when in doubt, talk about the weather

when in doubt, talk about the weather

It was 65 degrees with the bluest skies and a bright shining sun yesterday. Amazing! That is crazy for St. Louis in January!  My students were running around in short sleeve t-shirts during recess!  Just two days ago, it was SEVEN degrees outside and everyone was bundled up from head to toe.  On Sunday, it will be back down to 18.  And there’s your weather forecast…

Earlier this school year, I went to a Lucy Calkins (incredible teacher of writing!) workshop and she told us that when kids are stuck with how to start stories, tell them to start with the weather.  It’s easy, everybody can talk about it, and you can make your story go any which way.  I can’t even tell you how often I’ve started blog posts with weather updates.  It just works.  So, when in doubt, talk about the weather.

bear hat winter jan16

My little man loves spending time outdoors!  Over sized coat, furry bear hat and all!

We did really enjoy the nice weather yesterday.  William is getting into a do-everything-myself stage, and he particularly loves taking Zoey out to go potty.  While dinner was cooking, we took her on a walk.  We walked past three houses in 15 minutes.  We were really cruising!

walking jan16

William has always been attentive, and during our walk he noticed everything.  Grass! Airplane! Sign! Truck! Stick! Car! Leaf!  I love it.

The weather really has been crazy, just like life.  It’s been an interesting week and I’m excited to have a three-day weekend.  You really just never know what life is going to throw at you.  You’ve got be the best person you can be because you don’t have a whole lot of control over anything or anyone else.  Everything else will fall into place as it’s supposed to when the time is right.  You’ve got to keep your head up even when times get tough.

Like this guy.  Literally.


Short Stuff can barely see over the ping pong table, yet he demands we play every night!  Here’s how it goes: I hit him the ball.  He swings.  He misses.  “Almost!” he calls.  He goes searching for the ball.  He throws it back.  It hits the net and rolls back to him.  “Net!” he says.  He tries again.  Eventually, I go get the ball and hit it to him again.  Repeat 10,000 times.

I love him.  He’s actually begun to make more contact with the ball lately.  Mostly likely, more due to the ball happening to hit his paddle, but let’s pretend it’s because I remind him to keep his eye on the ball and call out, “Swing!” at just the right moment! Not to mention he’s the most coordinated 21 month old ever. 😉

And no matter how the day has gone, how hectic it’s been, how crazy, busy, nonstop it was, bath time always puts a smile on both of our faces.

bath jan16


I hope it’s been a good week for you all.  Have a wonderful weekend!  And enjoy the weather… 😉 xoxo

6 thoughts on “when in doubt, talk about the weather

  1. It is cold cold cold here! And super snowy. More snow like every day! It’s kind of fun to be honest, especially since other than the gym & a few local things, we don’t drive a ton. 🙂

    You’re amazing to have such a positive attitude so much! Have a good weekend!! xo

  2. Temps in Pennsylvania have been going up and down like crazy too! Im hoping for more warmth than cold haha!

    What a cutie! I dont have any kids of my own yet but no matter how terrible of a day I’ve had my niece always puts a smile on my face. 🙂

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