oh the joys

Oh the joys of summer!  There are so many of them.  Yes, this will be another gushy “I love summer” post.  And today is July 1st?  That means I’m on my last month of summer vacation!  (Ok side note, I started this post last week – clearly – but didn’t have time to finish it this week.)  You better believe we’ll be living up every moment.  We’ve been crazy busy this summer in the best way possible.  Tons of time outdoors, play dates, get togethers with friends, nights out, activities, you name it.  Oh the joys of summer:

aud running june16

Running freely during an outdoor concert.  And if you want to see them dancing freely on stage at said concert, check out Stephanie’s Instagram (@scpstudio).

Meeting friends for lunch dates:


My hair takes five minutes to blow dry now and no flat iron required. That is AMAZING, especially for the summer!  Thank you again, Preston!

Play dates with friends:

wolf june16

William and Wolf have been playing together since they were babies, but now they’re actually playing together.  Here they were driving the bus to school with their chicken.

Going out with coworkers who have become the best of friends:

mck girls

Girls night outs are always the best, but especially when they don’t happen often enough! So much laughter!

More William and Audrey adventures:

aud sidepony june16

Audrey came over in the morning and needed her hair done.  She requested a side pony, so naturally William needed the same.

aud minipool june16

This mini pool is by far and away the best eight dollars I’ve ever spent at Target.

More play dates:

carly june16

These two lovebirds have been together since they were just a few months old.

Oh the joys of summer!

How have you been enjoying summer?

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