a two year old that ice skates

Now that I’ve been back at school for almost a full week, I thought I would throw up a blog post with some of our spring break highlights.  It started off well and continued with many exciting outings, activities, and play dates!  I know I’ve been saying this since William was born, but this age he is right now is so awesome.  I’ll elaborate more in his three year old post which is coming up way too soon.  Mostly, he is able to do a lot more now, partake in different activities, and really get involved and stay engaged.  The weather in St. Louis was a little chilly, but we were still happy to soak up the sun as much as we could.

We had six different play dates throughout the week.  We had friends at our house and got to play at friends’ houses, as well.  William and his friends really play together now, as opposed to just playing next to each other (parallel play).  Of course, we spent lots of time with William’s best bud, Wolfie.

Just look at those studs.  William is a pro at driving thanks to Yaya and Pops.  And when I say “pro,” I mean I only had to run after him a few times to prevent the car from running into a curb or parked car.  They definitely enjoyed the ride.

I’ve always loved going out and about as opposed to staying home all the time.  However, if we’re going to stay at home, we love hosting play dates!  We had an all boy play date and dinner.

Buds!  The many other play dates were not very well documented.  It’s hard to get a picture of several toddlers together!  This one turned out great, if I do say so myself!  (There may have been some slight bribery of chocolate chip cookies, but hey whatever works!)

We played with my friend Diana’s daughter, Emily a few times, too.  They met us at a paint your own pottery place one morning.  Diana and I had high hopes of the kids really enjoying painting.  Well, William chose to paint a bulldozer and five minutes later he was “done.”  Errr… we stayed just long enough to cover the entire bulldozer with many vibrant colors.

He may not be a Picasso (yet), but at least he tried!

Sometimes I go stir crazy when we do spend a lot of time at home, but William was seriously so good over spring break.  And the few times that I may have felt frustrated with this fun toddler age (hello, trying to assert independence!), William would do something ridiculously sweet or give me the biggest, cutest grin.

Ever since my nephew Jacob had his eighth birthday party at the ice skating rink, I had been wanting to take William.  At Jacob’s party, there were some children who played ice hockey and were incredible skaters, and there were other kiddos who had never been on the ice before and had a very challenging time.  Because of this, I wanted to expose William to ice skating early, fully recognizing the fact that trying to take a two year old ice skating could be completely disastrous.  I was able to convince Julie to bring Wolf, too.

Honestly, I didn’t even think William would be able to walk in the ice skates because that is hard to do, let alone go out on the ice!  I carried him to the ice, set him down, and tightly gripped both of his hands.  The first lap around, I held on to his hands from behind, fully supporting him, while we shuffled along the ice.  That was hard to do since I had to remain bent over squating for the little guy.  William saw Wolf with a bucket, so of course he wanted one, too.  I thought that would be even harder since he’d have to keep himself up using the bucket as support.

I have never been so glad to be so wrong in my life!  I was SO impressed!  I think I told Julie one hundred different times while we were there how amazed I was at both the boys.  Not only were they staying up on their feet, they were skating, really ice skating!  Sure, they fell more than a few times, but they always got right back up!  A few more fun photos:

  1. Loving it!
  2. His legs cracked me up in this picture.
  3. Hanging out on top of the bucket.
  4. Having so much fun with Wolfie!

Kids are incredible beings!  They need to be exposed to all different things because you never know when or how they’ll excel!

Thanks to all of our spring break fun…

Little one was tuckered out by the end!

When’s the last time you went ice skating? 

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