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I tried to think of a creative blog post title, but clearly was unsuccessful.  I thought about what today’s post was about… golfing, selfies, cars, cute baby burritos, Zoey, farmer’s market, yeah a lot of randomness.  So I decided to call it what it is. Just livin’ life, y’all, that’s what I’m doing.  That’s what summer is all about.  Need I tell you again how much I love this season?

Here’s my life lately:

burrito june16

Let’s start with the cutest baby burrito ever.  I just want to eat him up.  Every night and every day.  That’s not to say I don’t have my day-to-day challenges with raising a darling toddler… 😉 but most of the time he sure melts my heart!

audrey june 16 selfie

These two.  Siblings.  Basically.  Audrey actually called him her brother the other day, LOL.  When she came over and saw him wearing this shirt, she was confused and asked me why William was wearing a Cubs shirt.  That’s living proof that everyone, kids included, are Cardinals fans here in St. Louis!

driving car

Riding along in my automobile…

William loves this little car at my parents’ house.  He’s awful and steering and just simply doesn’t understand it as he drives into the grass and bushes.  My dad always tells him he drives like his aunt (Stephanie).  LOL.

farmers market

Farmers markets are back!  I used to go every weekend, but have gone very rarely since having William.  Well, we went to the Delmar Loop’s farmers market which was great.  It was smaller than Soulard (where I used to go) and not crowded at all.  It’s been awesome having fresh fruits and vegetables at home!

mama mms june16

We visited Mama and Papa yesterday.  William always gets a special treat, just a few M&Ms, from Mama, but Papa was in charge of the candy yesterday.  William so very rarely gets sweets, but I’m ok with Mama and Papa giving him a few M&Ms every once in awhile.  Well, Papa let William stick his whole hand in and dig in!  My mom and I had to stop Papa!  He couldn’t resist!

yaya golf june16

My mom has recently taken up golf.  Papa was giving her lessons in his front lawn, and of course William had to get involved.  My mom was teaching William, and he said, “Yaya’s turn!”  Then he dragged another golf club out for me.

zoey vet

And last but not least, Zoey.  Zoey will be ten in July.  Small dogs are more prone to gum and teeth issues, so it’s recommended that they get their teeth professionally cleaned.  Well, at Zoey’s last yearly checkup, the vet noticed a tumor on her gums.  So yesterday she was put under to have her teeth cleaned, tumor removed, and also ended up having a tooth removed.  The tumor is being sent off to be tested (positive thoughts, please!), and I should find out next week.

William was SO upset to take Zoey in even though I kept telling him it was just to get her teeth cleaned.  “Zoey.  Doctor.  All done,” he kept saying.  Then when the vet took Zoey, William burst out in tears and cried the whole way home.  He was much happier when we picked her up!  Zoey seems to be doing fine, but is whining a little bit.  I hope she’s back to her normal self soon and the tumor comes back benign.

Tell me, how have you been livin’ life lately?

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  1. Sending a prayer and good thoughts for cute Zoey. It is always stressful when our sweet pets are not feeling well.

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