Check out my happy baby!

Today is March first which means… NEXT MONTH MY BABY TURNS THREE!  Where in the world is time going?  I thought I’d whip out a quick blog post with some updated pictures of my little man since it’s been over a month from last time I’ve shared any.  Someone actually commented to me, “Where are all your pictures of William? He’s growing up and there hasn’t been anything on your blog!”  Ha!  (For the record, I’m always posting pictures and stories on Instagram – follow me there at @itzlinz!) Here are some of my favorites from lately.  Check out my happy baby!

Seriously, the happiest!  The weather in St. Louis has been unseasonably warm this winter, but I’m not complaining.  We’ve spent so much time outdoors and have begun having “picnics” outside on our front porch for dinner.  In between bites of food, William fills up the watering can with rocks, jumps off the front step doing cannonballs into the swimming pool, makes campfires, and blasts off in pretend rocket ships.  William amazes me more and more everyday with his wild imagination and extensive language skills! #mombrag

Here he is in his perfect and adorable Valentine’s Day outfit:

Obviously, I was his #1 Valentine!  And he was mine.

While William is always on the go, this next photograph was captured during a brief moment of stillness:

Black and white photos are so classic.

William had his first dentist appointment!  He did GREAT!  We went to a pediatric dentist and the dental assistant and dentist were both phenomenal with William.  They made him feel comfortable, let him touch the instruments they were using, gave him the choice of toothpaste (he chose chocolate, yuck!), and only did as much as he would let them.

They were able to do a complete cleaning on his teeth, flossed, and x-rayed his top teeth (he became a bit too wiggly for the bottom).  The dentist said his teeth look wonderful, no signs of cavities, and to keep doing what we’re doing!  Great report!

And back to William being on the move, he loves running races.  During soccer practice, the coach always has the kids run races.  William and I constantly run races throughout our living room.  William tries to get his friends to run races.  Jacob and Audrey run races with him.  We take walks, and we run races.  We race, race, race all.the.time.  We take turns calling out, “On your mark!  Get set!  GO!”

Along with the weather this winter, we’ve also experienced some pretty magical skies and sunsets… even here in St. Louis!

And then there’s the little things in life, like lollipops.  Kids have such a pure innocence about them.  They find joy in seemingly small things, though to them, its pure bliss.  William’s best friend Wolfie came over last week and brought lollipops to share.  Sweet treats are just that for William; they’re treats enjoyed sparingly.  So when Wolfie showed William the bag of lollipops, William’s eyes got wide, his mouth opened, and drool began puddling from his lips.  Ok, not really the last part, but you see how excited he was about his lollipop:

Lollipops.  Happiness.  Love.  William.  Life!

Tell me something that’s making YOU happy!

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  1. Nothing as rewarding as having a happy baby! I mean, I wouldn’t ACTUALLY know since I don’t have a child, but I can imagine, and when I was with my sister (and her daughter)… Happy baby = Happy mom! LOL!

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