toes in the water

I would like to take a moment to remember all the fallen soldiers who are heroes for fighting for our country. ~ Land of the free because of the brave. ~

After finishing school last week, this weekend was my first taste of summer.  William embraced it by looking out the window and exclaiming, “I’m going to conquer this day!”

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Ok, maybe he didn’t say that exactly, but I’m sure that what his babbling meant.  Doesn’t he look so big there? Like a real, little boy?  Where oh where did my baby go?

It’s been way too long since I’ve run, so I wanted to test out my legs again.  Eek.


Two slow miles.  Clearly I stopped the second I hit two miles; it was rough.  I’ve only run one time since my half marathon six weeks ago.  Now that it’s summertime, I’ll definitely be running more consistently. I’m tired of starting from scratch and feeling slow.  I’m ready to put in the work to improve my speed and endurance.  I know I have it in me, it’ll just require some sweat!

Last week I won an iFit activity tracker from Chenelle Monique.  She hosted a giveaway on her Instagram, and I couldn’t believe I won!  I didn’t have an activity tracker and I feel like everyone has some kind or other, so I’m excited to join the 10,000 a day step challenge!  The iFit arrived on Friday, and I set it up as soon as possible which was around 3:00 pm, after my two-mile run.  Well, by 7:30 in the evening it was vibrating to let me know my 10,000 step goal had been reached!

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I’ve had it for three days and I’ve reached the 10,000 step goal every single day.  Hopefully I’ll be able to continue that throughout the summer. I don’t think that will be too difficult as long as I take a couple short walks each day, not to mention run.  I really, really like the iFit so far. I will plan on doing a full review post on it because there are a lot of features that I’m fond of.  Do any of you have an iFit? I would love to connect! I have no “friends” on there yet!

Linking up with Katie and Erin.

William and I came to my parents’ on Sunday evening.  Yaya let William splish and splash in the pond while the fish nibbled on his toes.

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I got my toes in the water…

All the grandchildren get to play in the pond with Yaya and Pops, and William loooved it! And then baby William promptly went into the bath tub…

bath toys

William played toys that are over thirty-five years old!  My mom saved all the good ones and William loved opening and closing those little milk containers, filling them with water, and pouring them out!

We slept at my parents’ because I’m waking up early this morning to run a 5k! There were lots of weather advisories last night as I was typing this post, so I’m really hoping we have a semi-clear morning for the run!

Did anyone race this weekend? Anyone running or racing today?

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  1. Oh, summer. <3 I don't get summer vacations anymore, but I'm loving this weather so very much. :] I'm crossing my fingers that it gets here a tad bit sooner because spring allergies are kinda killin' me right now! 😛

    That's so awesome that you won an activity tracker! 😀 Congrats, and I hope you have fun with it! :]

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