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When you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, you mustn’t forget about party favors!  Actually, there’s a debate among parents whether or not party favors are really necessary or not, as some kids come to expect something when they go to a birthday to celebrate someone else’s birthday party, but let’s save that debate for another day.  When I had William’s first birthday party, I knew I wanted to have party favors of some sort.  William had a Red Carpet Event theme for his 1st birthday party.  Some themes lend themselves easily to party favors, and I knew I did want to try to stick to the theme if at all possible. Hmm…

Baby Swag Bags!  Yes, William’s first birthday party favors would be baby swag bags!  Now what do baby swag bags entail?  Well, I wanted to include items that would actually get used by the babies.  No junk.  Mom-approved.  Most of the babies were all around the age of one, maybe a few a couple months younger or older, but mostly the same age, which helped in planning what would be given as party favors.  So what do you put in baby party favor bags?

what to put in first birthday party favor bags

photo (and others in post) by A Family Affair Photography 

Before we get into the actual contents, let’s talk for a quick second about putting the bags together.  I bought very inexpensive clear bags and closed them with the twisty ties that came with them.  My sister printed labels that were similar to William’s invitations and my mom attached ribbon.  (They always know how to make things look way better than I do!)  It was simple, yet it showed what was inside, and looked cute!

partyfavor bags

Ok, funny story:  So I put these together at my house and my dad stopped over and brought them to his house.  To my mother’s dismay, they would not stand straight up (they did when I put them together – promise!), so she made my older brother Jason untie them all and fix them.  Clearly they look better this way.  My mom always has the touch that’s needed and is so attentive to even the smallest details! Thank you, Mom!

party favor bags

Definitely better!

Alright, let’s get to the goods!  All of the items were donated by the wonderful companies who I very carefully hand-selected to be part of William’s special celebration.  They knew the importance of putting together party favor bags that would be baby and momma approved and would actually get used!  The items I chose can be bought in bulk which is perfect for parties and keeps the cost down!

What do you put in first birthday party favor bags? Aka SWAG BAGS

Nuby Wash or Toss Straw Cups

nuby sippycup pack

I’ve always been a fan of Nuby from their teethers to their bath toys to their sippy cups.  All babies use sippy cups, and I’ve learned that many parents buy hundreds (slight exaggeration) of sippy cups to find the “best” one or the one that their child will drink from.  Also, there is some discussion between the spout vs. the straw sippy cup, but some speech pathologists believe that straw sippy cups help children strengthen their muscles in their face and in their mouth which is beneficial to proper speech. (Another debate for another day.)  I went with the straw sippy cup instead of the spout because at some point in time babies will learn how to drink from a straw, and my personal opinion is the earlier the better.

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nuby sippycups

These Nuby Wash or Toss Straw Cups are perfect for party favor bags for several reasons.  For one thing, they come in packs of four in the colors you see above.  (Another reason I liked using the clear bags was so parents could choose which color cup they wanted!)  These cups are easy to hold, have snap on straw lids, are BPA free, and are sturdy enough to reuse… or inexpensive enough to toss.

Baby Mum-Mums


A box of Baby Mum-Mums is just a few dollars and contain 12 individually wrapped packages with two mum-mums in each.  Mum-Mums are great for six month olds all the way up to toddlers.  (They actually have toddler mum-mums, but this baby version works for both!  My niece Audrey still loves “sharing” William’s mum-mums!)  Mum-Mums come in several flavors; I added three packs to each party favor bag.  Baby mum-mums are a good first food as they help babies work on their eye-hand coordination and dissolves easily.  Even though William knows how to eat, I still give him them if we’re out and about.  They also work well as a cracker to use with dips or spreads for babies. (This is how I introduced peanut butter to William!)

Baby Mum-Mums are baked with no preservatives, contain no artificial colors or flavors, and are gluten, egg, and peanut free.  See? Perfect for all!

Earth’s Best Organic Pouches

earthsbest pouches

We’ve been long time fans of Earth’s Best!  We started with their oatmeal and then moved to some of their jarred baby food.  Now, we’re a fan of their pouches.  They come in many different flavors and are perfect for on the go.  Even moms who make all their own baby food, uses pouches from time to time.  I put just one in every baby’s favor bag and many of my friends exclaimed how much their baby enjoyed the pouch!

Yet another reason why I love all three of the aforementioned brands and products is that they can be found easily in retail stores or online.  They are carried anywhere from Walmart to Target to Whole Foods to local groceries.

The last part of William’s party favor bags didn’t actually go inside the bags…

babiators box

They had their own special box because I wanted parents to be able to pick which color Babiators they wanted, and I wanted them to get their baby’s picture taken with the Babiators on the red carpet!  Babiators are literally the cutest baby sunglasses ever…

babiators sunglasses

Baby + Aviators = Babiators

Babiators are SAFE as they provide 100% UVA & UVB protection, DURABLE as they have flexible frames and shatter-resistant lenses, GUARANTEED as they replace them if lost or broken, and AWESOME with ten great colors and two sizes! Cool, right?!

They also have polarized Babiators, Aces (sunglasses for kids 7-14), submariners swim goggles (so cute!!!), rocket packs, and rx glasses.  They’ve got you covered!

Now if only I could get baby William to keep his stylish shades on for longer than a half a second…

babiators shoot

Every swag bag, red carpet event, and baby definitely needs Babiators!

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Mommas: What did / will you put in your baby’s party favor bags?  Other good ideas? We’ve received books and musical shakers which were also awesome!

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  1. The babiators were a great idea! William’s party rocked! E’s party was in October and we did E’s favorite snacks (mum mums and yogurt melts).

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