back to school 2016

School has been in session for about a month now, so I thought I should finally get around to blogging about it.  Blogging has obviously taken a bit of a hiatus recently.  I’ve missed it but have had little motivation to blog, if that makes sense.  I miss writing, I miss sharing tidbits of our lives, and I miss being held accountable for living a healthy(ish) lifestyle to post about.  Last night I decided was as good of a time as any to get started again.  Right when I opened up wordpress, it felt as though I never “left.”  I’m excited to start blogging on a somewhat regular basis again.  I’m not exactly sure what that will look like, but more than once every month or so, for sure.

(Over the weekend I blogged about a sweet and salty fall trail mix that I did for Brach’s, in case you missed it.)

Let’s talk about back to school 2016.  Summer flew by, as always, and the new school year approached quickly.  William is almost two and a half now.  Little man on the first day of school:

first day of school aug16

How is he already acting embarrassed of his momma taking first day of school photos?  Baby, this is just the beginning, so you better get used to it!  We actually took a photo the first few days of school, and you’ll see he was all smiles for those.  William is thriving at school!  He has been at this same place since he was a baby, so he’s definitely familiar which is a good thing for him.  He’s been with most of the kids in his class for a couple of years, too.  It puts me at ease knowing he is at a place where he is so well taken care of and learning everyday.  It’s even more fun now that William is talking so much, since he can tell me specifics about his day!

The beginning of my school year is going well, too.

first day of school 2016

I’m teaching fourth grade for the fourth year in a row and am at the same school I’ve been at for eight years.  I love love love the school and my team.  Nichole, Kristen, and I are just missing Maggie who is still on maternity leave.  It’s hard going back to work after having summer off, but there’s nobody else I’d rather spend it with than these gals!  And my darlings this school year are pretty great, as well.  The beginning of the school year is always so refreshing and I really enjoy getting to know my students and building the community in our classroom.

William has turned into a real little boy.

school aug16

When I call him a baby, he tells, “Not baby, Mommy.  I’m a big boy!”  Oh, be still my heart.

Most days, he’ll smile for a photo for me before walking into school.  Some days he even requests that I go in the picture with him.

smile aug16

I’ll never say no to that!

William went through a phase where he was bringing his sunglasses into school.  Later, I found out he was literally wearing them all day long.  Silly baby.

sunglasses aug16

He’s just so darn cute!

Life is good for me and William.  We’re crazy busy now that school is back in session, but we’re finding our balance and getting into our routine once again.  And we’re happy.

smile sept16

We’re so happy.  Because life is good.

What’s been going on with YOU? I’ve missed hearing from all of you!

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    • babiators are AWESOME!! he got them for his first birthday (actually they were part of his party favor!) and they have held up so well… despite him being pretty rough on them!!

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