35 Coconut Flour Recipes

Coconut flour is not an easy thing to bake or cook with.  It’s not one of those flours that you can swap regular flour for in recipes without putting some thought into it.  It’s really dense and requires more liquid which can totally throw a recipe off if you’re unsure how to adjust.  I’ve made my fair share of coconut flour pancakes that have completely fallen apart or have been way too dry to consume.

However, coconut flour is extremely healthy, so it’s worth learning how to use it.  For one thing, it’s free from wheat and other grains making it perfect for people who eat gluten-free, low-carb, or paleo.  Also, it’s high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats.  So, how might you bake or cook with it in the kitchen?  Well, I’ve got 35 Coconut Flour Recipes from FitFluential Ambassadors coming at you!

35 coconut flour recipes

35 Coconut Flour Recipes



There ya have it.  Something for everyone.  Sweet.  Savory.  Strange.  (Some might say.)  If you’re a big ol’ coconut hater, don’t swear off coconut flour forever quite yet.  Coconut flour actually has a really mild taste, so there’s a good chance you may not even taste the coconut in some recipes.  I do recommend you take a look at these though, as there are tons of delicious ways to incorporate coconut flour into your meals!

Do you cook or bake with coconut flour? 

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  1. I love to bake and I bought a huge bag of coconut flour from Costco not realising how difficult it is to work with… Im constantly searching for good recipes… 90 % of the ones I ve tried I end up throwing most of it out… hope some of your recipes will change that for me. thanks

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