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I love working out and I love being on vacation, so it only makes sense that I love working out while on vacation.  To me, vacation is all about checking out new cities and being away from “normal” life.  When I was in Arizona, I was able to get in a few workouts.  Working out in Scottsdale made my spring break trip all the more fun!

Justin took me to his CrossFit box: Camelback CrossFit.

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One word?  AWESOME!  The box was super clean which I didn’t even think was possible for a box.  It’s fairly new, so all of their equipment is in excellent condition.  Justin and I attended a midday class which meant it wasn’t very crowded.  The owners / coaches were clearly incredibly knowledgeable and safety was their top concern.  Since I’m not a CrossFit regular, they helped me make modifications and provided assistance when necessary.  Even being a newbie, I instantly got the community feel from this box.  People were supportive no matter what their fitness level was.  During the workout, the handstand push-ups were obviously my favorite.  And the wall balls sucked.  End of story.

PS: If you’re in Scottsdale, you should definitely check out Camelback CrossFit.  New members can take a class for free!

Dana took me to her gym for a hot yoga class.

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I always think it’s fun to take classes from various instructors, and this one was great. It was a tough workout that included lots of chaturangas and upper body work.  I told Dana to strike a pose for a photo, and she rocked a strong headstand:

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One day while William was napping, I decided to go for a quick jog.  And by quick I mean short. 😉  I busted out one mile. At the beginning, I glanced down at my watch to check my pace.  I made it my goal to beat nine-minutes since I was just running one.

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Missed it by three seconds! Argh!  It still felt good to run though!

So those were all my formal workouts, but I did take William on a few walks and Justin and I went to the park one day to play.  And by play, I mean me and Justin.

I tried out crow…

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But Justin did it way better!

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So strong!

Handstands and cartwheels are more my style…

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Do you like working out on vacation? What do you like doing?

21 thoughts on “Working Out in Scottsdale

  1. It sounds like it was a really nice time. I love working out on vacation. I really need to branch out from running. That’s all I ever do and there are so many fun fitness places to try.

  2. I love working out on vacation especially when I go to the states! I try to sign up for all the latest fitness classes so that I get to experience all the fun new things and it makes my trip much more exciting as well! Thanks for sharing your fun day 😉 xo C

  3. I love to stay active when I travel. Usually I look for a hotel with a gym and then find somewhere to run, a class to try or some way to try something new!

  4. Some of my best travel memories are going for early morning runs. I love waking up before the rest of the world, and exploring a new place while getting some exercise. Such a great way to start your day!

    I have never been to a cross fit box but I am super curious and I would to check one out. Unfortunately, there aren’t anywhere close by. I will have to look for one next time I travel!

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  6. I’m very impressed you worked out on vacation, and I want to do on vacation is sleep and eat! And I went to my first hot yoga class night and I didn’t die! 😉 I actually really enjoyed it and want to try it again!

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