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Well, hello there!  Last week I blogged all five days and this week just two.  I never mean for that to happen, but sometimes life just gets in the way.  And to be completely honest, I’ve felt pretty blah this week.  I’m all good during the day as I’m super busy, and then by the time I get William in bed and I actually have time to blog, I’ve been incredibly exhausted this week.  I’ve been in bed between eight and nine most nights.  I’m not sure what’s been going on; nothing out of the ordinary is going on, but the daily grind of work and taking care of things seemed to catch up to me this week.  I’m hoping this weekend will rejuvenate me and I’ll be in a better mood next week.  I’m over this funk!  So let’s turn to a positive note and look at some highlights from the week.

We’ve been having a wonderful Chanukah!  We’ve had a few different family Chanukah celebrations already, and have two more this weekend.  William loves lighting the candles each night.  He’s so funny because he knows how to blow out birthday candles, but now I have to tell him that we don’t blow out Chanukah candles; we just look with our eyes.  He did get a play wooden menorah with removable candles and flames for Chanukah from Jason and Jackson that he’s been LOVING!  William got all dressed up for the first night of Chanukah:

dec15 cute

I love him in button downs – such a little boy!

My little Audrey was just a doll that night, too!  It’s hard to believe she was just two and a half years old when William was born. She has always taken care of him, even at that young age.  Now she’s four going on seventeen.

aud chaunkah15

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Audrey is probably much like her momma Stephanie was as a little one – crazy smart and super sassy!  And she still is… 😉

steph 1215

…in addition to being kind, creative, selfless, determined, strong, and dependable.  I got her an awesome shirt for Chaunkah – it’s from Dimvaloo and reads, “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.”  It’s perfect!

We all went to my parents’ to celebrate Chanukah one evening this week.  Yaya was playing dreidel with all the kiddos.

dreidel 2015

Saying the blessings and lighting the menorah is an important part of Chanukah.  Last year, William was just eight months old, so he’s really learning a lot this year and taking it all in.


William turned 20 months yesterday.  He’s growing every day.  Literally, I’m sure of it.  He loves sitting at the “big kid” table at my parents’ house.  He climbs right up on the chair and patiently waits for dinner.  Jackson, Jacob, and Audrey all show him good manners and he follows right along.

eating at bigboy table

Even though the evenings of this week felt a little rough, I’m always grateful to be William’s momma.  He puts a smile on my face every morning he wakes up, every afternoon I pick him up from school, and every evening I kiss him good night.

dreamer dec15

I’m looking forward to this weekend.  We have Chanukah plans, a birthday party, some errands to run, and lots of time to chill and play.  I’m hoping to get in a workout, relax, do a little baking, and meal prep for the following week.  Maybe even some shopping and a pedicure, too! 🙂

Tell me something happy!  With all that’s going on in the world right now, we NEED to focus on the positives!

8 thoughts on “highlights from the week

  1. Ah, this looks so amazing – you have a WONDERFUL family! The best people in the world, in my opinion, are those who are close with their family. I know this first-hand because I am married to one 😉 You are so blessed. Love the pic with you, William and Jacob with the candles. Makes me wish even more that we were Jewish! The Lord’s chosen people…

  2. You are right about everyone needing some positivity with everything going on! We celebrate both Hanukkah (spelling?) and Christmas and have been AWFUL about lighting our candles this year. I’ll remember tonight thanks to your post 🙂 Now, for something HAPPY – We are going to watch a boat parade here in Naples this weekend! Lots of fancy lights and fun for the kiddos to watch 🙂 I hope you have a fab weekend!

  3. We had a great Hanukah dinner and I even made my own challah bread!! I am so proud of it 🙂 Its been like my biggest accomplishment to date in the kitchen! I have been out of it this week too, so out of it I had a burger for lunch to see if my iron levels were low but I think its just the holidays and working its just dragging me down! Thanks for sharing your updates, I love seeing a family enjoy the holidays xo C Happy Hanukah!

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