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This should really be called “Thursday Favorites” instead of Friday Favorites since all the photos are from yesterday, but hey whatever.  Lots of bloggers do a Friday Favorites thing, so here we go.  And let’s not forget that this is the THIRD time I’m blogging this week!  Go figure, right after I write the post about why I’m struggling to blog, I do a halfway decent job this week. Hopefully I’m onto something!

So on Wednesday, I got the express keratin treatment at Preston Salon Spa.  My hair is super frizzy and the humidity in St. Louis is out of control.  I literally cannot even straighten my hair in the summer because it frizzes so much.  I don’t mind curling my hair, but I feel like I always look super done up or not put together at all if my hair is not curled and just thrown up.  Anyway, it’s been years since I’ve gotten a keratin treatment and last time I loved it and this time is no different.  I snapped this selfie at the Butterfly House which is very humid and my hair was still bone straight with no frizz!

keratin june16

And check out my blonde!  My stylist at Preston Salon Spa put tons of blonde in my hair a couple of weeks ago and then did the keratin treatment in my hair this week.  I love her!  Preston is definitely THE place to go to for hair in St. Louis!

William posed by a giant butterfly before heading in.

butterfly house june16

The Butterfly House was shorter lived than I anticipated.   William was pretty tired and didn’t understand that you couldn’t touch and kiss the butterflies and had to stay on the path.  He did fine while we were there, but it was definitely time to go once we made it through.

We went to my parents’ house afterwards for a couple of hours.  We had a blast, as always, but William fell asleep on the car ride home and woke up when I was transferring him.  I couldn’t get him back down which is never a good thing.  My boy needs his sleep!  So I needed to find a distraction and FAST.  Over to my sister’s we headed.

pbk chairs

Jacob and Audrey provided just the entertainment that William needed!  They stacked up their Pottery Barn Kids chairs to make a tower and all piled on top.  All fun and games until it crumbled.  Luckily, nobody got hurt!  We had a fun afternoon over there and did a million things.  We baked a cake, the kids played school, the boys played soccer, and Audrey took several selfies of her and William with my phone.

silly selfie june16

In every selfie, William was mimicking Audrey exactly.  Too funny!

And because we like to stay busy, we met our friends Julie and Wolf out for dinner at Five Star Burgers.  Julie and I actually went there last week and it was awesome.  I had ordered a mushroom and swiss burger that you can see on Instagram.  We went for their happy hour with our little ones because they have $1.50 sliders and sides (sweet potato fries!).  The boys wouldn’t quite cooperate for a picture (hello, two year olds!), so I’ll share a cute one I got of William walking around the fountain outside the restaurant.

walking happy june16

That’s one happy kiddo!

What are your favorites from this week (or yesterday)?

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I am sooo like you…I hate the days when we just stay home…but then again loading up two not happy toddlers sometimes is sooo ophysically exhausting I just bare it…but this week we’ve done local museum, fire station (you should totally talk your little guy!!!), library, park….and I’m tired 🙂

    • Haha I can imagine loading up two is all the more challenging! And the fire station is a GREAT idea!! William LOVES fire trucks!!!! Good work, momma!! xoxo

  2. how much does a keratin treatment cost and how long does it last? i have also heard that they are not so healthy?

    • It depends on your hair, the length, how much product they use, etc. Preston Salon offers complimentary consultations, so I would highly recommend calling them to set one up at 314-727-0007. You have the option of express or full treatment. The express lasts 2+ months, while the full lasts 4+ months. In terms of it being healthy or not… I wouldn’t do it when I’m pregnant, but every once in awhile (just like everything else) I think it’s fine. Your hair is actually made up of keratin, so the treatment restores it which is how the frizz disappears! 🙂

    • I feel that! We’ve definitely had our fair share of rain here in St. Louis, too!! Random art projects at home for the win when that happens!!

  3. I saw someone posting about being productive during a ‘car nap.’ Got me thinking about how when baby sleeps in the car, she almost always wakes up when I even bring the car seat into the house, without taking her out. I might have to try the car nap thing some day haha

    • When William was an infant, he would sleep in the car, but if I stopped driving he would wake up! Now, sometimes I can transfer him from the car seat to his bed without waking up, yesterday just wasn’t one of those days! It depends how tired he is – like if we’re coming from the pool, he’s always OUT! 🙂

  4. Seriously? I’m a single mom who is raising my child on my own. If you knew anything about children, you would know if they are tired then providing distractions is the best way to make them happy which is exactly why I went to my sister’s. It’s not like I’m dumping him off at my family. I stay there, engage with him and my family members, and visit more often than I have a chance to during the school year, you know, when I work FULL TIME. But thanks for your uneducated, ignorant comment. Delete.

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