eating on the weekend vs. the week day

How ’bout them Cards?!?!  Always an exciting post season with them and this year is no different!  We bleed red in St. Louis and the whole town goes crazy this time of year.  Itz no secret that we are the best fans in baseball, and for good reason, too!  And how ’bout this little guy?

william cardinals

Oh yes, baby.

Alright, so itz Wednesday which means itz WIAW over at Peas and Crayons.   This week’s topic is eating on the weekend vs. the week day.  Do you eat differently?  I do, for sure.  Last week’s WIAW was a pretty accurate picture of my week day meals.  Fast and easy and sometimes unphotographed.  On the weekend, I have much more time to actually prepare some food.  When that happens, it sets me up nicely for the week, too, so itz not just PB&J everyday for lunch.

Breakfast is the one meal that I actually do take time to prepare each day, weekends and week days alike.  I need breakfast.  And itz not called the most important meal of the day for nothin’!  But really, I need to have a substantial breakfast, and cooking a couple eggs in the morning takes no time.  I’ve still been loving my egg-sandwiches.


I cook two eggs in coconut oil, toast an English muffin, and spread jam all over for my eggwich.  Over the weekend, I bought a package of  Thomas’ Light Multi-Grain English muffins to switch things up, and I’m very impressed!  These guys pack in 100 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fiber!  Way better than regular bread!

On Sunday I made Buffalo Chicken Soup.  I followed the recipe, and added in corn and quinoa.  Then, I topped it with blue cheese crumbles, and made a batch of corn muffins for the side.  Absolutely delicious.

buffalo chicken soup

It made a huge batch, so I’ve actually been taking it to school for lunch this week.  Since I pump during lunch, I don’t have time to heat it up.  I eat it cold on top of shredded lettuce and plain Greek yogurt mixed in.  It turns out not to be soup anymore, but it’s still really good, light, spicy, and very filling.

Jonny made this Crock Pot Lasagna that we’ve been loving lately.  That, too, made a large amount, so our fridge has been nicely stocked this week!


The lasagna is super simple to make and is made with whole wheat noodles, cottage cheese, turkey meat, a little mozzarella, spinach, and red sauce.

Itz really amazing how far a little food prep goes for the week.  This was the first time I’d cooked in quite some time, and it felt good.  I do love cooking, but it has definitely taken a backseat among all the craziness lately.

There’s been no shortage of dessert; I just haven’t been taking pictures of all the sweets I’ve been eating.  Most recently itz been cream cheese brownies with triple berry jam baked in.  Mmm.

How about you? Do you eat differently on the weekends compared to the week days?

5 Fall Favorites

Hi!  Since Fall is officially here, I’m sharing my 5 Fall Favorites.

1.  Outdoor walks.

walk babywearing oct14

You all know by know that I love, love, love taking walks outdoors (especially while babywearing William!).  While itz great when the temperature is warm, itz not so great almost sweating to death.  Plus, babywearing adds an extra layer of hotness, so since fall brings cooler temperatures, William and I are both loving that.

2.  Apple orchards and pumpkin patches.

apple picking

We already went apple picking once, and now we’ve got to make it to the pumpkin patch.  And you better believe I’ll take the obligatory “baby sitting with pumpkins” picture!  (Or, more than likely, SCP will take that picture… haha)

3.  Eating and drinking pumpkin.

pumpkin pie oatmeal

pumpkin pie oatmeal

Now, I’m not one of those people who live and breathe everything OMGPUMPKIN during this time of year.  However, I definitely do enjoy the taste and getting creative with recipes (pumpkin pie smoothie), or indulging in classic favorites like pumpkin pie or a pumpkin spice latte.

4.  Wearing boots and oversized sweaters.

william yom kippur

I couldn’t find a picture of me in boots and oversized sweaters, but rest assured, I do wear/live in them when the colder weather comes.  Instead, you get to see Wiliam in his oversized too big sweater.  I should get him some boots.  How cute would that be?!

Random question: Has anybody ever heard of or used  Apparently itz a marketplace to buy and sell gift cards at discounted rates.  Maybe I should look to snap some to go shopping for some new fall essentials.  My wardrobe could definitely use a makeover.  And William can always use new clothes… :)

5. Cardinal Nation!  Let’s face it: this is a fall favorite since the Cardinals are always in the playoffs!  Last night Jason, Phil, Steph, & I brought home a winner!  #PostSeason

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Best fans in the history of baseball – GO CARDS!

What’s on your 5 Fall Favorites list?

Fall Arrived in St. Louis

Well, fall has officially arrived.  Even though it really came two weeks ago, cooler (COLD) temperatures hit St. Louis over the weekend.  We’re talking temps in the forties.  Friday was when it dropped, and over the night our house went down to sixty-seven degrees. Brr! I turned the heat on for Saturday night because I didn’t want William to be cold.  And then on Sunday it was seventy degrees.  Hello, St. Louis!

I went to my sister’s house on Friday right after school as we were all planning to go watch my nephew Jacob play in his soccer game.  This was last minute, so I didn’t have warm enough clothes for William.  Luckily Stephanie saved everything from Jacob, and had the cutest things ever, so William was taken care of.

bundled up

Bundled up and adorable as ever.

Note: That Indiana hat is from when my little brother Justin graduated from college.  We’re not really Hoosier fans! ;-) Mizzou and Miami all the way over here!

For the record, Jacob’s team won 10-3 and he scored four goals.  Stud.

When we got home, I put William on his changing table for a clean diaper and pajamas.  His hat hair, giggles, and feet grabbing were cracking me up.

happy grabbing feet

Yes, that’s a Burberry sweater he’s wearing.  I told you Stephanie had the best clothes for Jacob!  They only get better as he got older, too.  William is a lucky dude!

Saturday was Yom Kippur.  Yom Kippur is always ten days after Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and is the Day of Atonement.  Most Jewish people fast to repent for their sins, but that didn’t happen for this breastfeeding momma or hungry baby (obviously).  We did, however, attend children’s services.  William loved looking all around and listening to the music!

william yom kippur

Stephanie got William this gorgeous sweater from Yellow House Knits. Warm & cozy!

My nephew Jackson joined us at services with my brother Jason.


We had time to take photos before since we had the time wrong and arrived thirty minutes early.  Better than late as we usually are, I suppose.

Steph’s family had gone to temple earlier in the day.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Nice, fall clothes for temple.

Following services, we went to Stephanie’s house for break the fast (dinner).  She had quite a spread, and nobody went hungry.  As always, it was marvelous to spend time with my family.  Linking up with Healthy Diva for Marvelous in my Monday!

Audrey, my mini-me, was more than happy that we joined them for dinner.  Apparently she let out an excited shriek when we pulled up to their house. I wanted to wrap William at one point in the evening, so I asked Audrey if she wanted to come to the car with me to get the wrap.  Of course she said yes since she’s always attached to my hip which I love.  I asked her if she wanted me to carry her or if she wanted to find shoes to wear.  She found her brown boots to wear… just like Lindsay!  Haha.

Anyway, so once I got William wrapped up… Audrey needed to wrap her baby!

aud babywearing

We love babywearing!

Audrey wouldn’t let Stephanie wrap her baby – only me!  Then, when it was time to put William in his pajamas, she found matching ones to wear.  And by matching, I mean both kiddies had white on their footed sleepers.  Too cute.  I love them.

What did you do this weekend?  Does it feel like fall where you live?

cute snapshots

With a title of “cute snapshots,” you just know what this post will include: lots and lots and lots of baby William.  Five pictures of pure adorableness which is why I’m linking up with Clare’s Five Things Friday.  Let’s get started.

Here’s the picture I promised you of William in the apple orchard.

william 6months

photo taken by the one and only Stephanie Cotta Photography

It was William’s first time apple picking and his first Rosh Hashanah.  Definitely a special day, and, like always, he’s was a happy guy!

On Monday, Audrey Rose turned three years old, so all of us went over to celebrate.  I love, love, love that these cousins get to grow up with each other.


They’re just the best of friends.

William still hasn’t figured out this whole sleeping thing.  Ever since he hit the four month sleep regression, he’s never gone back to being a good sleeper.  Not only is he still waking up every couple of hours throughout the night, but he’s taking a lot longer to get to sleep, too.  I put him down when he’s drowsy, almost asleep, like I’m “supposed” to, but then he wakes back up and wants to play!

not sleeping

And it’s hard to resist that face, those cheeks, those eyes, and that smile!

Stephanie watched William all day earlier this week, so when I got off work, I went over to return the favor as she left for a photo shoot.  William and I are always happy to hang out with Jacob and Audrey!

tummytime cousins

Tummy time for the cousins!

Last night as I gave William a bath, I couldn’t help but whip out my camera (aka phone) as he just looked so darn cute in the tub (aka sink).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

How amazing are those rolls and that belly and that smile and that face?  I just love him!

That’s all the cuteness for today.  Go have a wonderful Friday and weekend! xo

toes for dinner

Hi, how about a WIAW post with Peas and Crayons on the first day of October?  Yeah?  Great, well let’s get right to it!

Apparently Monday was National Coffee Day, so I made sure to participate with this cute mug I found in our teacher’s lounge at school.


It was actually delicious Coffe-mate Peppermint Mocha creamer with a splash of coffee. I don’t have coffee regularly, but when I do, flavored creamer is a must.

Breakfast was a typical egg sandwich, though I spread guacamole on it instead of my usual jelly.  Can’t ever go wrong with anything avocado…


With a side of fresh strawberries.

Since I’ve been pressed for time this week, lunches have been peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with cinnamon.  (Eaten while pumping explains the terrible picture.)


I’ve also been digging Musselman’s applesauce.  I won a giveaway from Annette, and these big cups have been great for a side.

As much as I love PB&J’s, they just don’t have the staying power as a more substantial meal and I end up eating a million snacks.  I’ve been busy running around, so I didn’t photograph any, but snacks yesterday included a KIND bar, an apple, a kiwi, cheeze-its, turkey slices, and chips with cheese sauce.  My sister Stephanie watched baby William yesterday, and then I watched her kids for little bit after school, so then I snacked my way through dinner at their house, too.

I did enjoy a cupcake and ice cream for dessert with Jacob and Audrey.  I let them scoop their own ice cream out of the big container and they thought I was the coolest person ever. #dessertwithlinzforthewin

Since I didn’t take any pictures of food for dinner or dessert, I thought I’d show you what William had instead.

william toes

Toesies!  William has been very into his feet lately, and recently they’ve found their way to his mouth.  He was cracking me up last night as he was literally sucking on his toes! Nom nom nom.

What kind of coffee drinker are you? Milk, flavored creamers, black?

10 Inspirational Quotes

Thank you for your kind words yesterday.

Words are powerful.  They have the power to lift you up, or bring you down.  They have the power to put you in a good mood, or put you in a bad mood.  They have the power to hurt you, or make you feel loved.  They have the power to have a positive outlook, or a negative outlook.  Recently I was browsing Pinterest and found 10 inspirational quotes that spoke to me.

Click the images for source and/or to pin.


staying positive…. always


keep believing


a good heart – so important 


i’m ready, baby!


a good reminder


from my friend, danielle. william is my something good!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

true that


yes yes yes



And not a Pinterest find, but my favorite one yet is this last one.  My parents have this canvas hanging in their house at Innsbrook, and itz the best reminder of the importance of family.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

family rules… with a side of baby william

What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

life lately

Oh hey there.  Sorry for the week-long hiatus.  Life lately has been… well, itz not always all sunshine and rainbows, and I’d venture to say that’s the truth for everybody at some point.  It is, however, what you make of the situation, and I’m doing my best to stay positive during this time.  Aaaaaanyway, itz certainly nothing I want to dwell on in this post, so let’s take a peek at the happy times we’ve been having!

Last Thursday was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  Itz custom to eat apples and honey, a sweet way to bring in the new year.  William and I went apple picking with my sister Stephanie and her kiddos, a tradition she began several years ago, and one I’ll hopefully continue with William.  This year, he was more into looking than picking.

apple picking

you can see SCP working her magic in the background – photos to come!

Mornings are always pretty rushed as there’s a lot to do to get myself and William ready for the upcoming day.  Last Friday, I nursed him when he woke up like I always do, but he was extra cuddly and went right back to sleep in my arms.  I took the time to enjoy those sweet baby snuggles.

baby sleep

that face puts me in the best mood!

Friday night I babysat Audrey.  Rather, she babysat William.  She’s the best helper ever, really she is, and yes she’s just three years old (today, actually!).  She loves her baby William so much.


Saturday was beautiful outside, and I’m trying to soak up the sun as much as possible before much cooler temperatures come.  Babywearing is a must for walks, and I think William enjoys the sunshine as much as I do.  Why are babies in hats so stinkin’ cute?

happy walk

We headed out to Innsbrook on Saturday afternoon and had a great time fishing, sitting by the lake, and taking walks.  William hung out in his bumbo.


And those are some marvelous moments from life lately.

What’s been happening in your life lately?

Taste of St. Louis 2014 #tasteofstlouis

Taste of St. Louis 2014 was this past weekend.  This was the first year that it was located in Chesterfield rather than downtown which made it a lot easier to get to than before.  I actually had never been, but because itz new location, I went this year with my mom and baby William.  For those of you not from St Louis, Taste of STL is a three-day festival featuring food from tons of different restaurants, some of which pass out samples and others where you purchase their food, crafts, music, and various activities.  Itz a family friendly event and there was beautiful weather this year!

We parked fairly close and took a short walk to arrive.  Upon crossing a major street, there was a trolley running back and forth dropping people off so they didn’t have to walk as far with the sun low in the sky.


I babywore William the whole time which was perfect.  I didn’t have to worry about pushing a stroller through the crowds, and he was able to look around at everything. The weather was perfect for babywearing – not too hot and not too cold.


William was very content as there was so much to look at!  And several strangers came up to us to take a closer look at William, comment how cute he was, ask how old he was, or just say hi.  People being nice.


look at those chubby cheeks!

Now for the food part, the main event.  While we had samples of many items, here are the highlights:


  • Chicken and Vegetables from Fit Flavors:  Fit Flavors prides themselves on using all natural ingredients, hormone and antibiotic free proteins, and everything is made fresh daily.  They individually package the meals for portion control.  The chicken was juicy and there was a little bite of their dessert “fit turtle” with whey protein, peanut butter, oats, pecans, and a chocolate protein topping.
  • Crispy Meatballs from Basso at the Cheshire:  These included marinara, radicchio agrodolce, and pecorino.  They were flavorful and the sauce was good enough to eat by itself!
  • Dark & Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels from Kakao ChocolateThey said these were their most popular item.  The owner who we spoke to said they buy three different chocolates from all over the world and hand-dip their confections in small batches with all-natural ingredients. Right when I opened our caramels, I dropped them both on the ground… oops.  They kindly gave us another, and we were glad because they were awesome!
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake from Hank’sI’m a dessert girl, and this did not disappoint.  It was served on a chocolate crust which was perfect.  The cheesecake was smooth, creamy, and rich.
  • Cereal Assortment from PostIt was a cereal lover’s dream!  They had many different classic cereals and were passing out trays with small cups of six cereals.  I told you, this was a family friendly event!  Something for everyone.

We also tried Jerk Pork Kabob from The Rice House.  It was messy to eat, but delicious all the same with a little bit of a kick.  There were some samples of burgers and chicken, and we received a couple bottles of Beano’s Wasabi Sandwich Sauce and Smokey Bacon Sandwich Sauce.  The last thing we tried was the Vermont Maple Glazed Jumbo Shrimp from Annie Gunn’s.  Needless to say, we didn’t leave hungry.

After walking around for an hour and a half, William got a little wiggly and I thought he was getting hungry, so I found a semi-private place to try and nurse him.  I turned my back and attempted, but he was so distracted by what was going on behind us that he wouldn’t nurse!  He was wiggling and squirming to get a view of what was going on.  I tried to turn every which way, but there was just too much to see!

not nursing

Silly baby.  Eventually, I wrapped him back up, he slept for the remaining time there, and we headed home.  All in all, it was a fun event with tasty food, and it was a nice evening with my momma and baby!

Does your city host an event like this? What’s the last festival you went to?

Linking up with Katie @ Healthy Diva for Marvelous in my Monday!

be nice to everyone

Be nice to everyone.  Itz a simple concept, but one not everyone has mastered yet, and frankly, I don’t get it.  When I was pregnant and now that I have baby William, people, strangers, have been exceptionally nice to me.  A couple examples I’d like to share with you, in particular:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Now when I grocery shop, I always babywear William.  I hate having him in his carseat longer than I have to, and this way he can look around, too.  Plus, babywearing counts as tummy time and itz good for babies’ head and neck.  But I digress.  So while I grocery shop, obviously I’m also pushing a cart.  Almost every single time when I go up to the checkout counter, the cashier or another employee tells me that they will unload my cart.  Most of the time, I will unload my items with them because there is no reason that I can’t.  (I think there was just one time where I let them do it all.)  So nice.

They also always ask if I need help out to the car.  I do refuse that since I can get out just fine, but one time there was a kind lady behind me in line.  We had been talking about William and kids in general, and when the cashier asked if I needed help out, and I replied no, she said, “I’ll help her out; I’ll be right behind her.”  After she finished checking out her own groceries, she came straight to my car to help me unload the bags before taking my cart.  So nice.

Almost always when I unload my groceries into my car, a stranger or employee will come over and take my cart from me.  There was just one time where I stopped a man to ask if he could grab the case of water I had at the bottom of my cart and put it in my car since that was hard with a baby attached.  Of course, he was more than happy to do it.  So nice.

william 4months5

When I’m out with William, people always talk to me about him.  I already knew he was the cutest, but itz always fun to hear it from others, as well.  This usually also sparks some additional friendly chit chat.  William is a people magnet!

When I was pregnant, it was the same thing.  Strangers were always holding doors for me and asking if I needed help.  One time at the airport, a man demanded I take his seat even though I told him I was fine standing.

So while itz so nice that people are so nice to pregnant ladies and new moms, it got me thinking.  Why aren’t people nice to each other ALL THE TIME?  Really, it’d be so simple.  Sure, the whole buy the person behind you in line breakfast or a coffee or whatever is a kind gesture and a very nice surprise, but the kindness I’m talking about doesn’t cost any money.  Just be nice.  To everyone.  Simple as that.

As we head into this weekend, I challenge you to be nice to a stranger.  Ask if they need help with something, hold a door, smile, whatever.  Be nice.

When is the last time a stranger went out of their way to be nice to you?

Breastfeeding Nutrition

Breastfeeding nutrition is the topic for today.  I’m no expert, but I’ve done my fair share of reading about what to eat for breastfeeding, how to increase supply, etc.  And to say itz worked is an understatement with the oversupply I have!  While itz impossible to pinpoint exactly what has caused my oversupply, I can share a few things that I’m doing that could be contributing to my abundance of milk.


First, I’m eating.  A LOT.  ALL THE TIME.  Itz really because I’m constantly a starving beast, but I know that breastfeeding is definitely not a time to restrict calories.  I also strongly believe itz not a time to restrict carbohydrates or healthy fats.  I’m not saying you should be eating pizza, cheeseburgers, french fries, and ice cream on a regular basis.  I’m just saying to have a healthy balance of it all.  Moderation is key.

Before I became pregnant, I was definitely conscious of the carbs I ate.  Instead of having sandwiches, I’d opt for salads pretty much all the time.  I never eliminated carbs completely, but I definitely reduced my intake of them.  Now, in the morning especially, I need carbs, starchy carbs, to feel satiated, and I get that from egg sandwiches, oatmeal, or cereal.  Healthy fats are another group where I’m eating plenty, mostly in the forms of nuts, nut butters, and avocados.  And ice cream.  In moderation (most of the time).

Oatmeal is a popular breastfeeding food as many people believe it can help with supply.  I don’t eat it everyday, but I do eat it on a regular basis in overnight oats, hot oatmeal, or in some type of banana bread that I make weekly.

Of course, protein is a must.  Eggs, chicken, and turkey are my favorites.  Eggs in the morning if I have five minutes to make them (on two pieces of toast smothered in jam – the best combination!).  Chicken and turkey are also awesome because they’re so versatile.  Chicken salad, grilled chicken, chicken sandwiches, chicken on salad, chicken wraps, you name it.  There are tons of options with turkey, too.  Ground turkey, deli meat turkey, or baked/oven-roasted turkey.  I do like fish (salmon, in particular) and burgers, but itz just not something I cook on a regular basis.

Some people use brewer’s yeast, teas, and supplements to help with supply.  While many women have had a lot of success with these, I’ve never tried them, so I can’t speak to it, though they may be good options for some.

breastfeeding food

The next topic for breastfeeding nutrition is hydration. DRINK WATER!  I keep a water bottle with me all the time.  I try to finish an entire bottle each time I pump, and then I naturally drink a lot of water while I eat, too.  (I always have.)  If, for some reason, I feel like I’m slacking on the water front, or if I feel dehydrated, or simply want to deliciously flavor my water, then I add Cocogo.

Caffeine is kind of a hot topic in regards to breastfeeding as everyone has their own opinion about it.  I avoided it all throughout my pregnancy and for the first four months of breastfeeding.  This is the first month I’ve added it back in, but in very small doses.  Only one cup per day, if that.  And I mean literally one cup.  Not one mug full because those are often huge.  Like eight ounces or less.  Using flavored creamer is a must.  Sometimes I drink coffee just for the creamer.  But if you’re worried about supply or trying to increase supply, my recommendation would be to avoid caffeine (and alcohol).

Speaking of alcohol, I’ve had an adult beverage just a handful of times in these last five months while breastfeeding.  For me, itz just not worth it.  I don’t like worrying if there will be alcohol in my milk, and pumping and dumping is a lot of work.  Nursing is so much easier than bottle feeding, in my opinion.  I save those adult drinks for very special occasions only and drink in moderation.


Not related to nutrition, but still breastfeeding related: I strongly believe that part of the reason I have such huge oversupply is because I started pumping on day two.  I didn’t want to, but I had to due to some latching issues at the beginning.  Because I was determined to exclusively breastfeed, at the beginning I was pumping about ten times a day.  That’s a lot.  I really think that’s what got my milk going in overdrive, pumping so soon and so often.  William was nursing a million times a day, plus I was pumping ten times.  Once we figured out the whole latching thing, I was able to reduce that number of pumping times and now I pump three times a day, or five times a day when I work.

Since I have so much extra milk, we stock our freezer, my parents’ freezer, and my in-laws’ freezer.  I’ve never used my freezer stash since I only use fresh milk right now, so I’ve had to get rid of some breastmilk in order to make room since all those freezers were overflowing.  I learned about Human Milk 4 Human Babies and have donated over 2,000 ounces so far.  Madeline just wrote a great post on Milk Sharing.  Itz definitely worth the read for ladies with extra breastmilk OR moms who want breastmilk for their babies, but can’t produce enough for whatever reason.

My breastfed baby is very happy with my nutrition choices.

william 4 months

Here are additional useful links and recipes in regards to breastfeeding nutrition:

Breastfeeding Mommas: What do you think is important about breastfeeding nutrition?  Any recipes to share?