summer running has begun!

It’s official, summer running has begun!  Just writing the word “summer” makes me so happy.  I love love love teaching, but I also love love love summer!  (Can you blame me?!)  My last day of school was last week, and William’s school celebrated his last day with a picnic.  Of course Yaya and Audrey joined us to make it even better!

picnic yaya audrey

Do you spy those Mamma Chia squeeze pouches in the kids’ lunches?  I received an AMAZING package from them and will be giving away the very same package in the near future – it was loaded with Mamma Chia goodness! Stay tuned!

William couldn’t finish his lunch fast enough before he got to play.  There was “fishing” (in a kiddie pool with magnetic fishing poles and fish), swinging, throwing, catching, running, and more.  There was also a special visit from an ice cream truck!  I got a vanilla ice cream cone for William because I know he likes those.  Big mistake!  Audrey got some character popsicle thing (disgusting, in my opinion lol), and William HAD to have the exact same thing…

ice cream aud may16

Lesson learned, Mom.  About 12 licks later, he was over it anyway.

Last week, it seemed to rain just about everyday, so when the sun was shining this weekend, we made sure to soak up every second!  We went on lots of walks, runs, and bike rides.  If William wants to run, he gives me Zoey’s leash to hold.  Well on Saturday he wanted momma to run, so he held Zoey while I trotted along in front.

running zo may16

William seriously LOVES to run (maybe all toddlers do??), and that makes me so happy!  Something that doesn’t make me happy is a stinky dog.  Whenever I wash my bed sheets, I always give Zoey a bath.  I figure that everything / everyone can be clean at least for a day.  William likes to help me give Zoey a bath.  When we’re finished, I bundle up Zoey like a baby in the towel, and last time William wanted to hold her for the first time.  He did a great job and thought it was hilarious, so I had to snap a picture!

zoey bath

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And my own summer running has begun, as well.  I know I always talk about wanting to get back into running, but I’m so constrained by time.  This summer, I should be able to run four times a week – that’s my goal.  It might shift into different workouts, but right now I really want to build up my endurance and speed because that is long gone.  Come on muscle memory, where are ya?!  So this weekend, I pounded out two miles on BOTH Saturday and Sunday!

running selfie

They were slow, but I made it through!  Hey, it’s a start!  Now I’ve got to make my racing calendar for the summer!

Who ran this weekend? What are your summer racing plans?

7 thoughts on “summer running has begun!

  1. I think I need to move in with you during the summer because summer here is when I want to skip all the long training walks for my full marathon. It’s too damn Texas hot around here for me 🙂

  2. Oh my the picture of William with Zoey is too much! My guy always wants ot hold out dog but we have a lab, soooo.. there is a lot of neck hugging 😉

  3. Toootally feel you on the Summer – so much so that I already planned my Beach Essentials giveaway for today on the blog, ha! But hey, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, right?!

    I am SO not a “runner” – typically HIIT workouts and group fitness classes are my thing. But I actually did a good 3+ mile run this weekend! Super slow, but hey… it got done, right?

    Hope you get to enjoy some of that Summer sunshine today. 🙂
    XO, Jessica

  4. I have to say that I am jealous that you are out already!! Our last day is June 22nd! I do find myself though really squeezing the life out of the weekends…getting in as much outdoor time as we can! You’ll get your endurance back!!

  5. I did not run but I am also glad for outdoor running weather! I have several runs planned and will get back to my evening runs and my husband wants to bike ride as well.

  6. I am planning on running a few races this summer and as I live in central illinois one or two might be in st louis. The first I registered for is the Diva Dash. It is in St. Louis and is just for women. My friends and I are going to make a girls weekend of it. You should run the rock’n’ roll chicago in July!

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