busy weekend

This was a busy, busy weekend.  It was a good weekend, just crazy busy.  As I sit here on Sunday evening, I’ve got the laundry finishing up, William’s lunch is packed for tomorrow, and I’ve got a bowl of Ted Drewes Reese’s frozen custard beside me.  I don’t have a ton of pictures from the weekend, just a few snapshots.

By Friday evening I was wiped from my first work week and crashed hard.  William, of course, was up bright and early on Saturday.  One of my friends / coworkers got married over the weekend.  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception; both venues were new to me and absolutely gorgeous.  The bride was stunning and we all had a lot of fun being together outside of work.


I wore my bridesmaid’s dress from Justin and Dana’s wedding, and was happy to wear it again.  That doesn’t happen often with bridesmaids dresses.

Sunday was super busy.  I realize now my weekend up until this point doesn’t even sound that busy, but it sure felt like it was haha.  William and I visited with my parents on Sunday morning and I did some meal prep for the week.  Then, I went to the park for a run and bike ride.  The next sprint triathlon I am doing is this coming weekend and I’ve done less training for this than my last one, so I was happy to put in some work yesterday, despite the fact that temperatures topped 90 and the good ole St. Louis humidity was rocking.  I ran with a friend of mine which definitely pushed me faster than if I were on my own.  My goal these days (being pretty out of shape and all) is to get under ten-minute miles.  And you better believe me when I say I started walking the second my Garmin beeped at three miles.


I was so unbelievably hot and sweaty after.

run park

Couldn’t even think of a better pose to do than just stand there (and try not to die).  Then we decided to go on a quick bike ride after.  It wasn’t long due to some time constraints, but at least I trained two sports at once finally.  Next weekend should be interesting.  I’m banking on the fact that the swim is only 300 instead of 400…

Linking up with Katie and Erin.

After the workout, William and I picked up Audrey and headed to the pool.  It was a bummer because the baby pool was closed.  It made the pool more challenging than relaxing with the two of them, but I was still happy to be enjoying the summer weather.  They were both so busy at the pool that I couldn’t take any pictures since I obviously had a to keep a very close eye on them.  They (and me) were exhausted after, so we came home and ate dinner immediately.  Baked chicken for William, macaroni and cheese for Audrey, and Chipotle for me. 🙂

I plopped the two of them in the bathtub to scrub them clean and let them play.

aud bath

Audrey loooooves taking care of her baby William.  She wants to help with everything.  Washing his hair, his back, his legs, his toesies, drying him, getting his diaper on, picking out his pajamas… literally everything.  Last night she actually said, “I wish I could just keep William forever!”  I hope that love never changes.

That’s it.  Writing out my whole weekend definitely made it seem like I was not as busy as I felt, but man oh man I felt like we were.  No slowing down now, off to start the work week, my first full one.  Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Did you have a busy weekend?  What was the best part?

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  1. The two of them are so so sweet together! My girlfriend had an almost 3 year old, and he loves my 15 month old. The other day my son fell when we were at her house and I clapped so that he wouldn’t cry, and he son got in my face and yelled, NO! That’s not funny! That’s mean!
    I couldn’t stop laughing.

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