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As you know, my precious little baby turned one.  Life with a one year old is crazy!  Ok, maybe it’s not that much different, but things have felt a bit busier over here this week.  Instead of blogging last night, I took the hour to straighten up some things around my home.  Fold the laundry, wipe the counters, change the sheets.  And there’s still more.  There’s always more. Eh, I’d rather have a lived-in and loved house than a super tidy one; isn’t that how the saying goes?  Or something.

So today I’m keeping it light on the blog and sharing five sweet photos from my sister, the photographer.  The first is one of my favorites and was taken on his first birthday:

1year black and white

Little old man baby.

Yes, we’ll need this same picture in eighty years in the same outfit.  Moccasins.  Trousers.  Button-up.  Newsboy hat.  On a bench.  Black and white.  Yes, please.

The next photo was also taken on Baby William’s first birthday and was taken sans clothes, diaper (and cover) only in the fresh spring air, birthday excitement radiating out of him.  Fists clinched, huge smile, ready to celebrate his day!

1 year old cute

That smile.  Those cheeks.  Those teeth.  Those eyes.  That belly.  That baby!

We have no plans to cease calling him Baby William.

When we were in the studio, Jacob and Audrey came along to entertain the little one.  Stephanie captured them gazing out her big windows into the big, open world.

jacob audrey back

Audrey, as always, is right next to Baby William and has taken him under her wing (quite literally).  She may not be able to hold him as easily as she once did, but that doesn’t keep her any further away.  She’s always right.there. and nobody would have it any other way.

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Jacob was probably explaining the wonders of the world while Audrey was probably saying, “You like that, Baby William?  You like that?  He likes it!  He said, ‘Yeah!'”

audrey jacob back

The love between these cousins is amazing.

While Stephanie was trying to capture a picture of me and William, William kept burrowing his face in me.  Not that I minded one bit.  He loves his momma.

1year love

And his momma loves him.


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  1. Can’t believe he is one year old already❣
    Such a beautiful smile❣ and the pictures are way beyond perfect.

    Happy that your are not planning on giving up calling him Baby William ❣

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