The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race

Another nonstop weekend in the books, and just like that, it’s Monday again!  However, this Monday I’m off work thanks to Columbus Day.  We’re not usually off, so it’s definitely a treat.  Our weekend, as usual, was go go go.  It was jam packed with a lot of fun, and several highlights.  It began on Friday evening when I went to a Tori Kelly concert with some friends.

angel jeannie

I had never even heard of Tori Kelly, but my friend loves her.  She was great!  Beautiful voice and a very talented performer.

Saturday began bright and early with Audrey’s fourth birthday party.  Stephanie went completely over the top (as she always does!) and every last detail was perfect.  Check out her Instagram (@scpstudio) for the photos.  I snapped one quick picture of William climbing on the playground.

climbing oct15

He has seriously turned into a little monkey.  I’m constantly amazed at his coordination and how quickly his motor skills are developing.  It also means he needs to be watched all the time because he’s so fast to scamper places!  I love how active he is!

Stephanie and I went to Game 2 of the Cardinals vs. Cubs series.  It was the perfect late afternoon for a game and Busch Stadium went wild at the first homerun!  We’re the number one baseball city in the nation for a reason!


Despite the Cardinals’ loss, Stephanie and I still had a blast!

steph cards

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Sunday morning was The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race.  I ran the 5K.  It was a chilly morning – ideal running temperatures.

go halloween race

Despite a late evening the night before, I still pulled off a 28:46 end time which was an average of a 9:16 minute mile.  I would have liked to break 27 minutes, but considering, I’m happy with it.  Especially when I looked at the stats (yes, I’m super competitive!).

  • 105th of 680 overall
  • 48th of 475 female
  • 6th of 79 females 30-34

And post race?  Chipotle was serving little cups of chili!


Definitely warmed the belly and was a good way to refuel.  Although I could have eaten ten of those little cups.  A Chipotle run will most likely happen this week.  The hardware of the race was pretty and the tech shirts were a bright lime green.  GO! always puts on stellar races! Thanks to Chipotle for my entry!

The rest of Sunday included errands, grocery shopping, baking, laundry, and family dinner.  It was the perfect end to a great weekend, and I’m excited for my day off today!

What did you do over the weekend? Are you working today?

8 thoughts on “The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race

  1. First off, LOVE your jacket that you wore to the concert. Casual and classic. 🙂

    And I’m SO JEALOUS that you went to the Cubs/Cardinals game. I’m a HUGE Cubs fan, and our 10 year high school reunion was right afterwards. I can’t lie to say we had a massive celebration in Chicago after enjoying their victory. 😉

    Thanks for updating us on your weekend!

    • ahhhhhhhh st. louis is totally sulking today after that last loss 🙁 congrats to you though (i’m forcing myself to have good sportsmanship lol)

    • hehe thanks girly!!! sometimes curling my hair is easier than straightening it – especially with the humidity in st louis!!

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