I ran a half marathon that I didn’t train for

So you know how last week I announced my awesome Chipotle sponsorship for an upcoming half marathon?  Well, I may have failed to mention that the race was this past weekend.  Hence the title of this post: I ran a half marathon that I didn’t train for.  But you know what?  I survived, and not only that…  I KILLED IT!

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We killed it.  One of my best friends Barbie and I, that is.  The race started at 7:00 am, and we were downtown St. Louis by 6:15.  Talk about an early morning.  We made sure to do our pre-race stretching jumping.  We were excited to be running the same race we ran almost ten years ago.

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The Go! St. Louis changed its course to make it less hilly, which was very much appreciated by the runners.  This year, we ran through East St. Louis for part of the race… not very pretty.  It kind of left us scratching our heads (and running faster) as to why they would have taken us through a really crummy part of town.  Regardless, we powered through.

My goal was just to cross the finish line alive.  Since my longest run was six miles, and I had run a total of six times prior to the race, I knew I couldn’t set my expectations too high.  However, I really wanted to complete the race without walking.  A lofty expectation, I know.

The race began and I felt good.  We had great conversation, and before I knew it, we passed mile marker one.  Then, two.  Then, three, four, five, and six.  I was trying not to psych myself out since six was the longest that I had run prior to this race, but aside from my knees feeling sore, I was feeling awesome! I couldn’t believe it, and was excited to continue.  This feeling stayed with me… until we crossed the finish line!

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Official time: 2:12:39!  That’s about an average of ten-minute miles!  To say I’m proud of myself is an understatement.  It’s amazing what the body can do when you put your mind to it!

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Go! St. Louis Finisher

The weather was perfect.  The race began at 50 degrees and finished at 60.  It was overcast, so we didn’t have to worry about the bright sun.  There was a slight drizzle just for a few minutes mid-race, but all in all, I’d say it was perfect racing conditions!

Linking up with Katie and Erin!

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I wouldn’t have even raced if it weren’t for this girl.  I thought, “No way!” could I run a half marathon with as little as I’ve run recently.  Barbie believed in me, pushed me to sign up, and stayed with my every step of the way!

Post-race, I headed to Chipotle’s VIP tent.  There was a delicious spread of food, Chipotle swag, chiropractors to stretch you, and this lady:

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Katie is a fellow FitFluential Ambassador, and we had a great time catching up.

All in all, it was a fabulous race.  Huge shout out to Chipotle!  They were the best sponsor to one of my favorite races.  I’ve got the gold to prove it!

gostl medal

Not that I would suggest running a half marathon without properly training, but I am super impressed with my body.  I feel like running has finally clicked for me again, and I’ve been bit by the racing bug!  Now to decide which race is next…

Did you race this weekend?  Do you have any upcoming races?

55 thoughts on “I ran a half marathon that I didn’t train for

  1. congrats! I spontaneously ran a half marathon this past weekend too, but it wasn’t s race it wad just 21 kilometers. When it comes to marathon training, what do you think is key in upping your mileage and feeling good?

    • proper training should definitely include a gradual increase of mileage – i’m really feeling the long distance today!

  2. Great job!!! I was wondering about the new route- thought it wz weird to see you all cross the river. And seriously?! You rocked that race!! What perfect weather too!

    • haha SURPRISE! lol i didn’t even tell my family about it til right before… mostly because i was nervous for how i’d do!

  3. Yay! This makes me feel so much better about my upcoming half. i didn’t get in my long run yesterday and since I’m pregnant and slowing down, I have just been harder on myself. However, I want to cross the finish line and look like you after! Awesome job! Congrats 🙂

    • totally! by having my goal be just about finishing instead of getting hyper-focused on the time made it way more fun!!

  4. Due to my MMC and D&C last year I ran a marathon without really training for it. My longest run was 15 miles! I signed up to run it with my husband the day after our wedding ceremony as our ‘honeymoon’ so I was determined to do it with him. Ended up finishing just fine! It really is amazing what our mind can push us to do.

  5. You’re amazing! And hello east StL? That is the weirdest thing ever–I would have run really fast too, haha!

    I agree–the mind and body can do so much more than we often give credit for, and this is a perfect example. You are so strong in so many ways, Linz! <3

    I did that about 3 years ago (ran a half marathon I hadn't trained for) & I did way better than expected, but I was also soooo sore for 3 days. haha

  6. Great job! Are you still breastfeeding William? How did you time pumping/feeding to be away from him? I have a race coming up and I want to enjoy all the pre and post race festivities but am nervous about finding a place to pump or meeting up to feed my baby.

    • yes!!! ok this is what i was super nervous about…. since william is eating more solids (he’s a year), my supply has gone down a bit. i pumped right before i left the house at 5:30am, brought my hand pump in the car just in case (didn’t end up using it), and nursed then pumped right when i got home at 10:45… i was full but survived 🙂 i also doubled-up on my sports bras during the race for extra support

  7. Way to go! Reading this tipped the scale for me this morning! I have a half this weekend that I’ve barely trained for and I’ve been debating whether I should do it I’m gonna do it and love it!!

  8. Ha my post today is what to do if you havent trained for a race. I realized this weekend that my half is about a month away and I have barely been running. I have been doing plenty of other workouts, but my run game has seriously diminished. Congrats on your time and I definitely feel better about not training as much. I don’t think I’ll die anymore haha.

    • haha! i’m going to have to check out your post! just trust yourself and have fun with the race! not training as much has definitely taught me running is SO mental!!!

  9. Congrats linz – you did so awesome. 10 min miles are crazy for the amount of running you have done! I am training for a half marathon right now and ran a 10k as part of my training last weekend. Yay for spring races!

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