beginning of spring break

One of the many, many perks of being a teacher is spring break.  Kids get so excited about their upcoming days off, but teachers do, too, possibly even more so!  William’s spring break coincides with mine this year which is perfect.  We’re just a few days in so far, and already, we’ve had lots of fun.  Let’s start off with a clean baby photo, because you know those black and white bath pictures are some of my favorites.  Even though he’s less than a month away from turning three (WAH!), and he really looks like it here, he’ll always be my baby.

So happy.  These days he’s more into showers than baths.  It’s not quite as easy to wash him this way, but as long as he wants to get clean, that’s one fight I’m not fighting.  Plus, it cracks me up because every time he’s in the shower, he makes different things for me.  Lately it’s been hot chocolate or macaroni and cheese.  That little one’s imagination is always running wild!

Friday was my first day off, so we didn’t have to rush to get to school.  William went to school for a couple of hours because they had their Purim celebration.  First, I worked out at home, and William joined in the warm up.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw the hilarious story of William doing jumping jacks and stretching.  Once he was at school, I went to Yoga Six for a Power Yoga class.

The class was tough, both physically and mentally, but it was just what I needed.  The next day I was incredibly sore, possibly from a combination of my morning at-home workout and yoga.  I certainly felt it!  I love feeling sore, especially in the beginning of a new workout routine, which hopefully this is what it is.

I met William at school for his Purim parade.  After, we headed home, ate lunch, napped, and played before going to Jacob and Audrey’s house.

I know I’ve said it before, but they sure are more like siblings than cousins.  They love like siblings and fight like siblings.  William and Audrey got into a little tiff, and Audrey pushed William.  It won’t be long before he’ll be the same size as her as he’s rapidly catching up, but Jacob immediately went after Audrey.  Big brother protecting the little one.  Once the situation was diffused, it did make Stephanie and I smile a bit… and become slightly worried for what the future brings when they all get bigger and stronger.

The beginning of spring break continued with a night out for me… which meant a nice, big coffee early the next morning for William’s soccer practice.

We’ve moved up a level in soccer.  For the last several months, William and I have done the parent – toddler class together.  Now, William is on the field by himself with me on the sidelines.  Some classes have gone better than others.  Sometimes all he wants to do is come with me and other times he’s very independent and a great listener.  He’s on the younger side of the group, so I think this will continue to improve if we stick with it.  It’s definitely hard not to quit and give up though.

The rest of Saturday went by quickly as I stayed very busy.  I ran errands, went grocery shopping, did laundry, even squeezed in a shower, all before picking up Diana for a “sprinkle” to welcome her second baby that’s on the way!

It was a surprise even though the kind host who took us to the room didn’t get that memo.  “You’re here for the private party?” he asked.  “Ummm yeah,” I quickly replied hoping Diana didn’t catch on.  Then, if that wasn’t enough, he added, “For the baby shower?”  Thanks, bud!  Diana caught on and was surprised anyway to see everyone.  Much to my dismay and like her first child, she refuses to find out what she’s having.  Guess we’ll all be surprised in the next month or so!

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Following the sprinkle, my friends Julie and Sara came over for a makeup party.

Another fun evening didn’t stop me from getting in my morning workout!

Best part about working out at home is definitely little man joining in and both of us rocking the jammies.  Although William definitely gets the win for that one.

On Sunday, we went to a birthday party at one of our favorite places, Miss Kelly’s!

Monkey man had fun swinging and running around.  We celebrated Leo’s third birthday who is also a fellow Paw Patrol lover, like William.  William made him a birthday card and meticulously put 100 different Paw Patrol stickers on it.  When we arrived at a party, a girl asked if she could take his gift and card.  She took the present, but William told her, “No, I want to give my card to Leo (We-o) and tell him about all my stickers!”  And he did!

Ended the weekend with a big family dinner at my parents’ house.  I’m always grateful to be surrounded by so much love…

….especially with this little guy – my favorite!

How was your weekend?

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    • Definitely recommend! It’s a GREAT program for fostering independence, getting the kids active, and teaching them to listen to the directions, as well as some social skills 🙂

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