Weekend Snapshots

This was a good weekend.  It was relaxing yet productive.  It was low key yet busy.  The perfect balance of it all.  And I even worked out.  Twice.  My first workout of the weekend was on Friday when I met Bianca of MizzFit for a barre class.  I don’t typically love barre classes, but I wanted to see Bianca when she was in town and clearly my workouts lately have been few and far between.  I liked it more than I thought I would, and even better, we grabbed a cup of coffee after to catch up and chat.  I always feel inspired after talking with Bianca as she’s a great role model as a woman, entrepreneur, and fitness expert.

My second workout of the weekend was a long bike ride on Sunday.  We went in the middle of the day, and it was HOT!  I’m grateful that we were able to go though, as it’s rained a good 95% of this summer (possible slight exaggeration).  My triathlon is coming up at the end of this month, so the bike ride was definitely needed.  It was only the second time I’ve gone all summer.  Yikes.  Time to get my butt in gear for training.

Some other weekend snapshots included a play and dinner date on Friday evening with William’s best bud Wolf.  Audrey slept over, so she joined the fun, too.

wolf audrey

Wolf recently discovered how to climb up on this low table, so of course Audrey and William (with a little help) had to follow.  These three are goofballs and had us all cracking up.

Saturday morning included a fun play event at William’s school where he saw lots of his friends and even got to play on the big kid playground.  I’ll tell you what… once your baby starts walking, it’s a whole new world!


Linking up with Katie and Erin!

While William napped, I got a lot of cleaning done around the house.  Vacuuming, wiping things down, putting stuff away, nothing fun, but much needed all the same.  We had a dinner and play date with William’s girlfriend, Carly in the evening.  We took the kiddies to Crazy Bowls and Wraps for dinner, Menchie’s for frozen yogurt after (for the mommas), and back to my house for bath and play time.

carly 715

Matching onesies from Old Navy for the best babies ever was a must!  We also took many hilarious and adorable bath photos that are sure to be used in their wedding video in twenty years!

It was hot and humid on Sunday morning, so we had some splash pad fun!

elli carly

We couldn’t get the little ones to stand still together in the splash pad, but managed this cute photo of them at a picnic table after.  William loves his lady friends!

Later on Sunday was time for a bike ride with a friend.  It was about 90 degrees and a million percent humidity!  Standing out in the sun for two minutes caused major sweat, but it actually was a lot better on the bike with the breeze.


15 miles done!  Since biking is not my favorite, it really helped to go with someone else.

As I sit here typing this blog post on Sunday evening, my baby is worn out from all the sun as am I.  When I hit publish, I’m headed off to bed and go to sleep just like this little cutie:


So peaceful.

What did your workouts look like this weekend?

11 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. What a fun weekend! William sure is a popular little boy, huh? If only we lived closer to one another. our kiddos could play. Ah well! Good luck w/ your triathlon training 🙂

  2. Barre is still on my ‘must try’ list! Glad you had a great weekend. I finally got a double digit run in with my running group and taught spin yesterday. We also spent a lot of time outside… it was hot but beautiful!

  3. That does sound like a perfect weekend! And I agree, I don’t love to bike, so going with someone else helps so so much!!

    Hilarious that you took so many photos of them two for their wedding video. Hahaha!

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