What I Ate On Race Day

Thank you all for your kind words on running the half marathon I didn’t train for and then again as I explained how I was a little too glib in the post.  Your kindness is always appreciated.  I’m still riding my high for running such a good race (for me), and enjoying being back in the racing game.  I enjoy reading what people eat on race day, so I figured I’d share what I ate, as well.

breakfast: oatmeal with a side of mizuno shoes


Haha, I’m sure my mom will be thrilled to see this picture and discover I put my running shoes on the counter.  Sorry, Mom!  (We slept at my parents’ the night before since it was going to be such an early morning, and they were watching William.)  Back when I was running a few years ago, I always ate a bowl of oatmeal before a race or long run.  Classic toppings include bananas, cinnamon, peanut butter, and raisins.  Usually I add honey, but I couldn’t find it in their kitchen.

mid-race fuel: (no pictures since I was running and am not coordinated enough nor did I feel like trying to take out my phone during the race. all my energy was put towards running!)

  • Mile 5: A pack of Supercandy Beans that I brought
  • Mile 8: Gu that was passed out
  • Mile 10: Another Gu
  • Gatorade at every station

I may be weird, but I love race fuel.  I love it all.  Supercandy is a relatively new-to-me fuel that I’ve really been enjoying.  It tastes good, is more natural than others, and includes b vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

post-race: an ice cream sandwich from Ted Drewes

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Instead of going for the granola bars or bananas, I went for the ice cream sandwich.  And I ate it before a picture could be snapped, so Barbie re-enacted what I probably looked like.  The Go! had great food when you crossed the finish line. But truthfully, my hands were full of my ice cream sandwich so I couldn’t grab anything else.  There was even toasted ravioli!!! (unique to St. Louis!)

linking up with peas & crayons for what i ate wednesday



Thanks to Chipotle, I was able to go to the VIP tent after the race.  There was a wonderful spread of food, and I had a little bit of most of it.  A waffle with strawberry topping, pecans, and syrup, sausage, bacon, cheesy eggs with spianch, and potatoes.  There were sweet rolls and fruit, too, but I stuck with the hearty stuff.

lunch: CHIPOTLE!


I actually thought there would be Chipotle in the VIP tent, but there wasn’t.  I had it stuck in my head that I was having Chipotle after the race, so around 1:30 in the afternoon, William and I ventured out to fulfill my craving.  William took a nap shortly after, so I could have leisurely eaten my bowl.  Nope.  I was starving  I literally inhaled it.  Usually I get a bowl with chicken, but after my race I was famished, so I went with steak, black beans, brown rice, lettuce, corn salsa, and cheese.  So good.  I could eat Chipotle everyday and never get sick of it.

dinner snacks: everything in sight!

Since I had a large late lunch and I didn’t feel like making anything, I literally grazed the rest of the day on anything and everything I found in my kitchen.  Some of my snacks included chicken, a whole avocado, cereal, cheesy toast, scoops of peanut butter… I’m telling you, I ate everything.  It was fantastic!

And I drank a couple bottles full of Cocogo to make sure I replenished after the race.

What do you eat on race day?

22 thoughts on “What I Ate On Race Day

  1. I LOVE Ted drewes! My fiancé is from STL too and the first time his family took me their I fell in love!! Total ice cream/ froyo addict over here 🙂

  2. I wish they would have given out ice cream sandwiches after my half on Sunday! Lol. Then again, it was nearly 80 degrees and the ice cream would be all over the place.

    I swear Chipotle has their own form of crack on their food that just makes us all crave it and never get sick of it! Chipotle is usually a must on race day, usually for dinner. It’s easy and quick and you get all nutrients to restore your levels.

    • lol about your chipotle comment!! it is SO addicting!! and it was chilly which was perfect for the ice cream sandwiches but they also were super frozen to prevent meltage… i ate mine before that happened anyway haha

  3. What is this magical Ted Drewes of which you speak? I celebrated a kick booty workout week with a cheat meal of Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day yesterday, but that’s as close as I know. Seems like I need to hear more… 🙂

    Side note – Gus are fantastic (pending the flavor.) I also really liked the Gatorade Chews when I decided to invest. They just aren’t handed out as frequently, so you’ve gotta be committed. Ha.

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