Chipotle Cheddar Burgers

Popping in quickly today to share a recipe I’ve been all about lately!  But first, true confession time: until a month ago, I had never cooked with red meat.  Embarrassing, I know!  I like eating it, but I had never prepared it before.  It does kind of gross me out, and I didn’t feel confident enough to make something out of it.  You’ll usually find chicken or turkey in my kitchen, but I’m branching out now and so glad I did!  I’ve eaten A LOT of these Chipotle Cheddar Burgers (almost three pounds worth over the last month! Well, I did share some.) and don’t plan to stop soon!

chipotle cheddar burgers

Seriously, how good does that look?  Drool!

I was offered the chance to try Laura’s Lean Beef.  Before committing, I spent awhile browsing their recipes in order to get an idea of what in the world I’d do with that raw cow once I got it.  I decided on their Patty Melts.  However, based on what I like / had on hand / what I wanted to do, they turned into Chipotle Cheddar Burgers.  And I don’t have a real recipe to share with you since I literally threw ingredients together.  If you want to make these, I would look at the patty melt recipe to use as a reference, and then throw some of my extra ingredients in.  Yeah, that’s what I did and they turned out great!

chipotle cheddar burger

Let me tell you a little bit about Laura’s Lean Beef because this was a brand I was previously unfamiliar with.  In a nutshell, here’s [what I feel is] the important part about Laura’s Lean Beef:

Beef had developed a reputation for high total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, and many health-conscious people had cut back or given it up completely.  Laura had these same concerns about food and health, but realized that as a farmer, she could make a difference. She began experimenting with lean, gourmet breeds of cattle like Limousin and Charolais and committed to raising them without hormones or antibiotics. She also believed that sustainable farming practices and humane treatment would produce happier animals and healthier food.

Laura’s Lean Beef comes in: Ground Beef, Steaks and Roasts, Grass Fed Organic, Deli Meats, Lean Beef Jerky, and prepared foods with lots of variety in each category.

Alright, so here’s what I used in the Chipotle Cheddar Burgers:

  • Laura’s 96% Lean Ground Sirloin, egg (one egg per pound), old fashioned oats, Worcestershire sauce, barbecue sauce, garlic powder, and pepper

I caramelized a yellow onion to top the burgers, mixed all the ingredients together, cooked them on the stove (it was raining out and nobody wanted to use the grill in the rain!), then melted a slice of chipotle cheddar cheese on top!  Make a couple healthy sides like roasted zucchini and baked sweet potato and a salad, and you’ve got yourself a delicious dinner!  Sorry it’s not more of a recipe; I literally just threw it all together, but hey, it did work out!  William even approved!

chipotle cheddar burgers recipe

How do you make burgers? What are your favorite ingredients / toppings?

19 thoughts on “Chipotle Cheddar Burgers

  1. Yum my mouth is totally watering! I make ground chicken burgers every week for meal prep and do different flavors, sometimes make them more Mexican themed with salsa, sometimes Mediterranean it just really depends 🙂 xo C

  2. I love recipes like this, the ones that aren’t even really recipes. ‘Cause what it means to me is I can make tweaks based on what I have in my kitchen & they’ll still turn out great.

    I love topping burgers with an over-medium egg. But those onions on top look delicious too. I could easily make those while my egg was cooking!

    Jessie ||

    • good! glad you’ll be able to use it! i was worried it’d be silly to post something like that, but often times, when measurements don’t have to be exact, it’s easier just to throw it all together!!

  3. Yummin – those looks fantastic! That’s always how my favorite meals start – throw random ingredients together and see what works. 🙂 The brussel sprout recipe I shared on SST yesterday started in exactly that manner, and boy, they turned out fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing! Yum.

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