hot coffee + cold snow

Hot coffee + cold snow pretty much sums up my day yesterday!  On Tuesday afternoon, St. Louis began having some snow flurries.  (Oh look, here I am, talking about the weather again.)  By evening time, roads weren’t great, but I wasn’t anticipating a snow day as trucks would have all night to clear the streets.  Well, much to my surprise, I received a phone call at five o’clock Wednesday morning, and sure enough, SNOW DAY!

If you think kids are the only ones who get excited about snow days, you are so mistaken.  Teachers get very happy, if not more so than the children, about snow days.  Pretty much all schools in the St. Louis area were closed yesterday.  I actually don’t know any that were in session.

I knew I would have a leisurely day, so I brewed a cup of coffee and opened the door to see what all the fuss was about the weather.


Yup, it had snowed a few good inches!  I heard the roads weren’t too terrible in the morning, but it was still very cold. Plus, school districts always worry about buses getting through neighborhoods safely, so better to err on the side of caution. The district where I teach rarely gets called, so it was a real treat to have a day off yesterday!  It made an already short week even shorter!

The day flew by and it was as productive as I’d hoped.  One of my priorities: get to the gym and sweat!


I knocked out a 30 minute cardio session followed by a quick total body weight routine.  Man oh man I miss going to the gym on a regular basis!

thinking out loud with amanda today!

William got to hang out with his cousins Jacob and Audrey yesterday.  I didn’t get any photos of them, but I do have one ridiculously sweet picture of Jacob and William from last weekend:

jacob cuddle sleep jan16

William wanted to lay with Jacob on the couch before his nap, and you see how that turned out. 🙂 Jacob is so sweet with him; it’s unbelievable! Audrey was out of town with her momma, but when she found out that Jacob spent time with William all alone without her she threw a big fit!  I had to Facetime her and promise a date with just her and William, not Jacob! (Her words, not mine.)

And to top it all off, check out these beauties I received:


Yes, life is good right now! 🙂

How’s the weather where you live? Is it summer yet?!

14 thoughts on “hot coffee + cold snow

  1. Those flowers are beautiful! We got a an inch or two of snow last night so schools are delayed where I live, and we’re actually suppose to get a significant amount of snow this weekend, so I’m sure a few snow days will follow! Happy Thursday!

  2. In Atlanta, we used to get snow days if there was just a really serious threat, but often we got up, got ready, and went in only to find out that we had the day off. And then commence panic, haha.
    In Chicago, they had so many days off the past few years–sometimes because it is too cold to have the kids standing outside!
    Yesterday, I took a tally, and I had 6 16 oz of hot liquid–coffee or tea. At least I am well hydrated!

  3. With all the snow days we had last year (7) I’m so excited that we are almost through January without one…however a nice day where I can do nothing but stay indoors sounds nice too!!

  4. nothing better than knowing you have the day off unexpectedly! 🙂 Very impressive of you to get to the gym in the snow!
    We’re having a blizzard friday night saturday and sunday where I live….theyre saying 12-18 inches with freezing rain and ice…eek!

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