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How many of you generally like your race photos when you see them?  Not me.  I feel like they’re usually super awkward.  Eyes half closed, arms in awkward positions, legs confirming that I don’t have perfect form, and what is going on with my face?  Am I about to sneeze?  Am I in pain?  Oy.  Race photos are usually less than flattering.  When I was racing more frequently, I would at least attempt to get a semi-decent picture at the finish line by throwing my hands up in the air.  Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn’t.

Anyway, as you know, during the All American 5K this past weekend, it rained the entire time.  Poured.  My sister and I (and every other runner out there) were drenched.  When we saw the finish line in the near distance, we were stoked.  Yes, that meant the race was concluding, but more importantly because it meant we could get under some shelter, dry off, and eventually shower and get out of our sopping wet clothes that were hanging off us due to them being so wet.  When I was crossing the finish line, I threw my hands in the air and smiled like I just won the race…

itzlinz 5k race photo

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…which I didn’t, of course, but you can’t really tell that from the picture.  Stephanie was cracking up in the background.  I love the picture.  I love it because it shows what running should be all about: FUN!  Sometimes we get so caught up in the numbers that it’s hard to remember that running and races, while good exercise and very healthy for our bodies, is fun!  While I’ve tried to have this pose captured in other races, they’ve never been caught like this one.  Pure joy!

And since it’s Thursday, I’m linking up with Amanda to do some thinking out loud…

I attended a BodyPump class yesterday.

It’s such a good workout.  Pre-baby I used to lift weights all the time, but now BodyPump is definitely the best weight lifting routine I do.  I wish I could go multiple times a week, but when I do have time to workout, I’ve been dedicating it to running, biking, or swimming in preparation for my upcoming triathlon.

No shame in taking selfies either!  Especially after reading THIS POST!

You can see in that picture how bad my roots were.  Luckily, I was able to get into Preston Salon yesterday, and Zac fixed me right up.


I swung by my sister’s after the salon as it was on the way to the nail shop.  I asked Audrey if she wanted to come get her nails done with me, and of course she said yes.  So we had a little day date.  I love my mini-me.

And how about this guy? Teething monster, but always a #ladiesman!


Are you usually happy with your race photos? Do you try to pose for the camera?

15 thoughts on “best race photo ever

  1. Ha ha. Now that is a great race photo!

    I think I’ll practice yours and try it out when I finish my run in October. 🙂

    My last one is too serious. It’s on the profile that I use to add my updates to the Facebook Fitfluential Group. Lol

  2. Always try to smile and act a bit CRAZY so I remember how much fun exercising and racing with friends really is to me…and it is funny to see the crowd (if there is one) react when you act so ‘fun’ like even though exhausted many times!

    The boys have one of those teething thingys..they love them!!! And Jonah loves to keep it in his mouth like a lollipop…but I love that they are dishwasher safe so we can take them anywhere and get them super clean too!

  3. I love that race picture! And the one with your niece. I usually hate my race photos too, which probably is a good thing because they’re so expensive and I wouldn’t want to be tempted to buy all of them. If I try to smile for the camera it looks like a grimace. I have a couple I like though. One is with my (adult) son, after he’d started running, lost a lot of weight, and quit smoking. We’re crossing the finish line of a half marathon, holding hands, with our other hands raised in victory. It’s my favorite.

  4. That is a great pic! Oh I never really like my race photos but that’s ok. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the camera to pose but if I see on in my next race I’m all over it! 😉

  5. That’s such a great picture! I used to look horrible in race photos, but recently I seem to be able to pull it together for the camera and sometimes even smile!

  6. That is a great race photo! Plus throwing your hands up and smiling was a great strategy! I have a few great race photos! They are fun to look at, especially if you are sporting a race face!

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