U-City Memorial Day 5K

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I ran a 5K on Memorial Day.  It was the first race I ran since my half marathon a month and a half ago.  I’d only run a couple of times since then. My sister and I signed up to run the U-City Memorial Day 5K together.  I love having races to train for; it definitely keeps me motivated.  Before the race began, Jackie Joyner-Kersee led stretches.  We jumped at the opportunity to get a picture!

How awesome are her pants?  I want them.

I was recently sent a pair of Champion CSX Compression Socks in exchange for my honest review.  I had worn them once before and decided to test them out again during the race. (Never wear something new for the first time during a race!)  I used their sizing chart to determine which size would fit me best, and it was very accurate.  The socks were tight, but not uncomfortable. I didn’t have to worry about them falling down throughout the race either.

I think it’s hard to judge if compression socks “work,” but I will say this: the course was hillier than I anticipated. I think the compression socks helped my calves not scream at me so much during the many uphills.  Afterwards, I didn’t feel any soreness at all.  I actually thought I would be pretty sore due to my lack of running, all the uphills, and just the general post-race soreness that generally occurs.  But I didn’t.  I’d like to think the Champion CSX Compression Socks had something to do with it!

More than just compression: CSX Compression Sport Socks feature built-in arch, ankle, calf, and Achilles support using the most advanced sports yarns available coupled with a sleek, vibrant look. Our socks are designed to give athletes and active individuals the decisive edge in performance, injury reduction, and recover.

And because I didn’t really understand how compression socks work, I found this blurb on their website:

CSX Compression Sport Socks work to reduce the diameter of the superficial veins in the lower leg, thus helping to improve blood flow. This helps to protect, energize, and renew tired leg muscles.

So it all makes sense now.  My legs aren’t magical; the compression socks must have done their job. But….. post-race fro yo probably helped! 😉

I’m all about sweet treats after a race!  Even if it was 8 a.m.!

The results? Our time was 28:35 which was a 9:12 pace.  It’s faster than when I’ve been running by myself, so I’ll take it!  And because I love stats and competition, here’s how I ranked compared to the others:

  • 224th of 645 overall
  • 71st of 348 females
  • 4th of 19 females ages 25-29

I’m happy with it, but I’m definitely ready to improve my speed.  Time to go to work!  I’ve got plans this summer for training and racing and gains to be made. Details coming.

Did you race during Memorial Day weekend?

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  1. Those leggings are awesome, you are so right! Good for you for getting an official race in! I only ran on my own this past weekend!

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