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Last weekend I ran two measly miles (though not so measly since they were my first miles I’ve run in three + years!).  This weekend I ran three miles.  3.24 to be exact.  Every little bit counts.

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My time was slightly faster than last weekend.  Not by much, but the goal, once again, was just to finish.  And finish I did!  Thanks to my sister Stephanie for pushing me through.  Several times during our run she asked, “How are you doing?  You ok?”  NO!  I huffed and puffed back.  Then I told her I was stopping at three miles exactly, so I could walk.  She told me I wasn’t since her house was just a tiny bit further.  She’s always been so bossy.

When we did arrive back to her house, we were greeted by her two kiddos and husband who were playing outside.  As if I wasn’t tired enough, we decided to take jumping pictures.  I love jumping pictures (you know that).  I never say no to jumping pictures.  It must have been the warm air, the bright sun, and the good mood everybody was in as we were totally feeling spring time.  We started jumping…

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And we didn’t stop jumping!

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Three is just the right age to start teaching wee ones how to take great jumping pictures.  We jumped, jumped, and jumped.  And when my mini-me was too tired to jump anymore, she hopped right up…

jump aud

And we jumped together!  That was actually really, really hard!

Since we weren’t quite tired enough from all the jumping pictures and running, we decided to give handstands a shot.

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Make sure you note Jacob in the background!

Earlier in the day, William and I got cleaned up to attend a lovely birthday party.

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I got lots of compliments and questions about the necklace I was wearing.  Yes, it’s a “mom’s necklace” or “nursing necklace.”  It’s from where she makes crochet jewelry for moms and babies.  William loves holding it and chewing on the beads.  She has tons of other gorgeous items on the site, as well!

William is just such a stud, I can’t help but take a million pictures a day of him!

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I just love everything about him!

The weather this weekend was so awesome.  It was perfect, and we spent as much time outdoors as possible.  Sunday included a play date at the park.  Little man looked stylish in his sunglasses (for about two seconds)!  He really did like the swing though!

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And that’s a wrap, folks!  My weekend in snapshots (well, most of them anyway – I post way more pictures on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me – @itzlinz).

What did you do this weekend? Did you spend any time outside?

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17 thoughts on “three miles

  1. It’s always nice to have a running buddy push you through those tough points where you want to quit! Strong work on the three miles! I adore your jumping photos – so fun! That’s a great way to wear out kids too. 😉 I saw that photo of you and William on IG – you guys looked so spiffy! William is growing up so fast!

  2. We spent most of the weekend outside too. Took my longest run in forever (5 miles), yoga class and lots of time outdoors/walks with the family. This time of year is the best when you can finally get outside and fresh air again.

    Do you have a jogging stroller? I have a BOB and it’s amazing. It definitely has made it much easier to stay in shape while taking care of a little one. Plus, when you run without it, you feel super fast and carefree. Hehe!

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