Halloween 2015

Obligatory Halloween 2015 post NOW!  Few words, lots of cuteness, here we go!

halloween2015 thomas train

After not wanting to wear his Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween costume for a few weeks prior, William cooperated on actual Halloween and kept it on.  He wanted no part of the conductor hat and bandana, but hey, the shirt was the big part of the costume, so I’ll take it!

The tradition in my family is to go to my grandparents’ house on Halloween with all the cousins and take picture in front of the infamous tree that William is standing before.  For decades (literally), kids and families have been getting their picture taken in that exact spot.  All the St. Louis cousins:

halloween2015 cousins

William would have preferred that I hold him (momma’s boy!), but one of his cousins held him in place long enough for Stephanie to snap the picture.  I love all their different costumes!

Mama and Papa with 11 of their 14 great-grandchildren:


How amazing?!  We were just missing the three Houston cousins.

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William was quite a trooper on Halloween.  St. Louis does “trick or treat” (I don’t understand why other cities don’t do this…) where you have to tell a joke or do a trick in order to get your treat.  William’s trick was saying choo-choo just like Thomas!  And he actually did it for several houses!  He was loving walking around from house to house; I couldn’t believe how much he walked!  And momma was more than happy to take / eat all his candy.  Since he doesn’t know what candy is right now, I figure there’s no reason to introduce it to him this young.  He’ll have pleeeenty of years to discover it and eat it.

halloween 2015

And one last picture since you all know how much I love my niece Audrey.  This picture Stephanie took of Phil throwing her in the air is just awesome and will make your day.

audrey halloween

All photos courtesy of Stephanie Cotta Photography

What did you do on Halloween?  Did you or your kid(s) dress up?  I went to a Halloween party on Friday and dressed up as a nurse!

9 thoughts on “Halloween 2015

  1. We have the same outlook on candy/other treats right now. Our son is 17 months and there’s just no need to expose him to it yet and create cravings. I’d rather work on making healthy habits first and then introducing the fun stuff! But I’m MORE than happy to eat it all myself 😉

  2. I didn’t know that countries actually ask that kids recite a joke! I love that tradition, and I wish it was more widespread! Also, I love the Thomas the Train costume! I was big into Thomas the Train as well, so I was feeling waves of nostalgia over your pictures! 🙂

    For my Halloween, I went as Princess Anna. I am an RA for the freshman at my university, so I spent the night taking care of some drunk kids. Twas an interesting, but hilarious night.

    Have a great rest of your Monday! 🙂

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