Baby + Aviator Sunglasses = Babiators

All photos in post by Ashley at A Family Affair Photography

As you know, baby William’s first birthday party had a Red Carpet theme, complete with an actual red carpet set up for a photo booth.  Yes, red carpet and a photo booth for babies.  It was adorable.  Babies were dressed up.  Paparazzi, I mean a photographer, was present.  There was live entertainment.  Swag bags were handed out.  It was the first birthday bash of the century.  Ok, maybe not that far, but for the 15 babies (and their mommas!) that were in attendance, it was really fun!

Babiators was a huge sponsor of the swag bags as they donated the most adorable baby sunglasses to ensure each little babe was decked out in style.  Baby + Aviator Sunglasses = Babiators.  Amazing.  I had this great vision of getting each and every baby styled in their Babiators on the red carpet for an adorable photo, and then maybe a group photo of all the babies and their stylish shades.  Clearly I’m a first time mom and my expectations were way.too.high.  Many babies wouldn’t keep the sunglasses on for more than a few moments (which was enough to get a couple cute shots!).  Many babies including my baby William who is supposed to be perfect an do exactly as I say! Ha! (KIDDING!)

babiators william

Hey, mister! Keep them on!

The girl babies were much better at keeping them on for an extended period of time.  Maybe us boy moms just have to get used to the boys not listening?  Hopefully not for many more years.  Regardless, we did get some ridiculously adorable photos of many of the babies with their Babiators…. on or off.  And lots of babies got more used to the Babiators the more they wore them.  Many of my friends have been texting and Instagramming photos of their littles sporting their stylish shades.

Babiators are SAFE as they provide 100% UVA & UVB protection, DURABLE as they have flexible frames and shatter-resistant lenses, GUARANTEED as they replace them if lost or broken, and AWESOME with ten great colors and two sizes! They also have polarized Babiators, Aces (sunglasses for kids 7-14), submariners swim goggles (so cute!!!), rocket packs, and rx glasses.  They’ve got you covered!

Pictures from the party for your viewing pleasure:

babiators elli

fancy miss elliana

babiators wolf

cool mr wolf man

babiators jackson

Jackson wore his Aces (Babiators for ages 7-14) almost the entire party

babiators zoey

silly miss zoey

babiators gia

sweet miss gia

babiators carly

pretty miss carly

babiators cora

stylish miss cora

babiators shoot

and handsome mr william

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Do you own [an adult] pair of aviators? What color would you get for your baby?

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