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Since I’m still catching up from not blogging over the summer, I wanted to share more highlights that didn’t make it on the blog yet.  Just like I wrote a “friends are important” post sharing moments I had with my girl friends throughout the summer, I wanted to do the same for William.  And toddler friends are important.  Friendships develop at an early age.  Obviously most (all) of his friends are because I’m friends with the mommas, but still!  It is really fun watching our toddlers become friends, especially now that they are playing with each other instead of just parallel play.  Here are the particularly adorable moments from the summer:

dylan sept16

William and Dylan kissing.  Is there anything sweeter?

wolf guitar aug16

Wolf and William, best buds!  They’ve literally been friends since William was just a few months old.  They see each other and Facetime on a regular basis.  We were reading a book the other day about owls and William started naming the owls.  “William, Wolfie, Julie (Wolf’s mom), and momma!”  They were jamming out here together.  And don’t worry, my tv is no longer on the ground; I have a stand. 😉


These darlings were at a Fourth of July parade together (could you tell?).  I love how festive they all are!

carly aug16

William’s girlfriend, Carly.  These babes have been an item for years (ok, slightly over two years).  Their slide show for their wedding is coming together quite nicely.  William and Carly have also gone to school together since the beginning.

wolf zev asher sept16

Boys will be boys!  It’s nice that they’ll actually stand and pose for a picture these days.  Sometimes simultaneous smiles are difficult to come by, but they sure were trying!  I’m pretty sure I offered, “If you want a cookie, stand against this wall!”  Hey, whatever works.


William and Leo racing for the ball!  They’re just four weeks apart, and I’ve worked with Leo’s momma for eight years.  We were obviously pregnant together, and it’s been fun to share stories since they go through the same age-based phases together.

emily tjs aug16

Since we started with a kissing picture, I thought we’d end on one, as well.  This is Emily, William’s runner-up girlfriend.  Emily’s momma, Diana, is one of my best friends, who happens to live in my neighborhood and teach at the same school as me.  Since we have summers off together, these two lovebirds spent a lot of time together, including grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.

Are you still friends with people from your childhood?  My first friend was Annette; we met in toddlers when we were two and still remain very close today!

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  1. This is one thing I am not the best at…I am not that close to many people I went to elementary school with…but since moving back to my hometown I have reconnected and see that it will develop into stronger friendships with them in the years to come…it is fun to recall those memories as we reconnect!

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