12 month old baby William

Baby William turns ONE today.  ONE!  I cannot even believe it.  Wasn’t it just yesterday he was this tiny, five-pound wrinkly little thing?  And now he’s turned into the most beautiful (ok, handsome), one year old baby EVER.

baby william 1st birthday


But seriously.  Cutest baby one year old ever.

Height & Weight: 20 pounds 10 ounces and 29 inches (as of last week!).

Eating: William still eats Earth’s Best oatmeal in the morning with fruit.  He really likes banana and scrambled eggs.  For lunch, he has vegetables and sometimes turkey or chicken.  He doesn’t seem to like cheese, but does enjoy plain Stonyfield yogurt. For dinner, he has vegetables and sometimes chicken.  Favorites include sweet potatoes, carrots, and avocado.

first birthday board

My good friend gifted William this board.  It’s from Board and Loving It – I absolutely love it and can’t wait to hang it up!  You can personalize it any which way (colors, what goes on it, theme, etc.); the artist is so talented!

Sleeping (naps): William’s naps lately have been AWESOME!  Like, an hour and a half twice a day which is a major improvement from the past.  However, I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s been sleeping terribly at night…

Sleeping (at night): Waking up every two hours… or more. It takes him forever to go down, and he wakes up way too often throughout the night.  Yikes.

Clothing: Mostly twelve month clothes and size three diapers.

New this month: William is getting really good at standing without holding on to anything!  He still needs something to pull up on, but then let goes and can hold his balance for a little bit.  William is “talking” more and more.  He recently mastered the “ba-ba” sound/babble, in addition to momma and yaya.  It’s funny when he says yaya because sometimes his cousins will ask him a question, and if he’s babbling they think he said, “Yeah!” and they get so excited!

linz william1year

William loves his momma and his momma loves him!

William likes: William still loves throwing things – everything – his toys, balls, food, you name it!  He also really likes feeding me.  He cracks up when I take whatever he’s trying to put in his mouth.  William loves standing.  I can’t get him to sit down in the tub which makes bathing him quite difficult.  He loves standing and walking with a walker.  He’s so funny because he gets going so fast that he’s practically running with the walker.  I know I said it last month, but it’s true: Future Athlete!

William dislikes: EAR INFECTIONS!  Ugh, he got his first ear infection last month.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t treated with the first round of antibiotics, so we’re finishing up the second.  I’m glad he made it this far with just one because it has been rough.

I just couldn’t love him any more than I do.  He’s the absolute best.

linz william 1year

Happy first birthday, Baby William! xoxo

36 thoughts on “12 month old baby William

  1. He’s adorable. Why does he still wake so much at night and do you have plans for sleep training? You need your sleep too!!

  2. Happy Birthday William! He’s so darn cute! Funny fact, my 5 month old chunky boy is already in size 4 diapers, eek! Hopefully he will start sleeping better for you soon!

  3. William is an adorable baby and you seem like such a great mom. I love your blog too. Congrats on reaching this milestone! And don’t worry – my boys took forever to sleep through the night – I “blame” nursing to sleep but it was well worth it. Nursed each for over a year. And my little one also used to stand in the bath! Funny. Eventually he decided sitting would be easier 🙂 Good luck!!

    • Babies and toddlers need their sleep to stay healthy and rested. Waking every 2 hours at 12 months does not allow them to thrive at their best. There comes a difficult time when a change has to be made, and the sooner the better for everyone. No one will disagree that a toddler that can sleep through the night is a happier and healthier one, and so is his mom. There will always be sleep hiccups with growing children, but he needs to start learning. It is tough and it is not going to get easier with time.

        • Good luck with your sleep training! Deep breaths and if you happen to have a rough nap day, don’t start that day. You want him day rested (not overtired) and healthy to have the best start. Be sure to catch the sleep window and expect it to be hard when you make changes. It’s natural to resist what is unfamiliar but a responsive method is the best.

  4. You two are adorable. You just look at some people and you can tell they were born to be mothers and that positively radiates from you. Congrats to baby, and you, on your big milestone! I won’t bother telling you how fast it goes… I’m sure you know.

  5. Ahhhhh happy birthday William!!!! I remember so well when he was born. What a sweetheart! And you, my friend, are an amazing mother!!

    I love that board too, p.s. TOO darling. Have a LOVELY day & weekend celebrating your cutiepie!!! <3 <3 <3 xo

  6. Happy Birthday to William!! He is so adorable! William turning one is just a reminder that my little guys turns one so soon! Ack!! It happens so fast, but they’re so stinkin’ cute!

  7. Happy 1st Birthday William. You’re such a sweet little man. May this year bring you lots of Love, Good Health and Firsts!
    Linz, you’re such an amazing mom. It’s hard to see our little babies grow so fast and become these beautiful human beings. It gets better and better with each new day. So much exciting firsts happen between 1-2 yrs =0)
    Remember to stop and take in the every second you can. As a working mom myself, I have realized that times is going by so fast. I now stop and take a step back and leave it is what I was doing to sit down and take in as much as I can with my son.

  8. Wow! Time flies! What a handsome little boy! I am sorry that the sleeping is still so hard but I promise it will get better. Love the sweet sign your friend gave you for his birthday. How sweet!

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  11. What adorable photos! I have a 10 month old and I can’t believe how the time flies!!! So much fun. How did sleep training go? We are still working on nighttime sleep over here…

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