is serpentine style, you line up by what time you think you will finish.  When I first started swimming lessons, I could literally barely make it one length of the pool without stopping. Swimming is HARD! I am proud to say that by the end, I could swim the entire 400 yards without stopping! Serpentine swimming means you swim up one side of the pool, then down the other, and continue moving lanes of the pool until you get to the other end. If you need to pass somebody, you simply touch their ankle and quickly pass.  I passed quite a few people which made me happy since I had underestimated how fast (for me) I would be!

Preparing for the bike portion:

tri bike

Since this was my first triathlon, I took my sweet time in transitions. Transitions are typically a time where you want to move as fast as possible to minimize time, but my goal for the event was merely to finish!  From the swim, I threw on a tank top, socks, shoes, gloves, helmet, and glasses.

Off I go for the final leg of the course, the run:

tri run

Switched shoes and swapped my by helmet for a visor. Finished and I remembered thinking that I would definitely have to do it again.  Four years later, and it’s finally happening!  My goal for this triathlon is to simply meet my times from the first one.

My 2011 Sprint Triathlon Results:

  • Swim Time: 11:16
  • Swim Pace: 2:49
  • Tran 1: (this was left blank – I don’t know why)
  • Bike Time: 53:49
  • Bike Rate: 13.4
  • Tran 2: 2:33
  • Run Time: 31:52
  • Run Pace: 10:38
  • Finish Time: 1:39:30

And I was still smiling at the end…

tri end

Have you ever done a triathlon? If yes, what tips can you give me for improvement? If not, do you have any desire to?

Team SkinnyPop

Have you ever had 24 full size bags of SkinnyPop delivered to your door all at one time?  That happened to be yesterday, and I was beyond excited to see the two massive boxes waiting for me.

Sorry, baby. Not for you. #moreformomma

Needless to say… I ate SkinnyPop all day long.


Well, I did have some other food, but it was a pretty snacky day.

I started the day (before SkinnyPop arrived) with a healthy Strawberry Smoothie.

It was full of good stuff: 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup milk, 1 tbsp hemp seeds, 1 tbsp flax seeds, 1 tsp maple syrup, 1 scoop A-Game greens. Cold, thick, and delicious.

I hosted a small play date yesterday with my two good friends Diana and Rachel and their babies Emily and Carly.  Many more of these to come, especially this summer!

Do you see baby Emily holding William’s hand? Don’t be jealous, Carly…

It’s funny to see the babies interact now.  Emily is still pretty young, but William and Carly LOVE playing with each other.  They are just waiting for Emily to get a liiiittle older as they were definitely interested in her as they tried to poke her eyes and bite her feet.

They came over in the morning, so I set out a nice little brunch for all of us.

Watermelon, blueberry muffins, banana bread, Blue Diamond sea salt almonds, chocolate chip banana bread, and an egg and cheese biscuit casserole.  I had some when the girls were over, when they left, and throughout the day.  This served as my brunch, lunch, and snacks.  I have totally been loving on watermelon lately.  I’m not a huge fan of cutting it, but the few minutes it takes is definitely worth it, especially with the large quantity of fruit it provides. Anyone else loving on watermelon this summer?

One more photo cuteness from the play date:

William and Carly pretending to sleep.

They’re at such a fun age where they actually follow the directions (sometimes) of short commands.  And they both copy each other.  Carly put a basket on her head and William thought it was the funniest thing ever. Then, he proceeded to do it multiple times later in the day.  Silly babies.

Linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday.

More snackage included a million and one handfuls of SkinnyPop. No joke.


Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

At least it’s healthy, right? I’m now part of #TeamSkinnyPop, so lots and lots and lots and lots of SkinnyPop will be poppin’ (ha!) up around here. They are most known for “NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING” in their popcorn. Most notably, SkinnyPop is cholesterol free, zero trans fat, dairy free, peanut free, tree nut free, gluten free, preservative free, non gmo, and a good source of fiber. The four flavors include: Original, Black Pepper, White Cheddar, and Naturally Sweet. Right now, the white cheddar is stealing my heart (but I can always eat the original!); I do need to get my hands on that naturally sweet flavor. I haven’t tried that yet, and know it would be fantastic.

With all the snacking I did ALL.DAY.LONG. (seriously), I decided it would be a good idea to get some veggies in for dinner.  And that I did.

flatout wrap

What is this beautiful creation, you ask. (Oh you didn’t? I’ll tell you anyway.)  I used a Flatout ProteinUP wrap and loaded it up with tomatoes, cucumbers, lentils, hummus, and red peppers.  Then, I topped it all with Parmesan cheese and heated it in the oven for a few minutes before rolling it up.  As I was eating it, I was quite pleased with my creation.  But then I remembered I meant to add avocado to it. Argh, that would have made it even better. Boo. It was good as it was, and kept me full longer than I anticipated. (The ProteinUP wrap has 12 grams of protein in it alone! Not to mention the hummus, lentils, and cheese!)

As I sit here and blog its Tuesday evening.  I’m munching away on SkinnyPop because… well, I can always eat SkinnyPop, hungry or not. Not the best habit to get into, but it’s just SO GOOD. Ok, time to stop, sign off, put away the SkinnyPop, and head to bed.

Which #TeamSkinnyPop flavor are you: Original, Black Pepper, White Cheddar, or Naturally Sweet?


Well that was a fun weekend!  Now that I’m on summer break, I feel like every day is the weekend, and I’m definitely ok with that.  Regardless, it still was the weekend, so let’s recap because it sure was a fun one.  It started with me getting my makeup done by Emily Miller Makeup & Hair.  She needed a “model,” and since it’s summer and I have a flexible schedule, I was able to go.  Not to mention that I absolutely LOVE getting my makeup done; plus, I had an event to attend at night, so the timing was perfect!

I love love love wearing fake eyelashes!  They make me feel so glam. I wish I could do my makeup, especially my eyes, half as good as Emily did!

Emily rocks!  She does airbrush makeup, so even though I had it put on at nine o’clock in the morning, it was still pretty much perfect twelve hours later!  If you’re in St. Louis and in need of a makeup artist, I highly recommend Emily! She’s the best!

Friday evening I went to the #WeHeartSTL party put on by Alive Magazine with my friends Caitlin and Stephanie.

There was a photo booth with props that we had to take advantage of:


There were a few food vendors.

weheartstl food

  • Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza from Pi Pizzeria: they use cornmeal to make their deep dish crust. I’m not usually a deep dish kind of girl, but Pi never disappoints.
  • Salmon Chips by Three Sixty: these had quite a kick to them! Three Sixty is a cool rooftop bar in downtown St. Louis.
  • Roasted Beet Hummus, Edamame with Summer Squash Chip by Hiro: these bites were AMAZING and my favorite of the food!
  • Toffee Butter Brickle by Clementine’s: they had four flavors there, but this sounded the best to me. Clementine’s is St. Louis’ first microcreamery. They use local ingredients and have “naughty or nice” flavors.

It was a fun girls night out!

Saturday was pretty low key.  William did some work on his tool bench.

He makes his Pops so proud!  Pops will have to teach him how to really use the tools because this momma only knows the basics. Pops can fix anything (and he does).

William and I went to dinner with Poppy on Saturday evening.

I don’t take William out to eat often, so I was a little nervous, but he did great.  Poppy helped keep him occupied and entertained.  When William would let out a loud shriek, Poppy would follow suit resulting in endless giggles from William. He thinks his great-grandpa Poppy is sooooo funny!

Linking up with Katie and Erin!

The following night we went to my other grandparents’ for dinner.  William sat with Uncle Jason as they both intently watched Papa give Jackson a pool lesson.

William is mesmerized with anything having to do with balls: watching them, but especially throwing and catching them.  Following the pool lesson, Mama set William on the pool table, just as she has done with every other one of her great grandchildren.

She tried teaching William how to roll a ball on the table, but he thought it was way funnier to throw the balls off the table. He was belly laughing each time a ball thumped on the ground.  Our other cousins came over, too, so William was worn out by the end of the night!

We ended the weekend with bath time for baby William. As usual, I made the photo black and white because black and white bath pictures are just the best.

What’d you do this weekend?