stupid molars

Another week of my summer break has just about passed. We are making the most of it, and [mostly] loving every second!  Except there are these two stupid molars that have viciously begun cutting their way into baby William’s mouth.  I cannot imagine how painful cutting teeth is, let alone molars. On top of it, William was running a fever all day on Wednesday. Poor baby. He definitely needed lots of extra snuggles from his momma…

…which I didn’t mind. I did mind, however, the lack of sleep we have both been getting.  Here’s to hoping that changes soon!  A few other snapshots from the week:

BODYPUMP! I attended my second BodyPump class recently.  I went several years ago when Annette was teaching in St. Louis, but my old gym didn’t offer BP. My new gym does, and I foresee this being a weekly thing. Both times have left me SO sore the following few days.

I love it!  I’ll have to figure out what my new training program will be with my upcoming triathlon, but I do want to continue to lift weights as I feel like it’s important with any and all training. Even if I just go once a week (and swim, bike, or run other days), that will be worthwhile and helpful.

On Tuesday, William had his play date with his girlfriends, and on Monday it was just the boys.  They sure will be troublemakers some day… Just look at those faces!

They played well together. Only a few thrown or stolen toys, bops on the head, and shared drool for all. Eh, I’m sure they will get into much grosser things in the years to come, am I right, boy-moms?

Linking up with Claire today!

Yesterday, I attended a short workshop for my school.  What’s one way to make workshops better for teachers in the summer (or anytime)? Bring treats, of course!

skinnypop izze

I brought a bag of my SkinnyPop (I thought I could share one of my 24 bags…) and a couple four-packs of Izze.  I was recently sent some free coupons to try Izze, so I picked some up on the way to the workshop for my co-workers and I to enjoy.  I texted my friend Nichole with a list of the flavors without telling her what it was for. She chose peach and blueberry – both very good choices. (I couldn’t decide as ALL eight flavors sounded great!)

Those of you unfamiliar (as I was before yesterday), Izze is a sparkling fruit beverage with no added sugar and no preservatives.  They were created based on the sophisticated, all-natural sodas common in Europe; and the founders, Todd and Greg, decided it was time to bring that sparkling drink to America.

As you know, I’m not a huge soda drinker.  Too much carbonation hurts my throat. Izze is perfect. There’s not too much carbonation and the sweet flavor hits the spot. These would be perfect as mixers before a girls night out. I’ll need to stock up on a few to keep at my house!

Nichole and I before the workshop began sipping on our Izzes.

What have YOU been up to this week?

14 thoughts on “stupid molars

  1. Teething DOES stink! I can’t stand it. I always feel so awful for my baby, she is much stronger than I, pretty sure I would be in much worse shape if I was going thru that. Looks like a good week for you! We just relocated to Michigan a week ago so our week has been filled with trying to make our house a home and dealing with all the other not so fun stuff that goes with a cross country move. Making the most of this adventure though and keeping smiles on our faces!….Except when we’re teething. 😉

  2. I love workshops with the best teamies! Keep me updated on molar tricks for William because Leo’s are on the way! 🙂

  3. I just love IZZE soda! Such delicious flavors. I think clementine is my favorite! Poor William. Teething is tough. My daughter is 6 now and is having top teeth (grown up teeth) come in by her front teeth and has been in a lot of pain. Poor kiddos!

  4. Bless William’s heart. I was just telling a girlfriend of mine the other day how painful it must be with babies start cutting teeth. I can’t even imagine the pain. I mean a simple toothache puts me in the worst mood! lol.

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