believe in yourself

Today’s post is just a quick reminder to believe in yourself.  It’s amazing how far you can come when you stick with something and believe in yourself.  I started blogging over four years ago.  I never imagined blogging would take me where it has today.  Today I embark on a new journey.

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My very first blog header was a compilation of three photos – one being me doing a split jump at the top of the hill.  And while we didn’t recreate it perfectly during our last family Sunday dinner, it was impromptu and it was perfect just how it was.

split jump jacob

Check out the height my little nephew Jacob got!  His form is not too shabby either.  He’s always been willing to do what I’m doing – split jumps, yoga, handstands, you name it.  I love how eager he is to try something new.  To believe in himself.

handstand jacob

So today that’s what I’m doing.  I’m believing in myself.  And you should, too.

Do you see my little William running up the hill as fast as he can to get in on the action?? That’s my boy!!  He’ll be going upside down with me in no time!!

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