three year old William

Well, this is it, folks.  The first William update that no longer includes “baby” in the title.  Though clearly he’ll always be my baby William, he’s most certainly a real, little boy now.  He continues to grow, thrive, learn, and develop on a daily basis.  There are many similarities between his two and a half year old update and today, but since it’s been six months, I’ll update you nevertheless.

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Toddler William at three years old:

Height & Weight: 37 inches and 32.2 pounds (50th percentile for both)

Eating: William eats close to the same thing on days he goes to school, so I try to include more variety into our dinners.  Here’s some of his favorites lately:

  • Breakfast: whole scrambled egg and banana with peanut butter; on days that aren’t school days, he also like french toast or pancakes
  • Lunch: sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwich, cheese stick, grapes, and apple slices
  • Dinner: chicken, turkey, spinach / kale balls, avocado, hamburger, etc.
  • Snacks: Trader Joe’s carrot apple pouch, strawberry bar, and yogurt

William continues to love meats and eats vegetables sparingly.  He is still sensitive to dairy, so besides a cheese stick and yogurt on school days, I really try to limit it.  We do Trader Joe’s macaroni and cheese on occasion, but I limit the amount of it he eats when he does have it.  William LOVES my mom’s or grandma’s matzo ball soup; he’ll even eat the carrots, too!

Sleeping (naps): When William naps with me, he naps for an hour; at school, he still naps for an hour and a half.

Sleeping (at night): I lay in William’s room while he falls asleep, and then he sleeps through the night. Typically he falls asleep around 8:00 pm and wakes up between 6 – 6:30 am.  Before daylights savings, he was sleeping until seven most mornings, but we’ve never gotten back to that.  Of course, there are evenings he goes to bed earlier or later depending on our schedule.

Clothing: Mostly 3T. He can still wear 2T shorts / pants, and his sleepers are either 3 or 4T.  His shoe size is a nine and a half wide.

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New this year: A lot of similarities with the two and a half year old post, but his language skills is probably the biggest change.  His vocabulary grows on a daily basis, he’s curious about everything, and remembers every word and experience. He’s literally a sponge and absorbs everything.  Something new this year is being able to spell his name!  He’s been able to sing his ABC’s for quite some time now, but we’re still working on identifying all the letters. He’s doing great with the letters in his name, and often asks what certain words start with.  William will help me “read” his favorite books.  We will switch off pages, and we’ve read them so many times that he’s able to recite them word for word.

William got a balance bike for his birthday.  Right now, it’s still inside which is good for when he falls off it.  We’ll take it outside once the weather is nicer on a more consistent basis.  We’ve been ice skating a few times, and William is still enrolled in soccer practice every week.  He loves to be active.

William likes: William loves anything relating to fire trucks, trains, tools, construction vehicles, soccer, baseball, books, pretend play, fishing, music, being outside, his cousins, his Yaya and Pops, and nursing.  (Yep, still going strong!) He loves playing in his kitchen, pretending to call his cousins, or playing doctor.

All of that was the same from his last update.  In addition, William loves directing his imaginative play.  Sometimes he’s the soccer coach and he tells me what to do, otherwise he makes up scenes for us to play out with his toys.  His imagination continues to amaze me!

William dislikes: We’ve definitely hit the threes that everyone talks about. While WIlliam is very easygoing (like his momma!), he does have strong opinions about things, particularly if he’s overly tired or hungry.  William thrives off of routine, so whenever we stray from that or I get him back after not having him for whatever length of time, there is a transition period that can be rough.  In general, he’s very easily distracted (when upset) and easy to calm and redirect.

William is my little man, my love, my pride and joy.

Alright mommas, what else am I in for during the threes?

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  1. Oh my goodness. I guess it does make me old 🙂 because my first thought is:
    Wasn’t it just last week you and I chatted on the phone and he was a teeny tiny baby?!

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