Super Bowl weekend

Someday I’ll remember how to blog Monday through Friday again. 😉 For now, I’ll catch up and share some good stuff with ya when I can!  Super Bowl weekend was a good one; it was busy, but we still had plenty of time to relax.  We laid low on Friday night and didn’t do much.  On Saturday morning, I met a friend at a painting spot and our kids painted pottery.


William LOVES to paint at school, and I knew he’d love going here.  He slopped quite a bit of paint all over the place; I’ll be curious to see how it turns out after I pick it up from being glazed.  It was definitely a fun Saturday morning activity!

I had a “sprinkle” to go to on Saturday afternoon for one of my good friends who is having her second baby.  We enjoyed a tasty lunch, and it was nice to catch up with the girls.  I went to the St. Louis Blues hockey game on Saturday night and we brought home a winner!

We lucked out and had great weather over the weekend – it was almost 60 degrees again!  That meant we had to try Jamba Juice’s new superfood smoothie – the acai berry charger.  A few years ago when I was vacationing in Arizona, I had an acai bowl for the first time and I was obsessed. However, there was nowhere in the midwest to get one, so when Jamba Juice emailed me telling me they now have acai bowls and smoothies, I was pumped!  The acai smoothie has strawberries, blueberries, sherbet with raspberry, soymilk, ice, chia seeds, and flaxseed.

jamba juice

They sent fun football props with my gift card, but William was not amused and wanted no part of it.  My friend ordered the new island pitaya bowl which was a blend of pineapple juice, frozen pineapples, fresh bananas, frozen pitaya, strawberries, mangoes, organic pumpkin flax seed granola, blueberries, honey, chia seeds, and coconut. It was awesome, and while my acai smoothie was great, the island pitaya bowl was sweeter, so I liked it better. Definitely a winner and both are a great source of antioxidants!

After Jamba Juice, we went to a park to soak up the sun and the nice weather!

park feb16

The park had a pond with a few ducks swimming around, which William loved. He was more interested in the ducks and the water than the actual playground!  He was running around quaking and flapping like the ducks and talking up a storm!  While he was entranced with the pond, I snapped a photo of his super long curl he has in the back that always pokes out from beneath his hats.


I don’t think I’ll ever cut it! 😉

We got cleaned up after the park, and headed downtown to pick up our Snarf’s order.  Everyone at our Super Bowl party had been hearing me rave about Snarf’s, so they were excited to try if they weren’t at our playoff party a couple weeks ago.  I’m telling you, these sandwiches were the food hit of the night!  Check out my parents’ excitement:


Those are some good sandwiches right there!  My sandwich, the Touchdown Turkey, was the best (obviously, since I made it).  There were only a few sandwiches leftover and it was just as good yesterday toasted as it was on Sunday!  Snarf’s is my new favorite sandwich shop, for sure!

Honestly, I think I watched about four seconds of the actual game.  I was busy with William and the other kids, and the few minutes I had if William was occupied was spent snarfing down my Snarf’s! It was a fun and eventful evening.  There were 7 kids, 2 dogs (my uncle brought his 10 year old chocolate lab and his 6 month old chocolate lab puppy! so cute!), and about 20 adults.  William was right in the middle of it all.  He was holding the puppy’s leash, giving kisses to the dogs, requesting piggyback rides from Jacob and Audrey, and playing all over the place.  We left before the game was over because I was just as exhausted as William!

You know it’s a good night when the kiddos are pretending to go to sleep on the ground!


What’d you do for the Super Bowl?  

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl weekend

  1. Such a great catch-up… and I’m not sure if you knew it, but you had Colorado all over it!

    The Superbowl was amazing… especially because we got to cheer on a Broncos victory! The city was a bit crazy after the game, and the parade and rally yesterday was insane, but it was all in safe fun. I loved every second of it!

    And Snarf’s is from right out here in Boulder, Colorado! Glad you’re enjoying them a couple of states over, too. :o)

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