2 year old baby William

Yes, he’ll always be my baby William.  He is TWO!  2 years old!  That is still crazy to me.  I haven’t done one of these updates for an entire year when William turned one.  I think I intended to do one when he turned 18 months, and then I just missed the boat on that one.  Oops.  Two is too big of a deal to skip!  These days, William is a real boy, definitely not a baby anymore, but when I ask him if he’s my baby, he still says, “Yes.”  Just how I like it!  But seriously, how big (and cute?!) is he:

william 2 years old

photo courtesy of stephanie cotta photography

Height & Weight: 25 pounds 8 ounces and 34 3/4 inches

Eating: William is definitely in the toddler stage of eating.  He can be super picky, love something one day, and hate it the next.  Here is a day’s typical schedule:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, pancakes, or French toast and a banana
  • Lunch: pb&j sandwich (sunflower seed butter for school), turkey, leftovers from the night before
  • Dinner: chicken, salmon, pizza (we make our own by getting whole wheat crust from Trader Joe’s, marinara, and mozzarella cheese), soup, noodles, salad, and vegetables
  • Snacks / Other Favorites: avocado, sweet potato, cheese sticks, carrot apple pouches from Trader Joe’s (these are a treat and not given daily), grapes, blueberries

William is definitely pickiest with vegetables.  I try to offer them at every lunch and dinner, but he doesn’t always touch them.  He does LOVE my grandma’s beef barley soup which has a lot of vegetables in it.  When I’m in a pinch and don’t have any other food to send William with to school, my “emergency” foods are turkey meatballs and spinach kale balls from Trader Joe’s.  They’re definitely not an everyday thing, but he will usually eat them.  He’s great at using utensils and drinking out of an open cup.

And… we’re still nursing.  But I’ll save that for another post. 😉

nursing 2years old

Sleeping (naps): William continues to nap better at school versus at home.  He typically sleeps for a couple of hours at school beginning at 11:45 / 12:00ish.  A big change is that a few months ago he transitioned from the pack n play to a cot at school!  I was REALLY worried about it (even met with the wonderful preschool director), but the transition went so smoothly!

Sleeping (at night): Ha!  So… about two months ago William climbed OUT of his crib while wearing his sleepsack.  Yeah.  He did it safely, too.  Twice.  Well, a lot of mommas said if it was a one time thing he may not do it again for awhile.  So I kept him in his crib and he did it again, but fell out (thankfully he was fine!) a couple weeks later.  At this point, it was a safety concern, and I knew I could not risk him staying in his crib again.  I took off the fourth side of his crib, so his mattress is just a few inches off the ground.  My dad attached a crib rail on the side.

Now, he’s not sleeping through the night anymore and I plan to sleep train him again in a few weeks, but am waiting for some additional information before beginning that process.  It’s been rough over here at night!

sleeping 2yearsold

Clothing: 18 / 24 month or 2T

New this year: So much, where to begin?  William sings along to the alphabet (misses a few letters here and there) and can count to ten (though usually not on command).  He’s great at jumping and anything sports related: kicking / catching / hitting / throwing a ball in particular.  He knows his body parts, colors, animals, and animal sounds.  William seems to understand just about everything and follows directions really well (most of the time, he IS two…).

William likes: William loves any and all things related to sports.  He also loves books and likes to “read along” with me to his favorites.  He likes singing and making music.  He likes playing in his kitchen and on his tool bench.  He really likes school buses and often shouts, “Where are you school buses?” in the morning if one hasn’t driven by.  He likes running and being outside.  He likes vacuuming, sweeping, and doing laundry.  He likes all kinds of art including chalk, paint, markers, stickers, crayons, etc.  He likes cars, trucks, trains, and boats.  He loves playing with bubbles.  William loves loves LOVES his cousins Jacob, Audrey, and Jackson, Yaya and Pops, Mama and Papa, Poppy, and our dog Zoey.

William dislikes: William tends to be shy in new situations, often burying his head in my shoulder.  It definitely depends on the situation though.  For his birthday party, his cousins Jacob and Audrey were in the gym playing around and William was quick to join them.  However, we went on a walk the other day and stopped at our neighbor’s house.  (We’d never played there before.) William insisted I pick him up and wouldn’t even look at the girls.  It takes him awhile to warm up and definitely takes comfort in his momma!

smile april16

Mommas – tell me what to expect during the “twos!” 

8 thoughts on “2 year old baby William

  1. My son climbed out of his crib around 22 months. For safety reasons, we went to a toddler bed right away. Honestly, it took about 6-8 weeks for him to sleep through the night again- it was a terrible transition and took a while. We were so used to having a child who slept through the night- so it was rough and I felt like I had a newborn again. Unfortunately we had to put a lock on his door and re-sleep train him. He still cries for about 5 min when we leave him at night- but it’s gotten soo much better. We lay on the floor for a few minutes after we put him in the bed and then we leave. Just wanted to give you hope that it will change– feel free to email me.

  2. I just wanted to say I really love reading your William updates I found your blog about a year ago when I was pregnant with my first and it was awesome to be able to read your posts and kinda have some idea about what was to come I will be looking forward to your future post about your continued nursing relationship as still nursing at 2 years is one of my goals with my daughter and I think it’s absolutely amazing that you have made it that far

  3. He is adorable!! And you’re such a great mama! <3

    We took of the crib front for L in like February, and it was a tough week, especially b/c she kept rolling out of bed, but after a week it was just fine. Now it's the baby who is up all the time (two teeth, yikes!!). I'm hoping William sleeps better for ya!!

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